When I was 18, I was on the high school wrestling squad.  I was already fairly well built by that time - 5 foot, 8 inches, 160 pounds, medium build, clean shaven, with blonde hair (on top and below).  Had a nice size cock already, too - 7 inches cut and nice and thick.  Just like my dad's. I'd seen him in the shower jacking off.  Ever since he split up with my mom, he seemed to do a lot of that.
Anyway, one of my biggest rivals on the squad was this guy Dominic - about the same size as me, only olive complexioned with jet-black hair and pubes to match. His dad was also dark and pretty handsome.  He also happened to be the wrestling coach.  Dominic and I usually wrestled together in practice, but there was often an edge to our matches.  He kind of pissed me off a lot and I seemed to piss him off too.  Pretty soon, we started feeling boners in our singlets during practice.  Hardons combined with a bad temper is a pretty volatile mixture, so I guess what happened next was inevitable.
One Friday after practice, we were toweling off after our shower.  Everyone else was already gone.  Both of us were pretty pissed off about some stuff that had gone down at practice, so the mood was tense.  Both of us were also sporting pretty big hardons as we dried off.  Dominic looked over and issued a challenge.  Let's see who the real tough guy was by wrestling nude and hard.  Man, was I ready for that challenge!
We headed over to the practice room, alone in the gym.  Within seconds we were bearhugging tight and fast - our hard cocks and tight balls slamming against each other.  I managed to throw him to the mat and straddled him fast, our cocks grinding together as we rolled over and over.  Before long he was squirming and moaning - I knew I had him close to cumming - a sure sign of a loser!  I reversed back while on top of him and both of us ended up in a 69 head scissors - our balls just inches from our faces.  I leaned back and shoved my ass right up against his face - boy he was really yelling now.  My other hand grabbed his cock and began jerking furiously.  He was closer and closer when all of a sudden . . .
His dad walked in.  I didn't realize he was still there.  He apparently heard the commotion while he was toweling off from his shower in the coaches' locker room. Boy was he pissed to see his son ready to give up a match to his chief rival - and with my balls and ass in his face, no less!  He ran over and grabbed me off Dominic and threw me to the floor.  He jumped on me and pinned me back - his gradually hardening cock rubbing furiously against mine.  He then reversed himself just as I had done - his dark hairy ass now in my face - balls grinding against my chin.  Dominic cheered as his dad grabbed my hard cock and stroked it faster and faster.  Unable to move in the pin I felt myself weakening.  In minutes I was exploding all over Coach's hairy chest.
"This isn't practice anymore," he said. "Don't fuck with my kid."
"Why don't you pick on someone your own size," I yelled, panting, frustrated and embarrassed.  "Kids fight with kids - dads with dads."
"You're right," Coach replied. "How about your dad and me go at it, while you two little shits watch.  Maybe you'll learn something about how real men fight."
"My dad will kick your ass in a heartbeat," I yelled.  Now totally frustrated and angrier than ever, I stormed off to the locker room.
"Be here tomorrow, punk," he yelled behind me. "And bring your dad with you."
When I got home, I told my dad rather sheepishly how Dominic and Coach had humiliated me.  Boy was he pissed off!  He readily agreed to go with me tomorrow to take on the Coach and maybe show Dominic a thing or two at the same time.  We agreed that the fight was between the two fathers.  But I knew that I would pounce on Dominic if he tried to interfere.  Who knew, maybe all four of us would be fighting each other!
The next day, Saturday, Dad and I headed to the gym locker room.  We both stripped down naked, grabbed a towel and headed for the wrestling workout room.  Dominic and Coach were already there, stretching and limbering up, both of them buck-naked.  Dominic and I took one look at each other and like two angry bulls our cocks reared up.  Dad and Coach said nothing.  Slowly, they moved around the room, checking each other out.  They were both evenly sized - cocks too.
Coach very slowly started to stroke his cock while he kept his eyes on Dad.  "You wanna take me on, asswipe?" he said.
"Fuck you," said Dad.  "Seems you can't keep your balls away from my boy's face - so this one's between you and me."
Dad slowly started to massage his cock and balls.  Both Dad and Coach were white hot and getting harder by the minute.  Within minutes Dominic and I could hear a low growl come from both of them.  They let go of their cocks, now pointing straight up in the air, and charged for each other.
Dad and Coach crashed together in a loud grunt.  Arms squeezed around each other's waists, they stood struggling, each trying to throw the other off balance.  Dominic and I both watched as their pecs rubbed together, their thighs pushed against each other, and of course, their rock hard cocks and tight balls slammed back and forth, back and forth. Coach reached down and grabbed Dad by the ass, slapping and pulling to try and throw him down.  Dad retaliated by shoving his hand in Coach's ass crack, causing Coach to lean back, losing his footing.  He landed on his back, Dad on top of him.  They rolled around the mat like two wildcats, fighting and cursing, cocks and balls grinding furiously.  Dominic and I stayed on the edges of the mat, cheering them on but keeping a watchful eye on each other.
Dad had Coach on his knees now, in a fierce headlock.  "Let your boy fight his own battles," he yelled.
"Fuck you," replied the Coach.  "He's not going to take my kid down behind my back without a fight from me.  My boy and I protect each other."
"So do we," yelled Dad. "You wanna cockfight someone, then it's gonna be me."
With that, he reached back and grabbed the Coach's hard shaft.  He started to pump Coach's cock up and down, all the while holding his head in his arms.  Coach got an advantage and reared back, knocking Dad off his knees but not forcing him to lose hold of his cock.  Coach pushed back so he now lay on top of Dad, only in a 69 position.  He grabbed Dads cock in the same way his was being grabbed.
"You wanna show these boys how to lose," he yelled.
"No way, man," said Dad.  "You're cummin first!"
Dominic and I glared at each other.  Our dads were locked in a mortal sex combat.  Each was defending his kid.  We knew we couldn't just stand there and let this play out, without likewise defending our fathers.  While Dad and Coach rolled over and over jacking and punching in their 69 hold, Dominic and I headed to the center of the mat.
"Seems like you and your dad like to fight dirty," I said.  "Well, my dad and I can fight dirty, too."
With that, I grabbed a headful of his long dark hair and a handful of his rigid cock. He, in turn, did the same to me. We struggled while standing, each trying to push the other over - our eyes squeezed shut in pain as we pulled each other's hair and jacked each other's cocks.  The room was full of naked, pissed off men - all trying to beat each other and beat off each other.  The heat and the man sweat were intense.  All four of us were swearing and yelling - but more and more those yells were interspersed with groans.  We were all getting closer.
By now, Dad had gotten Coach in a grapevine.  Coach's legs were spread wider than I thought possible.  He was leaning back on Dad, locked in this position unable to do anything with his hands or legs.  Dad's hand found its way to Coach's cock and he began stroking in earnest.  Coach realized he was going to lose the fight and struggled harder than ever.  Dad responded by using his legs to pull Coach's legs back even farther, exposing his hot hole.  Like everything else in the room, it was pulsating.  Within minutes, Coach's groans got louder and faster.
"Ready to give it up," yelled Dad.
"Fuck you asshole," Coach replied.
But his groans of angry pleasure gave away his true feelings.  Dominic sensed what was happening and grabbed my hair harder than before.  I had to let go of his cock in order to try and pull his hands away from my hair.  In that split second, he had me down and in another second had me in my own grapevine -  my legs spread so far I thought they would break.  My hairless asshole was now facing the Coach's.  Both of us slowly being defeated by his opponent, as we struggled to try and break free of the holds and the hands pumping our cocks.
"Let my dad go," Dominic screamed.
"Let my boy go," Dad screamed back.
No one was giving an inch and it was clear that this fight was going to be a family draw.  My own groans of pissed off pleasure were matched by Coach's.  Now it became a race to see which of us would cum first.
"Harder Dad," I yelled.
"He's goin down," Dad yelled back.
With that, Coach yelled louder than I had ever heard and exploded in a volcano of hot, white cum.  Seeing it, Dominic cried out, knowing his Dad had lost the fight.  He grabbed me harder and in seconds, my own cum was squirting everywhere, drenching Dominic and me in hot, white lather.
Holds were released and dads and sons reunited in their respective corners.  Both teams knew it was a draw.  Both knew instinctively that this wouldn't be the final match.  A rematch was not only inevitable, it was required.
"Next Saturday, punks," yelled Coach, his cum still dripping from his slowly fading erection.
"We'll be ready," said Dad.
We then headed back to the locker room, Dad vowing to show me a few moves during the week to make sure that we would reign supreme. 

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