MANHOOD: A Lexicon
Prefatory Remarks and Prolegomena

Death of an AIDS Activist (2)

Sexual Freedom (0)

Christmas -- a time to receive or give? (0)


The Importance of Being Out (0)

The Permanence of Warrior Culture (0)

In Memoriam: Arthur Evans, Gay Liberationist and Visionary Philosopher (1)

struggling with a lust for other men (2)

Thank you for liberating me (4)

Fight the Fight Now! Part II: Warrior Kosmos -- Martial Manhood (12)

My first male connection -- a married man's report (1)

Of Gods, Warriors, and Monsters (1)

Gilead (1)

Fight the Fight Now! Part I: It takes guts to admit you're attracted to guys (18)

Analist Censorship (3)

First Time Fighting and Frot (3)

David and Jonathan -- Fellow Warriors and More (0)

"our bodies melded into each other and our dicks became one" -- A Married Man's Memories of Cock2Cock (8)

Old guys can be Warriors too (1)

C2C-Dance of the Lovers (1)

We loved each other as men, in total equality, and in total fidelity (0)

Appalacha Man (0)

to feel the passion two men can experience by being together (3)

Praying to the Warrior God (2)

To the thieves among us (1)

Awakened to Manliness (3)

A Warrior's Prayer (1)

You need not apologize (1)

the most natural thing in the world (2)

I love the female body, but the cock is also wonderful (5)

A Manly Mentality (0)

ManSweat and ManBlood (2)

Prudence or the Pill (0)

The Secret Craft of Warriorhood (0)

Polyamorous in Portland, or, Bamboozled by a Buddhist and Fucked over by a Faerie (3)

to feel my Manhood against his (1)

first time frot (1)

The 300 (0)

You are not a vessel (1)

Staying Strong and Masculine (2)

C O U R A G E or Cataclysm, or,

The Manliness of Aggression (1)

A Story of New Thebes (0)

pseudo-heterosexual behaviors in the lesbian community (1)

The Life and Times of Willy the Dick (0)

The Assault on Frot Club (0)

Combative and Aggressive (0)

Feminist NY Times columnist attacks the "Warrior God" and his "Spartan" acolyte (0)

The Struggle Is Important (2)

We are Men. We have Balls. Balls make you Fight. Fight makes the Man. (2)

UK, PLC (0)

I really was re-born (1)

A Man knows what feels good to a Man (1)

Worshipping the Warrior God (1)

It takes Balls to be a Warrior (1)

you've given me back a piece of myself i thought i would lose (1)

Letter from an unknown Woman (0)

The Warrior Altruism of the Warrior God (1)

Challenge Grant (3)

married and the coming of OUT (6)

Fighter Beauty, or, A True Test of Toughness (2)

to share and enjoy my masculinity (1)

thanks for the revelation (2)

14th February -- or -- EROS DAY? (1)

Man2Man in the Middle East (1)

Are people who give happier than those who don't? (2)

The Y Chromosome and Warrior Salvation (0)

The Right to Fight (1)

Two Emails: "frottage is evil" and "too much talk about Warrior" (2)

'tis the season to be selfish (0)

Amazing Grace (0)

Sex Between Men: An Activity, Not a Condition (0)

The Masculinity Zone (1)

The Gift (0)

The most potent weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed (0)

Urgent and Critical: NO DONATIONS, NO SITES (3)

About Tithing (1)

Total Masculinity (1)

Time to be a WARRIOR +2 (1)

Thank you so much for this site!! (1)

A Way of Life (0)

my ultimate fantasy (7)

Manimal Love: The Story of Alex (0)

Tales of Nova Sparta (0)

Warrior Jon: Sharp Tongue and even Sharper Pen (1)

my first shirtless wrestling opponent (1)

The Warriors' Call (0)

To Bond Together in Masculine Love (5)

The Plague (0)

Over 59% of gay-identified males in 1992 UK study said anal was UNimportant (0)

Reply to the Preface of Two Spearmen (1)

Two Spearmen: Preface and Part I (0)

power, agility, intimacy, sweat, minds, bodies, hearts, souls (1)

The Masculine Male (0)

pure, masculine, egalitarian (4)

...amazing what happens when you "come out" (2)

straight, but... (8)

love in our language (0)

The Jacobite Soldier to his Comrade (0)

to be One with the Man I wrestle (1)

True Man2Man Intimacy (1)

the magic of wrestling and fighting (1)

Amor Masculus Masculine Love (0)

Sacred Cow (0)

censored by craigslist: Wanted: More MEN (2)

Forced Hetero-sexualization and the death of Man Space (1)

a sick society that forces men to repress their natural, wholesome feelings of love for each other (2)

Finally I can identify (2)

Warrior Equations (0)

Fighting and Freedom (1)

The Last of the Free (0)

God's stubborn warrior (0)

from "homosexuality" to analism (0)

A True Masculine Man (2)

I'm so glad this resource is available because it has changed my life (1)

Fight Back (0)

A young man's right to choose (0)

trust, honor, loyalty, love, devotion (3)

Men and Fear (2)

Wonderful help (2)

Frot & Army (5)

Warrior Love
True Love

Alliance Youth (0)

Reclaiming Our Nobility as Men (1)

Older men are living history (1)

Adam and Jesus the first M2M (0)

In praise of Brian (1)


The Strife of Valour: Austerity and Equality at Sparta (0)

The credit crunch will NOT crunch my Manhood my Masculinity or my Warriorhood (1)

Economy in crisis and donations (1)

to rub and grind and make face to face love (1)

Questions about Homosexuality and Christianity (2)

President-elect Obama and Cultural Change (0)

My Story - Frot: A Homecoming (1)

hate on frot (1)

I wasn't aware that homosexuality was about love early on (1)

You people are changing lives (1)


thank you, for everything you and your site has given me (1)

values and morals and honour (0)

learning what it means to be men again (2)

A Nation of Heroes: State-Education in Sparta (0)

Sweat and Blood (0)

a road of hell: my soul is pretty much dead (0)

AGOGE IV: Excellence, Honor, and the Molding of Men (0)

read something every day (0)

In respect of fallen warriors (0)

anal action, ugh! (1)

celebrating our manhood, our masculinity, and the uniting of our dicks (0)

One Christian's Journey (0)

Frot modes: The things we tend to regret in life are the things we don't do (0)

Letter from a College Student (1)

The FIGHT Ethic (0)

AIDS FUNNIES: American HIV cases surge by 48%; widely used AIDS drug doubles risk of heart attack; AIDS vaccine fails miserably; NY Times editorializes AGAINST prevention (0)

The Last of Mr Ledger (0)

Nature and the Soldier (0)

an attack on men being together (5)

The Brokenbacked Beatification of Heathcliff Ledger (0)

Affirming the Masculine (2)

AGOGE III: The Longing for Masculinity (3)

Temples or sewers? (0)

there is nothing more erotic than rubbing two cocks together (3)

Wonderful Site (3)

For life and love (0)

from longhouse to hidey-hole (10)

Straight8 Acting?? (2)

Moderation and the Greeks (0)

AGOGE II: Flesh and Spirit (3)

Take You On At The Pond (2)

The Story of Uncle John (0)

Becoming One in the Fight: The Intimacy of Aggression (2)

Jesus: The Masculine Warrior (0)

Cro-Magnon Frot (0)

AGOGE: The Spear-Points of Young Men Blossom There (3)

To Suffer and Be Strong (1)

in honor of my cousin/lover/frot brother (7)

our American forced Hetero-sexualized society (0)

The Discovery of Frot and What an onion taught me about anal 'sex' (0)

Escaping the trap of heterosexualization (0)

Warriors & Soldiers (3)

it's never too late to connect (1)

struggling on the way back up (2)

Full Mount Fight (1)

the wholesome wonder in man-to-man, dick-to-dick (0)

Acting heterosexism's script: the Senator from Idaho (0)

Journey Through the World of Frot (0)

Wrestling Among the Yuroks (0)

Warriorhood and Male Intimacy (1)

Fighting is part of the Human Condition (0)

She Didn't Understand (2)

The Deification of Antinous (2)

You can't tell a fish he's all wet! (0)

Bisexuality fuels NYC syphilis outbreak (0)

male-to-male sensual bonding (0)

Acting heterosexism's script: the myth of male promiscuity (0)

Modern Promiscuity (1)

HIV predators drug, rape, and inject victims with HIV poisoned blood (4)

To see masculinity and masculine love as sacred (0)

Normal and Natural (0)

I ain't no baby -- I'm a MAN; or, Self-Impedance (0)

Men, War, Promiscuity, Affluence, and AIDS (0)

Religious Right Kook and the NY Times agree: Gay sex is anal sex (0)

NY Times attacks "Manly" movie and its "Warrior Ethic" (10)

Huge, strong men walked by each other and hugged (0)

The Passing of Tarzan (1)

To come together man 2 man (0)

Oral Sex, HPV, and Oral Cancer (0)

Critics claim LAPD has 'warrior culture' (0)

The Strange Case of the Straight Gay Porn Star (0)

Your future under analism Pt 2: The Divorcement of Genitality from Sexuality (or) Buttholes on Parade (2)

his valour plain to see (3)

The Warrior Male (0)

BP Exec Exposed!! (1)

love him for the man he is (0)

married cockbonding (0)

About Ted Haggard (14)


sweat the sacrament of naked valour (0)

A moment of reflection for those who died in the Virginia Tech massacre (1)

Pseudo-Masculinity or Natural Masculinity? (2) Includes this observation: "male sexual desire for men cannot be tied down to a minority group. Rather it is a universal male phenomenon, especially strong amongst masculine identified men"

I haven't been posting because Patrick's been very ill (2)

Uganda's Message of Fear, Fidelity Diluted by Western Remedies; HIV Rate Rising (0)

HIV + gay men 90 times more likely to develop anal cancer; HIV predator boasts of infecting underage youth; femmy declares "we can't fight"; condom promoter says "feelings matter" (0)

The Weight Room (1)

Sacred Phallic Love: The Holy Sacrament of Frot (0)

HIV and syphilis (1)

Serial adulterer Newt Gingrich courted by religious right; leading Baptist calls for butchering the unborn to eliminate "homosexuality"; evangelical MD abandons private practice to combat global warming; is there a SPARTAN connection? (3)

My Journey to Frot (3)

MEND (0)

Frot among the animals (3)

An Indiana man speaks (0)

The Suppression of Manhood and the Rise of AIDS (1)

Men being Men (0)

Multiple Partners Drive HIV Epidemic in Southern Africa -- and Elsewhere; European destruction of MC MANHOOD rituals and European distribution of condoms blamed (2)

a message of respect (2)

Heterosexism's control over masculinity (1)

The Mingling of Their Bones (1)

Haggard defeats homosexuality in three months; told by church to get out of town -- and find another line of work (4)

Fourth anti-gay pastor outed; offered cop a blow-job (1)

UK gays rushing to get HPV vaccine -- developer says it's a "waste of money"; male circumcision found even more effective against HIV (0)

Crimes against nature (4)

More Girls Take Part in High School Wrestling (0)

NYC Condoms, NYC Censorship (0)

Dr Chin gets some ink; AIDS honcho gets called on his expense account; barebackers get some prison time; UK activists protest (1)

a sublime, beautiful act (0)

Third pastor outed -- commits suicide (2)

Wrestling Rides -- Get to know your man (0)

Achilles on Scyros (0)

And now a few words from Publius Papinius Statius (1)

The Comradeship of Wounds (0)

The Comradeship of Wounds Promo (0)

Hip Control in Pankration (1)

It just happens (1)

The MAN Area II (0)

My best friend (2)

Microbicide fails in clinical trials; highly resistant HIV found in Seattle gay men (0)

Zeus Worship (0)

This just in: Gay men using drugs, getting infected with HIV (0)

first time frot-wrestle? (2)

Something Extraordinary (8)

like water in the desert (2)

Heterosexism's encroachment on masculinity (2)

The Metrics of Analism, or, Pissing in the Soup (0)

The Politics of Loneliness (2)

Their world was completely imbued with Spirit: Warriors and Warrior Amulets (2)

The Politics of MC (0)

2nd pastor resigns over gay sex scandal (6)

my first time (18)

Manifesto (0)

sex, lies, and the Catholic right (2)

HIV potentiated by malaria; HIV-infected intestinal cells never recover (0)

Condoms over Alabama, or, Mayor Stir Fries Con (0)

It is not the same (0)

little guys, nerds, and shadow warriors (5)

Cowardly sabotage -- deleted by analist spite (4)

World AIDS Day 2006: HIV treatment interruptions don't work, a huge international clinical trial shows (0)

World AIDS Day 2006: Brit gay men spreading HIV; UK AIDS activists blame homophobia (0)

World AIDS Day 2006: France to fight AIDS with 20-cent condoms; HIV among Aussie Gay men at "epidemic levels" (0)

Masculinity Slowly Losing Options To Femininity (4)

RFK's Grief and the Greeks (0)

World AIDS Day 2006: Testicular HIV can't be stopped by HAART (0)

Orion and the winter sky (0)

Young men, frot and the (uncertain) future (3)

A Brother Falls !! (2)

National Minority AIDS Council discovers cause of AIDS (2)

A Toast to all Frot-brothers! (10)

While society slouches towards matriarchy, single-sex schools make a comeback -- is the agoge far behind? (6) Includes Robert Loring's brilliant Parable of Little Brother.

I'm in love -- now what? (1)

truth lights our way (0)

Does stigma cause AIDS? (0)

Please do NOT delete any messages (4)

bludgeoned (9) Includes Redd's comments on culture and sexuality.

effeminacy mockery of women (0)

The cost of HIV (0)

Large rise in HIV rates among gay men (0)

Always been into frot (2)

The Dutch Experiment (5)

The White Party vs Black Africa

Bonds Among Soldiers, World War I (10)


cuntboys and fascism (10)

Red Cross Accepts Blood Donations From Frot Men - Rejects Analists! (2)

200 men seeded and pozzed: a barebacker's rampage (0)

neuroAIDS (0)

Analism dogs sires and bitches (0)

Gaining Intimacy (2) Includes a brief description of the agoge.

Getting fucked up the ass is FABULOUS (1)

I am a frotbrother (1) With a strong Robert Loring reply.

S&M the fascist game (1)

Funded by $405,000 from federal government, "AIDS activists" boogie on down at Florida resort, refuse to discuss non-anal alternatives (2)

simple math (0)

Field of Queens (4)

Is Homosexuality a Sin? (9)

UFC goes Mainstream (1)

AIDS Awareness Campaign Calls HIV a "Gay Disease" (0)

The Warrior God (0)

Years of Celibacy because of ignorance and injustice (1)

The fruits of heterosexualization: "Christian" website pushes anal and fisting; Slate warns of big increase in HETERO anal (2) Includes discussion of intersexed activism.

Viral Blood Levels Don't Indicate Course of HIV Infection (0)

Brothers in arms (2)

the emergence of analism and its relation to gay liberation (1)

Creating a Masculine, socially dignified space: Loving a Man as a Man (0)

A Woman's Viewpoint: Guys doing Frot is extremely erotic to me (0)

Our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor (1)

Warriors or Soldiers? (4)

NY Times goes gaga for the girl within, endorses prison buttfucking (0)


Blindsided (0)

frot sex not a fetish (1)

What are they thinking? (2)

touching penises when hugging (2)


"terrible, irreversible damage" -- Dr. Myron Cohen on AIDS, anal, and HIV (0)

A straight man who loves men (2)

Go Shirtless: In support of a brother!! (2)

AIDS at 25: Good-bye Toronto (0)

Feminist quote of the day: Our phallocentric military (0)

Gender reassignment (0)

dental health is important (1)

The Decline of Masculinity in The Machine Stops (0)

Death peddlers (0)

resistance and evolution (1)


Gay HIV rate skyrocketing (0)

How effective have MSM condom campaigns actually been? (0)

men without marriage (3)

AIDS at 25: Barebackin in DC (1)

AIDS at 25: Co-infection worries soar; Homosexuals compared to prostitutes (1)

AIDS at 25: Making condoms stylish for everyone (0)

AIDS at 25: Culture wars at white heat (0)

natural war and wmd (2)

AIDS at 25: Celebs swarm to Toronto AIDS Conference (0)

Frot in Europe vs the US (1)

the Man area (0)

NATURAL MASCULINITY and the weight of the lies (0)

balls and the man (0)

Living with HIV not easy (0)

male identity (1)

Natural Masculinity and Phallic Bonding (0) includes discussion of the importance of male camaraderie and phallic intimacy

Fighting is good (1)


HIV prevalence up 16% in Canada; drug toxicity, depression seen in aging HIVers (0)

Are some men naturally MACHO? (2)


The Fallacy of the Feminine (2) Is masculinity the root of all evil?

And do all men have a feminine side?

THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE (12) For more than a century, a terrible lie has controlled the lives of Men.

Learn the TRUTH about Masculine Men and their need for other Masculine Men.

Richly illustrated and essential reading.

PEP and HIV big winners at Outgames (0)

The defamation of male love (1)

A Box That Fits (8)

Life in the trash heap (0)

Analism a recent phenom? (1)

fasting church (2)

honorable and sexy (0)

Situation in Scotland (0)

Less than a "Real Man" (3)

Freeballing is good (1)

New HIV drug causes fatal bleeding; toxicity among other HIV drugs a major concern (0)

analism a form of scat / oral=cannibalism (2)

Attraction to women (5)

Analists to Bill Weintraub: you should be put in jail (5)

you should be put in jail (12)

Pride. Not. (1)

Gay Day 2006: on the suppression of dissent (2)

holding and being held, rubbing cocks and enjoying male pleasure (7)

Working for nothing (3)

Where do we go from here? (3)

Gay AIDS reporter gets infected; says he doesn't want to know why (7)

Rise in Aussie MSM HIV infections attributed to "accidents"; new HIV treatment fraught with danger (0)

Fighting is Man. Man is Good. (2)

risk behavior, risk behavior, risk behavior, risk behavior (1)

wrestling with a friend (0)

Channeling Judy (1)


Frot promotional slogans ... just for fun (0)

standing up for what is right (2)

Warrior Thought for the Day (3)

A Man's Word & Bond (1)

frot and health professionals (0)

Rush, the attack, etc. (3)

Huge percentage jump in gay HIV infection (0)

Why aren't Frot Men part of the AIDS prevention picture? (2)

the appropriate role for a masculine man (0)

Kicked-out for dancing (0)

Death wish or assisted suicide? (0)

I have everything I could ever want (5)

Remember Essays by Warrior Robert Moseley

Screaming bloody murder (0)

Can't handle it (2)

intercourse not outercourse (4)

I need some answers (4) A confused "Christian" asks for some help, and gets answers from Oscar Vallejo, Robert Loring, Bill G, and Greg Milliken.

MAN2MAN ALLIANCE FUNDRAISER (2) Includes a Robert Loring reply.

Fundraiser is very slow -- please help (2)

need help from cock brothers out here (4)

Good news for drug makers (1) Includes a Robert Loring reply.

Syphilis up 87% among gay men (0)

Tiny and Stable (7)

NY Times creams its jeans for drag; Harvard honors "Transgender Leader"; Frat boys fined for mocking Brokeback (2)

The Warrior Ethos (2)

honor and integrity (1)

Jesus and the Truth (3)

Death Before Dishonor (1)

UFC Ultimate Fighter (4)

MAN-PHOBIA: Fired for being into UFC (6)

too male (0)

10% of New HIV Cases Carry Mutant Strain (0)

A Tale of Two Tattoos (2)

AIDS treatment linked to severe brain damage (2)

A culture of mistrust (1)

Brit buttboy guilty of infecting boyfriend; UK "HIV activists" protest (0)

memories reawakened (1)

NEW: Warrior Christendom and WARRIORS! (0)

Your future under analism Pt 1: PREP (0)

Defeated in their own minds (0)

Society's Procrustean bed (4)

My true story (2)

New to this (1)

looking for insight (2)

Pure male sexuality (3)

I Never thought... (1)

Feeling Great (0)

we're just men! (4)

Two men can be one (9)

Kind of new to this (1)

married cockbonding needs (9)

Death of a Frot Brother (1)

minefields of the mind (3)

I thought I was a freak (2)


Warrior Christendom (1)

Compliments and Sympathies (0)

Brave New Gay World (1)

BOYCOTT Brokeback Mountain (18)


New To Frot (1)

Fist Fuckers of America (0)

The answer to so many questions (1)

Donations are too low to sustain the site (0)

i was infected needlessly (1)

Depraved Bitches (3)



Many People with Drug-Resistant HIV Having Unprotected "Sex" (0)

The Templars (2)

AIDS agency arranges bathhouse tours for virgins (6)

Analist eunuch whores (0)

Surgeon General Issues Warning on Anal Penetration (3)

World AIDS Day or World Anal Day? Anal Cancer Rate Up; Evangelicals In; Condoms All Around (0)

A Call to all true WARRIORS!! (2)


The Inner Sanctum (1)

A Gay Anti-Conformist (7)

The Debasement of Language under Analism (0)

dubya dun it (1)

Homophobes (0)

Fighting is Man (2)

Barebackin buttboy bottoms out behind bars (1)

Circuit Parties and HIV: Then and Now, or Ahead of Our Time (2)

HPV and Anal: Then and Now; or, Ahead of Our Time (0)

Even with HAART, HIV Damages Brain (1)

What choice (1)

The Ultimate Defeat (0)

Walter Odets, the sex police, and the big lie (3)

HIV-meth link questioned (0)

Achilles in the steam room (0)

Donations are far, far, far, far, far too low (0)

freedom for ALL men (0)

Frot and the Married Man (1)

Teen pregnancies plummet (0)

Superheroes, Myths, and Wrestling Buddies (11)

College (3)

The Warrior Within (0)


Not a fetish (2)

Can the M2M world be changed? (0)

Condom promotion in Uganda not reducing HIV risk, study shows (0)

Donations are far too low to keep us online (5)

Katrina and HIV: our blighted response (0)

The Greatest Gift (1)

HIV, HPV, anal cancer, and HAART (0)

A huge mistake (8)

The Real Possibilities of Love (1)

Anal and monogamy (0)

Calling ALL True Warriors (1)

Problems with my partner (3)

Whatever happened to Jocelyn Elders? (0)

A filthy, disgusting habit that will eventually destroy us and cost us a fortune (4)

May you find what you're looking for (1)

not gay sex by man to man sex (5)

How Could I Have Missed This Website For So Long? (1)

We need donations now (0)

to deepen, not weaken, masculinity (3)

Complicit in our own genocide (0)

I am my own man (2)

Frat Brother, Frot Warrior (0)

Married, straight, but my sexual fantasy is 100 percent frot (0)

Trannies and Pump Parties (0)

Random acts of uncontrolled rape (0)

Workin Out (0)

Wrestlin around with my buds (16)

a heroic cockrub warrior (1)

A pal, a play mate and a dude (3)

Really confused (2)

A brother, a best friend, a soulmate, an equal (12)

The language of ought (0)

Buttboyz' bad behavior boosts Viagra ban; Rectal and throat swabs recommended for gay men (2)

Important New Risk Study (2)

praying to find a frot brother (3)

"...were warriors at a time when boys now are like girls." (5)

It's the anal (0)

True Man to Man Sex (1)

Prisoners of love (1)

Stop pretending (1)

Jack Nichols, 1938 - 2005 (2)

a love like no other (0)

my masculinity was slipping away (1)

West Side Story (0)

effeminate, strung out, deluded (1)

smells like shit, looks like shit, is shit (0)

We're way short for April (1)

Reflexive Thinking (1)

57% of HIV neg gay men have anal HPV (0)

The back of the bus (0)


The FROT debate on gay dot com heats up (1)

balls against balls (1)

Mutant HIV: drug resistant and vicious (8)

to enjoy another man without labels (1)


Thanks... (2)

my friend, my equal, my brother (2)

Amid all the attention, donations are way too low (6)

Who created unsafe sex? (0)

nature does nothing without a purpose (2)

Larry Kramer discusses Frot on gay dot com (4)

shit sex (1)

the IDENTITY matrix (1)

Rare and Aggressive H.I.V. Reported in New York (2)

humping and jacking like animals (0)


being into guys without losing being a guy (7)


LGV Redux (0)

The Hero in Your Soul (1)

One Beagle's Story (1)

Never give up (3)

The Heart of Brotherhood (0)

Breaking the Bonds (2)

Donations are way too low (1)

a man through and through (1)

Heroes United (1)

The Cycle of Abuse (1)


An enlightenment of the Brotherhood of Frot (0)

Live for Honor...Fight for Honor...and for Victory... (4)

Where do I fit? (1)

We need donations now! (0)

Warriors and Freedom (3)

Rare STD hits SF buttboyz (0)

promoting masculinity and the warrior well as love between men (0)

aggression and the beauty of guys (2)

My Ultimate Frot Experience (0)

an anus is not a vagina (1)

World AIDS Day 2004: HIV / AIDS Cases Rise 11% Among MSM (0)

First time frottaging (0)

Your ass ain't a vagina! (1)

The best game ever! (0)

just musing (1)

Who is Bill Weintraub and why is 365Gay Censoring His Posts? (10)

fighting touching and kissing with a man (0)

David and Jonathan: Kristof Agrees (0)

physical closeness - like between brothers - but not making love (5)

Edible Oils (0)

Orally transmitted STD among gay men (0)

Searching for a place like this (1)

HIV Worsens (0)

fucked up (3)

My First Time (6)

Circumcision reduces HPV risk (0)

Thank you! (1)

My Whole Life... (0)

Masturbating Lowers Prostate Cancer Risk (7)

Nobility and Strength of Character (2)

Why Be Faithful (1)

AIDS: The Elusive Vaccine (0)


We need donations (6)

the intimacy two men can share (2)

No More Fear (1)

Just sharing an experience (4)

skin2skin (0)

A Sheltered Life (0)

Frottage, So That's What It's Called (1)

Imperfect Unions (0)

Greek Wrestlers / Pankratiasts and Frottage (5)

Can one man be faithful to another? (12)

STD Risk and Your Partner's Concurrent Partners (0)

cock to cock and man to man (6)

Full Frontal Desires (4)

AIDS Inc Cashes In (1)


Brotherhood (2)

FrotMen.Org (3)

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Welcome to the HTML version of our Man2Man Alliance Personal Stories message board.

This message board is identical to our old Personal Stories board.

The only difference is that when you click on a message in the left hand message bar on this board, the page which opens is in HTML.

It's a webpage.

Those pages load more quickly, and they're easier to read.

But the content is identical on both boards.

On both boards, the most recent posts are at the top of the message list.

And if you're new to the Alliance, the best thing you can do is just start reading those messages -- from the top down.

Sometimes we use terms in our posts -- like analism -- which may not be familiar to you.

Those words often have a link which opens a window with their definition.

In addition, there's a Definitions page -- and there's a link to that page at the bottom of each page on the site.

So ck it out.

In terms of the history of this board:

When I began what became the Alliance in October of 2000, I didn't foresee how important the Personal Stories message board would become.

But that board quickly became the heart of the Alliance -- a place where guys could share their dreams, their hopes,  and their true life stories.

Those first person accounts proved invaluable. There's simply nothing more compelling or more real.

So in a very short time this board has shaped not just our Alliance but the thinking of the entire Frot movement.

I encourage you to join the discussion.

Three types of posts are welcome here:

First-person, true-life accounts of your life as a man into frot.

Political discussions on topics such as "how do we define ourselves" or "what's wrong with anal" or "what do we need to do next strategically."

Calls to political action, such as email campaigns to sites like

Again, this board is for true-life accounts.

Fantasy and fiction should not be posted here, but should be labeled as such and sent to me in the body of an email.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THE ALLIANCE, I encourage you to spend some time reading the discussions before posting. Please remember that we are an advocacy site, and posts which don't help us further our goals will not be approved. Again, it's important to read before you post.

And remember, Personal Ads should be placed in FROT CLUB.




You can either start a new discussion by clicking here:

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You're encouraged to enter a user name and valid email address, though you can post anonymously. And if you want even more anonymity, you can send your story to me in the body an email, and I'll post it for you.

Posts from this board and our original MSN board, as well as accounts that came to me via email, are regularly archived under

Where they're seen by tens of thousands of people.

So I hope you'll check them out.

And then post.

On this Personal Stories board, guys into frot -- guys like yourself -- can speak the truth of their lives.

And in our fight, there's no ally more powerful than truth.


Those are our posts.

From Don Frazer's The Romance of Frot

to WARRIORS!, one of our many explorations of the Warrior Ethos

more than 900 pages and 3000 individual statements.

I hope you'll read all of them. And I hope you'll contribute to them. You'll be stronger for it, and I know you'll be proud, just as I am, to be a Frot Man and Cockrub Warrior.



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