Matt and Judd


Al thought about the boys many times during the day and got a hard on. Man, that was the best thing I've ever gotten into. I had no idea what a thrill it could be.  They are both built so well and watching them was a absolute turn on!  They were so hot for each other and watching them wrestle each other naked I shot my load!  Man!  What an experience!  I'm really glad I met up with them.

And Hank! Sleeping just a few doors down, in bed, naked.  I could climb all over him right now!  And will!  Tonight!  We're going to rassle!!

Al was completely absorbed with his thoughts all day while he finished his work around the motel.  Making beds, cleaning up rooms, not a thought in head about watching straight couples fuck, just didn't seem exciting to him anymore.  After his work was done he took a nap just make sure he and Hank had a great adventure tonight.  He woke up around 5:00 p.m. hearing a knock on the door.  He staggered out in his shorts and T-shirt, complete with a sleep hard on, to see Hank standing there in his tank top and shorts! What a sight that made!  Made his cock even harder remembering their encounter in a hot flash, and it was only last night!  That electric feeling ran though his massive body!  Seeing Al’s huge shoulders, chest hair poking over the top of his tank top made him instantly hot.  He was rocking back and forth on the balls of his feet accentuating his incredibly muscular, hairy legs.  They grinned at each other.  "Hank said, "I couldn't wait until 8:00!  My cock is going crazy!"  Al could see the outline of his cock sticking up in his shorts and knew that statement was true!

"Come on in back," grinned Al with a big toothy smile!  Hank leapt forward and the two men, almost too big for the doorway, put their arms on each other's shoulders and edged through.  Their bare hairy legs rubbing against each other turned each other on even more.  Al steered him into the bedroom and two men faced each other.  They grabbed each other in a side headlock, Al hooked his hairy calf around Hank's big hairy calf and they fell back on the bed.  Rassling each other like boys, pure joy, laughing, cock to cock! They ground into each other pounding the others body with his own fleshy body.  They rassled and rolled for less than a minute, both past the boiling point.  They locked their hairy legs together and in a violent spasm and shot their loads in their shorts as they rassled against the other!

"Man!" breathed Al, "Talk about hot horny and fast!  What a shot!"

Hank frowned and said, "Hope this doesn't change anything for later."  They both laughed and humped each other again.

"No way!  Your ass is still on the line!" replied Al.  They untangled their bodies and stood up.  "Let's get cleaned up and head out!  I've got all the rooms rented and don't really have to do anything else.  I just took a nap and when I woke up I was going down to your room to jump on you early anyway!"

Al said, "I made us some sandwiches and cold drinks.  They're in that small cooler.  That way we can stay out a little longer.  The two men picked up the cooler, towels, soap, torches, extra fuel and jock straps and headed out the door.  Al still had the "No Vacancy" sign on so there really hadn't been too many interruptions today.  They headed around the side of the motel and struck out through the woods to their "rasslin circle."  Walking next to each other on the path Hank said, "It was great opening myself up last night and wrestling the boys.  I didn't know anything could be that hot."

"It was my first time, too!"

Hank looked at him, "You handled yourself like a pro!"

Al smiled, "It just all came out naturally.  I always liked watching other people have sex.  Me having sex with a woman never really struck a spark in me.  I have to confess something.  I've got small holes drilled into all the rooms so I can check people out having sex.  Now, that got me off!"

"You're kidding!" choked Hank.  "That's really weird.  I'd like to try it with you sometime."  They both laughed.

"Anyway" continued Al, "I watched the boys rassle naked in their room night before last and I came twice watching them get into each other.  No one else ever did that to me.  They caught me out behind their room and I threw myself on their mercy and asked to wrestle with them.  They finally agreed.  Then you showed up!"

"The first time I saw you I really wanted to have a cock sucking session with you.  I wanted to get you naked and down between my legs while I got between yours and we sucked each other into insensibility.  I thought that would be the best.  But, then I thought you weren't interested.  When I saw the three of you leave I followed you guys out here and couldn't believe my ears when I heard you talking about wrestling.  It gave me hard on thinking about the three of you wrestling.  I had no idea it was going to be naked or so sexual!"

As they walked, their heads down looking at the path, they each admired the others body.  Hank said, "Your hairy legs and chest really turn me on."

Al, breathing a little harder from the pace they were keeping, kept looking at Hank's legs. "Yeah!  Know what you mean.  I really want to get into you, too, for the same reason.  Your hairiness is turning me on. Talk about bear wrestling!  I can hardly wait to get there so we can strip and take each other on.  You and I are going to rock tonight, all night!"

 "Sounds fine to me," grinned Hank, "But, we'd better hurry and get there or you and I are going down now!"

 "We're almost there," said Al. Coming into the clearing the guys stopped at the edge and looked around. The sun still showed overhead but was loosing its strength.  They were sweating from the exertion of the hike and the humidity.  They set down the cooler and the other items.  The grass that had been trampled the night before was standing back up and swaying back and forth in the light breeze.  "The grass must be about 3-4 inches high," thought Al.  The warm earth smells assaulted both men.

 "This is heaven, " said Hank.  "No one else can hear us or see us.  Total privacy. We can rassle as long as we want!"

 "You bet!" said Al. "You ready?" 'Let's turn each other on!"

 They faced each other, that hungry look hard their eyes.  Breathing harder just taking each other in.  their horny cocks stirring in their shorts.  They kicked off their shoes, stripped off their shirts and watched each other again.  Each one admired the other's body.  Both men were thickly built, not like body builders.  Their bodies had that masculine thickness to it without the over development.  They had natural builds that were the envy of many men who had run across them.  Neither had ever been embarrassed about taking their shirts off or going in shorts or, showing off naked for that matter.  They were proud of their masculinity, sexuality and sensuality and knew that they turned heads their way when they walked anywhere.  Their bodies were defined and their muscles worked and showed in their movements.

Watching each other their cocks were now sticking straight out.  They dropped their shorts down their massive, hairy legs and kicked out of them.  Al backed up and turned his back to Hank and bent from the waist to reach down and got the jock straps out of the pile of towels.  Hank admired Al's back. He thought it was beautifully shaped and defined; his cock got harder at the thought of touching it.  When Al bent down his heavy ass cheeks spread a little.  But they were so full of meat that he would have had to reach behind himself and pull them apart to expose his ass hole.  Hank almost drooled.  Al knew Hank was watching him and took his time sorting through the stuff.  Spreading his legs just enough to put more definition into his thighs and calves, letting his big balls drop down between his legs, not to mention accentuating his hunky ass.

When he stood back up he turned and smiled, "What's up buddy? Like the looks of that hairy ass?"

"Keep it up" breathed Hank, "and you and I are going to wrestle for a piece of that ass!"  Al tossed Hank a jockstrap.  Watching each other intently, they stooped and reached down and each put a leg through a strap then balanced on the other bare foot and put the other leg through.  Straightening up they pulled the straps up to tuck away their hard cocks, the pouches barely able to contain their balls much less their cocks.  Al's cock stretched up to the top of his strap, the head poking over the waistband.

They stood watching each other.  Moving away from each other they began a slow circling.  They looked terrific in jockstraps and hard cocks!  Hanks hairy, thickset body moved easily and sensually.  His slightly shorter, stocky build turned Al into a drooling schoolboy.  Stepping sideways on his toes accentuating his enormous calves that he knew was making Al's balls turn in their sack.  But, watching Al move around him, seeing his chest expand and contract with each breath made his cock a little harder, too. Seeing his body covered in the dense dark hair was making his balls burn as well.

They stalked each other moving gracefully around.  Posing.  Each showing the other man his magnificent body.  Each turning slightly to expose his heavily-muscled ass to the other.  "Like that ass?" asked Al.  Sticking his huge hairy leg forward and shaking his thigh muscle, "Want to feel these hairy legs, feel them around you?"

Hank smiled and inflated his chest, "Want to get your hands on this hairy chest.  Feel these big, hairy legs locked up with yours?"  Each one taking in the other's raw nakedness, smelling each other's muskiness and growing more anxious with each breath, sweat breaking out on their broad foreheads.  They were super turned on to each other's hairy body and wanted to mix it up!  All this teasing had made them sweat with anticipation.  Fleeting remembrances of last night's adventures slipped through their minds.  Images of their naked bodies locked together finding relief in a naked, hot, sweaty, sexfight.

Al looked at Hank's legs and calves.  He had really large well-shaped feet and he wanted to feel those feet in his hands.  "Let's quit this fucking around and rassle!" he rasped!  The two men stopped their erotic dance around each other.  Cocks throbbing inside their straps unable to bear one more second apart.

They rushed together in the middle of the circle and locked up.  That body contact sent an electric current coursing through their bodies!  The two hairy men sweating all over each other, grabbing and rassling to bring each other to the ground.  Their hairy bodies locked tight in a bear hug, Hank threw his big leg around Al's leg, Al did the same with his other leg, stumbling, they untied their legs and toppled sideways into the deep grass.  Laying on their sides with their arms still locked around each other, their crotches entered into a thrusting, rubbing combat of their own.  Al lifted his leg to get it over Hank's body as Hank did the same. Their knees knocked together in the frenzy to grab a hold.  Al tried again and was successful working his leg over Hank's leg.  They leg rassled each other, thigh to thigh, calves locking together each trying to grip the other tighter.

They had waited impatiently for this time, and their bodies shook with the excitement.  They squeezed each other as hard as they could and grappled with their big hairy legs.  Groins grinding into the others belly, hard cock against hard cock, balls to balls, sweat slicked their sliding against each other’s thigh, poking into each other’s nuts.  Hank turned Al and climbed on top of his massive, sweaty, hairy body, cocks still continuing their private battle.  They were both sweating so much their body hair matted to their bodies.  Struggling against each other's naked body the erotic fight was on.

"I'm going to kick your ass, buddy!" growled Al. "Fat chance when you're on the bottom, buddy!" snarled Hank.

Hank applied his body weight to keep Al trapped under him.  Al looked over Hank's shoulder, down his massive back to glimpse just a little of the jock strap straining to keep his meaty ass in place.  He could see Hank's ass muscles straining to keep him trapped there.  Twisting their bodies in unison, each with the same thought, reached down to grab a handful of each other's big, round ass.  They both groaned at the touch.  Their firm, hard, rubbery asses responded to the touch, flexing, opening, tightening with each thrust.  Cocks got harder as they gripped harder with their massive legs.  Sweating profusely in the humid night air their naked bodies writhed against the other.  Their cocks straining hard, getting thicker and randier threatening to tear the fabric of their jocks.

Al gasped in Hank's ear, "Man!  This is so hot!  I feel like my body’s on fire!  I feel like I'm going to explode!"  "Keep it up!" groaned Hank, "and we'll both explode!" Renewing their grip on the other's ass they ground their cocks into each other's belly, faster, and harder. The feelings that consumed each of them were almost more than they could bear as their sexual combat grew into a mutual, pounding all out sex/cockfight.  Their mutual lust reached all new heights.

Growling loudly at each other, grunting, sweat soaked skin sliding together, muscles rubbed against muscles, legs flexing and tangling harder.  Grabbing each other's ass forced their cocks into a firmer contact.  Groaning they continued their heated struggle.  The sun had finally gone down; they had forgotten to light the torches in their desire to get it on.  They were both getting off on the fact that they were wrestling outside in the dark!  Neither voiced it but it was beginning to show through their wrestling.  The dark night was releasing new passions in them, allowing for anonymity, they could go a little further in their mutual, lusting pursuits.

Panting, they refused to release the other.  Reluctantly Al took his hand off Hank's heavily muscled ass and wrapped it around his waist, in the small of his back, to secure Hank's body against him.  He reached up with his free hand and grabbed a handful of Hank's thick hair.  Hank's face registered surprise.  He released his death grip on Al's meaty ass and put one hand against his throat and the other hand grabbed a hold of Al's hair.  The two men stared at each other though their heat.  Their body struggle froze, pressed tightly together, cocks jumping in their jocks.  Their breath coming in gasps sweat rolling off their faces.  Al pulled a little harder forcing Hank's head back.  Hank returned the favor.  Hank looked Al deep in the eyes. With his teeth clenched his said, "I love the feel of your big, hairy legs locked around mine. I can feel the muscles in your calves against mine. I can even feel your bare feet up against mine.  Pull all you want fucker, it's only going to turn me on even more!"

The battle surged into a whole new high.  Pulling and choking each other; grinding in a frenzy of motion, forcing their cocks harder against the other’s sweaty body.  Their massive hairy bodies grappled on the ground.  Al reached up and put his hand under Hank's big chin and forced his head up and back, then to the side.  Poised in this position Al pushed even harder, untangling one his legs he put his big foot flat on the ground pushing with his toes, making his perfect v-shaped calf muscle stand out.  With this new leverage he let out a long, low growl and pushed Hank over releasing his face and locking his thick arms around Al.

They rolled to the side; their over heated heaving bodies still glued together.  What a sight!  These two thickly built, hairy, sweaty men, legs locked, naked sweaty bodies slapping together rolling on the ground!  Jockstraps showing their muscular asses off to their best advantage.  Their cocks were over filling their pouches; eager to press into the other's body.  Their cocks were drooling precum running and lubricating their bodies.  This naked war raged between them.  Each trying to get a better grip on the other sweat slicked body.

Al, now on top with the upper hand, wrapped his massive legs around Hank's equally huge, hairy legs in a grapevine.  Hank reached up and put his hand under Al's chin, forcing his head back.  Their cocks ready to explode.  They continued pulling on the other's hair.  Grimacing at each other through the pain/pleasure aspect of their wrestling match.  Their cock lust running so high that neither felt the pain, or if they did, didn't care.  If they had done this earlier in their match the pain would have been too much for both of them.  Wrestling each other's naked body they continued the assault.  Gasping, their breathing coming in huge gulps.  Neither one realized that they had begun to growl louder at the other. Their animal lust grew as it rose to the surface, unguarded, pure animal lust.  Naked bodies struggled against the other.  They had been in this new hold for nearly five minutes, hearts pounding ready to burst.  Their stiff cocks were still eagerly fighting each other.  This was cock-wrestling that neither of them had ever experienced before.

Their bodies resisted the flood of cum beginning to churn in their huge hairy nuts.  "Not yet!" they both screamed in their minds.  Releasing their choke and hair holds they threw their arms around each other, legs now interlocked.  The growling and grunting sounds coming from deep in their guts, their naked bodies responded and flew into a hot, writhing, bouncing, belly slamming, cock rubbing frenzy.  Al, on top of Hank, couldn't get enough of the pleasure Al's body was giving him.  He gripped Hank tighter and ground his cock against this huge, firm, hairy body under him.  Slamming with his cock, pushing with his ass for all he was worth.  Gripping Hank's big legs even tighter with his own.  Lustfully, without any remorse, without any other thought than shooting his load all over him, Al writhed around on top of Hank, sweat pouring off his body on to Hank's.

Their hairy, heavily muscled bodies slammed together, raised off the ground, slamming back down to raise again.  Their big legs wrestling for a better, harder grip, the sweat rolled off their bodies not allowing the leg wrestling holds to stay for long.  Their legs slipped and grabbed and slipped again.  Hank's cock was on fire!  He could feel Al's big-muscled calves grappling with his own.  He could feel those huge, hairy thighs locked firmly between his own massively muscled thighs in a tight, meaty knot.  Slamming his naked body against Al's he had no other thought other than shooting his cum between their bellies.  Arms locked around each other, heavily muscled, hairy legs, completely entwined to their big bare feet.  Hank managed to wrap his legs tighter around Al's leg squirming his muscular thigh tighter into Al's and hooked his big bare foot over the bridge of Al's thick ankle.  Their cocks forced even tighter against the other's naked body.  The feeling of all that thick, naked thigh muscle between his legs made him hump even harder and faster.

They grunted and screamed out their pleasure into the hot night.  They started yelling at each other, at the same time, face to face, eye to eye, into each other's mouths, tasting each others wet, hot breath.  Their words tumbling and running together in a hot, erotic stream of deep seated lusting.  Talking at the same time, joined as tightly as their naked bodies were.  Hank, "I'm going to shoot my load on you!" Al, "I'm going to cum all over you, you Fucker!  Grab my big legs harder!"  Hank, "Grind your big cock into me you fucking cock-sucker!"  Al, "Rassle these big legs!"  Hank, "Rassle me 'till you cum!"  Al, "I can feel your big fuckin' cock against my belly!"  Hank, "Come and get it you Fucker! Rassle me hard! I'm gonna cummmm!"

Grabbing each other harder, grunting from the effort, forcing their naked bodies together, squeezing with all their pent up lust for the other as their cocks ground together.  Sexfighting in the night all they could hear were their groans and grunts and the slapping of their sweaty flesh.  The aroma of the wet earth was overpowered by the odors of their hot, sweaty man-flesh.  The smell of wet, throbbing cock assailed them both, the hot, sweaty man crotch smell aroused them even more.  Fighting in complete anonymity, naked, uncaring for anything or anyone, completely overpowered by their hot, hard cocks and big, full, hairy balls and tightly locked bodies.

Groaning, grunting and thrusting their hips at the other, long rough growls escaping from their throats, growing louder and longer..  Suddenly their sweat soaked, naked bodies stiffened, glued together in a mind bending erotic frieze they jerkily filled their already soaked jock straps with a flood of pent up cum.  Ramming their tongues into each other's mouth, roughly, raping the other's mouth, breathing into each other, their bodies writhed together in a passion neither had ever achieved before this.  Incomparable feelings gripped them tightly in their naked combat.  Their sweat poured down their naked bodies in streams.  Wave after wave of pure pleasure flooded from their loins, cascading over their naked bodies.

Their naked bodies wracked with jerks and spasms as they played out the last of their cum drained balls. The two naked men rolled to their sides, still gripping each other tightly unwilling to let it go.  Their cocks still pressed together in an effort to milk-out the last possible drops of hot cum.  Even after their cum had stopped, they still moved together unable to give up the powerful feelings.  Legs slid against legs, chests together, bellies together, bare feet rubbing together.

At last, they released each other and rolled apart.  Al looked up and said shakily, "I want more!"

"We've got all night." replied Hank.  "We take a swim, grab something to eat, light the torches, get naked and I'll rassle your big ass some more."

Grinning and laughing, they knew this was going to be a long hard night.

Meanwhile, Matt and Judd were cruising down the highway the next night.  It was getting dark and the night was warm.  Judd's skin glowed in the twilight and made Matt's ass squirm in his seat.  It was a comfortable silence between the boys.  The night felt like velvet against their bare skins, the music played softly on the radio and they were both happy.

A few miles more and Matt kept glancing at Judd.  Judd was slyly doing the same to Matt.  Judd could feel the sweatiness in his crotch and was thinking about Al and Hank.  He knew that by now the two of them would be off someplace having some fun.  He was exhausted from driving all day and all the pleasure they had had the night before.  He could picture the two of them rolling around naked and his cock began to grow down his leg.  "Man!  Tired and horny!" he thought.  "What a combination!"

Matt kept staring at Judd's muscular legs flexing as he readjusted his position.  His own big legs had spread to accommodate his own hot, sweaty package.  Reaching across the seat he put his big hand on Judd's shoulder and gave it a short massage.  Judd, lost in his reverie, reached up and snaked his big arm across to run his hand around the back of Matt's thick neck.  They drove on massaging and feeling the strength in each other's bodies.

Matt could never get enough of Judd's powerful body, his smooth skin, his feel, or his smell.  As they drove the combination of the gentle bouncing of the van and their natural inclinations worked their magic.  The rubbing against each other's skin, feeling the muscles running smooth and hard got them both hard.  Feeling each other all over their massive trunks and shoulders increased the lustful feelings they were already having. Their fantasies were building proportionally. They could see naked sweaty flesh pounding each other, scenes of sweaty domination and naked tangled naked bodies in their minds. Their bodies were demanding a naked struggle, cock to cock. Each of them wanting to fight the other as the pressure of their hands grabbing at each other continued to each other up.

Judd released his rough manhandling of Matt, raised up on his feet, getting his sweaty ass off the seat and slid his short down his legs in a fast, slick movement. Whipping his shirt over his head grinning wickedly at Matt now sitting naked, his thick cock sticking up from between his legs. Matt, staring at all that hot naked flesh and hard cock almost made him forget to drive. Judd laughed and reached over to pull Matt's shirt roughly over his head. The van swerved when Matt lost track of the road. "What the fuck?" he uttered in amazement. Judd demanded roughly, "Raise your hot ass off that seat and get your fucking shorts off!" Matt steering crazily with one hand and then the other and did as he was told, slipping out of his shorts, his cock jerking crazily, slapping against his belly.

Their hot round sweaty asses were squirming in their seats, bare legs flexing their muscles as their feet pressed against the floorboards. Driving naked in the night was a turn on! Watching each other they ran their hands over each other's chests and down over their broad bellies, lightly running against the length of their hot cocks running down their legs. "Hey buddy!" said Judd. "If we keep this up we're going have to find us a place to get it on. Or, you're going to pull over and we're going to mix it up right here and now, in back!" Matt could envison Judd stretched out naked under him fighting with him as he muscle-humped his cock!

"Keep your eyes open for a place!" breathed out Matt. He was already feeling like popping his hot nuts and the scenes of hot, naked, sweaty wrestling running through his fevered mind didn't help any. "The first place we come too you and I going to have a rassle!"

Hands grabbing harder, hard cocks aching and sticking out from between their legs they both looked for an immediate place to wrestle.  The van swerving down the road with each grab of the naked, horny occupants.

 (to be continued...)

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