Cockrub Warrior

I got drunk with my best friend who I always had a crush on, though I was half out of the closet, my desires to rub my cock on another guy's was always a strong feeling I've had. Getting drunk with my buddy was fun, eventhough we both appeared to be straight acting, we always were close. We always took turns buying each other lunch. Pitched in with the gas bill when driving around town. It felt like I actually did have a boyfriend. That was a wish locked deep inside of me mainly due to the area of where I lived. This was southwest Virginia and gay guys were burned at the stake here. We were both 20, and there was no room for two loving fags in this town, so my inner desires stayed quiet.

My buddy wore Levi's jeans just as God had intended a butch boy to do. His balls lay and shown on either side of the front zipper. His cock made a prominent soft bulge on his right. No matter how this hunk walked or sat, that glorious bulge was always there to see. He was my height, 5 foot 8 inches. This only made matters worse for me as far as trying to NOT look at him. I also wore Levi's and also filled the jeans out as did my friend. When I sat, my balls protruded like two large billiard balls. My cock lay nicely in my pants as well. I often fantasized about how the two of us could be standing facing each other, shirtless with our dual bulges getting bigger.

One night we decided to do some heavy beer drinking. We both got fairly tipsy and began to walk around with each other's arms around the other to help us both stand up. Public drunkenness I was not a fan of, but I was hoping for this night to lead into something hot. As the local tavern closed, we both said that it would be cool to not drive home yet, but instead to drive to the nearby railroad yard and finish our beer.

At the rail yard, we got out of the car and walked toward the many lines of train cars that made up that yard. We knew that this area was dormant of activity during the weekends, so we ventured on. Down in between the cars, between the tracks, we lay down on the ground, our backs looking up into the stars, drinking and laughing.

Within a short while, it got rather cool, and we were getting cold. My buddy was on my right and he moved up against me to keep me warm. I had begun to shiver and he was trying to warm me up. Having him console me was nice. His legs in those hot jeans were against my leg. It kept getting colder, and quickly my friend rolled on top of me and told me this is how we would stay warm throughout the night. This turned me on immensely, and my dick responded.

We both hugged each other, putting our beer bottles aside. My cock was at full erection, all 8 inches! We moved around some, trying to find a comfortable spot to lie in. Funny how we knew when that spot was attained. My buddy's cock was hard by this time, and it was apparent that we liked what was going on. Our bulges were lined up, our hard ons pressing on each other. We both could tell we had equally big dicks, there were two large fat rods inside our pants, with just two layers of Levi's keeping them separate.

Suddenly we were humping and riding each other, our hips moving up and down so our cocks could feel the sensual rub. My buddy had done this much to get this to happen, I finished by reaching down and unzipping my jeans. My friend did the same thing to his. In a second our jeans were down to our hiking boots. Our underwear had made the same swift movement and now we were laying with our bare huge cocks touching each other.

We rubbed and humped the other's huge rod, making sure our cocks never lost contact. They rubbed, and we were bare ass in the dirt, as our huge 8 inch fat cocks rubbed together. My buddy lunged downward and his big heavy balls slapped mine. There were two big pairs of heavy balls making a slapping sound that turned us both on. As the slapping sound got louder, we both knew we were doing it right. Cock and ball fighting in the cold night, but neither one of us thought it was cold. We were hot, both of us breathing hard as we took matching, movements with our hips keeping our thick cocks rubbing.

We both grabbed each other's huge rod as if we wanted to confirm that we both had equal size cocks. Once we found this out, the humping got hotter. We both rubbed noses and soon our lips were there, touching. Quickly we were lip locked and our tongues were doing a wet battle. On each up stroke of our cocks, the feeling was indescribable, our breathing got louder and as those cocks went head to head.

Our precum was gathering on my belly since my buddy stayed on top of me during this steamy cock rub fest that must have lasted an hour. Suddenly our cocks both throbbed and flexed in preparation of exploding. Our big round balls were knocking into each other. Both pair getting drawn up getting ready for the moment of release. Then we knew the time had arrived, we could tell we both reached this point at the same moment. We both lunged our balls into the other's balls and our cocks let out a massive hot load of cum. Our cocks were moving a giant cum load they both had made. Each of our fat dicks was smothering in each others hot cum.

We got up in a few minutes, pulled up our jeans, buttoned our shirts and headed to the car. Both of us asking the other one if he were all right. Then I drove him home. I finally got my wish with my best friend, and man was he hot. In the next month, we would repeat our cock battles and every time it was better than the last. We both kept this a tight secret. I can look back and say my first cockrub was fantastic!


Did ya like that dude?

I thought ya would.

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