Buck Wild

buck n his bud
photo by the author

Brock knew that successful bronc riding meant staying focused during the ride, so what happened that night at the rodeo came as a "stiff" reminder with unexpected benefits. Mounting his draw in the chute, everything seemed right and ready, but just before the gate was flung open, something caught the lean, muscular saddle-bronc contestant's eye from across the stands. Two super muscular cowboys were stepping down the aisle each carrying a beer. There really wasn't time to take in all that Brock was seeing, but his inevitible attraction to the visage compelled him to gaze for a moment.

The first cowboy was dark haired with a thick horseshoe stache and wearing an open shirt revealing smooth, massive pecs. He was stuffed into skin tight Wranglers that boasted an enormous basket that bulged under a well-worn crotch. His partner matched his physique with thick biceps rippling through a sleeveless denim jacket and no shirt underneath and was encased in grafted-on 501's with the last button on the fly undone and glinting in the arena lights. He was lighter haired than the first but also had a thick mustache forming a goatee and sported well defined sideburns.

Brock instantly sprung a hard-on over the appearance of the two studs and his own tight Wranglers encased in chaps made the erection almost painful. But it was too late to make an adjustment. The gate swung out and the mustang lept forward. Brock's crotch slammed in the saddle and drops of precum were forced through the denim with each buck of the bronc. The second mistake was made as Brock again took notice of the virile vaqueros who were now yelping along with his ride, and when he saw them grabbing their own crotches, it became more than he could take. A thick burst of semen filled his jeans just as he was being hurled from his mount and the moment of pleasure was quickly interrupted as his butt slammed into the dust of the arena floor.


"No score!" was all Brock could hear as he picked himself up and made his way back to the chutes and tried to discreetly hide the sticky wet spot on his fly. When he got behind a fence, Brock peered up over the rail but saw no sign of the two cowboys. Disappointed, he then gathered his gear and headed towards his trailer. But when he turned around the corner, Brock could hardly believe his eyes. There in front of his trailer were the two muscle studs -kissing! Brock immediately dropped everything as the studs tongued each other in a deep embrace grinding their bulging crotches together. When the saddle thudded on the ground, the men then turned to Brock, smiling. Brock could feel another boner forming in his jeans.

"Ready for another bronc ride, cowboy?" asked the darked haired one. "This here is Dalt and I'm Jack. We could use some fresh cream. We've been milking each other all day."

Brock was almost speechless but managed to introduce himself. His eyes were fixed on the studs' crotches as they showed fresh wet spots as well as some older, crusty stains. "Fuck, yeah, guys! Let's cowboy up!" he finally blurted out.

All three stripped off their shirts and Brock dropped to his knees to get a taste of their meaty baskets. He moaned as he ran his tongue over the lump on Dalt's Levi's and could feel the cock throbbing under the denim. He then did the same to Jack's bulge and mixed saliva with pre-jiz causing the wet spot to grow bigger on the raunchy Wranglers.

Brock stood up and the two muscle cowboys then dropped in front and back of him and started to lick his crotch and seat simultaneously. Brock felt like he was riding a living saddle as he started to buck and twitch with the hunks grinding their faces into his jeans.

"Don't make me cum yet, guys!" Brock groaned. "I need to rustle your mustangs in the flesh." With that, Dalt and Jack stood up again and began grinding with Brock in the middle. Dalt popped the buttons on his Levi's and out sprang eight inches of rock hard cowboy cock and a trail of precum splashed on Brock's crotch. Jack unzipped his Wranglers and whacked his throbbing nine incher against Brock's squirming ass. Brock now had an erection that was close to the edge and didn't know whether he could get it out of his jeans before he shot.

"Don't worry about it, cowboy, " Dalt advised. "Just keep bucking on these broncos. Jack reached around and pinched Brock's nipples and it was all Brock could take. Dalt quickly pulled Brock's zipper down and his eight and a half inch beer can cock sprung out with a gush. As soon as Dalt's cock touched Brock's spurting tool, it erupted along with Brock's. Both loads mixed and drenched each other's jeans. All three cowboys continued to rub feverishly and Jack joined in front with Dalt and contributed a hefty load on top of the other two spasming organs. Each cock finally spurted their last wads and the excess ran down the cowboys' legs and on to their boots.

What happened next will be continued.........


None of the cowboys wanted to waste a drop of the spilled man juice that culminated from the shoot-out that just ensued. The studs scrambled over each other as they lapped up the cum seeping on their jeans and forming puddles on their boots. This, of course, caused each of them to sprout another hard-on which was leading to a second go 'round in this three-man rodeo.

"Damn, you fuckers taste hot!" moaned Brock as he licked Dalt's and Jack's jiz off his moist mustache. "I need to get some more out of y'all."

"Fuck, dude, you got a couple of loaded guns here and the ammo ain't runnin' out for a long time," Jack replied between slurps as he cleaned Brock's boot with his stache and tongue.

Soon the three men stood up and huddled together and shared the last of their mixed seed by swapping their tongues in each others mouths and brushing their mustaches against one another's. They were all fully erect again and Brock had an idea.

"Okay, men, it's time for a blue jean bronco bust," Brock declared. "Stuff yourselves back in those fuckers and we're gonna ride each other till we're bustin' outta the chute."

The rules didn't need any further explanation and the cowboys grunted as they forced themselves back in their Wranglers and Levi's and strained to close the crotches. Their cocks were so engorged that the outlines of their shafts, heads, and balls were completely visible. Dalt stretched the buttons on the fly of his 501's and pubic hairs protruded through the spaces.

Brock took his saddle and threw it over a nearby hay bale. He then instructed Jack to straddle it as he did likewise and the two of them settled on the saddle crotch to crotch. Dalt stood to one side and moved up to where his bulging crotch was in Jack's and Brock's faces. The two then started to trace Dalt's hard-on with their tongues while grinding their own bulges together. Soon a spot of pre-cum appeared on Dalt's Levi's and Jack's and Brock's tongues fought over its acrid taste as it oozed through the denim.

The action started to get hotter as Jack and Brock held on to each of Dalt's thighs and pushed their own bulging flies into each other's.

As the two ram rodders saddle bronced each other, Dalt twitched and bucked into their faces, with the wet spot growing from each thrust.

"Aw jeez, fuckers, I'm about to blow my load!" Dalt cried, clenching his teeth. Jack and Brock didn't say anything but ground their own moistening crotches faster and harder and grabbed Dalt's tight muscular ass and pushed his ever throbbing basket into their feverishly lashing tongues.

"C'mon, cowboy! Bring it on!" Jack said in a groan muffled by burying his mouth in the swollen crotch. With that, all three let out grunts and groans as Dalt exploded in his Levi's, popping a button and causing one of his balls to protrude through the opening. Semen was foaming through the denim with each spurt and Jack and Brock went wild to lap it up.

"Yeee-hah!" Dalt hollered as he another full blast erupted in his Levi's. "Fuck, yeah!"

"Oh, yeah!" Brock chimed in. "That's it, cowboy! Shoot that load! Awww, I'm creamin' my jeans now!"

"Uuugh! Ahhhhh!" was all Jack could reverberate as scalding jism pumped through his Wranglers and actually mixed with Brock's own splooge.

The cowboys shot load after load as they soaked their jeans with cum. Being completely absorbed in their passion, they fell into each other's arms and then into a heaving pile on the ground. Only after catching their breath did they become aware that they were not alone.

To be continued...


The three studs were lying together on the ground exhausted and were soaked with each others' sweat and semen when they all suddenly felt something warm and sticky splashing on their already hot skin. Looking up, they saw a huge cock exploding a thick load over them. It was protruding thru the fly of some super skin tight 501's encasing thick muscular legs on a hot, chiseled, thick-stached cowboy who was grinning down on them.

"Woof!" was all the studly cowboy grunted as he finished the last spasm.

"Fuck, looks like there's gonna be another rodeo tonight, fellas." Brock announced. "Men, meet one of the horniest studs you'll ever find--this is my good buddy, Rowdy. Rowdy, this is Jack and Dalton."

The men all rose to their feet and shook hands with the meanest hunk of a cowboy they'd ever come across (and they came on several). He stood over six feet tall, had a hairy god-like body, piercing green eyes and a thick mustache backed by a day old beard meeting trimmed, defined sideburns.

brock and his stock

His jeans looked as though they were tattooed on and there was no hiding his nine-inch tool and bull sized nuts.

Rowdy stuffed his cock back into his Levi's, as did the others, and made a most welcome invitation.

"I came to pick up Brock and saw ya'll goin' at it so I thought I'd make a contribution," Rowdy admitted. "Ya'll are welcome to join us out at the ranch."

Jack and Dalton were eager and their bulging jeans confirmed their acceptance.

The cowboys were all ready for a raunchy rodeo as soon as they arrived at the ranch. "It's more fun outdoors and the corral is well lit," Rowdy advised. "Let's start out with some fly fucking."

They all knew what that meant: Jack and Brock paired up and unzipped their wranglers. Dalt and Rowdy popped their buttons. Jack leaned back on the fence while Brock pulled out his throbbing boner and slid inside Jack's fly. Dalt leaned on the rail next to Jack while Rowdy entered his Levi's.

"Let's see who cums first!" Rowdy instructed, and the bronc busting began.

Jack lifted his legs up and wrapped them around Brock's hips and met each thrust with one of his own. Their cocks throbbed and leaked inside Jack's wranglers making them slide against each other easier. Rowdy slammed into Dalt's crotch and the two cocks created a hefty spot of precum in his 501s.

All four cowboys increased their pace and began to yell.

"Come on fucker!" Jack grunted as Brock bucked. "Make me bust in my wranglers!"

"Gonna shoot you, stud!" Rowdy moaned to Dalt. "Gonna cream your jeans, fucker!"

Jack dug his spurs on Brock's thighs and it was all they could take.

"Yeee-Haaaah!" Brock hollered as he pumped gobs of jiz on Jack's cock in his jeans which caused Jack to erupt and mix their loads.

Rowdy and Dalt started to moan and yell loudly and soon Dalt's Levis were taking a double load. Rowdy pulled out and continued to spew more spunk all over Dalt from his Levis to the rim of his hat, not missing his chest and face.

After that hot go-round, the cowboys headed to the bunkhouse ...

More to cummm...

way to go buck!!!



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