Cockrub Warrior

It was Saturday morning and I had just stepped out of the shower and was beginning to dry off when I heard the doorbell ring. I quickly walked into the bedroom and looked out the window. I couldn't see who was at the door, but I did see a cable TV panel truck in the driveway. "Oh shit," I thought as I hurriedly put on a pair of tennis shorts and rushed to the front door with the towel draped over my shoulder. I had scheduled an appointment earlier in the week with the cable TV company to have my computer hooked up with the latest high-speed internet connection. They never give you a precise time, rather just a range of possible times such as eight till noon or noon till five. At any rate, he or she was now here to hook me up. As I hurried to the door, I finished drying off my arms and hairless chest. I am about 5'9" and weigh just under 145 pounds. I was a pretty decent swimmer on my highschool swim team and still have an "award winning" body to go with my light brown hair and brown eyes.

Slightly out of breath, I flung open the front door prepared to apologize for whatever wait may have occurred. When I saw Josh (his name was above his shirt pocket), I suddenly had trouble talking. He was gorgeous. He looked to be a few years younger than me (I'm 25) and had a similar build as mine, slim but tightly muscled. His longish blonde hair was neatly pulled back into a small pony tail and his blue eyes, I noticed, were quickly darting up and down, checking out my body from head to toe. Slowly, I was able to begin speaking.

"I hope you haven't been standing here too long," I finally said.

"Nope," Josh replied. "I just got here. I only rang twice".

"Great." After introducing myself and shaking hands, I motioned with my hand for Josh to come inside. I had opened the windows earlier in the morning and a gentle warm breeze was present in the living room as I led Josh through the front of the house towards my office/computer room in the back. As we walked, Josh explained that he would have to go back and get his tools out of the truck, but that he first wanted to measure the distances involved for the cable and to also see what kind of connections would be required. His voice had me mesmerized. I told him to make himself at home and that I would be happy to answer any of his questions about my computer system.

After we entered the office, I turned to Josh and said, "I'll be right back. I just got out of the shower and I need to go put on some clothes." Josh didn't respond, but he smiled slightly and seemed to give my body another quick lookover before turning towards my computer stand near the window overlooking the backyard.

Walking to my bedroom, I couldn't help but wonder if Josh was really checking me out or not. Maybe he just thought that it was weird I had come to the door wearing only tennis shorts. Hmmmm? Entering the bedroom, I took off my tennis shorts. The only part of body that was still sort of wet was my crotch area and ass. The rest of me had been air-dried so to speak. As I began drying off my neatly trimmed pube area and shaved balls, my cock was tingling and twitching. After a few more seconds of rubbing and drying, I had a hard-on. What to do? I knew that being in the same room with Josh would only make it worse. I had a tennis date at noon, and had planned to dress for that after my shower. I decided to wear some baggy jeans instead. Underneath, I put on my jock strap. I finished dressing by putting on a large T-shirt which I left hanging out of my pants, the better to cover up any bulges.

As I walked back into my computer room, I saw that Josh was hard at work. He was kneeling under my computer stand on all fours and looked to be pulling some cable along the wall. His ass was all that I could focus on though. His jump-suit uniform was pulled sort of tight and showed off the curves nicely. My cock stiffened and I looked down to make sure that my T-shirt covered up the bulge. It did.

"It looks like you're moving right along Josh." I sat down on the chair next to the computer stand. Josh had moved the chair away from directly in front of the computer.

"Yea, I ought to be finished in another 10 or 15 minutes," Josh replied. "I get paid by the job, so the more installations I complete, the more I make. It pays to work fast." He smiled as he stood up from his kneeling position and turned towards me. For the third time, his eyes seemed to give me the once-over. "I'm sorry I interrupted your shower."

"Oh, no problem. I had finished."

Turning back towards my computer, Josh said, "I've got all of the hardware connections made, so all we have to do now is load up some software and make sure everything is working correctly."

"Wow," I replied. "You really DO work quick... I'm very impressed."

"Thanks." Josh smiled and I felt like I was falling in love.

Pulling up the extra chair, Josh and I sat side by side in front of the computer screen as I turned off the screen saver and brought up my desktop screen. I moved aside as Josh explained that he would now load up the special software from a CD and that it would only take a few minutes to do this. I wished that that were not the case. I wished that it would take all day, so that I could continue to be next to Josh. True to his word though, Josh completed the software installation very quickly. The process had taken my mind off of my crotch for a few minutes and my cock was now just semi-hard. Turning towards me once again, Josh explained that we would need to check out some of my familiar websites to make sure everything was working properly. He explained that we would travel to familiar sites because then I would be better able to evaluate the speed of the new internet connection, a sort of before-and-after type demonstration.

I watched in amazement as the new fiber-optic cable connection brought us onto the internet with lightning speed. Before I could respond (he still had the mouse in his hand), Josh had clicked on Favorite Places within my web browser. Rapidly clicking once again at the very top of the list, it was only seconds before my extra-large computer monitor was filled with a vivid color picture of 2 naked men. They were in a locker room and were in a liplock with their rockhard bones jammed into each other. Welcome to the homepage of!!!!!!!!

Sitting side by side, Josh and I silently stared at the image on my computer screen. Josh broke the silence first. "I wasn't sure about you or not. I had noticed that were really sort of stammering when you first opened the door to let me in. You could barely talk. I also was hoping that you hadn't seen me staring at you before you got dressed."

I noticed that Josh's hand was now off of the mouse. His hand was now massaging a bulge between his legs. Under my baggy jeans, my cock was sticking out of the top of my jock strap. I reached down and began to rub it as I turned towards Josh. "Yeah, as a matter of fact, I did notice you staring at my body a few times. I wondered if you were as attracted to me as I am to you."

Pushing the chair back, Josh stood and turned towards me. "Well, that should be fairly obvious." His hard cock was visible through his jump suit. It was angling up from his crotch, almost straight up. His hand continued to rub his hard on. Lifting off my T-shirt, I also stood and began rubbing my cock through my jeans. Suddenly, Josh and I were in a hot embrace. Our tongues engaged in a sword fight. Metal to magnet, we ground our bodies together with a primal force as we feverishly kissed. Momentarily, we broke free to catch our breath. Josh reached up and unzipped his jump-suit uniform. Kicking off his tennis shoes, he reached down and finished removing his uniform. Now wearing only his white socks and a pair of black briefs, Josh's face was flushed pink and he was breathing heavy. His hard cock was also flushed. It was hot pink with a purplish head and was sticking out of the side of his briefs. I had removed my jeans and now had only my jock strap on. My cock was sticking out of the top of my jock strap as we both moved away from the window and the computer and towards the center of the carpeted room. Standing, our bodies once again met.

Hot kisses were accompanied by nipple pinching as we stroked each other's throbbing cocks. I pulled off Josh's briefs and he stripped me of my jock strap. Still standing, and now completely naked, we groped each other's ass cheeks as we kissed and ground our hard-ons against each other. Breathing heavily, several times we had to stop and break away so that we didn't cum too soon. Unspoken, we both wanted to take our time and enjoy our nearly twin-like body builds. Josh had a nearly identical build as mine. We both weighed within a pound of each other and were the same height. Moving behind Josh, I rubbed my cock up and down between his pale white ass cheeks. As I tongued his right ear and stroked his stiff cock from behind, I told him to follow me to the bedroom.

Turning around to face me, Josh replied that he liked the idea of "getting it on" right here. He pulled me down onto the plush carpet. He climbed on top of me as we again began kissing. Our cocks were once again grinding against each other and we knew that we were both close to cumming. Deliberately slowing down to prolong the fun, we sort of play wrestled for several minutes. We struggled for position. First me on top and then Josh. We had to separate several times to avoid cumming. Finally, we couldn't stand it anymore. Josh told me that he wanted to cum at the exact same time I did. He instructed me to stand up. Facing each other, he skillfully took our cocks with his two hands and positioned them against one another, base to base and head to head. While I stood still, Josh then slowly gyrated his pelvis up and down as he kept the satiny smooth undersides of our hot cocks rubbing against each other. Briefly, we kissed. Then, feeling the rhythmic pulsing of each other's cock, we both looked down to see our loads explode upward at the same time. Mine shot onto my forehead and Josh's shot over his left shoulder. Without missing a stroke, we finished by jacking each other off, shooting the final spurts of hot cum onto the carpet.

After cleaning up, Josh told me before leaving that he thought it would be a good idea to come back the next day (Sunday) and make sure that the computer connection was still working properly. I told him that that was an excellent idea. We would have all day.


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