Dominant Culture

A culture (sometimes referred to as a "paradigm") is a set of norms which structure how group members perceive the world and how they behave.

A dominant culture or paradigm is pervasive and acts to exclude all other norms and competing worldviews.

A dominant culture or paradigm presents itself as the correct way of understanding the world, and its adherents work to censor and silence competing ideas, while actively supporting group norms.

The Dominant Culture of Anal Penetration

Gay men today live under a dominant culture of anal penetration and promiscuity.

Within this culture, anal penetration is viewed as the highest and truest expresssion of sex between men;

while men who do not participate in anal penetration are belittled and their sexual choices denigrated.

Similarly, having multiple partners is prized, and members of the culture measure their self-worth in terms of the number and attractiveness of their sexual partners.

The culture maintains these behaviors through peer pressure and coercion, but most particularly through the production and widespread dissemination of cultural messages all saying or implying the same thing:

If sex isn't anal, it isn't truly gay.


Adherents of dominant cultures are named, usually, based upon the name given the culture.

So for example, "communists" supported "communism" and "fascists" "fascism."

In our writing about the dominant culture of anal penetration, also known as "analism," we refer to "analists."

An analist is to the dominant culture of anal sex as a White Supremacist is to segregation.

Both are agents of the majority culture who work through word and deed to keep cultural norms in place and in power.

A good example of an analist is Dr. Stephen Goldstone of, who in his writing and advice columns seeks to facilitate and encourage men to participate in anal penetration even while acknowledging that "an anus is not a vagina" and that anal penetration is "the highest risk sex act [sic] that men who have sex with men can perform."

The Man2Man Alliance works to destroy the dominant culture of anal penetration, promiscuity, and effeminacy; and replace it with a culture of Fidelity and Frot.

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