Bill Weintraub


Part 1 The Guardians

For months the Guardians had plotted.

Watching all, missing nothing, they had moved silently through the halls of the academy on Novus Spartia, ominous in their coarse black robes and heavy cowls.

The boys and young men who lived and trained there were respectful, but just a little frightened too. For their word for Guardian -- ephor -- had another meaning, one that was less kind.

It meant overseer, and that's what the ephors actually were. They saw over everything and all, and had, or so it appeared to the boys, unlimited powers. It was said that they could command a fight to the death, and there were legends, fearful legends, of boys caught stealing who had died rather than cry out under an ephor's lash, of a youth who had remained silent and perished rather than reveal the atrocious alien animal hidden beneath his tunic that was clawing out his guts.

So the young warriors respected the ephors, particularly when it appeared that their actions might be serving the krypteia, the secret, brutal arm of the Great Eu-Nomia that ruled their world and the better part of the galaxy.

And the boys were right. They had reason to be afraid.

For once more the Nomia had sensed a danger rising in the east, and had sent orders, complex and severe, to the ephors of Novus Spartia, orders that had to be carried out with cunning and stealth and precision.

The Guardians were up to the task.

And so they had proceeded, watching the boys carefully, looking for those two between whom just a spark of enmity might be flamed to produce the antagonism, antagony as it was known in the kryptic order, that could provide the vital element the Eu-Nomia needed.

Part 2 Chad and Dan

Chad and Dan, it turned out, were the boys who carried each within that which was needed for the Eu-Nomia's purpose, and so bore the destiny the krypteia had been looking for.

Both were of Merikan ancestry, still bearing the archaic, barely familiar Merikan names. And though both too were 19, they'd had little contact, for they'd been raised in herds on different worlds. But they'd both excelled in their warrior training, and so had been sent to the great Cockrub Warrior Palestra on Novus for their final years of instruction. Consequently they were expert in all types of fighting and weaponry, and of course trained in the Tantric arts of orgasmic control and jaculatory skill that were needed for Novus Spartia's most important ritual, the sensual, brutal, raw cock combat called Ultor.

And for that they were perfectly matched too. Both were 5 9, and weighed 170 lean, austerely muscled pounds, neither with so much as an ounce of fat to mar their hard, truly Spartan bodies. Chad's bones were slightly bigger and shorter, his brawny sinews thicker, while Dan's limbs were just a bit longer, his muscles leaner and less bulky. Chad had thick blond hair and blue eyes, his jaw dimpled and square, his torso smooth, his butt and legs covered with a light blond fur, while Dan was dark, his eyes green, a black stubble often covering his beveled chin while coarse black hair sprouted rough from the middle of his chest to his coppery nipples, and then led in what the herd boys called a happy trail to his fat cock. Both Chad and Dan had 8 inches of thick uncut meat and the heavy balls so valued by their eugenic warrior masters, cockwar weapons so weighty that their groin muscles had been genetically strengthened, both to support the added load and to better withstand the rigors of cockcombat.

And both had more than a little aggression and anger as well, something the eugenics boys tended to favor too and something the ephors hadn't missed either.

Part 3   Feud

Originally there'd been only a small misunderstanding between these cockrub soldiers, an elbow thrown in a wrestling match that might have been quickly apologized for and even forgotten. But the Guardians had stepped swiftly between the young men, insuring that no apology would be offered, no forgiveness given.

Instead from that time forward they were kept separate, placed in different herds, and subtly encouraged first to dislike, and then to hate. A rivalry between the two groups was nurtured by the ephors, small misunderstandings were allowed to grow, bitter words exchanged that could not be easily forgiven or forgotten.

All the while Nomia scientists were studying the boys' bloodlines and DNA, going as far back as they could into the time before the great cataclysm, searching for the genomic elements the Nomia needed.

They found them.

Then it was that the ephors were instructed that the hate must build -- and culminate.

And so the Guardians set about augmenting the rivalry.

At first it was simply that each was whispered about to the other, small insults and gibes that were said to have been spoken by each in derision of the other.

But after a time it began to seem to Chad and Dan, from hints dropped by instructors and rumors spread by friends, that each stood in the other's way, that each blocked the other's path to advancement and ultimate leadership of the warrior youth of the academy.

And after a time they began to understand that this question of leadership was not a small one, each began to realize that he alone was fit and right to lead, that he alone could prepare the warriors for the terrible ordeals of battle that lay ahead, each was convinced that the welfare of the order lay in his hands, and that the other was a danger not just to his enemy, but to the entire Spartiate way.

And so it was that after not too long a time their blood began to boil and seethe with hatred and longing, the need for combat and sex beginning to run through them like electric currents, the two boys longing for a fight, the fight, the combat that would prove who was fit to lead, who to rule. And more, for secretly they each wanted not just a fight but an annihilating battle of pure destruction, and though neither would have admitted it, the power of the hate that had formed in their chests and that seethed in their balls was such that they each felt a terrible desire to have at the other and to wipe him out.

This desire was not simply an idea, it was a physical longing, each felt it in his chest and groin, in the depths of his balls and the stem of his cock and when, on that rare occasion, he managed to glimpse the other, the sense of hate and desire would shoot through him, his body would tremble with blood lust and he would ache for the day of cock combat and cock conquest, the day of Ultor, the day of destruction.

That raw blood passion was what the ephors wanted.

Part 4  Antagony

The Guardians planned it carefully, they knew the date, their siderealists had charted it all. For a month before, each boy was warned, allegedly as part of a secret training ritual, not to ejaculate. Each of course had a companion, a younger boy who was encouraged to cocktease and titillate without moving to completion. The resulting erotic frustration made both Chad and Dan even angrier and edgier than usual, more prone to make mistakes and snap at friends.

Then rumors were started about each that made it appear that the other was soon to be appointed leader of the bull calves, the highest cadet honor in the academy.

And so their anger, outrage, and frustration grew even more intense.

On the day that the ephors had secretly designated antagony, the day the antagonists would be permitted to meet and fight, both boys were allowed to exercise, but not too hard, just enough to warm their muscles and free their blood. Then, fresh and still nude from his workout, each was subtly separated from his herd, and guided, through one of the many mazes that honeycombed the Palestra, to a windowless corridor leading to a private cockcombat pit.

Part 5  Ultor

In the corridors, each naked angry boy looked wildly around, not understanding how he'd come to be so suddenly separated from the others, and wondering if this wasn't a trap laid by his enemy.

Then the doors at the ends of the corridors slid open, and each could see the other, standing nude, muscles enflamed, at opposite ends of the great black cockcombat pit with its white circle, the delineator of victory and pain.

In the shadows, a lone Guardian, not visible to the boys, unleashed the terrible pheromones of sex and battle.

And that was all that was needed. Neither boy thought any further of strategy or plan, all either could feel was sex and hate. Their thick cocks filled with blood, their balls boiled with the angry energy of sperm furious to be released, the skin on their fat cockheads pulled back as thick drops of yellow prejizz mixed with headcheese ran down the heavily veined shafts, soaking their rods and balls in an acrid musky essence, while, seething with hate, the two raw muscled naked youths balled their fists and ran at each other with such intensity that they collided and the force of their impact almost knocked them out. Recoiling from the shock, they tightened their muscles again and exchanged a series of short sharp bare knux blows, hooks and uppercuts and then, each rabidly elated to see the bright red blood on the other's face, the blood they had dreamt of, the blood they wanted to drink, they locked up, grabbing shoulders and struggling for advantage. Both were breathing hard, their quick angry gasps filling the other's ears as they looked with naked fury into each other's eyes, the blue and green of their gaze joining them as surely as their thick forearms and massive biceps. They struggled brutally for a few moments, neither able to gain an advantage, the muscles on their necks, chests, arms, backs, thighs, and meaty butts frenetically bulging and rippling, their huge hard rods swinging heavily between their legs and then colliding -- FUCK, spat out Chad, unable to hold back his venomous hate, and the spit flew full into Dan's face and Dan roared back FUCK YOU and lunged forward forcefully to try to bite hard into Chad's neck, throwing both off balance and twisting them down onto the pit floor.

While Dan tried again to go for Chad's throat, Chad moved to get his knee into Dan's gut, but the hate-crazed youths only succeeded in getting locked into an intense bearhug, sending the two hard bodied muscleboy warriors rolling crazily over the arena mats thick legs intertwined and huge cocks grinding into each other. The intensity of the cockrub soon drove both teens mad with lust and rage, both compelled completely by the need to dominate and destroy, all sensation focused in their huge veined throbbing mantools, rock hard and slamming furiously into each other, their hot over-full balls slapping and their chests heaving and scraping, the coarse hairs on Dan's pecs soon bringing the blood to Chad's skin. Finding himself on top, Chad managed to pull back and slam his chest five times into Dan's, oblivious to the pain and going UH UH UH UH UH and on the last butting Dan's head with his own.

Momentarily stunned, Dan lost his hold, and Chad was able to pin the soldierboy's outstretched muscular arms, gripping the other warrior's thick hands in his own and bearing down with his tri's and bi's while beginning a brutal and unrelenting raw cock assault, humping Dan's huge dick with his own massive manrod while Dan struggled fruitlessly to get free, throwing his head frenziedly from side to side and groaning loud as he began to feel his cock lose control under the power of Chad's supertooled attack.



Both warrior teens were grunting and breathing hard as Chad used his powerful ass and brawny legs to hump and muscle his cock into Dan's, trying furiously to force the jizz from his opponent's huge dick. UH UH UH UH UH UH UH UH they grunted and their groans became louder and the struggle even more intense as Chad picked up the attack, grinding and humping and slamming and ramming his thick warrior cock into Dan's, pounding with vehement frenetic rage and feeling both their cocks swell from the pressure, the sweat pourin off him and drippin onto his prone opponent and their massive dicks leakin slick thick precum while they fought like maddened animals and Dan struggled crazily to break free from the overpowering eroticism of Chad's assault, throwing his head wildly back and forth, the veins in his face and neck bulgin out as he tried for another butt that might reverse the tide of battle, while Chad dodged his attack, tightening his warrior's grip and concentrating on slamming the jizz out of Dan's huge, engorged tool. Although as cockrub warriors they had both been trained to last as long as half an hour in unrelenting cockwar, the intensity of Chad's assault and the power of Dan's defense in the heat and acrid stench of the warrior pit was so great that both thick muscled raging cock warriors soon realized they were losing control. Feeling the beginnings of Dan's explosion beneath him, Chad struggled desperately to restrain his own seething cum, trying with his last ounce of jaculator control to pull back, when suddenly Dan arched his hips hard into Chad's and drove his thick swollen warrior weapon mercilessly against his opponent's massive cumtool, both dudes grinding frantically and furiously with every ounce of force they had, grittin their teeth and grimacing with pain and exertion till both men groaned UHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK and the huge blond fighter's cock spewed hot bolts of sperm at the exact instant as his dark-haired rival's did too, their thick angry reddened cockheads shooting great masses of jizz, thick white warrior cum that sprayed out over their ripped abs and rock hard pecs and thick necks and headed past their heads, the massive contracting jaculator muscles in each boy's beautiful hard-haired perineum tightening over and over again, insuring that huge gobs of pure hot creamy warrior dude essence were shot out into the arena, where they fell together into dazzling white pools against the midnight blackness of the pit, an obliterating blackness and calm that the two warriors soon found themselves swallowed up into, an overpowering feeling of universal peace and serenity engulfing them, at the same moment lifting their entwined bodies off of the planet's surface and out into the universe and filling them with love.

Part 6 The Guardian Smiles

As the two spent youths lay gasping, panting for breath, Chad still atop Sean, a Guardian stepped from the shadows and released a recessed chamber door. From it slid one of the deep green cobra-like snakes of the Martian moons, heading directly for a pool of mixed warrior jizz, still boiling from the struggles of the warrior sperm it contained. Once there, the alien beast revealed its fangs and sank them into the creamy hot cum, then sucked the white essence into its body. Instantly, the snake's color went from green to red to a deep angry purple, and its body stiffened into a rod-like phallic shape. The Guardian then reached behind him to pull a boy with the alabaster skin and winged feet of the messengers from the dark beside him, and pointing to the now still body of the reptile, whispered to the youth in the tongue of the old ones, "Geh."

The messenger became airborne and, picking up the cobra, darted off with it like a hummingbird.

On the floor of the pit, Chad and Dan still lay entangled. But their hate was gone. They had cum together, and that, they knew, marked them as cum brothers eternal. Dan looked wonderingly into Chad's eyes, and then their lips touched and their tongues twined together as Chad released Dan's hands, allowing their hard muscled bodies to tightly embrace.

In the shadows the Guardian smiled. The Nomia had needed this warrior jizz, taken from these two boys in the most furious heat of cock battle. Along with the teen dude cum now traveling in space, it would be used, powered by the black star Sirius, to create the ultimate cockrub warrior, shaped and fueled by the essence of manly love and cockrub combat. That, the ephor knew, was what the warriors were all about, and in their celebration of Cock Combat Love would lay the Salvation of the Universe.

The Guardian smiled again, and said quietly to himself,



bill weintraub

november 12, 2000



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