Warrior Justin Zderad

Chapter 1: Into Another Realm

I lay awake in bed depressed. All my young life I had wanted to love and be loved by another man; a man to cherish, to hold, with whom to be an equal lover. All the external messages floating out there told of an abusive love; a one-sided, dominating affair where true love had no place between males. I felt alone and scared of myself. I was a homophobic homosexual lost in a cruel, unforgiving world. I must have tired myself out with all that negativity because I remember being awakened by a soothing voice. As I regained consciousness, the voice beckoned.

"Justin, Justin, why are you so troubled?" His voice was gentle and warm.

I opened my eyes to see a beautiful creature clad in a long, flowing robe, his masculine features well defined beneath the garment.

"I am looking for love, but I can not find it," was my reply. Somehow, I wished this man could help me find what I was looking for.

His eyes twinkled in the moonlight and he said, "Take my hand and I will show you something wonderful and mysterious."

"Are you an angel come to rid me of my sorrow?" I asked.

"No, I am a mortal man like you. I, however, have learned of what you seek and will lead you through a magical land where your wishes may be granted."

I took his hand and we seemed to fly beyond earth to what seemed like a heaven of sorts. My pajamas were transformed before my eyes into a robe, much like that of my visitor, as we arrived. The chill of late autumn had been replaced with a warm spring day of 75 degrees. Prairies and forests on rolling hills stretched out as far as the eye could see. My guide addressed me again, "I hope the journey did not shock you."

All I remembered of it was the rushing of a great wind and the lights flashing by until they faded into darkness and then being aware of my new surroundings. I shivered a bit and said, "I am fine now. It just all happened so suddenly." I realized I was still grasping on to his hand and I blushed a little for it felt very natural and warming, and I enjoyed it.

As if reading my mind, my guide said, "I know this is something to which you are not accustomed. Please let me know if you are uncomfortable."

"No, I think I'm OK. It's all so new to me, but it is nice." I felt a little childish and silly in my uneasiness, but he seemed to understand how strange and questioning I felt.

"Come, we have many things to see. You must meet the Council of Men and then have some refreshment. You will feel all right once you have tasted of this land."

I still had no idea what to expect or where on earth or in outer space I was but my instinct told me not to fear and that all would be revealed.

Chapter 2: The Council

The Council of Men stood before me. The five stoic figures stood motionless as if jointly concentrating on an object in the distance, their heads turned slightly to the left. The loincloth and cloak-clad men made no signs of being aware of my presence. I decided to focus my attention on the second one from my left. The most obvious feature of the subject, as with all of the five, was the emblem worn on the forehead. Two paired phallic images stood erect against each other. The silver object glistened in the sun as it stood proudly and erect. I found myself staring into the gray-green eyes, piercing yet tranquil, of a man who stood six feet, two inches tall and had a handsome medium build. His hair was a dark chestnut brown. The overall physiognomy was that of a man in his early forties but a timeless wisdom was emanating from his body and in his eyes. His form seemed to radiate timelessness and masculinity.

Just then the men blinked slowly in unison and their motionless bodies started to move independently for the first time. The man I had been studying turned to me and spoke warmly in a tone of authority. "Welcome, my son, to our land of peace. My brothers and I were creating and sustaining this world through pure thought. You could say that we were meditating. However, our mental exercise is more than that. This daily ritual of ours is one of active energy conversion of mental power into the existence of all that is around you. Your surroundings, all you see and hear, even the gentle breeze is a direct result of our activity. My brothers and I are the guardians of this place. We are equal and rule in unity."

He pointed to the others. Each guardian had a different appearance. One had a very dark complexion, another's facial features were more pronounced. Their diversity seemed to mirror that of the inhabitants of Earth. I began to realize that this diversity was celebrated amongst the Council of Men.

Our differences are our strength; we learn and are accepting of each other through diversity.

My guardian regained my attention and said, "Here you will learn unity, brotherhood, equality, and true masculinity. Welcome to the land of Frothood."

I still did not understand it all and my guide again picked up on my uncertainty. "You will meet them again at the end of your journey and they will have more to explain to you when you are ready to hear from them. For now let us eat; you look rather hungry."

Chapter 3: The Hall of Leisure

My guide led me to a tall building that looked very Greek to me. It was a hypaethral temple with columns of glistening white marble. "Welcome to the Hall of Leisure," the voice of my guide interrupted my gazing in reverence and awe. As we approached the building, the air was filled with the sounds of conversation and laughter. My guide led me to a large table decked with food upon silver platters. "Take what you want, there is plenty."

I saw the most delicious looking fare I have ever seen. There were mounds of fresh fruit: figs, pomegranates, apples, berries of every shape and color. Another platter held ripened vegetables: cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, leaves of grapes and spinach. Freshly baked bread of whole grains and nuts were piled high. I could not decide what I would like best so I gathered a sampling of everything on a plate and joined the rest of the crowd gathered, my guide following close behind.

There were scores and scores of men standing in the Hall chatting away during the course of the meal. A few of them, like myself, were dressed in robes followed by what I saw to be guides of the same manner as mine. All of these young men had an inquisitive look on their faces just like me. The rest of the throng, save for those bringing in fresh dinnerware and cuisine, were either dressed in loincloths or were totally unclad. They were not ashamed of their nakedness. In fact a freedom from such an encumbrance of clothing reigned in their midst. The men were handsomely beautiful, their supple skin glistening in the sunlight. I noticed that most of the men had scars, large and small, across arms and legs, faces and chests. They did not hide these marks. In fact these were brandings of honor and dignity. I listened to a group of four men intently to hear what they were saying.

"Dear life-brother," said one, "show these two gentlemen that big scar on your leg. See how it begins so near where it would have counted. Ha-ha."

He pointed with an arm of which the hand had been severed toward the groin of his bosom friend. "You see, we are not weak because of our wounds; we are all the more ready and willing to slay the enemy..." The speaker caught my gaze mid-sentence, turned to me, and said, "Well, hello there, young lad. My name is Ryan. You must be one of our new pupils. I can tell by the look of question in your eyes. Do not worry; you will be one of us by tomorrow I am sure."

The man named Ryan gave a little chuckle and a wink at me. The twinkle in his eye was like that of the guardians and my guide. It was as though they all knew of some joy that I had yet to experience. What did he mean when he said "one of us by tomorrow"? What would happen in the course of a day?

Without warning a great trumpet blast resounded in the Hall and everyone ceased their conversing and ran to action. Those serving the meal ran to storerooms and produced helmets, shields, and swords while those previously chatting took them and ran toward the east with all speed and fury. As they ran a guardian's voiced beamed across the plain, "Godspeed warriors! Fight with honor and be victorious!"

My guide grasped my hand saying, "Come. Let us witness the battle."

"But I have no weapons or armor," I said.

"You will not fight but you must observe. We will be at a safe distance."

And with that we ran after the crowd.

Chapter 4: The Battle

My guide and I, along with my fellow pupils and their guides stood on a hill overlooking a large battlefield. A gray smog-like haze filled the sky above where the enemy marched toward the Frot Warriors. The Analists were also unclad, showing their features. The Analists looked more like anthropomorphic hogs than their human counterparts. Instead of glistening supple skin, the enemies had tough thick hides. Their sagging buttocks showed abuse; the anuses large, red holes of infestation. The men's penises were also red and dotted with warts and chancres of various diseases.

"You see those five heavily armored captains leading their troops?" my guide asked me. "So great is their hate and so evil their crimes, they are well known even in your earthly realm. As they stand, covering their shame with that armor, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Herpes and Immunodeficiency."

Each regiment of Frot Warriors was situated opposite to that of the Analists. Banners identified who they were and for what they fought. Equality opposed Dominance; Loyalty opposed Betrayal; Masculinity, Effeminacy; Fidelity, Promiscuity; Intimacy, Whoredom; Freedom, Fear; and Love opposed Malice.

Arrows flew, spears were thrust, swords clashed. The battle waged for hours and the casualties were heavy on both sides. Then the greatest thing happened. As one warrior was stabbed between the ribs and his lungs were just about to collapse, he screamed in a raspy, almost unintelligible yelp, "For Fraternal Love..." He plunged his sword into Fear's champion and the banner fell. The rest of the regiment gasped and tried to lift the banner, but it was torn in two in the struggle. In a wave of vengeance, Fear's men lay siege upon the hero's body tearing limb from limb, blood spewing everywhere.

In the horror on the moment, I hid my face in my guide's robe but he turned me around and said, "I know this is painful, but you must watch."

In Fear's distraction from battle tactics, the Warrior Army gained the upper hand and slew Analists by the hundreds. With the Analists so outnumbered their general spoke some hideous incantation and as if by magic, the Analists disappeared in an instant, leaving their dead to rot on the battlefield.

Many Warriors ran to the heap of blood and gore that was once the Frot Hero. One man sank to his knees beside the carcass, threw his hands toward the sky, looked straight up and cried a glass-shattering yell, "Nooooo! What have you done, you asshole bastards?" With that, he collapsed to the ground, weeping aloud.

"Come," my guide said, "We must go now and prepare for the memorial." His face was wet from tears and I noticed I was crying as well.

Chapter 5: Memorial for a Hero

Every surviving warrior, the guides and the novices including my guide and myself marched to a large storehouse where we were handed robes of a formal style by the same men that served the meal and handed out the weapons. The procession of the downtrodden continued to the north where a large fire ablaze with the remains of the dead stretched several yards into the sky. The breeze changed into a chilling wind and some Warriors huddled together to stay warm. A gate of two erected stones lay before us. My guide and I passed between them just like hundreds before me. A guard stood at attention at each stone gazing stoically toward the horizon. The two looked like statues clad in long capes that flapped violently in the wind.

One of the guardians stood close to the massive fire and prepared to give a eulogy for those slain in battle. He stood before three ranks of men: those whose life-brothers had been slain, the rest of the Warriorhood, and the novices paired with their guides. The speech was a combination of funeral and commencement.

"Friends, we are gathered on this somber occasion to commemorate those who bravely gave their lives in protecting our Frothood. Each man performed beyond his duty so that we may live in our land of brotherhood, our land of loyalty, our land of equality, unity, and the right. We especially want to remember Auric for his selfless act of bravery that decided the glorious outcome of this battle. When Fear fell, the way of Frot triumphed over the Analists' usurping power. Let us never forget this man with a heart of gold, let his actions embolden us to pursue victory upon victory for all Frot Warriors in successive generations."

With the last phrase, the guardian turned to face the rank of novices and continued his speech, "Never forget your first witnessed battle. Auric gave his life especially for you. Remember his bravery and keep the flame of sacrificial fire ablaze in your hearts for the day will come for all of you to join your fellow Warriors in glorious battle."

He stood silent for minutes and all that was to be heard was the fire roaring, the wind howling around, and the sobbing from the first rank of men. The guardian then walked out of the stone gate to signify the end of the service. Conversation slowly returned to the throng and people began to depart. I followed my guide out of the gate with my head lowered not uttering a sound. The wind eventually died down and all was still.

"Where are we going now?" I asked. "Is this the end?"

As if aroused from a deep sleep, my guide looked at me with the twinkle returned to his eye and said, "By no means! You have someone to meet, now."

Chapter 6: Another Introduction

My guide quickened his pace and I followed suit. "We will not need these formal robes anymore." We then entered the great storehouse and he fumbled anxiously through a long row of robes. "Here you go, put this on instead." I took off the heavy formal attire and slipped into the new garment. It was not like any of the other robes I had seen earlier in my adventures. It was very lightweight and only went down to my thighs instead of being full-length. The robe was a sort of green iridescent silky fabric; its showiness displayed a more casual quality.

"I like this," I said, "but why was I not given this to wear to the Hall of Leisure? I would have felt more sociable in this garment."

"Never mind that," my guide said as if that were a mere triviality. "Come with me. We must not be late for your rendezvous."

We sped toward the south, nearly running, my robe glistening in the sunlight, now turning bright orange as the sun was now setting. My heart leapt with quizzical anticipation. We stopped at the entrance to a great forest, a narrow winding path leading through it. "They will be here presently," said my guide.

Before I could ask, "Who will be here?" another guide and his apprentice joined us at the forest's edge. The two guides engaged in conversation privately while my peer and I glanced at each other and back at the chatting men. My guide turned back to me and asked, "Do you not realize what is happening? Say 'Hello' to your life-brother."

"My what?" I turned to my peer, reached out my hand, and said in a shy, childish voice, "Well, Hi there. Glad to meet you. I was not expecting..." "Hi-yah bro!" He went right past my outstretched hand and gave me a big embrace like we were good friends who had not seen each other in years. I was shocked by such a gesture but returned the hug warmly.

"They will be fine," said the other guide, and with that they left the two of us young men at the edge of the forest.

Chapter 7: The Forest of Innocent Delight

I turned back and said, half to myself, "Where are they going?" In reply, my peer said, "They have left us together, I suppose, to get better acquainted. In that case... my name is Friend. How are you?"

"I'm fine. My name is Justin."

We both glanced at each other, sizing up the other. Friend was my age, a few inches taller than myself, and was wearing the same type of robe that I had. He was the first on to break the silence, "Life-brothers, huh? That's exciting, isn't it?"

"Yes, I guess so. I'm not quite sure what that means. Let me think…" I began to think out loud and started to mumble, "Life-brothers. Oh, brothers for life. We are brothers, then. Brothers stick together; we are intended to be friends, but our relationship is even closer than that."

Friend picked up on my comments, helping me to grasp the idea. "We are best buds, amigos, compatriots through thick and thin." He took my hand in his and swung my arm in an attempt to wake me up from my contemplation. I blinked from my daze. "OK. I guess we should start heading down this path through the woods. Do you suppose we will find something along it? What are we to do when night falls?"

"You are so full of questions. I say we just walk and let events take their course, go with the flow, come on."

We walked hand in hand down the winding path. Much was on my mind including the events of the day. I thought about the battle and the memorial I had just recently witnessed. I thought back further to the Hall of Leisure.

"Did I see you at the Hall earlier today, Friend?"

"Come to think of it, I do remember your face, Justin. You must have seen the battle and been at the memorial then, as well." We exchanged glances, realizing that indirectly, we had been through a lot together.

I added, "That warrior Auric was sure a brave man. It makes me proud to be a guest of such brave men. Shall we ever be like the rest of the men here, so brave and so happy?" I was referring to the twinkle that seemed to be in every man's eye.

"I noticed something peculiar with their countenance, too," said he. "What is that warmth in their faces? It's like a secret they are waiting for us to discover; a special bond or connectedness."

"Is that what we are together for?" I asked. "I'm sure it has something to do with that. This journey through the forest must be some sort of rite of passage or something for us to go through. I still don't get it though. Why did they leave us to go through the forest at night?"

We both looked up into the night sky above the treetops. Stars were scattered above like a million tiny diamonds. We both gave a little yawn simultaneously, and then laughed.

"Maybe we should find a place to sleep for the night and continue in the morning," Friend suggested.

"Good idea. I don't see any place suitable for resting, though."

"Let's walk a bit farther and see if we can spot any good place. I don't see how we are to find such a place in this darkness." Not any sooner had Friend said this, when we both caught a glimpse of an orange glow ahead of us.

"What is that?" I asked.

"Let's find out. Hurry!" Friend grasped my hand tighter and we ran for a minute to a clearing in the forest. A small fire lay to the right of the path, reduced only to a few smoldering logs. With a start, he pointed and said, "Look, more firewood! We should build this thing up and sit here for a while. Maybe in the light we will find a place to sleep."

We lost little time stacking more logs and blew the coals ever so gently to arouse life back into the small flames. Soon enough the fire reached three feet into the air and we were both content with the short work we had accomplished.

Standing back from the fire, I nearly stumbled on a rock sticking up from the ground. I turned around and beheld a terrific site. I circle of standing stones lay in front of me about eight feet in diameter. In the middle of the circle lay a mat of pine needles stacked a few inches tall and covered with the leaves of deciduous trees. "Look at this, Friend!" I exclaimed.

"Wow!" he said. "We would have never seen this without the light of the fire we made. It looks like the forest has prepared us a bed after all. Ha, ha."

The excitement revived us a little and we were not terribly sleepy, but it was decided that we should try to get some sleep for who knew what excitements lay in store for us the next day.

Chapter 8: The Frot

I was a little hesitant to undress since I would be sharing a bed this night, but once I noticed Friend removing his garment I thought it wouldn't be so bad; evidently, he was comfortable sleeping nude so I should be, too.

We both lay down about a foot apart both gazing at the treetops.

"What a day," he said breaking the silence. "Just think of all we've seen." Images flashed back through my mind as he recapped the day's adventures. My mind kept going back to Ryan, the friendly masculine man at the Hall of Leisure. He was such a joyful creature, full of life and an untamed spirit. The mental image of his strong arms and legs, and his firm torso sent a shiver down my spine. My cock slowly filled with blood and I turned to face away from Friend so he wouldn't see my growing erection. My stirring caught his attention, instead.

"What is it, man?" He asked, interrupting his monologue about the happenings of the day.

"Oh, nothing," I responded coldly.

"Come on, Justin, we're best buds, remember? You can tell me."

"I was just thinking of the men we saw today. You know, they were all good looking. They all were strong and fit and..."

"Oh, I know what you're saying. You were getting hard fantasizing, weren't you?"

I turned red. I was caught in a very awkward situation with nowhere to go. I just lay there, not uttering a sound.

To my surprise, he leaned over closer to me, turned to face my back, and slipped his hand on my hip. I was frozen. What was he doing? He slowly reached down the front of my hip and started fondling my cock.

I let out a little cry of shock and he said in a soft, soothing voice in my ear, "Hey, Justin, we are brothers. Brothers ought to know each other on an intimate level. We have a lot of catching up to do, my friend."

Friend was absolutely right and I really, deep down, wanted this. "OK," I said. I turned back around to face him. He was smiling from ear to ear.

That was all I needed from him as reassurance that this was a good thing that was happening. He put an arm around my shoulder and gave me a warm hug. With his other hand he continued to fondle my cock. I hugged him in return and started to play with his cock, too. He kissed my neck and shoulders as the passion began to grow. I lay there, taking in all the simple pleasure of being loved by my soul mate.

As we lay on our sides facing each other, he shifted his hips closer to mine. He placed the underside of his cock against mine and started to stroke both together in an open fist. I reached my hand around his hip to feel the supple skin of his buttocks. His eyes met mine and I whispered to him, "This is great."

Suddenly he got up on his knees and a look of confusion swept across my face. Why was he stopping? As if to answer my question, he turned me onto my back and said, "Just wait a second."

With one motion he leaned over me and slipped his cock on mine again. He slowly laid face down on top of me. I received him in a tight hug. What was he doing now? He started moving his hips up and down causing his cock to slide back and forth on top of mine. I matched the rhythm of his hips with mine to increase the motion of our cocks sliding against each other.

There we were, face-to-face, chest-to-chest, hip-to-hip, and cock-to-cock. We gyrated slightly faster and the friction caused our cocks to grow even larger. Our breathing became even more labored, this time merging into one cycle of inhale, exhale, inhale, and exhale. Our bodies were joined together in one full-frontal bear hug; our spirits seemed to merge as we breathed as one. Our breaths became soft moans as the friction of our cocks became faster and faster. I closed my eyes in the ecstasy and we shared a passionate kiss, our nostrils flaring to allow for the deep breaths. Our spirits reached a new plane as they became one, never had I felt so close to and aware of the passions of another person. Our cocks hot with the friction of the other, swelled to their maximum and a thrusting pang coursed its way down the shaft of my man tool. A loud grunt echoed through my throat and seemed to reverberate from my partner, my equal, my twin, "Uh, Uhhhhhh!"

The next thing I knew was some liquid on our stomachs as I awoke from this dream of all dreams. We separated to examine the cum we had spilled on each other. "Look at that!" Friend said gasping for breath. He swirled the man juice with his fingertips. "This is the union of two cocks, two souls, two life-brothers," said he. He painted my chest with the fluid as if to knight me with the now magical solution. I followed suit swirling the ejaculate on his stomach and painting his chest.

As soon as this was over, we realized just how exhausted we were. We fell asleep within a matter of minutes still in each other's arms.

Chapter 9: The Morning After

We awoke to the chirping of birds amongst the trees. He stirred first, moving to kiss me good morning. We sat up together, still in each other's arms, enjoying the embrace of full body contact from the other. He reached for my cock and this time I made no retraction to his touch. I was now used to his every move. We jerked each other off, reestablishing the bond we had made the previous night. The spilled ejaculate on the ground marked our territory; the location of our fruition of brother bonding.

We stood up together, hugged, and decided to be on our way. We did not bother to dress but just carried the robes in our arms. There was no need of them since we knew each other intimately and no secrets were to be found between us, the clothing only seemed to hinder our bodily expression of oneness. We soon came to the end of the forest where our guides greeted us, both glad to see us in a side embrace while we walked in the nude.

"Good morning, fellahs," my guide chirped out in a gleeful tone. "I can see that all went well. No need for explanations of your current condition, we know what has transpired, and we are glad of it." The two of us lads were both smiling ear to ear, a new confidence in our step. "Come now," my guide continued, "we must see the Council one last time."

Chapter 10: Before the Council Once More

The four of us walked northward and we were greeted by a familiar face. It was Ryan, the handsome man I met in the Hall of Leisure. "Well, hello again, little buddy," he said as he noticed my fresh smile and now unclad body. "I see you are now one of us, brother. Welcome." With that he left and Friend, myself, and our guides were once more on our journey to see the Council.

The five men were once again found as they were before, focusing and meditating. This time they stopped as we approached as if expecting our arrival. "Welcome children," said one, addressing Friend and myself. "We see that you have become one. This is as it should be and we are pleased." Another guardian addressed us, picking up where the other had left off. "Now listen very closely, the two of you. You will soon be departed from this land and from each other. You will return to your own time and place as you were found. The events you have witnessed here will remain in your memories but because of the distance and manner of the journey, some of the detail will have been lost."

A third guardian continued, "You will not remember the name or face of your life brother, even the physical closeness you have felt and now feel will be stripped of you. You will only remember the essence of the Frot; the unity, equality, brotherhood, and feeling of mutual respect will be imprinted on your souls."

A forth guardian, "You must pledge to each other and to yourselves to be ever watchful for each other, you must find each other once more in your own realm. You must vow never to give up on this quest. There will be countless of those around you who will distort the reality of true brother bonding, the unity will be broken, the balance of equality will be shifted, brotherhood will be replaced with a concept of master and slave. Against all of these odds you must guard you bodies and souls. Refuse anything less than the standards given you here. Remember that you are for each other exclusively; accept no one that thinks that such a bond is between more than two individuals."

The last guardian spoke up, "It is now time for you to say your farewells."

Friend and I turned to each other, each with a single tear in our eyes.

"Bye, Friend," I said. "I promise to be for you only and to never let go of the promise of seeing you in our reality. To you I will be true, my brother, against all odds."

"Bye, Justin," Friend responded. "I long for the day to meet you again in our own world. You shall be my one and only, my soul mate, my life-brother just as we are here and now. Till then, may we both have luck against the evils of our world."

We embraced one final time, once again feeling the closeness of chest against chest, stomach against stomach and cock on cock. We kissed each other on the cheek. At this point, our guides, each holding a hand, joined us once more. The fifth guardian spoke once more, "Goodbye, my children. Farewell, the best to you both..."

The voice trailed off beneath the sound of rushing wind as the scene blurred and disappeared from view. I woke up, once more in bed. Silence surrounded me and no one was present near me, I was once more alone. Who was that strange fellow with whom I felt so close? Would I ever see him again? What would I face on my new journey to find him?


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