Two Experiences

Warrior mikey12a

Posted 8/22/01

Since joining this group a couple of experiences come to mind. The first is an experience with my last ex-boyfriend. I loved to lay on top of him, my cock nuzzling alongside his, which was twice as big as mine, nestling in his wiry pubic hair. I'd cum on his belly, the juice dibbling down his hips. He wanted, however, to be fucked. And when the time came, my cock had a mind of its own and refused to stay hard enough to go in his tight ass. Unfortunately it wasn't long before he started seeing a guy who did give him what he wanted and we drifted apart.

The second experience was with a guy who I met in a bar and we went back to my place. We were cuddling in bed when he told me to turn onto my front. I expected to be fucked as he straddled my hips, but instead he rubbed his cock along the crack of my ass. He said, "I respect you too much to fuck you" and came over my back. Then he carefully wiped his warm cum off me with a towel, wiped his cock, got back into bed and cuddled me. It was a remark I shall always remember even though I haven't seen him for a long time.


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