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Cockrub Warrior

Well it's the same routine after every Greek history class. I'm sitting in my dorm room with my pants at my ankles, Greek history book on my lap, and olive oil bottle at my side.

I always loved Greek history, to tell you the truth. It was the Greek statues and pictures that always got my attention first. The Greek and Roman sculptures are amazingly lifelike and feature some damn beautiful men. The exaggerated muscle tones, stern faces, and masculine poses. It just sucks you in just looking at them.

That's probably the main reasons I signed up for Greek history class. Texas A&M has a great list of history classes aimed toward everything, India, Caribbean, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian, Roman, and all types of history classes by the dozens. But when I was looking through the books to see what history class I was gonna take next semester, I wasn't convinced until I picked up the book on Greek history. The pictures, a 450-page book chock-full of photos of greek sculptures, paintings and artist's depictions. Almost all of them were nude and most of them were men. My eyes damn near popped out my head in the bookstore and my dick damn near popped out my shorts. I bought the book first then signed up for the class later. The book was expensive, 75 bucks, but although in my past 3 years at this university I'd paid more for smaller books, none can equal in value and pleasure what this book has given me.

I sit in the back, every Greek history class, sometimes in the middle of the auditorium. The room seats 300 but there are only about 150 people in the class and about 70 show up every day. They all sit in the front 10 rows. Me -- I'm more like in row 20 or 21. The woman who teaches the course is a short Greek woman about 53 and pudgy shaped. She talks about how much she loves Greek history and her visits there. She wears these thick glasses that make her eyes look huge and she is always smiling.

She takes the photos and text from the book and puts them into slides on the auditorium's projector screen. Greek bodies -- 15 ft tall and pure naked muscle. Slide after slide after slide.

I get hard every time. I press the book down on my dick through my pants every few slides just to give myself a little buzz. She smiles at me when she sees that I have a smile on my face. When everyone else in the class is dazed off and writing notes in their notebook she focuses on me for some reason, I guess cause it looks like I'm paying attention.

Oh well, it doesn't distract me from what I'm doing. I smile back. She's oblivious.

By the time the class is done I have pre cum sticking to my thigh. I rush home and whip out the olive oil for the full 'Greek' experience. I have to hurry as my roommate is done with his class 30 minutes after mine and comes home right after me and my room has no lock on the door -- which sucks. So I whip out the Greek history book and turn to the photo. Then I whip out my dick and go wild on my scrotum.

The photo is the one I've been masturbating to for about a month. It shows a Greek warrior about 25 years of age muscular and tall with nothing on and a sword in his hand. The funny part about the picture is that the angle is from below. So you can see the guys dick bridge, balls, and the round curve of his buttocks peeking through the other side of his legs. In my mind he is sweaty and wet, reddish brown hair upstairs and down and big brown nipples.

I call him Dekton.

I imagine him and his Spartan lover Laterides going at it. His lover is on the next page, he's about the same age, a little taller by about an inch but with a beard. He is dark tan with dark curly hair, muscular with nice pecs and smooth shiny skin. I knew that back in Greece they used olive oil to 'get it on' in addition to other things. So to make it more authentic, I rub my stomach, thighs, and package in the sweet smelling liquid.

The warriors have come back from battle. The day was hard fought and rough, and at one point Dekton wouldn't have made it without Laterides at his back.

Then Dek returned the favor, killing an Argive warrior just before his sword reached Lat's chest.

Now Lat is in their tent laying down and Dek comes in. They share a look. They are exhausted after the last campaign and can only find comfort in one another. They are both sweating in the humid night and the tent is dim from the light of a single oil lamp. Dekton comes in and takes his armor off -- then they undress each other without saying a word. They kiss soft then hard and frantic. Dek lays Laterides back down on the bed and straddles his waist. He uses his legs and hip muscles to push his weight down on his lover's crotch. The first touch of their cocks gives them both a jolt. Dek reaches for a jar of olive oil on the ground, the pot is red and black and has nude warriors painted on it. (It's on page 121 in the book if you're wondering.)

Dek holds the olive oil over the flame from the lamp while his bearded lover Lat beneath him rubs and squeezes his pecs and arms. He squirms underneath him grinding his thickening dick on Dek's dick cleft. Lat squeezes his tight buttocks and grabs hold of muscle and skin all over his lover Dek's back.

Dek, who's on top, takes the heated olive oil away from the flame, holds it up high and drips it onto his lover's stomach. Lat moans and mutters something in his harsh Dorian Greek. He rubs the oil all over him while it drips and pours over his chest arms and stomach and thighs. Pleasure with a little pain.

Dek then drips the oil all over his chest and shoulders and rubs it in as it rolls down his sculpted chest. He then lays flat on top of Lat and lines up their members together. He holds them together tightly. He gives them a good squeeze, as if he's trying to pump life into them -- not that it's necessary -- both warriors are rock hard. He squeezes their dicks together tightly and begins to pump them with speed. At the same time the two squirm and grind together, intertwining legs and arms. The smell of sweat, olive oil and pre cum fills their tent as their bodies heat up. (And it fills up my room too.) Through the grinding, their nipples connect and rub each other every few seconds, giving them an electric buzz in their upper bodies.

Lat flips Dek over and sucks his body all over. From his bottom lip to his ear-lobes to his nipples to his belly button and all over. He tastes the olive oil and sweat on his lover's stomach along with a little of his lover's and his own pre-cream. He massages his lover's chest and thighs. The bearded one grabs his balls and massages them and squeezes both of their nut packages together. He loves the feeling of the two nuts they both have rolling off and around each other, the pubic hairs tickling their inner thighs and stomachs.

The warrior lovers then become violent with their grinding and squeeze themselves together. Lat loves the way it feels when their two hot hard dicks are squeezed in between their bellies. Their big cocks seem hotter than the rest of their bodies and he can't tell which of the two thick dicks pressed against his stomach is his and which one is Dek's, his handsome and heroic lover.

The grinding continues and both warriors stand upright on their knees. Dek then grabs his lover's dick and sucks on the spot between his balls and inner thighs. It tickles and startles him at the same time but it feels so good.

Then Dek starts jacking Lat hard, grabbing the bottle of olive oil and pouring the warm oil directly over the tip of his fat dick head. The oil hits Lat's dick hole and give him a great sensation. Dek, his smooth body glistening with sweat and oil, pumps his lover wildly while grinding his own penis on the slick greased thighs of the other, and sucking on his neck. The bearded one grabs the other by the back of the head pulling him into his neck, he moans oooh ahhhhhh ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh you could hear him sucking up his saliva through his teeth making that slurping panting sound.

Then Lat loses his load, shooting hard onto Dek's abs and pecs, grunting and moaning, and then he falls back panting onto the cot and squeezes what's left out of his still-hard dick.

Lat rests there for a while. Then he looks up into his lover's eyes and smiles. He sees he needs a little help. He lifts his legs up and puts them on Dek's shoulders and grins. Dek smiles back, his smooth shaven jaw revealing a handsome cleft. He grabs some more olive oil and drips it all around Lat's thighs, rubs it in well and pulls his legs closed. Dek pushes his penis through them nice and slowly. It feels great! Lat, the bearded lover. sees the look of satisfaction on Dek's face as he's getting off and lays back and closes his eyes. He puts one of his hands behind his head and smiles a pleasant smile while he rubs his stomach with the other hand. His body bumps back and forth from his lover's rhythm, he gives a little smile at the cock-head that keeps peeking out at him and disappearing in between his own thighs. He nods his head side to side with the rhythm of it. Them a huge shot of hot warrior semen shoots out at him landing right on his forehead and beard. UrrrrrGGGGhHHhh Dek yells out and rocks back and forth, his arms are taut at his sides while his muscled abs pump the rest of the jizz out of his cock.

I reach for the cum rag and wipe off my hands, legs and stomach and oh yeah my forehead. I sit myself up and pull my pants up. Just as I'm about to zip up my roommate bursts into the room. I kick the olive oil under the bed and whip the cum-stained book over my lap covering my dick.

"Hey Jake, you seen my wallet around here?" he asks.

"No," I say.

"What the hell is that smell?"

"What smell?"

"It smells funky in here!"

"No it doesn't."

"Yeah it does!" he says and sniffs the the air.

"It smells like "foot an ass" and, and it smells kinda like olive oil too."

"Oh awwwww?? I just ate some italian bread from olive garden."

"Ok." Then he gives me a weird look and says "Is it that hard?"

"What," I ask, "what are you talking about?" I feel like both my lungs drop-kick my heart at the same time.

There was a pause..........

"That Greek history class. It must be really hard, you have your face in that damn book every time I see you."

"Yeah it's really hard," I wince out.

"Don't worry, I know however HARD it might be you can BEAT it, Right Jake?" he says in a sarcastic tone.

"Yeah." I give out a cynical laugh

"Goofy ass motherfucka." He shuts the door.

I didn't care if he knew what happened, it was the end of the semester and he was moving out anyway.

I showed up to class the next week same routine, this time we just went to get the results for our last and final test. I went up to receive my grade amidst the crowd of students from the same pudgy geeky teacher. The other students in the class walked away cursing as they got their grades, one guy balled up his paper and yelled "this shit sucks"

But she smiled as she gave me my grade. Good job young man, you got the highest grade in the class. The other students had trouble with the final test, was it hard for you?"

"Yeah it was hard I smirked, but................."

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art © by eros V

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In an email to me, boomer, the author of the story, remarked that when I was writing the story, I was thinking the exact same thing you were in terms of showing men frottage can make for some really hot sex. That's what I had in mind. I wanted men to read the story and remember it, and when they came by the idea of frottage again or the website to take a second look at their sexual practices.

Just trying to spread the word that you started. A simple story made to make a guy horny might in one way or another end up preserving his life.

That's a beautiful thought from a really great guy.


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