The Wrestling Adventures

of Luke and Sean

by Vic Logan

Part 4

A Battle in the Redwoods

1. A Cub's Discovery

I felt Chad's powerful fist jab my gut, snapping me out of my daze. "Luke, look where you're going, man!" My face was about four inches from the trunk of a giant redwood when I stopped.

I've never forgotten that day. Everything about that place seemed unreal, as if I were in some dream. Chad and I were walking on a forest trail, but like no forest I'd ever seen before: around us giant redwoods stood with trunks as wide as houses, their crowns so far over our heads and their branches spreading so wide that only little blue patches of sky were visible on a cloudless day and the sunlight shrunk to little dapples on the soft forest floor.

There were others strolling on the trail in front of and behind us while some figures picked their way through the woods. All were men, all told about a dozen or so guys of all sizes, types, and ages. All of them looked as casual as if they were strolling to the grocery store or taking a walk in a park.

Except every single one of them -- including me and Chad -- was buck naked.

Up ahead Sean and our other new friend, Jesse, had stopped to chat with two other naked men. They looked like they were in more of a hurry and gestured that they'd meet us up ahead on the trail and then hiked on, leaving Chad and me to lolligag behind. As he walked off Sean flashed me one of his shiteating grins, partly because I was acting like some wide-eyed tourist from the boonies gawking at everything, partly because he could tell the effect Chad was having on me. About the same as Jesse was having on Sean, too; we flashed each other knowing smiles before he and Jesse disappeared into the woods.

Alongside me was Chad, just about the hottest-looking, handsomest five-feet-seven-inches of husky, hairy, masculine, studly bearcub I'd ever seen, and a great new buddy to boot. The combination of all those naked men walking around, a wilderness full of gigantic trees that belonged in an ancient mythic tale, the intoxicating smells of woodland pine, and the handsome studcub standing naked at my side was starting to bring my cream to a rolling boil.

I felt Chad's fist land on my hairy gut. "So tell me what you think of this place, old man?" Chad flashed an impish look.

"Too fucking wild!" My fist landed on Chad's gut, as furry as mine and rock-solid, too, although his round gut didn't look it at first. But under that furry belly were taut, strong muscles, and I was getting ideas about what to do with them.

"At our camp back in the Adirondacks we hang around naked, but it's a really remote place, very private. But this! Shit! It's ... well, almost public. Sort of, if you know what I mean ... And all these guys buck naked! No hassle, everybody says hi-how-are-you like it's a walk in the park."

Chad chuckled and landed another punch in my gut. I felt my cock quiver. "Welcome to California and the seventies, man. But if you keep gawking like a fuckin' tourist your ass is going to end up in the river. Look."

Chad clenched his strong hand on the back of my neck and pointed my head down so I'd see over the trail's edge, where the ground fell away sharply in a steep slope about a hundred feet down to the riverbank below. Something else I hadn't noticed.

Gee, wonder why, Chad. I mean, they're just a bunch of hot naked men to gawk at, that's all. And you ... you're such a fuckin' purple-wanger horndog I want to jump you here and wrestle you and slam our cocks together till we cum ten times and pass out. Why would I be distracted?

Down at the edge of the river a bunch of naked jocks were playing frisbee as a passing boatload of teenagers whistled and hooted at them.

2. The golden bear

Ahead of us and out of our line of vision Sean couldn't help glancing at the tall, stocky golden bear at his side as he and Jesse paced along the trail. Jesse reminded Sean and me of one of those ancient heroes pictured in some of my old ancient mythology books. Standing next to the six-foot-five Californian who carried about 265 pounds of beef covered with straw-colored hair made Sean, who was just over six feet and always dwarfed me, feel small. And hornier than hell.

Jesse had a thick shock of straw-colored hair, a slightly darker mustache, and a forest of golden fur from his thickly-maned groin up to the base of his neck. Jesse's massive forearms and huge, muscular legs were also densely covered with hair.

"Does this place have a name?" Sean was trying to get his mind off Jesse's body.

"Nothing official," Jesse replied. "It's got lots of nicknames depending on who you talk to. The rumor goes that some famous old movie star from the ‘thirties and ‘forties owns the land, but nobody knows for sure. It's private land, but nobody ever gets hassled here for the nudity."

Whatever it was called, on any hot California day lots of hot California men came to this place to shuck their inhibitions and their clothing and stake out solo space to sunbathe, or hike, look for companionship, or just disappear into the dense forest of evergreens and redwoods. Sean had no trouble visualizing Jesse in that forest, his huge golden body slick with sweat, every hard muscle straining to its limit as Jesse fought one huge, furry bear warrior after another for the crown of the Bear-Lord of the Woods. Mythical figures, huge, burly, powerful naked giants and heroes, he fantasized, locked together in a frenzied combat, tearing at each other in a brutal fight.

"Where does this trail lead?" Sean's eyes, if not his thoughts, were on the trail. Well, just to rest them after staring at the Bear-Lord alongside him.

Jesse chuckled softly and grinned at Sean. "Wherever you want it to, Sean. Wherever you want it to..."

3. It's not Disneyland, but I like it

It was the third day of our California trip, a long-planned birthday present from our two beloved papa bears, Leo and Greg, in honor of Sean turning eighteen and me reaching sixteen that year.

Nick was an old boyhood buddy of Greg, Sean's dad, both of them originally from upstate New York. Nick had insisted that all four of us stay at his rambling, hand-built log house in Guerneville near the Russian River. A big friendly ursine who'd moved west in his twenties, like the rest of us Nick was also a heavy-duty wrasslin' bear.

Sean and I took to Nick right away but more so to his son, Jesse, about a year older than Sean, and Chad, who was my age and Nick's nephew who lived with Nick and Jesse. Jesse and Chad were two exceptionally friendly, good-natured guys who also capped top honors as the two hottest horndog bears we'd ever known, so being around them was no pain and lots of fun. Privately Sean and I confided to each other exactly the same sweat-soaked, purple-wanging, naked rassling, cockfighting, cum-squirting thoughts.

That morning we four bearcubs were all burned out on sightseeing as we sat quietly outside on the porch after breakfast. The California sun was already blazing overhead in a cloudless sky. Nick, Leo, and Greg were heading off to San Francisco.

Grinning like he was up to something Chad broke the silence. "Hey, guys, how about a real nice quiet day strolling in the California redwoods?"

An hour later Jesse's vintage Ford station wagon turned onto a long narrow country lane flanked by a row of old clapboard houses on one side and low rolling fenced-in fields opposite. Leaving the wagon we hiked along the road past about two dozen parked cars. About a mile later the lane dead-ended at a big gate, the entrance to an old power station on our left, an abandoned quarry on our right. Other guys on foot were heading in our direction. Chad paused.

"There it is, men, the Russian River," Chad said it almost reverently, pointing down past the power station through dense eucalyptus and pine, where I saw a broad band of flowing muddy water.

Jesse then led us over a wide dirt track through thick woods which eventually emerged into a sprawling sunlit field covered with chest-high grass. The path forked, the left branch heading to a row of old orchards, the right cutting through the middle of the tall grass. Turning to Sean and me, Jesse pointed forward and hurried into the grass leaving us behind. Chad stepped in front of us and stood beaming, like a guy with something up his sleeve.

"You guys are gonna love this place," Chad said, chuckling. "As long as you're not the shy type."

"Shy, huh? Well, that's one thing I've never been accused of," Sean said winking at me.

I was onto Chad. "What should we be shy about?"

"Just take a good look around, old man." With that Chad turned and paced briskly toward his adopted brother already halfway down the field, Sean and me at heel. When we caught up with Jesse the field opened out into a big clearing which was literally crawling with men.

Buck naked men.

Jesse and Chad grinned wickedly.

I'd spotted heads sticking up in the high grass as we crossed the field but didn't pay any attention. But now before our eyes spread out on blankets or towels were dozens of cocks, some at rest and others at attention, bare asses of every shape and type. Other naked guys just strolled around. In the shady deep woods ahead of us silhouettes moved and in the thick orchards flanking the field we saw naked male body parts through the green cover.

Being naked outdoors was nothing new for Sean and me but I have to admit, the sheer numbers of naked men in that place made us a little dumbstruck, and extremely dazzled. We pivoted around for the panoramic view and as we wheeled around two naked guys unexpectedly stepped out of the tall grass alongside us, said hello and walked off.

Chad and Jesse giggled at us while they shucked their clothes. Big Jesse stood naked, and shrugged,

"Well, Luke, the other day you said you wanted to see Disneyland."

4. Picking my fight

"I knew you'd be turned on by this," Chad declared as we picked up our pace. "You struck me as a guy who gets off on nature."

Physically, Chad was different than most of the other bearcub guys I'd known just as he was a contrast to his adopted brother Jesse. But the five-foot-seven, 190-pound cub was not your average chubby teenager. Stocky and round, he had a powerfully compact body with a thick, brawny chest, a hard round gut, heavy arms and short but muscular legs, all lushly coated with soft black body hair.

Added to that was the strikingly handsome, strongly masculine face of a young god out of legend: Chad was both boy and man, cub and bear. His wavy hair was thick and dark, his tan complexion ruggedly healthy, his light gray eyes might poke a hole through a steel girder. A round face, firm jaw, strong brows, small nose slightly upturned, determined mouth made him my kind of movie star.

With my lust all the way over in the red zone, I concocted a kidnapping plot.

Sure, Sean, we could hold him at our Adirondack camp!

Every furry, horndog hot inch of Chad growled Wrestle me! A challenge I ached to accept, primed for all-out action, determined.

We paused. Out from under the forest shade, we were now in bright daylight. My eyes were fastened on Chad's burly bearcub body.

"Nature isn't all I'm getting off on right now," I admitted. No need, my cock stood up and snitched on me. So I reached over and started to rub his fuzzy belly, softly at first, then harder, working my way up until I reached the denser hair of his broad chest. Tightening my hands on his beefy pecs told me that my impressions were all correct. Dry heat filled my body and my mouth.

Jabbing a hard fist into my hairy pec Chad paused, grinning, then jabbed again. Chad's handsome face and dark eyes glowed with red mischief. My now-quivering cock felt something press against it and glancing down I saw Chad's bone, its purple veins pulsing with blood, slap up against mine.

"Luke my man, time to tell me what you want." Chad's voice was a low whisper, plain and demanding.

Our chests heaved, I could feel and hear our hearts pounding. "Me against you. Hard struggle. One man against another," I answered. "As rough as we can take it."

"Just don't let my size fool you, buddy."

"Nope," I said. "Give me everything you got."

Our sexual furnaces were roaring, fueling and thickening the milky nectar of manhood in our groins. Two young bearcub cocks throbbed as we let them slap and bob against each other.

"Fuckin' right I will! Made my mind up about that three days ago when I first saw you."

A smirky grin. "Same for me. Okay, where's it going to happen."

Two crewcut marine-type joggers whisked by flashing us big naked grins, followed a moment later by two gray-furred daddy bears in Stetsons and cowboy boots, who gravely nodded their approval at our hardons as they passed hurriedly back toward the field.

"Just follow me," Chad said, punching my gut as we headed off up the trail. Wrapping my arm around Chad's square hard shoulder we headed up the trail.

5. The Big Bears take sides

Alone in a quiet grove of conifers on a ridge high above the trail where the grass was greener, Sean and Jesse were waiting. Sean circled nervously.

"Hey Sean, chill, man. They'll be here soon enough," Jesse said, adding with a wink, "Chad can find this place in the dark."

Sean snorted. "Yeah, I know. Those two have been ready to rock since they laid eyes on each other."

"Tell me about it." Jesse threw back his head as he stretched out his massive, furry body. "I swear I saw sparks a few times." Sean looked at Jesse's great tall body and thought he could easily jump and wrap a hand around one of the redwood branches far above.

"Luke wanted to tackle Chad the moment he walked in the door."

"Get ready for a hell of a brawl, my friend. Chad's one tough-ass little bear."

"Sure he is." Sean's bearish pride rose. "But don't get overconfident. My man Luke's a steamroller."

"Maybe. But Chad's tenacious," Jesse retorted. "Doesn't quit easy."

"Luke will take him," Sean edged closer. "It'll be easy."

"Chad really hates to lose."

"Today will be the day he learns how," Sean answered with a smile.

"Your ass will too."

Laughing loudly and growling, the two hulking bears hurled themselves at each other.

6. Sean's and Jesse's brawl

Chad stepped off the trail motioning me to follow. For the last half- mile we hadn't said a word as we threaded single-file the tapering trail above the River. Instincts within coiled us taut as we readied for our coming sexual combat. The scent of struggle and of each other burned like incense.

Chad led me through a large ravine where the sunlight gleamed on the dense ferns and brush. We stepped over rocky outcroppings and a winding rill as the ground sloped upward. The trail and all other naked bodies were now invisible.

Close behind him I never let Chad out of my sight as he hurried along up a winding slope along the fern-covered ravine wall. Looking up I saw a wall of thick conifers at the top of the ravine. Once out of the ravine but still climbing, we threaded through them for what seemed like along time, until finally Chad disappeared between two large firs. When I caught up to him he was waiting for me in a flat, shady grove. As I drew alongside him he gestured to a the spectacle in front of us.

On the thick, overgrown grass a few yards away our older bear-brothers grappled fiercely, their burly, naked bodies shiny, straining. Finally, Sean was grappling with the big golden bear as he wanted to from day one. And it was an awesome battle to watch.

The great dark bear Sean pitting his huge 225-pound frame against the 240 pounds of big golden bear was fascinating and exciting for both me and Chad. Chad's arm rested around my shoulder and my arm wrapped around his waist as I flashed back two years before when Sean and I first grappled buck naked in the Adirondacks. This was almost like watching ourselves that night.

With Sean's head clamped tightly in the lock of his huge arms Jesse tried to kneel to pull Sean down, but Sean kept to his feet and with a seismic thud that Chad and I felt he landed a hard fist to Jesse's gut. Jesse winced slightly but didn't give.

Suddenly with an enormous burst of power Sean managed to wrestle Jesse's arm open just enough to free himself. Jesse seemed surprised at Sean's power and was more surprised when Sean put a hammerlock on him. But then it was Jesse's turn and his powerful upper body strained as he wrested free of Sean's hold.

Wheeling around Jesse pounded a fist into Sean's gut, but Sean had tightened his gut muscles and was ready for it and instantly fired off a return punch. Each grunted loudly as the other's fist landed. For the next few moments the two big bears pounded away at their huge, hairy guts now shiny with sweat that matted Sean's black wool and Jesse's wheat blond fur.

At each blow, Chad and I trembled. It was as if it was our own stiffening bodies absorbing the blows. Standing close together, our arms fell to our sides when they started pounding, our biceps rubbing together, sweat beading on our foreheads. It took a moment for me to realize that Chad and I were holding each other's outstretched bearcocks.

Suddenly groaning loudly, Sean and Jesse each doubled over, the gut-punching fight climaxed. Each crossed his threshold of exhilaration and pain. Clutching their abdomens, they stepped back and fell. They were glaring at each other ecstatically, wildly, resting before the next stage of battle. A few moments later they rose up and crouched, then Jesse rushed Sean and clamped him in a mammoth bearhug.

7. Another battle begins: Chad tangles with Luke

Chad and I were past ready.

We turned, faced each other, hushed. We were trembling, our cocks sticking out like two iron prongs, the odor of combat enveloping the air around us and filling our lungs. Only a few feet away Jesse and Sean grunted as they tried to grind each other's big naked hulks to dust.

Bracing our feet wide apart we raised our hands and locked them together at chest height and began to push each other with all the power in our muscle, a preparatory rite, an elementary contest. Forearms and biceps tightened, and twitched. A short swift breeze blew across the hair on our chests, our pec muscles stiffened and flexed.

Grappling that magnificent fellow bearcub with his small but powerful body coated with gorgeous soft, dark fur and the face of a young god while our two beautiful, huge, naked bear-brothers battled nearby was a rush that brought me to the edge of wild excitement. As my heart pounded in my throat and my hairy hide bristled I remembered Chad's warning not to be fooled by his size.

Hands clamped together ravenously, we strained every muscle in our arms, our shoulders, backs and legs. Teeth gritting, we pushed, sweat moistening our faces. Chad was right in his warning not to underestimate him. He was stronger than I had surmised, his power centered in his thick, meaty shoulders and arms. I fought as hard as I could just to hold my ground.

Pouring all our power into our battle we ignored Sean and Jesse, who were now struggling on the ground nearby. We had our own fight and fought it hard, witnessed by the low guttural groans in our throats.

Suddenly I felt Chad slip backward, imperceptibly at first, then a little more, again. With a roaring growl I blasted all my strength into the push and he groaned loudly, trying to deflect it, but it was no use and he started to slip. I broke off our grip and Chad's arms flung wide apart. But with perfect balance he caught himself in time to prevent stumbling.

We sprang apart, chests heaving, eyes locked on each other.

I crouched, tightening my body to rush Chad but he dove and sprang like a cougar, ramming me in the gut and wrapping his arms around my waist so fast I didn't know what hit me. My belly felt like a freight car struck me as all the air blew out of my lungs and my feet left the ground. Chad's speed and agility were impressive for his size and weight. But I had been warned.

Feeling his power and strength crushing me drove me to frenzy and ignited my fight instincts. Chad squashed me and I welcomed the great ache of my body crushed against his manly upper body. My cock was caught in the fleecy cleft between his hairy pecs, and as much as I would have wanted to shoot my hot white cum into his chest at that moment I pushed the thought from my mind and forced my concentration back into our combat. Our battle was first.

He snarled as I brought my fists down hard on his shoulders: once, twice, then again, and again. Feisty scrapper that Chad was he didn't relent and just kept squashing me with his thick heavy arms. Two or three times he tried to bring me to the ground, but I used my legs to steady myself each time so my feet hit the ground. He realized the only way to get me down was either go down with me, or keep squashing until I was senseless.

He kept squashing. I kept pounding him. He winced, but his pain only recharged his will and he groaned louder as my fists repeatedly smashed down on his shoulders. At last I brought my hands down on his thick neck hard enough to stun him, forcing him to let go.

I landed with my feet flat on the ground and sprang back. Chad and I rammed each other, our heavy chests thudding at the hard impact as our arms entangled around our torsos in a bone-bruising bearhug. His arms were like an iron vise as he squashed our chests and bellies together. Except for Sean this was the fiercest bearhug fight I'd ever had. Chad's power and strength were awesome and this small, husky cub brought out the best in us both of us.

In a white heat I now decided I had to crush Chad in my arms, which were by no means weak. With raw fury our naked bearhug went on for a long while. The pressure was numbing and I thought one of us would crack like an egg.

But when neither of us prevailed, we each began trying to force the struggle on the ground, bending in an attempt to fall. Finally I tried to bend him as low so he'd think I was trying to force him down, but instead I quickly untangled an arm and slipped it under his leg, heaved him up off his feet and we both fell crashed on the thick grass.

Trying to pin him down with the force of my body was another challenge: Chad wriggled hard, using his powerful upper body and the slimy layer of sweat on our hairy hides to his advantage, blocking my every move at securing a hold.

Rolling over we grappled on the ground for some time. Several times I thought I had him pinned, but each time Chad's extraordinary power, balance, and tactical prowess prevented my gaining the edge. And his movements were uncannily quick, almost catlike. Clammy with our sweat, suddenly Chad wrestled free of my pressure and rolled out from under my body. Stunned, I righted myself, wheeled and saw him a few feet away, crouched on one knee. Panting heavily, Chad smiled at me like a little boy.

"You're even better ... than I thought," he gasped.

"Thanks ... But I'm just playing with you," I growled softly.

Pausing a few moments to catch our breath we glared at each other, some distance apart now; then slowly we got to our feet. But there was no hurry in our movements now. That we ached for more combat was as plain as the sweaty hair matted on our bodies.

8. Raw combat

Then I felt hands on my shoulders; they were Sean's hands and Jesse's hands. They were standing beside us and had finished their struggle. Their great hairy bodies smelled of raw combat and were clammy with sweat. The big bears looked solemn as they patted our backs, arms, and heads. Seizing us by the shoulders they shoved Chad and me face to face and stood huddled around us, their huge hands on our shoulders.

"Let's see how tough you guys are," Sean murmured.

"Yeah ... We wanna see what you two really got," whispered Jesse. Big thick bear ramrods stuck out like prongs. Their voices were low snarls.

"Hey Chad, how hard do you think that gut is, man?" Jesse snarled to Chad, but looked at me.

"Go on, buddy, show him!" Sean murmured to me.

Chad and I nodded and smiled. Watching those two trade gut punches earlier got us. So we drew deep breaths, we tensed and flexed our ab muscles. I threw the first punch; the blow landed dead center into Chad's hard round gut.

Chad winced, smiled, but didn't move. Sean and Jesse trembled and groaned softly. Chad's fist slammed into my belly next and I groaned. The pain was sharp and sweet.

Sean and Jesse seemed to feel each blow that Chad and I took, their large bodies trembling, softly grunting and groaning. They wanted it as much as we did, they knew what the contest meant and why our the pain excited us, they goaded us to share. A murmur of voices merged in our ears.

"Slam him again ... that's the way ... Ow that's right! ... Pound him good and hard ... Punch that big hairy gut, man ... Show him what you're made of ... Harder, Luke! ... Slam that furry gut, Chad! ... Punch it, punch it, punch it!"

Tears rolled down our cheeks as we slugged it out. Our bellies convulsed at the pounding. The intensity of our battle, the indescribably wondrous sensation took all four of us into the realm of ecstasy. Sean and Jesse pulled us apart at the exact moment when our limits had been crossed.

Chad and I fell forward in a clinch like exhausted boxers. Throbbing in a shared ecstasy of pain we dropped to the ground limply, Chad under me, still as two stones.

It was a moment before our hands wrapped around our throats. We strangled just hard enough to discover new sensations in one last test of endurance and gift of pain. Our faces turned white, eyes bulged. Our chests rose and fell together; his furry belly grated under mine. I felt my cock rubbing into his hairy pelvis.

My face shoved to one side I found my eyes mere inches from Jesse's calves, big thick stumps covered with light downy fur. On my other side I felt a kick: Sean's dark hairy legs pressed against our prone bodies.

Once more our instincts told us when we had to release each other. We brought each other to the edge. We knew where our borders fell. We fought with heart and passion but it was our bodies, not our anger or hostilities, that were our our weapons.

So now we were lying there, a heap of sopping wet flesh, our bodies and their muscles sore, slack, fatigued. Slowly air refilled our lungs; again we were still as stone. The flames of fight were now just embers, but spirit and flesh ignited our sexual fires.

Pressed down on him, I started to rub my belly and then my groin against Chad's. Slowly at first, Chad pushed up with his groin and gut into mine, then we rolled our sweat-slicked chests together. I began to feel our cocks filling up with that good hot cream, our bearcocks hard as metal as we rubbed them in the sweaty fur of our groins.

Pushing myself up with my arms I saw rapture in Chad's face as we rhythmically rolled and massaged our groins and hard young bearcocks together. Chad slapped my face a few times, then grasped my hairy nipples and twisted them, sending waves of ecstatic pain shooting through me.

Sunlight dappling their great hairy bodies, Sean and Jesse stood over us like two giants with their legs spread and slowly pumped each other's monstrous, rigid bearcocks. My arms trembling from fatigue, Chad pulled me down softly and rolled me over, wrapping an arm around my neck, nestling me into his furry round body. Instantly our hands grasped each other's hard branch of flesh; Chad draped his leg, oily with sweat, over my thigh.

The two larger bears stood over us staring down at Chad and me; Sean and Jesse alternately pumped their cocks and traded punches to their guts and chests, Sean and Jesse brought Chad and me to full frenzy.

Watching those two huge, handsome, fur-skinned bears, the one dark and the other light, their sexual fever seething, and we two clamping our own furry naked bodies tightly together fanned our lusty flames into a sexual firestorm.

When the bigger guys started gut-punching Chad and I were damn-near delirious. Every time we saw a fist strike a gut we arched our backs, our cocks thickened with boiling hot cumjuice and our hands tightened around our cocks, which were getting amply lubricated from the sweat that poured out of our naked bodies. Even now as I recall that moment years later, I can still feel the unparalleled, soaring intensity of it.

Oiling up with their sweat and spit our bear brothers put a large hand around each other's cock and began to pump, slowly and in measured strokes at first, then slightly faster, then slowing to a deliberate rhythm. Sweat dripped off their faces, which were blood-red.

They watched Chad and me lying flat on our backs in the grass as we stroked our hard male flesh; we watched the Black Bear and the Golden Bear high above us pumping their huge rods until they were raw. At last Jesse's big hairy body shook violently and there was a low, rumbling sound in his throat as his male cream splattered hot and white out of the fat head of his manhood and splashed all over Chad and me, all over our matted chests and our glistening bellies, and on our legs; and as Jesse rumbled in pleasure Sean's big dark body began to convulse and his raw cockhead shot spears of manjuice.

They both fell to their knees, almost on top of me and Chad. Grabbing me by the hair Chad pulled me on top of him and we mixed the cum of our two brothers' with the sweat of our bodies. We were grinding our bodies together, our bodies heaved together, and time vanished for us as our two bodies sought unison and we joined as only male Bear warriors could. It was not long before our cream gushed, thick and warm, out of us and mingled with that of our brothers. Our bearcocks kept spewing cum until I thought there was nothing left of us; Chad and I writhed together in ecstasy. Our thick, soaking cum streamed down the sides of our bodies.

"Luke, you and I really connected here today, man," Chad said a little later as we washed off down at the river. "I'm not sure how to put it in words, but man, I've wrestled other guys before, but man, I've never been able to be like that ... fight like that ... with anyone before!"

I smiled at Chad and told him about my initiation only a few short years earlier into the ways of the male Bear warriors when Sean and I met and fought for the first time. "Yeah, Chad, I think it's because when guys like you and me -- two young Bears -- are naked and in combat we shuck a lot of the stuff we usually carry with us. The shit we're afraid of --- the crap people expect of us --- the crap we tell ourselves about who and what we are instead of being the men we really are."

"Yeah," Chad said. "Shit man, I guess two men like us can't wrestle naked without dropping a lot more than just our clothes, huh?"

Chad and I returned to that place near the Russian River two more times for two more unbridled, fierce, naked Bear battles and cumming together in those woods before I went home to Upstate New York with Sean. And Sean and Jesse got in a couple of big Bear brawls of their own, sealing their bonds.

My brawl with Chad on that first California trip happened in 1977. In the years since that first encounter all four of us have remained Bear warrior brothers and close friends, staying in touch and visiting and wrestling each other whenever we could.

The End

In addition to his warm fantasies of adolescence, warrior Vic Logan has also contributed his thoughts about warrior brotherhood and the buttfuck tyranny to Warriors Speak. Be sure to check out what this wise, thoughtful, cockrub warrior bear has to tell us.

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