Mart Finn

It's a scene. It's a blast. London town 2000. Guys are out and proud strutting their stuff. Everyone has a niche ... on the scene. The bars and clubs you go to ... and the ones you don't. Inevitably ... if you go to the same places often enough you get to know the other punters. And that's what it's all about. Isn't it ? The validation that you're out ... looking and feeling good ... ready to get sexy, horny and physical with another guy. By mutual consent of course.

Malcolm was 23 years old. 5'11 wavered around 165 lbs. He was lean and fit. You could see he was a young ... man ... good looking, wide smile on a fresh, eager face. His green eyes shinning with the excitement of whatever they were looking at. He had light brown hair. But it was so cropped (No 1) it didn't signify. His chest was 40... and his fit body about 30... round the waist. He worked out in the gym and worked his body's youthful propensity to be defined and hard. He was employed as the controller of dispatch riders. It was all verbal ... but it was a rough old business. Malcolm relished the safe distance, but highly testosterone and CC fuelled interactions that made up his working day. Out of work he was a young stud on his manor. He had a bachelor apartment and bachelor ways. He had his mates ... and then he had his fuck's. For him the high point of his week was to go out at the weekend and find a guy to fuck. Oh yeah, I failed to mention he had a 6" uncut cock. Not a huge dick but he thought he knew how to use it. He liked to fuck guys. Drive them wild with his internal dick to ass stimulation. Most often while they looked up at him. Smiling or grimacing ... satisfaction.

Then there was Pete. 27 years old. 6' tall. 180 lbs. This guy was what's called 'built'. He wasn't pumped up ... but he was all there in the sexy body stakes. 44" chest and 33" waist. His arms and pecs so defined they could have been implants. His six pack stomach ... decorated by a trail of black hair that led to his 8" uc cock. Not to focus too much on the body ... hhhmmm ... Pete had a handsome masculine face ... his jaw square and his brow furrowed. He had black hair ... slightly longer than fashionable ... but not what one would call long. He had piercing dark brown eyes ... the whites of his eyes as white as his gorgeous teeth. He could have been a model ... or a porn star ... can't dudes like him just do what the fuck they want ? Anyhow ... Pete was a security guard ... at a government building. He didn't have high goals. He liked the safety of the government contract. He liked his life.

These two studs seemed to frequent the same venues. Over time they noticed that they both did the same kind of thing. Hung out with a few guys ... danced some ... picked up and left with a date ... score. If there is such a definition ... Malcolm and Pete were the hunters ... not the eager prey. So they clocked each other ... doing their thing in the bars and clubs. They never clashed over prey ... they were introduced at some point and thereafter nodded politely if they crossed paths. And so it was.

Then at some point ... Pete couldn't actually put his finger on when ... he noticed that Malcolm was looking at him in a different way. Pete caught him watching. Not cruising ... but watching him. Like he was real fascinated. At first it kind of creeped Pete out. Then he remembered that Malcolm had a reputation as a cool, non-freak guy. Pete shrugged it off. Tried not to give it too much mental energy. Then he noticed they were getting closer. I mean ... in the bars and clubs ... most times Pete saw Malcolm across some space. Recently and regularly he had noticed that Malcolm seemed to be, 'not too far away'. It made the eye contact more intense. Pete was now getting a feeling that Malcolm was interested ... in something. It was the 'what ?' that he couldn't figure out. On the grand scale of things (not so grand when referring to the gay scene) Pete had surmised that Malcolm was kind of at the other end of the scale from him. He knew Malcolm was 23. So he was just getting into his stride. Just coming up on his wave of abundant sexual opportunities ... about to ride high for a few years on the Young Stud fuck train. That's if he didn't burn out. Pete thought of himself as 'over 25'. He'd worked his looks and pulling power for the last four or five years. He'd done them ... and in plenty. He'd made sure he had his turn and made the most of it. In the sometimes skewed analysis of early manhood ... he thought he was now on a managed and dignified decline. He would be 30 and fabulous. He had no regrets about moving on and making way for the 'new young studs'. Man this youthful rationalisation !

'What does he think we'd get up to ?' It was a Friday night ... or early Saturday morning ... both studs were in a club. Pete was talking to himself. He had noticed Malcolm checking him out ... again. 'Unless he's decided he'd like to get fucked ? Try it with an expert ?' As he looked at Malcolm ... that didn't seem too plausible. He was acting just the same ... he looked just the same. As Pete now took his turn to study Malcolm ... he wondered about the kind of sex two studs would have. Two 'tops' ... like equals ... neither wanting to be sub ... so two studs. Pete was getting a hard on. His body was ahead of his mind. He still didn't have a clear idea about how such a sexual encounter would pan out. 'Suppose we'd show off our cocks and bodies then wank one another off.' He was still thinking to himself and looking over at Malcolm. Malcolm suddenly looked back and they made eye contact. Pete nodded and smiled. Then Malcolm and a couple of guys hit the dance floor.

Seeing Malcolm moving decidedly upped the ante for Pete. Watching the guy dance around. His masculine young body flexing and gliding to the music. Pete noticed that Malcolm had a cute, awesome ass ... but he gathered that was just scenery ... he focused on the bulge in the front of the guys jeans. Yeah looked like he was packing something ... with sizeable balls too. Pete's cock was now making a clear shaft outline in his jeans. He was caught up in his train of thought. Work shopping the sexual possibilities of getting up close and personal with Malcolm engrossed him completely. As he watched that bulge move and swivel around with the beat ... he wanted to feel his body ... his crotch ... his hard cock up against Malcolm's. He wanted to find out what kind of energy there was between two stud bodies and two stud cocks. 'Wow ... shit ... damn ... why wasn't this horny before ? ... This is so fucking horny !!' Pete was still in his cocktocock revelation when he felt a hand on his half hard cock. A definite squeeze. One of his mates had seen him daydreaming. "I can see you're up for it !!" His mate spoke loudly over the music. "Who's the lucky asshole ?" Pete made no reply. His eyes went back to looking at Malcolm on the dance floor. His head made no movement to give away who he was looking at. He shrugged his shoulders and his mate laughed and walked away.

On the dance floor Malcolm was pleased and yet not pleased that Pete was obviously ... finally ... giving him some attention. He was instantly conscious that he would feel far more comfortable if this fellow stud was contemplating him standing at the bar ... or standing anywhere ... just not dancing. Malcolm felt that every move was 'camp' 'girlie' ... he soon stopped dancing and walked back to where his drink was located. His mates didn't follow. He was then kind of standing alone. He saw Pete's eyes follow him. 'This feels better. Somewhat better.' He thought.

The way the two studs kept looking at each other ... you would have thought they were sizing one another up for a tussle. Their facial expressions slightly tense. Their bodies on full ... 'I'm being scanned' mode. Neither felt really comfortable. They were both used to doing the chasing. In this situation it was hard to suss out who was cruising who.

Nothing happened that night ... except they both went home alone for a change ... and they both jacked off visualising man2man sex ... with each other. A cliché I know. But it's all part of the build up of anticipation. How the anticipation of new sexual delights manifests in reality ... that's the motivation ... the urge to make it happen. They had great wanks.

Just a few days later Pete had gone to a bar on Old Compton Street after work ... about 6pm. It was a Tuesday I think, anyhow, there were just a few people in there. Pete had got his drink and found a spot to stand near the window when Malcolm walked in. Pete kind of stood up straight when he saw him. It was an unconscious response. The man of his current wank fantasies had just walked into the bar. He got a twinge in his cock to boot.

Malcolm did not see Pete at first. He ordered a drink and took a couple of tastes of it before he turned round. When he did he see Pete, it was Malcolm's turn to pull himself up, instantly. Pete saw him do it ... recognised that he had done the same. It had looked as if Malcolm was going to take a step forward as he turned around. He'd not only pulled up fast ... but it now seemed that he was unsure where he might move to. The guys had made eye contact. Neither of them knew anyone else in the bar. Neither would be cramping any style at 6.10pm on a Tuesday night. Why wouldn't they talk? ... then again why should they talk ?

They were both thinking this same thought as Malcolm turned around to face the bar again. He had to regroup. Pete pondered walking right over and saying 'Hi'. Malcolm pulled himself together, turned around and nodded and smiled at Pete. There was nothing else for it. Pete smiled and nodded. Malcolm walked right over to him. He didn't want to wait for any 'come on' flick of the head. That was what he did to potential fucks. There was no way Pete was ever going to get to fuck him. He was just intrigued that's all. See what two studs can get up to. If he was going to pick a stud ... Pete was the one for him.

"You're out early." Malcolm offered his hand ... a firm, warm handshake ensued. "I need a 'pick me up' after a boring day at work. What's your excuse?" Pete clinked bottles with Malcolm and drank some of his larger. "I need a pick me up before a boring night in. Cheers mate." Malcolm drank some lager too. Pete smiled widely, confidently. "I've seen you around lately ... you're looking good mate ... surely you don't have to be alone." Pete laughed and drank some more. If they were going to have man2man, 'lads sex', ... then they had to be themselves ... lads. No fuckin' small talk. Just real talk. "Well, I have my times when I'm looking for something a bit different. If I don't get it immediately ... I don't mind hanging out till I get it ... it's all the more horny that way." Malcolm laughed. He'd looked Pete in the eye the whole time, a wry smile on his face as he spoke. Pete raised his bottle to him. Well, viva 'real talk'.

Pete was wearing his uniform black trousers, blue shirt, part unbuttoned, the neck line of his white T-shirt was visible. He had a casual grey jacket, kind of close fit. He looked like an off duty copper. Malcolm liked that. He had on a pair of worn 501's, a black sweatshirt, denim jacket. That was kind of the uniform in his office ... for those that weren't into biker's leathers ! They were both standing, moving from one foot to the other. Going through the motions of looking around the bar. Every now and then catching each other's eye and smiling. It was getting too girlie for both of them. They either had to part and think some more about getting it on ... or ... they had to negotiate it ... man2man. It shouldn't be like a charm offensive, or a slick sexy conflab. It should be like two men ... easy ... confident with themselves. Attracted and intrigued by an equal ... one of the same ilk ... who also wants to know what frisson there is in two males with similar sexual imperatives ... mutually drawn to explore physical sex together ... how does that go ? They'd only been standing in the bar together for about 12 minutes max ... and they were both sure they wanted to know all of the afore said ... about each other.

"What's different ?" Pete wanted to talk about sex. Now ! Malcolm had deliberately planted the word different, to solicit that question. Bingo ! "Something different from suck and fuck." Malcolm stated, matter of fact. Then continued ... a more sexy, sincere, accurate tone in his voice ... like he could see in his mind what he was relating to Pete. "Maybe just standing up for a start. I'm a bit bummed out with guys laying down and expecting the works. Something a bit more..." Malcolm paused wanting to get the right word. "Equal. More of a horny interaction and less of a transaction. I know what you mean mate." Pete finished Malcolm's sentence as if their thoughts, feelings, on the matter were synchronised. They turned to face each other and held eye contact. Raised their bottles and said together ... "Yeah ! Cheers mate."

Malcolm followed up. "Gives me a semi thinking of it." He smiled at Pete and then looked right at his pants crotch. Pete put his hand in his pocket and felt his cock. "Yeah ... I'm getting that way myself. Just contemplating the possibilities." He winked at Malcolm as he spoke. "There's something about a horny stand up feel up ... with the right man of course." Pete emphasised man. Not guy, dude, lad or bloke ... man. He was announcing he was looking for another man. The inference of the word and the way Pete said it made Malcolm's cock take a leap in his jeans. He looked down at his bulge as if there was something alien there. He looked up into Pete's face and winked back. "Something definitely stirred when you said that ... man."

"I think we are looking for the same thing." Pete kept eye contact with Malcolm. "I think we are." Malcolm replied instantly enjoying the eye-to-eye stare. "Anal is left out of it. Completely." Their eyes still locked Pete spoke, not quite sure if this was a male-to-male negotiation or a sexual rehearsal. He was already rock hard. His 8" cock was obvious now in his pants. "Not on the cards. Not with us two. It's the other stuff ... I want." Malcolm ended in mid sentence. "What ?" Pete wanted to hear it. "Feel up, cock on cock, whatever two men want to get up to ... but not anal." Malcolm emphasised men. "Your place or mine. I don't mind. I'd like it tonight though." Pete was as direct as can be. And he didn't mind showing through his voice, his face and body "Let's drink up and go." Malcolm knew as he spoke, anyone could see his cock was throbbing obviously in his jeans. What the hell ... this was like a fuckin' dream anyway.

I won't bore you with the details of the journey back to Malcolm's flat. When they got inside they both seemed, on the surface, to get somewhat uncomfortable. Malcolm lapsed into the regular mode he used with all the guys he picked up. Offering a drink ... pointing out the bathroom. He didn't realise his air of superficially 'taking control' was breaking the mood for Pete. This was a venue not a social event. This was something so new ... it couldn't be slotted into the mould of a 'gay man's disposable, functional, physical small talk approach to male on male intimacy. Pete didn't want to feel he was on anyone's 'patch' ... just with this man. He didn't respond to Malcolm's banter.

Pete was still standing. Malcolm was about to sit down when he noticed Pete hadn't sat down since he arrived. " er ... you ok mate ?" Malcolm walked over to Pete who looked him right in the eye. "Yeah ... sure ... I'm not sure how this goes. I think we both have to adjust our set moves. All of a sudden ... I ain't got any moves ... what about you ?" Pete held the stare. Only taking his eyes away from Malcolm's for nanno seconds to scan the expression on his face. Pete found the honest talk arousing. He wanted to know what it was like for Malcolm ... what he was thinking and feeling. Pete wanted lots of verbal with this sexual interaction. He was setting the pace.

"I left my set moves back in the pub mate. Since we're not trying to fuck one another ... er ... we'll have to see what happens." Malcolm was talking off the top of his head. This was like a dream ... the desires and urges he had for Pete couldn't be put into words so easily. It was all new ... but to Malcolm ... it was like looking at a warm tropical sea ... the wonders and treasures below the surface as yet only vaguely outlined ... the colours, the promise of the warm embrace of the waters ... makes it almost impossible not to jump in. That's how he felt. Malcolm spoke again ... the two men standing face to face ... holding eye contact ... like they were trying to read one another's minds. "I know I want to kiss you." Malcolm stood forwards as he spoke. His body slightly tense ... his head straight up ... not leaning to invite a kiss ... more like his manly lips were coming to get one. Pete responded immediately. He moved into Malcolm ... their faces came close. Both had their heads held high ... foreheads frowning with the anticipation of a masculine kiss. Anyhow their noses collided before their lips could touch. They kind of clashed hard making both guys reel back ... laughing and holding their noses. As they had been standing so close together ... they had to grab one another as they leaned back and their other hands went to their noses.

Result ! Their crotches came together. Their bulges, jeans on black pants ... hard cock shafts pressed in and they could feel the balls on balls meld through the cloth. That got their attention. They were both now smiling and making sexual half laugh, half groan noises. Pete pushed in with his groin ... leading with his dick shaft ... trying to find Malcolm's ... his voice changing to emitting a low ... deeply resonant " ... mmmmmmmmmmmm ..." Pete's eyes closed. Malcolm looked down as he felt and heard cocktocock. He pushed with his hard dick shaft ... finding Pete's ... feeling it just as hard as his. Both cocks now throbbing ... each to the other. Malcolm's eyes looked up from the bulge on bulge spectacle ... Pete's eyes and lips were waiting for his. They kissed deep ... eyes open ... not neither of them wanting to miss one moment of the others pleasure ... their male lovers most intimate reactions to their interaction.

Their tongues wrestled and they ground their cocks shafts one on the other. The two studs couldn't resist thrusting hard ... all of a sudden. As if periodically reminding their male partner ... this was male to male sex ... equal sharing equal ... signalling the physical and sensual power that explodes from that interaction. Both following their intuitive instincts they started to wrestle each other to the ground. Fully clothed. Not ripping and tearing and grappling. Kissing and moulding their bodies ... leading from the crotch ... the cocktocock fucking motions ... the phallus to phallus grinding ... kissing all the time.

Neither was afraid to get on the floor ... their bodily movements and the sounds of rising pleasure coming from both of them ... they knew they would each have their turn in the wrestle to feel a man on top of them ... and them on top of a man. Pete was slightly stronger, more ardent, as they lightly hit the deck he rolled Malcolm and was on top of him in a flash. He held himself up by his arms ... still kissing Malcolm ... his big cock mounting Malcolm's ... pushing down with his groin ... using his weight to drive his cock into his mate's ... mounting his cock from head through shaft to dickroot and balls. Pete had to see ... he broke the kiss. Malcolm was thrusting up his hips ... giving Pete some hard shaft to shaft from below. Stud cock on stud cock. "ARRRRRGGGGHHHHH !!! Fuckin' 'ell ... oh mate ... " Pete had so many sexual impressions running through his mind. He felt like their cocks were bucking and fucking together. Two male dicks ... neither would be the master of the other ... they were two stud cocks ... rubbing together for pleasure ... showing off at the same time ... for the fun of it. He sensed a relaxation in his being he had felt only on rare moments with other men. This sexual interaction was not mapped out. Running to a game plan. A prescribed paradigm culminating in a pause for condom and lube then a physical, psychological separation as each man found his own pleasure from ... with ... through ... in ... the other. Pete relaxed into the sensations he was getting from his cock and whole body. His arms released and his chest came down on Malcolm's ... they kissed warm and deep and long as Malcolm rolled them over and got on top of Pete.

Malcolm had to take in every moment ... every move ... he had one hand around the back of Pete's neck ... his other arm was holding his weight. As he looked down to see the precise moment when his cock mounted Pete's bigger dick, his hand managed to raise Pete's head so he could see it too. The stud on top showing off his cock mounting his mate's. Pete thrust up hard ... his dick replying to the sensation of hard cock getting on top. Pete grabbed Malcolm's ass cheeks and pulled him in hard. Bucking up so his big cock was fucking up ... hips clashing as cocks did. A hard sexual grimace on Pete's face ... he wanted to see if Malcolm's cock had the spunk to ride his cock. If it was equal to his. Malcolm responded with both barrels. His ass pulled up lifting both of them off the ground ... then he slammed his cock down on Pete's ... grinding hard ... pushing his balls and dickroot down on Pete's dickroot ridge ... humping and thrusting his cock ... "UUUUURRRRGGGGHHHHHH !!! ... Now I've got you mate ... you feel it ?" Malcolm was outside his body ... up above himself looking down ... at his own back ... his ass pounding up and down as he fucked Pete's stud cock there on the floor. Pete took one hand and pulled Malcolm's lips to his ... almost hissing as their mouths met. "I feel it ... oh yeah."

They kissed hard ... sucking on tongue then lips and face ... groaning and baying as Pete again used his body strength to turn them onto their sides. They lay there kissing and slamming and grinding their dicks together. Humping cock shaft on cock shaft. Chest to chest. Kissing all the time. Pushing together so hard at mouths and crotches it was like they wanted to mould together.

They were getting hot and sweaty in all their clothes. Their under pants were wet with precum ... their cock shafts had had enough of fabric friction. One of them had to call time out. Malcolm pulled his face away and started breathing heavily. He stopped thrusting his groin at Pete ... resisted Pete trying to roll him onto his back. "I'm gonna fuckin' cum right here if we don't break mate." Malcolm rubbed his hard cock shaft through his jeans. "Let's get naked in the bedroom." Pete started to disentangle himself ... trying to stand up. "ALL RIGHT !" Malcolm stood up as well.

I won't bore you with the journey to the bedroom (smile). They were standing at the end of the double bed. About four feet apart. "I'm not saying I want to get on the bed." Pete winked at Malcolm. He was enjoying the standing ... improvised arrangements. He liked the masculine ... male ... having sex standing up ... face to face ... cocktocock ... ambience. He didn't want to break it. "I'm up for getting naked." Malcolm winked at Pete. They both stripped off ... watching each other intently. Then they were standing ... about three feet apart now. Pete's eight inch uncut cock waving like a new flagpole. Strong, rock hard ... pulsing with irresistible intention. Malcolm flexed his six inch uncut cock ... precum oozing from his piss slit. They both paused. Momentarily unsure, again, of what to do. Where to start. Malcolm put his hand to his chest finding his nipple. As he spoke he felt his own body ... but described Pete's.

"You got a real fit bod on you mate. Much more hair on your chest than me." Malcolm rubbed his chest and nipple, then his hand went to his belly. "Then we both got the same kind of love, hair, trail down to our dicks. I like it that they both stand up straight. That's fuckin' horny. Mine's pumping out precum mate." Malcolm was smiling broadly and sincerely at Pete. Pete came close their cock shafts just an inch apart. Their dicks flexed instinctively. They touched. Both studs were rooted to the spot. They went up on their toes as their cocks flexed again and again. Sometimes holding the cocks flexed and touching shaft to shaft ... for what seemed like ages ... it felt so hot and strong and essential. They both looked down and Pete brought his hand and caught their two uncut cocks. He pulled them together shaft-to-shaft ... he grasped them and pulled both foreskins down then flexed his cock so their cock heads touched. Shinning skin on shinning skin. Both cocks throbbed and pumped out precum to join them.

Both guys altered their footing to bring their balls close ... hairy scrotums and dickroot ridges hard together. Pete jacked off their cocks. They both looked down ... entranced. Then they started to thrust cockoncock. "Now we're having a go ... now we're doin' it." Pete was fully focused on keeping the thrusting cocks in his hand ... watching and savouring every thrust and grind ... ridge on ridge ... their stud balls slapping and mashing together. Two cocks goin' at it ! It was Pete's turn to see himself from above. Two stud cocks in his hand. Butt naked with his stud cock mate ... both fucking their dicks into his hand. Goin' at it ! "I like it mate ... oh yeah ... fuckin' A !!" Malcolm was being honest. He was holding his cum in his balls ... he didn't want to shoot his load. This was too good. He'd rarely taken time with any other guy to have such intensity. Cocktocock and balls to balls intensity. Knowing that they could fool around like this all night ... they weren't on their way to sorting out who would fuck who ... they could sample and savour and interact male to male ... all night. This got Malcolm really turned on. It was his moment to fully relax into the interaction. The adventure was completely benign and fulfilling ... and so horny it was barely possible in reality. His cock responded in the here and now. The steady flow of precum increased to a stream. Malcolm's cock was pulsing with the beat of his heart. Even though Pete continued to thrust and rub and squeeze the two rock hard cocks together.

Malcolm pulled back a bit ... freeing his dick. Pete let his hand fall. Malcolm had hold of his dick and was pointing it downwards to Pete's thick cock shaft. Malcolm smeared the precum up and down Pete's throbbing dick shaft. Rubbing the cock heads together ... gathering up some of Pete's precum and making a glistening line down ... all the way down to his balls. As Malcolm pulled his foreskin back and pushed his cockhead on to Pete's cock ridge ... right inside his scrotum ... his balls pushed to either side ... Pete let out a deep loud moan. Like he was being touched in a most sensitive area. Male to male Malcolm sensed ... knew where that area truly lay. He was intent on pleasuring his buddy ... he'd get his oozing wet cock head on that gspot. Pete moaned and pushed his dick ridge into the hard cock head. "AGGGHHHH ! Fuckin' 'ell ! No bastard ever pleasures me there ... you know ... fuckin' 'ell mate !" Pete had a whole story to tell about how guys liked him to lick and nibble and rub his cock on their gspot ... put his cock between their legs and throb it ... pulsing into their dickroot gspot ... but he rarely got given the same pleasure. He thought Malcolm might have found his soft spot. He didn't alter his reactions and gyrations ... he went with the pleasuring. Malcolm pulled his dripping cock head back slightly. His other hand cupped Pete's balls and lifted them. His dickroot ridge was clear and throbbing ... all the way between his legs. Pete opened his legs a bit further. Malcolm put his dick head just where his dickroot gspot was ... anticipated from mutual anatomy that Pete's might be in the same place. Pete tensed at the hot contact. His hand went behind Malcolm's neck and his other hand grabbed Malcolm's nipple squeezing hard. Pete took a sharp intake of breath. They were both on their toes again. Malcolm rubbing and massaging his cock head along that dick ridge. Finding and stimulating his mate's gspot ... then leaving ... then returning. Finally they could hold that position no longer. As if neither could sustain the intensity of their sex at that level.

Back on their feet again ... Pete smiled and breathed. "You want some of that ... me to you ?" His cock had been waving about and dripping precum on his balls and onto Malcolm's dick. He had plenty to spare to rub all over his stud cock mate's hardon. "Gimmie !" Malcolm's intense reply. Pete performed the same service to Malcolm's cock as he had received. Males scent and secretion marking each other. Then Pete pulled back his foreskin and pushed his cock head into Malcolm's ... there was so much precum ... two red and throbbing cockheads ... one bigger than the other ... both revealed and proud to the other ... oozing their satisfaction. Pete took this mixed secretion and made to find his mates dickroot gspot. He moved Malcolm's balls out the way ... his mate obliged and opened his legs some ... then the throbbing red-hot cock head pushed on his dickroot. Moving up and down ... pushing in when Pete could feel and hear that he had HIT THE SPOT ! Pete loved pleasuring Malcolm. They were tiptoe again. Now groaning and growling and roaring with masculine erotic expression. It was complete in its total sensuousness.

"I want to put it between your legs now. Let you feel my whole throbbing shaft on your sensitive spot ... your balls laying across my dick shaft ... shall I?" Pete was playful and earnest. His eyes glued to his cockhead and its contact with Malcolm's inner thigh area. "You got any lube ?" Pete suddenly looked up. "Is the Pope a ... " Malcolm walked off and got two sachets of lube. He deftly opened one and squeezed half of it onto Pete's waiting cock ... then pushed down his cock shaft and let rip with the other half. They rubbed and jacked the lube all over their cocks, it felt like it did before they fucked a guy. They looked up into one another's eyes. Telepathically sharing the thought ... the moment. A smile from both of them brought them back to this unique night. They were lubing up for something else. "I get my turn too. Right ?" Malcolm winked at Pete. "For sure mate !" Pete nodded back.

Malcolm started jacking his dick ... his balls moving up and down as his hand and moved on his dick shaft. He opened his legs inviting Pete's cock to get inside. Pete was tripping out ... this was like the closest two studs would get to fucking each other. He made sure his foreskin was covering his slick cock head as he pushed in between his mate's legs. They were close up, face to face. Pete's belly now touching Malcolm's balls as Malcolm pulled his inner thighs together, trapping Pete's rod. They stood like that, Pete's cock throbbing ... hot and slippery ... pulsing on Malcolm's dickroot ridge. Pete put his hands on Malcolm's ass and pulled him closer ... a rock hard cock and hairy balls squashed into his belly ... a he felt a firm throbbing dick push into his muscled abs. Pete started to thrust his cock ... never pulling out too far ... just enough to create an amazing sensation and a horny slap when he thrust hard and cock and belly pressed together again.

Malcolm's hands went to Pete's shoulders, his weight bearing slightly down onto the hard cock. Pete taking some of the weight ... holding onto hard, strong ass cheeks. Both studs were getting into a rhythm. Pete thrusting over and over. Malcolm grinding his cock into Pete's belly. "I like this ... mmm ... very fuckin' horny." Pete smiled into Malcolm's eyes ... raising his eyebrows ... hoping his mate was feeling similar pleasure. "I haven't done this since I was a teenager." Malcolm beamed back at Pete ... their lips now so close they were kissing and speaking. "Very fuckin' horny is too right mate !" Malcolm kissed Pete deep and forceful ... the fingers of one hand tweaking and stimulating his mate's hard nipple. Pete gave a couple of hard intense thrusts ... squashing Malcolm's balls on his belly to the point of pain. His body physically recalling how much he enjoyed the thrusting penetrating movements. He knew he couldn't do this for long with out shooting his load. "Ahhh!! Ahhhh !!!" Malcolm stopped kissing Pete and looked down at his balls ... visible only between thrusts. He felt Pete's dick raging hard between his legs ... he could sense from Pete's tense body and his shallow quick breaths that this was a real turn on. Malcolm wanted some of it too.

"Easy mate ... don't cum yet. I'm not sure what we've got lined for a finale ... but let me work my dick between your legs for a bit. I want to feel your dickroot on my cock shaft. You'll like it mate." Malcolm was pulling back from Pete as he spoke. "We'll have to get on the bed and grapple and hump till we cum mate ... nothing else for it ... I might be too quick for you anyway ... I'm so fuckin' riled up horny." As he spoke Pete's cock came from between his mate's legs and slapped rock hard onto his belly. They both laughed at the sound. "No worries ... it's gonna be awesome when it comes !" Malcolm pushed his cock shaft down and nudged his cock under Pete's balls and in between his slippery, sweaty, hairy inner thighs. It was so horny getting his dick between the big man's legs. He felt Pete's hard, slippery, hairy dickroot and balls on his throbbing cock shaft. It was his turn now to thrust and grind real hard ... squashing Pete's balls and making him groan and gasp. Malcolm felt his oozing cockhead rubbing on Pete's dickroot gspot ... he worked it ... pushing in hard, then wriggling his dick shaft, then short thrusts ... his dick head throbbed in time with the pulses coming from Pete's dickroot ridge. Malcolm was transfixed by the interaction.

Pete broke them up, standing back two paces, both cocks were straight up ... throbbing, oozing, obviously both near to ejaculation. Pete hopped onto the bed, taking up a kneeling position near the middle. Malcolm was instantly kneeling in front of him ... their hands lighting on each other's shoulders ... flagpole cocks, cockheads half revealed by precum covered foreskins. Balls tight to their groins ... both showing clear ridges on their cocks from cockhead to dickroot. They looked up for a second and smiled. With no visible signal ... no conscious telepathic thought transfer ... they simultaneously fell forwards and to the side so that their faces came together with their mate's cock and balls. As each felt hard ... cum smelling cock in their faces ... near their lips and mouths ... close enough to touch with their tongues ... then they knew why they had slumped into the 69 position ... they had realised they could suck ... suck on the dick they had been admiring and grinding on for the past while. It was a sensual and engrossing interlude. Malcolm and Pete dribbled saliva and precum as they sucked and licked cock. One hand deftly working their mate's cock shaft and the foreskin ... mouth, lips and tongue pleasuring the object of their fascination.

They licked and wetted up each other's cock ... the entire shaft ... now the scrotum ... hairy balls ... just in between the legs ... sweet dickroot gspot. That got them horny as hell ... they bucked and thrust their gspots into each other's hungry mouths as they severally jacked each other's cocks hard and fast. Pete's hand suddenly stopped Malcolm's hand on his dick. This was fuckin' A horny, but Pete didn't want to cum like this. He wanted to rassle for it. Pete had come up for air. Malcolm looked up too. Their eyes met and locked. They knew they had to go for orgasm now ... or one or the other of them would randomly lose their load. Pete brought his face up to Malcolm's ... his hairy body covering the young stud ... the bigger cock mounting the smaller. It all happened quickly and in a sexually inebriated state. Malcolm felt Pete's mouth and tongue engage with his ... then a powerful hairy chest bear down on his ... a taught hairy belly slam into his ... a throbbing uncut, wet horny dick ... rock hard ... mount his own raging stud cock. Malcolm didn't know if he could hold his cum as Pete started to hump and ride his cock ... ridge to ridge ... cockheads appearing and returning inside slick foreskins ... touching and exciting them both. Malcolm wasn't into such a classic 'cum' position.

He started to thrust and raise up his hips ... lifting them both off the bed, trying to tip Pete off him and get back into the contest for dick to dick to cum !! As Malcolm raised them up Pete took the opportunity to grab him around the waist and slam and grind his dick harder into Malcolm's. His face in Malcolm's neck ... kissing and biting up and down and along his shoulder. Pete felt his cock on top ... he couldn't give up this position ... he wanted to make Malcolm cum and cum himself ... together ... just like this ... he couldn't let the young stud loose. Pete felt his own muscled powerful body rubbing from top to toe with his lover's masculine form, equally tense, physically aroused and in full must. Pete thrust his cock again and again. Malcolm writhed and pushed up and thrust back with his body and his raging hard cock. He couldn't shake Pete off.

Pete was off his head with sensual pleasure ... he'd got to the point of no return. His cock was wood hard ... his balls bursting ... his breathing shallow and urgent. He was holding and humping Malcolm so tight and hard the guy could hardly breathe ... but he could sense that the stud on top was going to blow his wad. Malcolm felt Pete's cock hard on top of his ... then the hot spurts of cum ... on his cock head ... then spread by the thrusting and gyrating ... all over his belly ... his cock shaft. Pete shouting and moaning and growling as he slammed his dick into Malcolm's ... wanting to scent mark this stud cock with his own essence ... every drop of it.

All the time Malcolm was waiting for his moment to flip Pete over. He didn't want to spoil his lover's explosive orgasm ... at the same time he wanted to make his move as soon as he felt Pete's grip weaken ... to show his own virility ... the intensity of his drive to have for himself the pleasure of mounting his mate's stud cock ... they wanted the same ... equally ... such synchronisticity. In the same time it has taken for you to read these words Malcolm flipped Pete over. He looked down between them ... to observe ... to witness his cock mounting his mate's bigger uncut stud cock. Malcolm wanted to see two stud cocks ... shaft to shaft ... balls together ... as he started to thrust and push in with his groin ... feel the connection ... total ... from cockhead to dickroot. Total connection. Malcolm brought his head up. He kissed Pete's mouth ... like his lips were mounting lips as his cock mounted cock. His chest came down onto Pete's ... their erect and super sensitive nipples touched. Pete in the after glow of a rare and super erotic orgasm felt the tender power of an 'equal' lover ... a manly, masculine, hard body on his own. A big hard stud cock riding and serving his own still hard cock.

Malcolm knew he would come quickly. He enjoyed the moments ... the individual sensations of cocktocock ... body-to-body ... man-to-man sex. He felt his cock start to stream cum ... as a raging horny cock does when a guy has been holding back too long. Then Malcolm started to howl and groan as his cock sprang into life and full on male orgasm. Jet after jet of hot, hot cum onto Pete's cock, which thrust into the line of fire. Malcolm pushed down hard with his lower body ... he wanted his cock and balls to cover his mate's genitals as he spunked ... wave after wave of unbelievable pleasure taking hold of his mind and spinning his consciousness. Malcolm held Pete as tight as he had held him. Moulding his body into his mate's ... cocks shaft to shaft ... kissing each other deep and long. The smell of cum and sweat ... the feeling of their cocks still pushed together ... now kissing and rubbing with the spasms of their bodies. They seemed to be bonded and sealed together.

They rolled so that they were still entwined but side on. Pete looked Malcolm in the eye. "Wow ... nice one mate ... we seemed to go off on a bit of a tangent at the end ... but apart from that ... wow ... that was fuckin' A by me mate !!" Pete kissed Malcolm before he could say anything. As if that was the stud's way of showing he meant what he said ... without losing the sexiness of the moment. Malcolm laughed and thrust his cock into Pete's. "Yeah ... we both wanted the same at the end. But that was so fuckin' horny for me mate. Anyway. You know what it's like the first time. Pent up expectations and raging hormones. Stick around for a while longer ... maybe we can keep the interaction going to the end this time." Malcolm didn't wait for a reply either. He kissed the invitation to more man-to-man cocktocock delights into Pete's lips and mouth.

Maybe they didn't need as many words as Pete had first thought. The night was still young ... they made the most of it.

Just getting down and fucking a guy never seemed the same again after that night.

'Studs' By Martin Finn © Martin Finn February 2002


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