is a partial list of those who have earned the supreme accolade of
Warrior Titan by contributing to The Man2Man Alliance
and enabling our continued outreach to men
who want to change the M2M world.


a physician who sees many cases of HIV, contributed $100 to support our work in preventing AIDS and giving men sexual alternatives

She wrote, "I was an intern at the medical College of Virginia when the first AIDS case was identified. I spent many sleepless nights in the ICU fighting for that young man's life. He had a fungal pneumonia and we were having difficulties ventilating him. I will never forget the fear, the enormity of implications that patient brought to our world - the helplessness of constantly changing medications and ventilator settings, the tiny shred of hope when the numbers improved, that maybe we were winning. The best thing we did for that man was to increase the morphine and let him slip away in peace.

"I'm not a gay man, but I saw AIDS appear, and I have dealt with it from a professional level and a personal one. I'm frustrated daily by the stupidity, naivety and cavalier attitudes of sexually irresponsible people. I applaud what you're doing."

Chuck Tarver

journalist, communications expert and author of Musings of a Black Gay Man into Frot and Fighting the Conformity That Kills, Chuck contributed $30 because he said, "For years now Bill has been financing these sites from his own resources. Just as Bill has shared his research, insight and passion with us, I urge you to contribute to all of his hard work."


Bob's a guy in Oregon who said "Your site is giving me new hope that I can experience real male-to-male sex, with someone I care about, and really allow myself to enjoy it without fear."

Bob has pledged to send $5 on the 10th of every month via snail mail (and he's been doing so).


a married man in Iowa, Doug contributed $40, saying he's "proud and happy to have joined with you officially in phallic bond and is looking forward to the turnon that it opens up cocking with a fellow cockrub warrior"


a man with whom I've often corresponded, primarily to answer questions about gay life and frot, contributed $25.

Peter wrote, "I was glad to donate to your site because from your site I learned that I was not a "freak" because I am attracted to men yet think that anal sex is gross. Anal sex appeals to me no more than the routine rectal examination of the prostate which is a "necessary evil" to be endured." And, he added, "Thanks for letting me share things with you. I wish you well in your "crusade to save lives".


Rob is a man in Palm Springs who wrote to say "I found your site and love it. I sent you $10," and, he added, "There are so many guys now telling us that this is what they have always wanted to do. Pressure to do more is common but now we have thousands stepping up and just saying it. I bet there are a lot of happy guys now."


Chaz is a guy in Oregon who sent $35, saying "Right on Bill. Keep up the good work. I know how laborious and time-consuming it is to maintain a website, so I hope my check helps with the upkeep ... Finding heroichomosex changed my outlook in a lot of ways, and I know I can't be the only one."

Chaz has since donated an additional $20 at a time of acute need for the website.

He's a very good guy.


A high school teacher who lost a partner to AIDS, Mike contributed $40 and wrote, "Thanks again for creating this community; you're performing a great service. I really have felt more in touch with myself as a man since coming across your site. I can't believe I had ever convinced myself that I liked anal sex. Full body contact and dick2dick make me feel more profoundly and lovingly connected to my man than one of us pretending to be a woman ever could."

"The world will change if more of us stand up to be counted."


Sloan generously contributed $50 via, saying "I have donated some money to our cause. I would like to help out if I could."

Rob McGee

Despite being unemployed and having a website of his own, Rob donated $5, saying "Towards the victory of the Revolution. Thanks for your work and the personal inspiration."


donated $40 and said

I never knew what frot was until I stumbled upon your site. I have always thought about it and found it very stimulating. I like the idea of equality. I like the idea of wrestling and cockfighting turning into lovemaking. I thought I was nuts thinking that. All the gay guys I have ever met are part of the anal crowd. They told me I was weird because I don't like anal.

This is all new to me. But I can't say enough about your site. I felt compelled to donate since it was so informative and in my opinion "groundbreaking". I am 29 years old and have been ashamed of my sexual ideas. I never knew that there were others out there that shared my views. Not to say that I agree with everything on the site, but for the most part I am with you.

Again, thank you very much for having the creativity and courage to put this out here!!! It's always nice to know that there are others who feel the same way and are not ashamed to say it.


in LA donated $50 and said

I'm so glad you are dedicating yourself to promoting this. Even without considering health issues, freedom to acknowledge one's sexual preferences, and the acts which express those preferences, ought to be respected. It's deeply ironic that many gay men have a very narrow and rigid conception of what man-to-man sex must be.

Typically, one of the first questions asked by a prospective partner is, "Are you a top or a bottom." When you respond that those distinctions aren't pertinent to what you like, the look back is nearly always deep puzzlement. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "It's not sex if somebody doesn't get fucked--it's just foreplay." That just isn't so.

Thanks for your efforts to end this unnecessary and unhealthy role-playing. The only role anyone needs to play is that of getting to know one's own inner self, and expressing one's ideas and true feelings with honesty.



At a time when donations were very low, Tank responded to a personal appeal from myself and sent $40, saying

The tuff get going, when the going gets tuff, as they say. From your no-nonsense approach, I think you will be successful in continuing efforts to educate the world about man2man eroticism in its most masculine and pure form. I read what you wrote about receiving criticism from not only the religious right, but gay activists also. If anyone can spearhead this initiative, you are the man. I'm doing the best I can to help by sending this donation.

Don F

Around the same time, Don F, who's been a frequent and vital contributor to the site's Personal Stories message board, to Warriors Speak, and who in addition has a number of essays on the site, generously sent $20 in cash, saying "Thanks for all your great work."


wrote from NYC to say,

"I read about the Alliance in a local magazine so I decided to check it out.

"It is certainly reassuring and encouraging to know there are other guys with similar beliefs and proclivities.

"You've created a helpful website and I thank you for it. I've enclosed $30 for membership. Thanks again."


in Virginia has been sending $10 once a month "in gratitude."


a Texas college student who's contributed many fine posts and some truly excellent fiction to the Alliance, sent $10 and said

"Had some extra money left over in my paypal account after using it to make a few ebay purchases, just thought I'd give the rest to the man2man site."


from San Francisco wrote

"for the good stuff your site inspires.. $40" and added this quote: "Courage is the first of human qualities because it is the quality that guarantees all the others." -- Sir Winston Churchill


in Va sent $25 and said

I (as I believe you) exist in a world of possibilities, looking forward to what could happen, as opposed to looking backward & thinking of reasons why things can't happen.

Your site has opened up a whole new world of brotherhood for me, I'd like to see it continue to do so for others.

-- Warriorcyclistnick (who's now met a like-minded cyclist through the site!)


in London managed to put together $20 in American cash and send it via snail mail saying

Here's some more $ for the Warrior site. I hope it helps.

Bill G

in FL sent $30 and said

Keep up the good work.

Wish I could help out more. Your site means a great deal to me, and helped me realize that my feelings were not an aberration.

Nick K

in Wisconsin sent a check for $10 and said

Just found out about Heroic Homosex by reading OUT magazine.

What a great site that makes me feel "not alone."

Keep up the good work!


in Illinois sent $40 and said

I came across this site back in October. I have to say that I didn't have any idea that so many guys had the interest of simple body contact AKA frot. I knew that every guy regardless of any label they attribute themselves to wants and even needs this type of contact. The only problem was how to bring this out into the open. Well, you definitely did an excellent job in accomplishing this. I surfed through every single part of this site and it just gets better every day. I have never met so many intelligent, heartwarming, and down-to-earth bunch of guys. It has made me realize that I have made the decision to join the site as well as live my life.

Frot can only make you stronger emotionally, psychologically, and even physically. I believe it strengthens your manhood in every way.


in Virginia sent $100 and said

all I did was spend some $$ -- if something means a lot to me then I don't think twice, truthfully the day I found the site and read the stuff on it I already knew I'd donate -- you get mega "man points" in my book as we said in the Marines

if only I'd known or this info was available when I was a kid, probably could have saved myself from exploring the wrong subculture as that was the only outlet that was available even if I didn't feel comfortable it was the only thing available and you know how that goes, the next best thing or the closest thing to the real I sucked it up and endured even though I knew it was not the right thing for me

yeah I tried the anal thing and hated every minute of it, and never did it was degrading and hurt like hell and just seemed unnatural to me in many ways not just me not liking it...and it made me feel as if I was being dominated

too many guys looking for sex are overlooking the brotherhood of it, the passion, the deep connection exchanged between two guys who can lock eyes and still look back into them the next morning and not feel uncomfortable... guys need to think what is it that I REALLY want, the connection or sex OR even better don't I want that deep connection FIRST BEFORE sex is even an issue? Otherwise it's really just sex cock 2 cock yes but still sex with a stranger...who let's just say happens to be in or rushing for the same fraternity as you. Where's the spiritual connection, the love between the two guys? true brotherhood...

The site speaks volumes to straight, gay, bi whatever... so I say screw it post my picture up on the donation page. This part of my life is just that..a part of me a part I cherish and want and look forward to sharing with another dude one day in time so if they get that far and see my PIC and turn away, I only feel sorry for them, and proud of myself.

I read about your loss of your first lover, how you found love again and your new lover's background, bi to Frot. Really is amazing, conceptually it is so simplistic... it's like I was once blind and now I see as the scales fall from my eyes. How could something so simple have been corrupted and twisted so far... mankind really is its own worst enemy.


in Florida sent $50 and said

Enclosed is a small check. I hope that you continue your good work against anal sex, the need of male to male bonding, and a return of pride of male nudity.

Once again I would like to praise your website for its beautiful layout.

Wishing you good luck and hardiness of soul to continue. The anal/buttfucking has gained such a stronghold in the gay culture that it will be a great uphill battle to fight.


in Oregon sent $40 and said

it may take a little while, but I have faith you'll have an army of warriors fighting alongside you for the promiscuity, effeminacy, and disease-free m2m world you envision.


in AZ sent $40 saying

Essential is the work you do to change our culture. We must change it now. Everytime I see "Gay" TV shows, or meet a "Gay Man," or hear the messages of "Gay Rights" groups, I feel poisoned. My soul and morality feel weakened. A mass charade of deception it all is. They come under the guise of "Love, acceptance, understanding, and diversity." Yet they promote abominable behavior. I find nothing "accepting" or "loving" about shopping for a fuck in a club.

My point is that I understand and agree with your message. But, understanding and agreeing will change nothing. Only through action. I must live a life exampling our ideals, and I must fight for and support the things I believe it, or it is pointless to believe at all.

A man who believes whole-heartedly in our message but does nothing to support it, will be counted as a foe. Let us hope, Bill, that we may re-kindle the warrior flame in the hearts of these whole-hearted men, and compel them to action.

It is with respect and duty that I do my part in the financial aspect of our goals.


who lives in Texas sent a check for $60 saying

Believe me, I'm not an easy person to get money out of, but I've done nothing but read this site and postings from other warriors for four nights. I firmly believe there is a place and a purpose for site like this. It can only do good. One reason for my conflict in accepting I was gay was the concept of anal penetration and effeminancy. I came to terms with that on my own, but if I had had access to a site like this when I needed it, I would have realized that I can be a man and be gay, too. Of course, the religious issues were involved, which are not addressed here, but the site would have definitely helped.

You have $60 on the way, premiums or not.

Keep up the good fight. We are all warriors, we just need to know the direction of the battle.


Bill G

a guy in Florida who sent $5 and said "What a great site!!!!!! Everything I've always felt, and the ideas I never thought others shared are expressed here. The great ideals of the Homeric world and the thoughts of what it means to be a man, not a poser.

Three cheers!"

Three cheers indeed -- for Bill G and Rob and Peter and Barbara and Chuck and Bob and Sloan and Michael and Chaz and Chris and Don and Spencer and Tom and boomer and Gene and Armand and Nick and Dennis, who said, "We are all warriors, we just need to know the direction of the battle."

And for Tank, who at a time of dire need acted to support and further our "efforts to educate the world about man2man eroticism in its most masculine and pure form."

For Gerardo who told us, "Frot strengthens your manhood in every way."

For Manuel who said, "I have faith you'll have an army of warriors fighting alongside you"

For Mike who spoke of "the brotherhood of Frot, the passion, the deep connection exchanged between two guys who can lock eyes and still look back into them the next morning"

And for Shawn who said, "Let us re-kindle the warrior flame in the hearts of whole-hearted men."

As you can see, the amounts that people donate vary, and their reasons for giving vary too.

What's important is that they're donating.

Join them.

You can send cash or a check to our snail mail address:

The Alliance
PO Box 30446
Portland, OR

Or you can donate online:

Donating online is safe and secure.

And, in addition, when you donate online you have the option of scheduling regular monthly payments --

one of the best and most effective ways to support the Alliance.

If enough of you do that -- within six months your world will have dramatically changed.

I know that many of you think you can find a "private solution" -- via Frot Club or some other cyber-dating site.

That's not realistic.

Because the sort of world you live in matters and impacts you and your relationships every moment of every day.

The only true solution is to change the M2M world.

And that's what these Donor Warriors -- Warrior Titans -- are doing.

I thank them, and I hope you'll join them -- cause like Mike said,

The world will change if more of us stand up to be counted.

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