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Sexually and emotionally exclusive dyadic warrior bond which is stand-by-your-man, til death-us-do-part faithful.

Why Heroic?

Because it's how Heroes behave in warrior epics from Gilgamesh to the Iliad to David and Jonathan to the Celtic Tain.

Heroic Love
Stele of Greek Warrior / Lovers
Who Died in Battle and Were Buried Together

And because it celebrates masculine men who unite through the act of phallic sex.

Thus, one of our Alliance by-words: phallus, fidelity, masculinity.

For an examination of the cross-cultural, historical, and mythic record reveals that traditionally, the love of man for man has focused on phallus, fidelity, and masculinity, and that such love, passionate and exclusive, has for millenia been recognized as one of the highest expressions of the human spirit.

Of course, then, Heroic Love is neither sodomite nor promiscuous.

The Greek warrior class specifically condemned anal sex, and in no warrior culture is anal penetration supported; while the exclusive love of one man for another is celebrated by all.

(Interested readers can find more information about warrior cultures in the adult Heroes section of our site.)

Can those ideals, of phallus, fidelity, and masculinity, be brought back to life today?

Of course.

Because first of all many Men who Love Men have never abandoned them.

There are thousands of MLM living faithful, committed, Frot relationships today.

By joining with them and reaching out to and recruiting men from among the tens of thousands of gay and bi men disaffected with the current promiscuous and analist regime, we can begin working together.

Working to build a new culture among Men who Love Men in which masculinity is valued, fidelity is prized, and phallic bonding is honored.

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