Hey dude,
New to frot?
Gay, bi, or str8 curious?
Here's your chance to ck out

Frot is short for "frottage," a word derived from the French verb for rubbing. Frot is most often phallus-to-phallus sex, done front to front and face to face. Synonyms for frot include cockrub, cock to cock, dick2dick, and bone on bone.
face to face and bone on bone
Most guys into frot want the complete cockrub experience, usually in a full embrace, where they're able to kiss deeply, rub cocks, and feel their partner's pecs, arms, balls, and legs at the same time.
cockrub love

But there are variations. Some guys really love frot wearing speedos, or jocks, or levis, or briefs, or vinyl. Some guys are into dick on pecs, or cock on back, or dick between thighs.  

some dudes love rubbin in levis

And some guys, like me and the cockster, love cock2cock combined with ball play and the dickroot ridge rub.
gettin ready for the dickroot rub  -- art © by eros V
And because sex wrestling leads so naturally to cockrub, many guys are into sex wrestling, frot, and cock combat too.
 sex wrestlin is fun too
For the men in this club, frot isn't foreplay and is NEVER a substitute for anal penetration. Guys into frot are into frot, not anything else. Frot is at our erotic center, and like our love of men, frot defines us sexually.


Frot -- it's not foreplay

And most of us aren't into anal - not cause we're afraid of it, but cause it doesn't turn us on. (To understand more bout frot and anal, see the FAQs at the bottom of this page.)
What's Hot about Frot?



Two men going head to head, heart to heart, cock to cock. No tops or bottoms, no butches or femmes, no doms or subs -- just two budz united in passion, love, or both.

Prolonged, full-body pleasure. Not a quick fuck, but  two hot, masculine guys rubbing their entire bodies together for as long as they want, feeling all of their muscles against each other.


Two men looking lovingly into each other eyes, rubbing passionately, feeling their cocks and balls begin to merge, then shooting their male love juice together, bathing themselves in that hot, holy, masculine essence.


Frot is natural and free, the way you thought sex would be when you were a kid. No rules, no role play, no props -- no condoms, no drugs, no fancy lubes. Just you and your best bud doin what cums naturally.



No STDs, no HIV, no doctors, no lawyers, no clinics, no worries. The only thing you'll get from frot is a good time.


Dude, frot is really easy. All you need is two hard dicks and a smile.
But here are some pointers:

slow and sensual
Take it slow and don't focus on cumming. Instead, just get into the pleasure of feeling your dick gainst your bro's, your balls nesting together, your chests joined, your heart next to his, your lips on his mouth, his tongue in your throat. Try it standing up and lying down. Take turns being on top. Guys into frot really value the sexual equality -- the easy, sensual, give-and-take, the sense of shared, mutual pleasure.

no lube required

You don't need fancy lubes. For a lot of guys, spit and precum are enough. But you can experiment with baby oil, cocoanut oil, or massage lotions. For some people, they heighten the pleasure. Other dudes are into raw -- they just wanna feel skin on skin, flesh on flesh, bone on bone.


cut and uncut? no prob dudes

If you're cut and your bud is uncut, you need to pay attention to what makes each other feel good. Uncut cocks are usually more sensitive, while cut guys usually need more friction. It's fun figuring it out. And there are some coool things you can do with your bud's hood too. So experiment, dudes.

sex wrestlin is hot
Try a little light -- or not so light -- wrestling, nude, in singlets, or in jocks, with oil or without. Get into feeling ALL of your and your bud's muscles flowing over each other, not just the cocks. And a lot of guys are into cock combat -- rubbing, grinding, slamming their cocks together to see who can make the other guy cummm first. Cock combat, sex fights, cock fighting, and sex wrestling should always be done lovingly and with respect for your partner - check out Warrior Paul's A Noble Ideal for more insight into cock wrestlin. And to me, the best kind of cock combat leads to the hottest kind of romance -- see THE FIGHT  for more bout that, and be sure to check out the Cockster's Personal Stories post Phallic Mating too.
cock2cock rocks
Try putting both hard cocks in one fist and jerking (some guys call this cock2cock JO). Pay special attention to the cockheads -- they're the most sensitive part -- for example, try The Juicer -- rubbin the palm of your hand over the two piss-slits. It's intense dudes. For more coool techniques, like Rock Around the Cock and Twist and Shout, ck out Cockrub Rituals [sorry, not posted yet].


What else do you like to do?
Although some of us are into other kinds of sex, like oral and JO, Frot is what we like to do. For us, frot is the most important part of any sexual experience. Our interest in frot starts when we're kids, and stays with us all our lives. For us, Frot is Sex and Sex is Frot.
How come you guys aren't into anal? Have you ever tried it?
Yeah, we've tried it. Most of us more than once. Many of us have fucked and/or been fucked a lot, mainly because of guys pressuring us. It's simple: we don't enjoy it and we don't like it.
Maybe you just haven't met the right guy.
Right dude. And maybe you just haven't met the right woman. Figure it out.
Okay, I see what you mean. But what don't you like about anal?
A lot!
We don't like the feminization of one partner so common in anal - we're into men, not men pretending to be women.
We don't like the top/bottom, dom/sub, butch/femme mentality - to us it's a turnoff.
We think a lot of the "pleasure" in anal is a mind trip - the anus is not a vagina, it's not built for sexual pleasure, and we know that a lot of people need drugs to get past that buttfuck pain.
And we also know that anal is a vector for every m2m sexually transmitted disease - including hepatitis and HIV - which are deadly.
Can't you avoid those with a condom?
Sure dude - usually, and if you're lucky. Course you have to buy the condom and the lube and then stop what you're doin so one of you can put the thing on and the other can prep his anus. And even with a condom there can still be discomfort and pain, and, over time, as the sphincter stretches, leakage. And many diseases associated with anal can be transmitted even without penetration - you can pass them before you ever put the condom on.
And not only will those diseases make your life hell, but you may transmit them to your other partners - including your lover or your wife.
Guys into frot don't have any of those worries. And we don't have to deal with condoms, which is great, cause we're into skin on skin and bone on bone. But for most of us frot dudes, health is not the biggest issue anyway. Frot is just doin what we like - not what somebody else says we're supposed to like.
Still, when we look at all the problems associated with anal - the feminization, the inequality, the drugs, the pain, and the disease - we say, you know dude, there's an easier way, it's pure male, and it's very hot.
So Frot is REALLY Hot?
Yeah! Frot is natural and free, equal and masculine, there's no role play or pain, no need for lube or condoms or drugs or a trip to the clinic afterwards. Just two hot men makin it cock to cock and dick to dick.
Try it dude, and you'll see:



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