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The Man2ManAlliance designation for those cultural elements which will succeed the dominant culture of anal penetration.

Rather than a sexual subculture built around anal penetration, effeminacy, and promiscuity, Heroic Man2Man offers cohorts of strong and caring Men who practice Frot -- Phallus Against Phallus sex; who value Masculinity; and who honor Fidelity.

Why "Heroic" Man2Man?

For two reasons:

The first is a call to a higher standard.

Present-day gay male culture is based on promiscuity, effeminacy, and kink.

Heroic Man2Man calls upon men who have sex with men to act heroically:

To Love One Man as an Equal and a Man With Total Fidelity

"As an equal" means face to face, heart to heart, and phallus to phallus, not in an inherently unequal act of anal penetration;

"As a man" means without being effeminized and degraded by a false division into tops and bottoms; nor being fooled by false and meaningless gay-bi-str8 labels; and,

"With total fidelity" means just that: love one man, have no other.

The second is an acknowledgment of our heroic past.

A common and endlessly repeated analist misconception is that anal penetration, effeminacy, and promiscuity have always characterized "men who have sex with men."

Yet an examination of the cross-cultural, historical, and mythic record reveals that traditionally, the Love of Man for Man has focused on Phallus, Fidelity, and Masculinity;

and that such Love, passionate and exclusive, has for millenia been seen as one of the highest expressions of the human spirit.

Most people benefit from role models, and that's true of men who have sex with men.

Thus the adult Heroes section of our Man2Man Alliance sites, which explores the warrior ethos and manifests a central tenet of Heroic Man2Man:

Heroic Man2Man is Warrior Man2Man

Warrior Man2Man is Heroic Man2Man

See also Warrior Altruism, Warrior Ethos, Fidelity, Heroes, and Heroic Love.

Please note that our Heroic Man2Man website is an adult site, and we ask that you not visit that site if graphic depictions of men having phallus-on-phallus sex will upset or offend you.

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