Fight sports
Combat sports

Sports defined by one-on-one fighting, including boxing, wrestling, pancration, and the various martial arts;

including today, and most especially, the various forms of mixed martial arts, known sometimes as freefighting or "UFC-style" fighting.

In the ancient Greek and Roman world, three of these sports -- boxing, wrestling, and pancration -- were fought nude, and though not explicitly erotic, there was genital contact during the contests.

Further, throughout history and cross-culturally, masculinity and manliness have been defined not by a sexual act, but by the male's willingness to Fight.

As we point out in our Alliance discussion of Natural Masculinity, Men are by nature aggressive, and it is that fighting spirit, expressed in aggression which is controlled and appropriate, which is the hallmark of natural masculinity.

It should also be noted that "sexual orientation" is a false category invented by the forces of heterosexualization to destroy natural masculinity by ghettoizing men who express same-sex needs and desires.

In reality, and once again, the hallmark of masculinity is not sexual orientation, but aggression -- "fighting spirit."

Thus our Man2Man Alliance formulation:

It's not what makes your dick hard

That makes you a man

It's your willingness to FIGHT.

Not surprisingly, many men into Frot are also involved in combat sports, and find fighting in general to be erotic.

Please note that those men are not necessarily into cock combat, but may seek a mildly combative element, such as playful wrestling, in their love-making.

Please note also that not all men into Frot are also into fighting; some are, and some are not.

For a discussion of nude combat sports in the ancient world, see Xystarchy.

For a discussion of modern fight sport, see The Warrior Male and related articles.

See also agon, areté, athlos, natural male sex aggression, sexual orientation.

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