FrotMen ©

is a club for Men with a strong masculine identification whose primary m2m erotic practice is Frot and who do not participate in anal penetration

Club members are known as Frot Men.

Synonyms: Frot bros ©, Frot brothas ©, Frot brothers ©, Frot budz ©, Frot buddies ©, Frot dudes ©, Frot guys ©, Frot hermanos ©, Frot mates ©, Frot studs ©

Singular: Frot man ©. is affiliated with The Man2Man Alliance, an organization of Men into Frot.

Please note that is an adult site, and we ask that you not visit that site if graphic depictions of men having phallus-on-phallus sex will upset or offend you.

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