In "A Celebration of Life: Frot, AIDS, and the Return to Joy," seven Warriors talk about the meaning of frot in their own lives, the impact of the epidemic, and the ways in which frot has enabled them to survive.
These are compelling stories. If you have one of your own that you'd like to share with your fellow warriors, please either send it to me for posting, or post it yourself in Personal Stories. What you have to say constitutes a unique oral history. Don't let it be lost. Write it down and put it out there for your brother warriors to hear.


Brotherhood and Freedom

Email 1

This note comes with a cockload for respect for a MAN who's not afraid to tell the truth. I've just finished reading your two Letters to POZ and, as a fellow-survivor of a lover whose life was ended by AIDS I feel richer for the wisdom you are imparting to our gay male community.

It's indeed disconcerting that POZ's editors would not publish that magnificently reasoned, urgently needed first letter of yours. Younger guys need to hear what you have to say; us older dudes need to remind ourselves of the cultural tyranny that lies behind the current barebacking/buttfucking campaign, and be ready to defend our Cock-rubbing, frot, and wrestling alternatives. There are many ways to achieve the sexual bliss, communion and ecstasy we gay men need and have a right to; none should be put down when they try to tell how highly charged an experience cock-rubbing, frot, and wrestling can be and for many of us are.

As I continue to read the superior material you've posted on the Cock Rub Warriors community I'm realizing how lucky I am to have stumbled on it and now be part of it.
Any help you ever need you have but to ask and if it's in my power you've got it. Thanks, Bill, for making me proud to be a gay man again.

Email 2

Thanks so much for your kind comment on my wrestling story, glad you liked it. Yes, no matter what form our fantasies take or what kind of body-images we visualize we Cockrub Warriors share a great deal that is empowering. We are a brotherhood, as you & your tremendous site remind us. Our fantasies, needs, desires, are as real as our manly erect cocks.

I would be honored if you posted this story on the Cockrub Warrior site, hope some of the guys enjoy it as much as I've got hard reading your stories. [Vic Logan's sweet, sexy stories about Bearcub Combat and love can be found in the Warrior Fiction section of the site.]

Email 3
Just finished reading The Avenger and loved it! Great tale of a young guy's overcoming the exploitation of buttfucking. And I really liked your depiction of Ares/Mars too. I've always felt he's written off as a too-crude jock deity when in fact he's a manly warrior with a heart.

I can't tell you how free I have felt since having "met" you on Cockrub Warriors. I feel we're all bros no matter the difference or distances.

Wish Cockrub Warriors had been around long ago when I was younger, coming out back in the 70s & put down all the time because I didn't like buttfuckin. Some guys were always trying to convince me I wasn't "doing enough," or that other line "Is that all you wanna do?"

I remember when I was tested for HIV the first time, and went to get the results. I was real nervous, my lover had been diagnosed & was already ill. I thought I would be too, convinced that I had been exposed and that having lived in NYC all through the late 70s and early 80s was a virtual death sentence.

But when I was told that I was neg the counselor told me something that has stuck in my head ever since, all through the deaths of my nearest and dearest lovers and companions, and at every funeral and memorial I've attended, Bill: "Looking over the sexual history you gave me, you were inadvertently practicing safer sex before it was necessary."

I totally agree with you that those who say buttfucking is the ultimate gay sex are all wet. As there are many unique ways to be gay there are as many sexual expressions. COCKRUB WARRIORS RULE MAN!

Cockslams, Warrior jizz, and a huge hard bearhug,


 Getting Infected
Staying Healthy

frottage...this has been my preferred sexual activity for as long as i can remember. however, i think that is what has caused my extreme sexual inactivity.

i remember the first time being with a guy. for the first 15 minutes, it was hot as hell. no anal, no oral...just kissing and rubbing. i was thinking that this was what most guys were into. all of a sudden, he slowed down and asked "so, what are you into?"

that made me very anxious, and i found myself losing excitement. i guess he noticed, so he started jacking off. but it was obvious that he had lost excitement also...kind of like "well, lets jack off and get it over with".

a couple years later, in 84, i had my second experience. after 20 minutes of kissing and rubbing, i came. i was still turned on, so i kept my hard-on. a couple more minutes of kissing, then i found myself being positioned on my stomach. i knew exactly what was about to happen, and tho i didnt really want it to, i allowed it. however, after 5 minutes of intense pain, i put an end to it!

turns out i became positive by this experience. i found out in 86. i only had one other sexual encounter--in 86. i still keep in contact with the guy from 86, and he is negative (the guy from 84 died of AIDS in 90).

after the initial shock, i took a common sense approach to my situation. if frottage is what i was into, that is all that i would do. now, sucking is fine also, but i know that i could live happily with kissing and frottage only. not only is it safe--preventing me from infecting someone, and preventing me from being re-infected--but i find it a total turn-on.

nothing is better that kissing, and the feel of a man's body rubbing against mine. i have not engaged in anal sex since 86, and feel that is the reason i am extremely healthy today.

however, meeting guys is impossible! most guys just ARENT into frottage. they consider it foreplay...then they're ready for the main event...

Bill: just wanna say dudes, that Darrell would sure be the main event with me. I think it's extraordinarily brave of him to put his story out there. If you think so too, maybe you'll let him know.


the feel of a man's body

art by EROS V



Frottage is Primary

Not second-class
Not anal or vaginal

A Celebration of Life:

Precious, Fun, Exciting, Wonderful

Dear warriors,

This note was originally sent to warrior  Delaware Brother, who forwarded it to me.

That's the way our club and our movement build.


Dear Delaware Brother,
Just a note of thanks for your thought provoking expression that you posted on the "Frottage Men's Club Bulletin Board." It is an amazing thing that our civic and cultural leaders seemingly believe that anal (as well as vaginal sex) is the only form of true sexual expression between two individuals.
As a gay couple who enjoy frottage as our primary form of sexual expression for each other exclusively it was with great delight to have read your posting. Perhaps many gay and straight people will come to understand that with the uncertainty of HIV/AIDS alternatives to "insertion" should indeed be practiced. Although condoms reduce the chances of sexually transmitted diseases, history has shown them not to be entirely fail-safe. So the question remains... why do we, with the advice of our cultural and civic leaders, engage in behaviors that are not only life threatening to ourselves but to our society as a whole? Has the preciousness of life been reduced to a night of wild and reckless abandonment? Perhaps, 30 or 40 years ago we could allow ourselves these self-indulgent behaviors but the reality is that we are now in the 21st century being facing with a disease that is pandemic and no real lasting cure in sight!
Thank you again for your posting. And hopefully within time the Gay Community can come to recognize that we who enjoy Frottage (for whatever our personal reasons) are not merely second-class citizens in this ever widening community of ours. But that, above all, we value our lives and those we have contact with because life is precious, exciting, fun, wonderful, and filled with so many interesting people and events that we wouldn't want to miss out on any of it... not even for a night of wild and reckless abandonment.
Brad & Terry
Tucson, Arizona

Brad and Terry are two really coool dudes who aren't afraid to speak the truth. If you wanna speak to them, email them at Brad & Terry of Tucson, Arizona


startin with a kiss



Dear Bill,

Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your frottage story and could definitely relate. I thought the only way to jerk off was to lay on the bed and rub my dick between the blanket.

At 22 I found a most wonderful hairy man who would let me lie on top of him and shoot onto his belly just like I did on the sheets. We met in 1982 and I thought we had rescued each other in time. But, he lived almost 12 years and passed away in 1994.

Although I thought that would be the end of a lot of things, it was also a new beginning. Three years ago I met my new husband. We cuddled in bed together and i slowly rocked my body against his and .....



hey bill....

wow..just discovered your hot msn's great that you are giving voice to lots of guys who are into hot cock to cock friction....the HOT pleasure of body to body contact...frottage and feeling two hot pricks grinding together....way too many men think this is too VANILLA for them...but its healthy hot safe horny fun and incredibly sexy...

I always felt like I was in this minority of gay men that was looked down on cuz our pleasure wasnt HOT enough for other guys.....

besides wrestling I think you should include the hot pleasure of man to man massage....I always thought those Greek warriors would get naked and massage each other at the end of a hard day of battle....those sweaty hard lean muscles....then just naturally start sliding their hot bodies over one fucking full body to body naked massage that leads to that incredible pleasure of feeling your hot prick grinding against another hot guys prick.....

cant wait to explore the site and chat with other members..

Bill: Jack sounds like a dude well worth chattin with. And he's right about the Greeks. We know from the 16,000 vase paintings that survived the christian onslaught that these warrior dudes rubbed cocks. Cockrubbin has been part of the warrior way for millenia. 

And will be again.



body to body


Deep Kissing

 Rubbing Each Other's Cocks Together


Tight Embrace


Hi Bill,

Thanks for the personalized welcome to your club.

I created in2jo for a reason-so I won't get asked the inevitable question - are you a TOP or a BOTTOM? I quit going to mainstream gay clubs for that reason. There are a lot of masturbation related clubs on the web, and I consider frottage a most romantic way of being with a man - because deep kissing each other seems to go well with rubbing each other's cocks together in tight embrace. Unfortunately other than fantasy I really haven't had an encounter like this and I'm 47 years old. That's why I joined your club - to see if I can meet other guys with this sexual mentality.

One of the few movies that had masturbation and cockfighting as its theme that came out in the 80s was Johnny Harden and Friends. VCRs were new then and it was a novelty to rent and watch with friends. So, I rented it and invited my gay neighbors to watch it also. They thought the movie was so boring since that's all they did. I didn't say anything, but found it extremely exciting. I made a copy of it and still have it today.

I currently live in Houston, but will be relocating to Central Florida this summer. I'm hoping this change will also bring some changes to my sexual life. Right now I just let guys suck me since I have a penis that everybody wants in their mouth. It's hard to find strictly JO or frot guys here.


I think Charlie would be well worth finding - and he sure deserves that tight embrace. Look him up dudes.




Dear Bill,

I read your article that is your "signature piece" (Hyacinthine Love).....and words are difficult to think of right now .....

Tears flowed down my face as I read about your growing up and coming to recognize your sexuality .... for most of what I was reading could have been written by myself .........

Thank you for sharing your personal life and giving others the verification that we are not "different" ......



another kind of verification

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