Cockrub Warrior

After that wild time in Joe's sleeping bag, he and I couldn't get enough of it.

We were best friends, but there was a lot more to it than that. Once we started having carnal knowledge of each other, we were entangled in an insatiable pursuit of sexual gratification. You couldn't call it love, we weren't mature enough for that, I suppose.

What it was was pure unadulterated, salacious, lust.

On the other hand, I can't imagine doing what we did with any other boy. In fact, the thought of kissing any boy except Joe was repugnant.

Anyway, what you want to hear about is sex, so here it goes.

The day after our sleeping bag tryst Joe asked me after school "Is anyone home at your house?"

That simple question sent shivers up my spine and I replied that the house was empty. "Do you want to go there?" I asked.

"You bet I do. I've been thinking about last night all day. Could hardly concentrate on my school work."

"Me too," I replied.

In my room we sat on my bed for several moments nervous, uncertain how to get started, but it wasn't long before that mysterious magnetic force drew us together. Our lips met, gently for a second and then crushing together in a ferocious if amateurish kiss. Falling back we continued to kiss as we groped at each other's clothes. In no time our bodies, nude, were locked together. Our mouths fused in a continuous kiss as we rolled around, first me on top and then Joe, cocks slamming together and separating as we thrashed only to collide again. Eventually we settled on a position, Joe on top with his knees between my spread legs, our mouths still fused, and got into a rhythm I really liked. On each stroke he drew his hips back slowly dragging his dick the length of mine and then he quickly thrust forward sending a shiver up my spine as our cocks slid sensuously along each other followed by the slap of our balls colliding. For a second, cock rested on cock and balls rested on balls and then retreat, slide, slap, rest, retreat, slide, slap, rest.

I was truly enjoying this, concentrating on the delicious sensation in my penis, when I felt Joe's tongue slip between my lips. The surprise of it almost made me pull away but the brash intrusion of his tongue was too provocative. Without thinking I pushed my own tongue against his and the two explored each other. The texture was intriguing, captivating. Our first experiment with French kissing was instantly approved by both. Suddenly I had a whole mouthful as his tongue slid deep between my lips. For five minutes, I bet, our tongues wrestled in my mouth and then in his, our cocks temporarily driven out of mind by this new discovery, but not for long. I felt a stirring reminding me of that part of my anatomy, and I arched up against the weight of Joe's body pressing our dicks together even harder. He thrust back and we were off, grinding the two turgid organs faster and faster while our tongues continued their wet battle in the hot moist cavity of our conjoined mouths. The orgasm that erupted from my penis was the most exquisite one yet. I couldn't tell for sure if Joe was coming too until his lips released my tongue and a low moan escaped his mouth. He unleashed four or five potent pelvic thrusts ramming his turgid cock onto mine which reinvigorated my orgasm enough to eject a couple more spurts. For several minutes we were perfectly still, his body dead weight on mine. I could feel a large area of wetness between our bellies -- the semen so recently spilled in our carnal activity.

Finally I said, "What did you think of that?"

"I liked it a lot," he answered. "It just keeps getting better. How are we going to top that?"

"I'd be satisfied with another one just like it." I said.

"Yeah. Me too."

But it was almost 5:00 p.m. by then and my parents would be home soon so we had to be satisfied with a single on that day.

I don't know why but we didn't do much French kissing for a while. Sure, there was always some tongue contact every time we did anything, but nothing really deep or intense. Maybe we were a little uncertain how to deal with such intimate contact. Then one night Joe had his father's car and we were riding around town killing time until it got dark and we had found the isolated place were seeking. Joe parked and we started right in necking in the front seat. Things heated up pretty fast, Joe delivering kisses with unusual intensity. I took this as a sign of good things to come-I expected to enjoy myself tonight. He didn't disappoint. Straddling me, his head was higher than mine which rested on the back of the seat. He pushed my head back and his lips were all over mine with kisses intense and impassioned. Then his tongue was in my mouth, way in my mouth, probing, slipping between my lips and gums. I didn't know he could stick out his tongue that far -- the tip of it raced wildly around my mouth which I opened as wide as I could to encourage his erotic attack -- it was lingua frantica. His tongue snuck under mine, pushed it up to the top of my mouth, and oscillated over its slick underside. The two tongues wrestled, one on top and then the other, each trying to pin its friend and maul it unmercifully. Taking the offensive, my lips closed around his extended tongue and I sucked it in sliding into his open mouth to capture the entire tongue. Once I had its full length, I tried to keep it from escaping but a slick tongue is impossible to trap and it slithered away. Before I could be disappointed, it stabbed back through my pursed lips deep into my mouth, and then again and again. It was like he was fucking my mouth. Joe was hotter than ever that night and he started trying to unbutton my pants to go all the way right there in the front seat. I wanted it too but I was more cautious -- I sure didn't want to get caught with my pants down kissing another boy. But man did I have blue balls before we found a suitable spot to consummate that particular encounter.

Oddly, we had sex probably ten more times before Joe actually put his hand on my penis. That was puzzling since I had touched his that night in his sleeping bag, but not since. On the day he finally decided to touch mine we went all the way, jacking each other to orgasm. I remember how strange it seemed -- almost like jerking myself off. My hand was sliding up and down a firm erection and another hand was sliding up and down on mine. It was almost surreal.

The next day Joe wanted to double jack us. After we made out for a while, we lay face to face and I felt his hand pulling my cock to his. He rubbed them together fast and hard and then squished them side to side. I could feel his dick pulsing, throbbing against mine. Strangely, just then I had a flashback to a fantasy I had before Joe and I started all this. The fantasy was that he and I would get naked and our penises would wrap around each other like two snakes and it would feel so good. It should have occurred to me that the only way two penises could wrap around each other was if they were limp and they surely wouldn't stay limp long. But what I was experiencing now, my very stiff cock rubbing against his very stiff cock, certainly exceeded my fondest fantasies. Maybe someday I could get him to wrap our limp dicks around each other to see if that fantasy was really any good. But coming back to reality, I slipped my left hand between us capturing the four balls and gently rolled them back and forth. He kept rubbing for quite a while even after we were both spent. My eyes closed, I could still see the two cocks coupling, their swollen heads contorted by pressure as they were squeezed together, their long shafts gliding back and forth. That was one of those defining moments. I suddenly knew that cock-to-cock sex was for me.

It was my turn to double jack the next day. I loved the feel of two big cocks in my hand, the feeling of his silky flesh stroking mine. As I rubbed them together I was struck with the erection conundrum: how can an erect penis be both hard and soft at the same time? The answer is evident when two cocks meet. Their hard shafts push the most sensitive parts out there where the soft, smooth, exquisitely sensitive surfaces can glide together in mutual stimulation. Something about being stretched tightly seems to make the penis a hundred times more sensitive to touch.

I wonder whether evolution intended two penises to mate. Because they certainly do it well. In fact, two erect penises are ideally suited for simultaneous arousal, not only as foreplay but also for all out orgasmic sex.

In fact, the more I think about it, the less of an accident the meeting of cock with cock seems to me.

I think God, nature, and man's need for his fellow man colluded to make cock2cock the ultimate male2male pleasure.

Over the next several months, with lots of hard practice, we continually refined our mutual male pleasuring in the most intimate ways. I remember one day as an example -- it was in the summer so we had a house to ourselves all afternoon. We hadn't done anything for a few days and the first time was a wild, almost out of control fuck. We went at each other like heavyweight wrestlers, exchanging all kinds of bodily fluids, and ended in a gut wrenching, absolutely simultaneous cock-to-cock orgasm that mixed an incredible volume of semen. It was an exhausting match and we both collapsed afterwards and might have even drifted off for a little nap. I woke later to the sensation of something stimulating my limp dick. Joe was gently stroking it pulling it slowly through his fingers. I glanced at his penis which was beginning to rise to the occasion just as mine was. For several minutes we fondled the other's phallus coaxing it to full erection again, and then teasingly caressing the stiff rod with the softest slowest touch. The crazy, pounding sexual bout earlier hadn't extinguished our desire, but blunted it so this session was to be soft, languid, and drawn out. We kissed softly and slowly, full lips joined with light pressure, tongues gently probing, slipping between lip and gum, twirling wetly around each other. We carried on like that for a good hour or more, slowly, very slowly building intensity. Lying face to face, our penises pressed together between us, we kissed and kissed. By that point in our relationship our orgasms were almost always simultaneous. Not only did we need about the same amount of stimulation to achieve climax, but we had become acutely aware of the subtle cues the other gave that he was about to come. Our love making was still rather dreamy, but I finally felt the unmistakable feeling of an orgasm starting. The slightest hesitation in a kiss told me Joe was at the same point. Two or three hip thrusts were all it took to finish with an orgasm that was also strangely relaxing.

Every time we thought it couldn't get better, it seemed like we discovered something that contradicted that conclusion. One of those was the use of lubrication. We discovered this one day in a double jackoff. I was doing the jacking and I got ahead of Joe because he had masturbated several times the day before and once already today and wasn't quite as sharp as I was. So, I came on schedule but he didn't. I could see that he hadn't come yet so I kept rubbing the two organs together even though I was finished. Some of my semen got between the two cocks and suddenly they were gliding together with no friction. It felt good to me even though my orgasm was over and it was what finally set off Joe.

I remember he said "That was amazing. I didn't think I was going to get if off and all of the sudden when things got slick it was a different story."

Based on that, I began to experiment on my own with lubrication, trying several things in our medicine cabinet: Vaseline, hand lotion, and soap. They all worked and I began to masturbate only with lubrication because, well, it felt much better than dry. But then I discovered the best stuff while snooping in my parents bedside table -- a small jar of cocoanut massage oil. At little rubbed between my thumb and finger was amazing. It was so slick it made Vaseline feel like peanut butter. Copping a little I rushed back to my room and gave it a try. Wow! My hand fairly flew up and down my dick. The sensation was wonderful.

"You won't believe what I discovered," I said to Joe.

"What? Tell me?" he replied.

"Cocoanut oil. I think it's made for sex. I found it in my parents' room by their bed."

"You tried it?" asked Joe.

"Yeah and we've got to get some."

To make the story short and get to the interesting part, we bought a bottle and tried it immediately, of course. In his bed we warmed up by joining lips, pressing, exploring. Anxious to try the oil we heated up, kissing harder, our lips molding, mashing firmly together. Then I slipped my tongue into his mouth. Did I mention what an unusual texture a tongue has? How great his feels in my mouth? I never get tired of playing mine over his, circling around the slick, smooth underside and across the slightly rougher top. Our tongues parried and pushed, slipping and sliding. He wrapped his lips around my extended tongue and drew it deep into his mouth, his tongue racing over mine. We were ready now. We lubed up eager to try what promised to be a lascivious new experience. I got on top and started thrusting my dick back on forth the length of his, but they were so slick they slid off each other at every stroke. Frustrated, I held them together and frenetically thrust mine against his -- pump, pump, pump -- as I rammed my tongue repeatedly through his waiting lips. The sensation was as fantastic as the thundering orgasm that quickly followed.

The relationship we were carrying on wasn't easy in our conservative little town. For one thing we did worry about getting found out. What we were doing just wasn't in the realm of normalacy there. But what was our relationship? Were we gay? I don't think we even thought about it that way. We were just doing something that felt good, really good, and why not? Another small town problem was the lack of ways to learn about all the intricate potpourri of sexual practices. When we first started, we had no way to learn the techniques or possibilities of having sex except by accidental discovery and what little knowledge we could pick by word of mouth from other boys, most of that of little use. An occasional glance at a Playboy was as close as we came to a source of such knowledge until we discovered the world of porn on the Internet. Our learning curve there was steep; Isn't it amazing how a little incentive helps learning. The astounding variety of things people do to each other in the name of sex was revealed to us. Men with women, men with men, women with women, men and women by themselves, men who looked like women, women who had cocks, and etcetera, etcetera. Some things were pretty lurid and unappealing: anal sex, fisting, and rimming, to name a few, but we found a lot of things we liked. I think we were naturally curious about all the gay sex sites on the Web since that was the closest to what we were experiencing, but we were appalled by the content of most web sites. From what you see there you would think that gay sex is pretty impersonal -- mostly a quick butthole fuck or a fast blow job with no preliminaries. You hardly see any kissing or anything that resembles foreplay on those sites. The acts seemed to be more about dominance and control than they were about love or even sex. I was completely turned off by anal sex which was about the most common thing pictured. Putting my dick in someone's ass-hole was a compete turn off. Joe didn't say so, but I think he felt the same way. We began to think we had invented cock-to-cock sex because it wasn't pictured on site after site that we visited. Finally we found Bill Weintraub's Heroic Homosex, Man2Man Alliance, and Frot Men sites and learned that what we were doing was also called Frot and that there were sites that specialized in it, some, like Bill's, with pictures and stories of two guys kissing while their two cocks were rubbing and grinding each other.

So, other people did it too.

It was about that time, I think, that I finally told him about my fantasy. He was kind of interested. Almost anything new sexually interested him to some extent.

"Do you want to actually try it?" he asked. "The big problem is that we have to be limp. Think about it, we haven't been limp around each other since we started this stuff. In fact, I get a hard on sometimes when we can't even do anything. Like at school."

"Yeah, I know. That's a problem. Did you have any fantasies before?"

"Sort of. I always thought it would be fun to be naked in bed with you."

"This was before we started?" I asked.


"What did you fantasize that we would do?"

"I wanted to rub cocks with you Jake. I knew it all along."

Joe's saying that got me excited and I had to kiss him.

Our cocks wanted to kiss too, and soon it felt like we were reprising our entire affair, our tongues deep in each other's throats and our cocks rubbing, grinding, pounding and throbbing until we both reached heavy, groaning, throbbing orgasms.

The chance to act out my fantasy came one summer day. My parents were out of town and my little brother was staying with a friend leaving the house to me and Joe. It was a Sunday and neither of us had anything to do all day so we figured why not have an all-day affair. He arrived at about 9:00 in the morning and we went right to it. We were good. Much experience had taught us that the first climax always comes fast and hard. Quickly warmed up by some open-mouthed tongue tangling, I straddled the front of his thighs and began to work the two eager dicks together. In this position we couldn't kiss but we both had a clear view of our coupling sex organs -- a very sexy sight indeed. I gave it my best effort -- massaging one engorged shaft with the other, grinding the frenulums together -- until the twin spurts erupted. After that quicky we decided we were hungry. Dressed only in gym trunks we ate a little breakfast. Our stomachs satisfied, a different kind of hunger overtook us -- time for round two. Some spicy necking on the couch proceeded the move to my bed losing our clothes on the way. Like always, the second session was less rushed, at least at first. The edge off now, we kissed with more concentration deriving much pleasure from each touch, each slip of lip on lip, tongue on tongue, cock on cock. The first session had taken about five minutes. This one we prolonged by ten times that and our orgasms, when we finally let them come, were exquisite in a different way from the explosive ones of the first time.

After we rested a while, I proposed that now was the time to try my fantasy, but even as I said it I could feel a hardening that would cancel the chance.

"I have an idea. Let's go for a run, come back and take a cold shower and try it," I said.

"If we must. The things I do to fulfil your fantasies." he said.

The run was good. It felt exhilarating to expend some energy in a purely muscular way. I let him shower first and then I sudsed and rinsed with warm water followed by a cascade of freezing water as long as I could stand it. I toweled dry and ran to my room where Joe was lounging on the bed with an amused expression on his face. Knowing we didn't have much time I threw myself on the bed wriggled close to him and took our flaccid dicks, one in each hand. Limp, we were both about four and a half inches long, just enough to let them twist about once around each other. The sensation was pleasant but not all that compelling. I tried rubbing the soft things together, an act that when hard always sends electric jolts through me, but in this state almost nothing. Well so much for my fantasy.

"What does it feel like?" I asked Joe.

"Nothing to write home about."

I kept rubbing as the phalluses quickly transformed from limp dishrags to proud pillars. The harder they got the better it felt. At least we confirmed something we already knew -- two hard cocks do good things to each other.

"Why don't we try it the old fashioned way," Joe said as his lips covered mine, and we were off for session number three.

This time we added some wrestling as well, wrapping ourselves around each other while maintaining constant cock contact.

The image of snakes was still intense in my mind as we grappled and moaned. If our cocks couldn't twist around each other, we could at least force them together, I thought, until our strenuous efforts made them one, and we had achieved that phallic union of which only men were capable.

Pulsing, throbbing, humping and thrusting, we came together at last, two high school boys beginning our journey into magical manhood.

And so ends part two of the story of Joe and Jake.

Did ya like that dude?

I thought ya would.

In case you missed it, just click here to read Joe and Jake Make Out Pt 1

And remember dude,


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