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Warrior against Warrior sacred male erotic practice of Phallic Battle using the erect cock of each Warrior as weapons.

Styles and rules vary:

Partners may stand with hands on hips, or grasping the cock at the base of the shaft, or with arms about each other; cocks can be slapped together, rubbed together, or rammed vigorously; the testicles may or may not be legitimate targets.

Most often, however, cock combat is integrated into and the culmination of the practice of some other fight sport, such as wrestling or mixed martial arts.

Cock combat is the purest and most fundamental expression of the Warrior's authentically male passage through sacred rage to sacred love --

From Phallic Battle to Phallic Bond.

At the climax of the combat, the Warrior cocks cease fighting and become instead "mating cocks," cocks which seek the ultimate Warrior union of Phallic Bonding.

Which is expressed in the true Frot position of shaft against shaft, frenulum against frenulum; and the free ejaculation and mingling of Warrior semen.

True cock combat occurs just once in a Warrior's life.

It is the ultimate expression of his bond with his Warrior brother, which lasts a lifetime.

But once bonded, there may be between these Men continuing aggressive cock contests and, in addition, a playfully combative aspect to the phallic expression of their love.

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