Cockrub Warriors ©

The original Frot club created by Bill Weintraub in October 2000.

The word "Warriors" in the title of the club was not meant to be and is not a reference to Cock Combat.

Rather, the word "Warriors" is intended to honor and empower all those Frot Men who have stayed true to their erotic center and to their dreams by resisting the pressure and coercion to participate in anal penetration, and have instead sought to find another Frot Man to be their buddy and/or lover.

Thus, the phrase "Cockrub Warriors Rule" is both a salute to those Men and an invocation of the power of Frot and Phallic Bonding in the lives of Men who Love Men.

Please note that Cockrub Warriors is an adult site, and we ask that you not visit that site if graphic depictions of men having Phallus-Against-Phallus sex will upset or offend you.

© Copyright 2011 by Bill Weintraub.
All rights reserved.