The Wrestling Adventures

 of Luke and Sean

by Vic Logan

Part 2

Fathers' Day

Our brawl was over. Another defeat for me at Sean's hands.

We had rolled and tumbled on the grassy field, arms and legs locked together. We'd each locked our arms around each other's heads, arms, shoulders, legs; we'd punched each other's guts and pecs and biceps until they were sore and bruised.

For a long time that day we'd fought using our hard bearcub's cocks as weapons and man, we really got into it. We were whacking and slamming our mantools against each other so hard that at one point I thought both our cocks would crack. We cockfought so fiercely our cocks were getting bruised, and I almost came half a dozen times. And so did Sean. But we'd started practicing some cockfighting techniques and we were gradually learning how to hold back and keep slugging away with our boners without cumming until we had to.

It was a wild, exhilarating brawl that day. We'd kicked, yanked, and tugged any body part we could grip; we bit each other's hairy pecs and threw and slammed each other around. And when either one of us landed on his back he'd had to take the full, hard blow of the other's body weight hurling down hard on top of him.

But Sean had outwrestled me and I was flat out under his large stocky body, his thick hands clamping my arms down in the grass. Pinned hard, I had to take the repeated pulverizing thunder-blows of my best buddy's massive bearcub body: bridging his body up, Sean brought it down on me, his hairy chest and gut and groin pounding mine, body-bombing me over and over until I thought I'd be ground into powder.

And then Sean's body went tight, and then a little tighter. The big bearcub throbbed and quaked as long streams of hot white cream splashed out of his thick cock and anointed me. The juice that fueled our muscles seemed to flush away in our brawl, we'd drained out of our groins all the cream of our shared manhood. A lather of sweat and warm male jism glued our chests and bellies together.

Now we lay still, each of us gulping air, Sean's massive hairy body pressing down on me. The shaggy hair that coated our chests and bellies stuck together, and blades of grass and dirt clung to our furry legs and arms.

It was only two days since we'd met and grappled for the first time at the Adirondack wilderness camp that Greg and Leo, our two dads, owned and used as a retreat, a remote place where they could wrestle and brawl naked. They had been boyhood friends and were, like me and Sean, both bears and grapplers. They had brought us together here, psyching out that Sean and I had a fiery mutual need to wrestle and bond, as they did.

At eighteen Sean had two years on me and was four inches taller. He also was hairier than I was at that time, especially on his chest and belly, although yours truly was just as furry on the legs and arms. And most importantly Sean outweighed me by twenty pounds. But we didn't give a shit about our differences because we two bearcubs had discovered our raging need to shuck every piece of clothing, get bareass naked and brawl our asses until the sun went down, or came up.

We found out that in our wrestling battles we forged and shared our manhood. We communicated in sexual and spiritual ways that didn't seem possible outside of our combat. And we were learning that competition and sexual bonding brought us together in ways we hadn't imagined before that first meeting.

Later on Sean and I, now exhausted, sprawled out on the grass down by the picnic table at the edge of the lake. Greg, Sean's big husky, woolly bear dad walked down the slope to us and sat his 225-pound frame down, accompanied by Leo, my dad.

Anyone could tell Greg and Sean were father and son. Both were tall and had the same husky builds, really thick, heavy arms and legs, broad chest, dark complexion and curly black hair all over.

"You little boys doin' something naughty today, eh?" Greg said in his gravel voice.

"Do you know you and your fucking son wear the same tired shit-eating grin whenever you try to sound serious?" I answered. The bear and his cub chuckled.

Greg sat down. "I was just wondering how you two little fuckers got all dirty and got all that greasy stuff all over you."

Staring straight up at the clouds Sean said, "Like your greasy stuff, man. Hey, can you remember back that far? You and Leo were kids before the steam engine was invented, right?"

A big hairy arm reached out and locked around Sean's neck. "Come again, little boy?"

"Sure, Papa Bear ... I can come again, I'll squirt all over ya ... but stop chokin' me, fucker!" That's one thing about Sean and his dad, they loved to horseplay and got real physical almost any chance. At it again, Sean squealed and flailed his arms and legs up and down on the table as Greg pressed him down. After a minute or so of intense play-rassling Greg let off and released him.

"Hey, Greg, that's an interesting question," I piped up. "I mean, when you and dad met up, y'know? The first time you two bears tangled? I'm real curious, so let's hear it from the horses mouth -- how and where, and everything that happened."

"Are you two kids writin' a fucking novel?"

"Well, it's like this, Father Bear," Greg said, "If the story's good we just might. That is if you're not afraid to tell us all the juicy good parts -- and I mean it literally, Pops. Like how you two guys started wrestling and when your peckers got all hard and what you did to 'em and how you squirted cumjuice and where it went...."

One of the things I'd discovered quickly about Sean and Greg was that this father and son could talk in a really easy, relaxed way about their own sexual and wrestling experiences and just about anything else. My Dad and I could never talk that freely, until that camping trip. Suddenly we were starting to know each other as two men rather than just as a father and his son, and we'd found out we each had more in common than I'd ever thought, especially our passion for bareass wrestling and hot bears. So now Leo and I found we could suddenly say things to each other we wouldn't have said back home.

Greg shot me this big wide grin and looked at me straight in the eye. "Alright boys, you wanna hear about Leo an' me so I'll tell ya. All the gory details. Now you two little cubs shut up and listen, and maybe you'll learn something!"

"I met my best buddy Leo when I was seventeen, he was a year older. Back then I was pretty much the same big old furball Bear you see before you now, a little over six feet then, weighed maybe about two-fifteen, two-twen'y or so.

Wrasslin? Shit, yeah, man! Every goddam chance I got! As a kid I hung around guys who looked like they'd get into some action, y' know, horseplay shit an' backyard wrasslin', fuckin' around generally, nothin' heavy. But the guys I knew weren't up to wrestlin' the way I wanted it, bareass naked, and flush the stupid rules down the can.

Anyhow, I'd been learnin' carpentry in school and found out I was good at it, and that got me a summer job with a local contractor, an older guy. A real big ole bear fucker too. Man, I'd 've given anything to get naked with him n' wrassle that guy! Whee-yooo! Well, it was the greatest summer ever, I liked my work and most of his other workers were real decent to me, not to mention that they were a bunch a real big hot lookin' fuckers, too, man! I was the kid, did good work and was never once late, so the guys and the boss really took a shine to me.

Well, one afternoon my boss gets this call from one of the summer camps for handicapped kids over on the east shore of the lake; one of the counselor's cabins had a leaky roof or some goddam thin' that needed fixin.' Pretty basic repair job, he said, shouldn't take much and I know you can handle it easy by yourself. Hell yeah, I said. Hey, when you're a green kid on your first job it's real terrific when the boss trusts you with a solo job.

So he gives me the keys to his truck and I drove out to the place, and the guy in the office tells me the cabins for the male counselors were out in the woods nearly three-quarters of a mile from the main campground; shit man, might as well be the next goddam county. So I drove down this long, narrow dirt road, finally found the cabin, got out my stuff, went up the ladder and got to work.

Well by the time I got there it was already late afternoon and the boss told me if I didn't finish the job today go back first thing in the morning, so I did the best I could with the cabin roof which wasn't in good shape. It was a scorcher of a day and I was sweating like a pig so I'd peeled off my shirt while I was working. Well, I'm finishin' up when I hear this whistling, but up there on the roof I can't see anyone at first, right?

Next I looked down and there's this guy standin' there who's gotta be the hottest fucker I ever laid eyes on, shit man, he's this real handsome bear of a guy an' built like he could be a fuckin' champeen rassler! I mean hot, so hot he could melt the snow! Just the type of man I wanted to mess with in my kind of wrasslin'. Whoo man, I damn near fell off the goddam ladder.

No fuckin' babyface teenager that's for goddam sure, there was shadow on his cheeks and fuzz on his chin. I guessed he was at least six foot an' maybe around two hundred pounds or so. He had this thick brown hair which just sort of fell all over his forehead, great big dark eyes, a real man's face, square jaw.

He was wearing cutoffs just like me and he had great big ole thick legs, good solid arms too, all nice an' hairy, and his shirt was open down the front showin' off one bee-you-tee-ful chest and belly all covered with a dark brown coat o' hair.

So he smiles at me and says, 'Hey man, thanks for fixin' my roof,' an' I said, 'Hey man, you're real welcome' and slid down the ladder. 'Anything else you want me to fix?' Now I didn't think I was gonna get the answer I really wanted. Well, 'least not yet.

'Nope, he says. But you look like you could do with a cold drink. I got some sodas in my cooler, you want one?'

He was sorta shy at first, but the guy had this real honest-lookin' friendly smile and he was real polite to me, shook my hand an' all. 'My name's Leo, and thanks for fixing that fuckin' roof. Everything got soaked in there the other night when it rained!'

'Yeah ... um, I guess a hot guy like you might get himself really wet in there,' I said, and winked at him. He kinda blushed and just grinned.

The two of us were kinda nervous, 'cause I think we both had the same thing in mind, y'know? I was sweating a river but not just becausa the heat but because this guy was so goddam fuckin' hot and the minute I laid eyes on the man's body my cock got stiff as a board an' I said to myself, 'Man, you gotta get this guy to fuckin' wrassle like you wanna go at it! This is the sorta guy that don't show up real often, know what I mean? Pure and simple buck naked brawlin'!'

I introduced myself. 'I'm Greg Beausoleil.' Our hands were clammy an' tremblin' but we gripped 'em hard an' tight, which I took for a leetle test o' strength man-to-man, you know?

'You from Quebec?' he asked. He even pronounced it right. 'My father's family's Quebecois, my mother's people are Cajun," I told him.

So we're inside his little cabin, me with no shirt on and him with his shirt wide open showin' off his big hairy chest. My working day and his was done and we just sat around sweating like pigs and shooting the shit. He made me so fuckin' horny I forgot myself and my eyes were roamin' up and down that big bearcub's great lookin' body, man. I wasn't doing a good job of hidin' my thoughts!"

"And my cock was just as rock-hard in my pants as yours was, Greg old buddy!" Dad's voice came from behind us as he jumped up on top of the picnic table. Dad flashed a big smile at me, slapped me on the back. I could tell he wanted me to know about this moment in his life and that made me feel closer to him.

Now Dad took over as Greg leaned back, Sean and I listening intently. Sean grinned at my dad. "So, you gonna get us to the good part, Leo?"

"Yep, and I hope it's not too much for your dainty little ears, kid! Okay here we go: Greg and I were two horny young fuckers full of piss and vinegar itchin' to get down and dirty, but each of us was waiting to see who was gonna make the first move.

Well, I did, which damn near shocked the shit outta myself because I was kinda shy back then. But lemme tell you, I was scared that if I didn't do something -- and do it fast -- he'd take off and this man was too good to him let get away. Besides, from the minute I saw him up there with no shirt on I could see the two of us wrasslin' like no tomorrw, real hot and heavy. He was the best lookin' young bear I'd ever seen and a hairy fucker with fleece as black as coal all over that big heavy chest of his, plus a pair of strong arms and two legs that looked like they could crush bricks between 'em. The dangerous green eyes staring at me like that ... Hey, who the hell would blame me?

That cabin wasn't small, it was so tiny it was more like a doghouse, barely enough room for one guy let alone two: one cot, one table and one chair, my footlocker on the table, that was it. I dropped into the chair and he threw himself down on the cot. The masculine smell of our sweating bodies filled the cabin and made me hornier than I already was, so I got this huge mound rising up in my cutoffs. I was so fuckin' nervous and kept thinking, Awh shit, he's gonna see my boner and hotfoot it outta here.

I looked at my watch and noticed it was almost seven but Greg didn't make a move to go. Instead he just leaned back and made himself comfy, propped against the cabin wall with his legs spread out, one leg resting on the table right next to where I was sitting. You wanna know what torture is? Fuck, at that close range you couldn't miss his basket, you couldn't miss anything! His big hairy leg is right next to me.

So he flashes me a big shiteating grin, you should know it by now, Luke, because it's genetic and he passed it on to Sean here! He just looked at me and grinned while we shot the shit. I was gettin' more fuckin' horny and I was feeling stupid. And I'm thinking, 'Well, maybe he's just a cockteaser and he's doing a number to get me hot and bothered and then he's gonna split.'

So it was now or never and I made my move. I asked him if he was up for a swim before he took off since it was so hot. Well, that did it, we were on our feet in a flash, standing real close, face and chest inches apart. I wanted to tackle him but instead he brought both fists hard down on my biceps.

'Man, you're my kinda guy! Let's hit the water!'

Bulls' eye, I thought. I shucked my shirt, grabbed towels and we're out the door heading down to the lake on this narrow footpath that snaked through the woods to a little cove, a real private place which traditionally was restricted to the male counselors so they could swim bareass naked without worrying about the kids or the female counselors seeing 'em. When I told Greg that he looked real happy."

Greg piped up. "Shit! Two young hot-to-trot bears in the woods off to swim bareass naked who th' fuck wouldn't be happy, man? When I heard that my cock got twice as hard and man, I thought I was gonna cream right there just thinking about me wrasslin' this stud!'

Dad and Greg smiled at each other, as Greg took up the story now.

"So we're walkin' along to the lake an' I figured I'd test him a little so I put my arm around his shoulder and thanked him for bein' so nice 'n friendly to a workin' guy and then I punched his biceps a couple of times. Leo shoots me his big shiteatin' grin and says, 'Here's your change!' and slams a friendly ol' punch right into my gut. We got the message. So we're walking to the lake trading punches to our guts and biceps, then our chests. Schoolboy shit, you know, but the punches were hard.

"When we got to the lake we were real quiet, didn't say nothin', just shucked off our shoes and stared out at the lake. The sun was about to go down and it was so quiet I could hear my goddam heart pound.

"And then I just sort of glared at him, y' know, like some real angry ol' bear, and crouched down into the attack posture with my arms out. He grinned and glared back at me an' he crouched an' we started circling each other.

"We rammed each other like a coupla trucks, man! He wrapped his leg around mine to try and trip me but I was quicker and I got him on his back in the grass in no time. I jumped on him, straddled him, pinned his arms down flat and he was fightin' real fuckin' hard to push my arms up, but I met his muscle just as hard. He was one strong fuckin' young bear but so was I, we were a hell of a good match just like I figured, y'know? Then he used his legs to push me real hard from the gut, I flew off and landed on my back and he was across me in a chest pin.

"Neither of us moved or struggled, just sorta breathin' heavy, feelin' our bare furry chests against each other like that and likin' what we felt. We made some serious eye contact while shootin' come-and-get-it-fucker grins.

"After strugglin for a couple minutes he says, "You feel like swimmin'?" and I jump off him and we got up. We weren't all that was up, there were big fuckin' humps in our shorts, plain to see. Leo sticks his thumbs in his cutoffs an' yanks 'em off and so do I , and boing! out from two hairy ol' groins pops these two good young bear rods, horizontal and hard as fuckin' iron! I punched his gut and jumped in the water, and Leo jumped in after me."

"Well, we messed around some, dunking and punching and tackling each other, but not too long," Dad chimed in, grinning at me and Sean, taking up the story.

"We got out of the water. The sun had set but the air was still steamy hot. By now we're both on edge and it was deadly quiet there, we weren't talking, just staring at each other and our stiff cocks. Greg just glared at me and suddenly this one word comes outta him: "Now!" Our eyes were glued to each other's naked body, our hands at our sides, and we jammed our bare furry chests against each other, and felt our two stiff rods crash into each other head-on.

"Man, I didn't believe what was happening! He was the wildest, hottest bear I ever saw, in every exact detail Greg was the grappler I used to fight in all my wet dreams since I was a kid. We started stabbing our dicks like two metal into our hairy pelvises. A little stream of saliva ran down my chin.

"Clamping my hands on his bushy-haired pecs I squeezed as hard as I could. His face twisted and contorted, then mine did when his big strong hand found my rod and he clamped both our rods together real tight and hard and twisted them and rubbed 'em together. Whoo, man, that was like getting hit by lightning! I squeezed his pecs harder, pinched his nips and Greg kept jamming and rubbing and smacking our two bearcocks together as hard as he could. We were both starting to breath faster, and this went on for a long time.

"We were starting to make these little hushed, sharp cries like two wounded animals when we reached the threshold of pain, then we let go of each other and sprang back a pace or so. We were in full combat mode by then, and Greg had this primitive kind of look as we charged each other, smashing into each other, we locked our arms around our necks and heads. It was the wildest, rawest goddam sensation of power I'd ever felt come over me. It was better than getting high. But you and Sean know what I'm talking about, I take it!"

Sean and I looked at each other, nodding. Dad continued:

"Our arms were cinched tight around each other's necks, our torsos bent into the struggle and we were trying to get the fight down to earth, but neither one of us would give. I used my knees, my legs -- any trick I could to try to get him lose his balance while not losing my own balance. But he started kicking back, so I started kicking and now we were both using our legs, kicking, real hard too. And we were still on our feet.

"For each moment we fought the frenzy started to rrreally boil, man. Freeing one arm he landed a punch to my gut so hard it knocked the air out of me and you better believe I let go of him. Shit, I doubled up but he hesitated so I managed to get a punch off to his gut, but instead of punching back I grabbed ahold of his leg and yanked it up, which caught him off guard and he goes sprawling, and I go down on top of him.

" 'Awh you fucker!' he growled at me as we rolled around fighting on the ground at last. My gut was sore from that punch but the adrenaline was pumping, and I don't know how many fucking times we rolled around but we just kept rolling and grappling for all we were worth until we smashed into a tree.

"I ended up under his weight. He thought he had me pinned under his body against the tree, but by that time we were so slicked down with our sweat and body oil I actually slid out from under him, quick grabbed his arms and got him in a Boston crab before he knew what the fuck hit him!

" 'Y' want more?' I snarled, 'or ya wanna show me somethin' good, fucker?'

'Arwrrrrrgh!' he groaned. 'Fuck you man...! I got plenty more.'

I let go of him and stood. 'Then show it to me, fucker! C'mon!' And he was on his feet."

Sean and I exchanged familiar nods as Greg leaned forward and started talking.

"That was his big fuckin' mistake 'cause I dove at him, I mean I was airborne headin' at him. Well, shit, as I'm flyin' at him Leo trips over a goddam root or somethin' and lands on his ass in some bushes, so I come down on top of him. It might have been full of thorns or hornets for all we knew, but man, when my brother Leo here says we were in a frenzy he's not shittin' you!

So we landed but as I land I let out a holler somethin' fierce because Leo's fuckin' knee goes up and my balls land right on it! Yeeooww! Man, I saw more goddam stars! I'm on my ass in agony, clutchin' my balls and my cock, and when I could open my eyes there's good ol' Leo, straddlin' me... Well, the pain in my balls gets me pissed off and I lose it completely, my knee flies up right between his legs and whammo! now it was Leo's turn."

"Yeah, that must've been some fuckin' sight! We're both writhing around on our asses, holding our family jewels moaning and groaning," Dad interjected. "You two guys are lucky to be here because I thought we'd never have offspring!"

"After a couple of minutes, we sat up holding our cocks, looked at each other and we just start laughing our asses off. We looked so stupid, you know? We hurt so bad and laughed so hard we were crying!" Greg continued.

"Yeah, I just looked at him and said, 'Man, but I can't remember the last time I had this much fuckin' fun!' Dad added. "We knew what happened, but it was cool, it added a little reality to our combat and made us realize we weren't just horsing around."

Greg picked up the story. "Well we rolled around laughing and howling like hyenas and in a few minutes we were feelin' better and we were waggin' our cocks at each other, which got us both hard again. So now we started a fuckin' cockfight and slammed our rods together, cursin' each other every time our cocks slammed, just bangin' 'em over and over and havin' a hell of a great time doin' it.

We went cock-to-cock for a while, then we just stopped and clenched each other in the tightest fuckin' bearhug ever.

"Our arms wrapped tightly around our trunks, our chests started to slide up and down as we ground against each other, and man by then we were both stinkin' wet with sweat and dirt. But we kept squeezin' hard as a vise, fightin' with what nature gave us, arms and chests, squashed each other good and hard. Just real basic manpower." Greg's eyes widened at the recollection.

"Squashing our buck naked bodies together like that, man, was fierce!" Dad said nodding. "Neither one would let go or loosen up in the slightest. Someone was gonna have to yell uncle but our juices were at full boil and neither one was ready to quit the fight. One time my feet were off the ground---"

"One time?" Greg laughed.

"Yeah, twice. Maybe. Fuck you, Beausoleil! Well, I thought ol' Leo almost had me, the fucker was mashing me like potatoes; a moment later it was his turn, I blew out all my air and let out a big old growl and Leo's feet treaded air.

"On that steaming hot August night the heat from two young sweating bear bodies grinding and mashing against each other like that was so intense I thought we'd end up covered with major friction burns. We were locked in that bearhug for who knows how long. Even heard ribs crack a little, but hell man, we were both getting pretty fucking fatigued by now because we were pumping just about all the juice we had.

"Finally we just gave out and let go and sank into a big heap o' wet furry bearmeat. Man, we were exhausted!"

Greg's white teeth flashed as he grinned. "That's for goddam sure! I was on my back gaspin' for air. And tears were rollin' down my cheeks, but they were good tears, and there was old Leo was right next to me and he was blubbering his heart out."

Dad nodded. Sean and I had a lump in our throats.

"We'd fought to a draw that time," Dad looked right at me and then at Sean, "and our hands clasped together and the our faces showed each other how much that contest meant. That was sheer fucking exhilaration, the kind of high you could never get out of any bottle or smokin' weed. We listened to all those wild spirits in our souls and let them set us free. That brought us together, it's a hell of a gift.

"For a long time we just clung to each other. Then our hands brushed up and down each other's chest, slowly, feeling that beautiful old greasy film of sweat all over our hairy bodies. We opened our mouths and took turns licking the sweat on our chests, bit our nips, licked our way up and down our bodies, each tasting and inhaling the sweet stench of manliness.

"Nice and slow, we stroked our biceps and forearms, rubbed all over our slick, hairy guts. We buried our faces in the wet fleece in our pelvises and ran our fingers through and pulled and tugged the manes of hair on our groins, and we patted our balls.

"Our hands found and grasped the shafts of our bearcocks, and they were so hard we knew why they called 'em boners. We started rubbing and pumping and jerking each other's boner.

"Then I remember looking up and seeing that great big beefy thick bear body of Leo kneeling over me, then going rigid, his whole huge frame throbbing. Then long, hot sprays of jism were squirting out his big rod. Man! I remember how warm his jism felt as it hit my chest and my gut. Big globs of bear jism stuck to the hair on my pecs and gut, even my arms.

"I grabbed him by the shoulders, rolled him on his back, threw my weight down on top of him, pressed his arms down against the grassy soil and started to grind my body against Greg's, rubbing and mashing all that greasy sweat and jism together, slowly at first, then gradually I rubbed faster, over and over. I kept that up as long as I could, and then after a few moments, I pushed my ass up and just let the weight of my body slam down on his.

"Again and again I pounded my body down hard on top of him, Greg letting out a big groan each time my grizzly hulk slammed his, until finally I couldn't hold it in any more and I shot big white arrows of cumjuice out all over the cub's furry chest and wet the boy down good, soaked his furry old bod."

Dad and Greg sank back, their chests heaving. Sean and I were sitting with our arms around each other.

"Thanks." Sean and I whispered, almost in unison. Dad nodded but said nothing. But my Dad and I had never looked at each other like that before.

A moment later Sean nudged me.

"And when your papa bear got off duty at the camp the next night, guess who was waiting for him inside that little cabin?"

The End

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