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first revealing of cocks

first touch

first thrust

shaft on shaft

feel two cocks throb together

feel another man

both vividly alive in the vastness of the universe

as close as one man can get to another

Note from bill:

if Warrior Don F is our club philosopher, The Cockster is our mystagogue, the warrior most likely to remind us of the cosmic power of cockrub.

On these two pages, The Cockster -- CocktoCock and The Cockster -- Phallic Mating and the Dickroot Ridge, I've combined three Personal Stories posts from The Cockster and their replies. As you'll see, this warrior is an inspiration to me and to many others.


Posted 4/8/01

Cock throb to all cockrubwarriors.

I am drawn back to this site again and again. Every time there seems to be another posting or story which resonates powerfully with me personally. I have a hard on most of the time I'm browsing this site. Being in the company of other cocksters, nay, cockrubwarriors, has me oozin precum ... ready to rub.

Like others I have been rubbin cocks since I was six years old. Although along the way there were some barren years ... when it seemed like I would never again find another guy, whom I could love, and who liked to rub cocktocock to cum. As our most intimate and fullfilling form of sexual activity. No questions. No negotiation. Knowing. Sensing. Engaging our mutual primal urges ... hard to hard ... at orgasm. I have had loving and sexually (cocktocock) fullfilling relationships through most of my life. I'm now 40.

My desire for cocktocock, as opposed to anal fucking, has ALWAYS been a liberating aspect of my life. My sexual interaction, especially on casual occasions, always had an atmosphere of 'horny dickplay' ... the ever erotic first revealing of cocks ... the first touch ... and the first thrust, shaft on shaft. Jacking two cocks in my hand. Constantly referring to my cocktocock buddy ... with eye contact ... reading every signal ... sharing the sensuality of the experience. Our orgasm (often simultaneous) like the finale of a masculine short musical movement. The rhythms, cock and body girations, sweat and precum ... and then ... hot, hot cum, the insruments of our pleasure.

What I have known in my life is that men. Be they str8, gay, bi ... whatever. They have a common understanding of what 'cock' pleasure feels like.

Many guys, whether they call it 'foreplay' or 'full sex' desire to have their partners, another guys, ... hard cock next to their own. So they can feel the two cocks throb together ... feel another man ... both vividly alive in the vastness of the universe ... as close as one man can get to another. There is great comfort in it.

Live on guys. May the cockrubwarrior force be with you Bill !


reply from

Warrior samuel

My fellow cockster, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Ever since i came to this site, i'm hard and my fantasy life has truly increase. My fuck buddy doesn't live close to me and when we do talk i told him about this site and we can't wait to get together again which will be soon. We love to put our cocks together, look each other in the eye and just hump and grind each other until we cum and cum and cum. Oh! i miss him alot and i miss the feel of another man's body on mine and visa versa.

I use to dream when i was a teenager if the greeks and warriors were into each other and i'm so glad to know they were.

We men, need our fellow warriors to keep us encourage and hard.

You go fellow warrior and your dream will come true too...

reply from bill

such a beautiful and perfect post from Warrior Samuel

"i used to dream when i was a teenager if the Greeks and warriors were into each other"

we all did -- because somewhere, and somehow, we knew that they had to be -- how could they not?

"we men, need our fellow warriors to keep us encourage and hard"

yes, that's exactly right -- men have always needed other men, the company and comradeship of men

every society has had its longhouse

the Spartans called their system of training warriors the agoge -- boys were taken from their mothers at the age of seven and raised in small groups called "herds"

their chief was called "Leader of the Bull Calves"

they played and trained together nude , slept together, had lovers by the time they were twelve

and when grown, each joined an all-male eating club called a syssita -- they took all their meals there, and the friendships they formed there were the most important of their adult lives

the other Greeks admired the agoge -- for it was a system that created warrior bonds that were ferociously intense -- for two hundred years, no one could beat the Spartans in set battle -- it was impossible to break the Spartan line

when that line was finally defeated, it was by another group of erotically-bonded warriors -- The Sacred Band of Thebes -- a unit of 150 male-male couples

warriors and lovers

a dream, a reality

a Wonderful post from Warrior Samuel

reply from Warrior samuel


You have such a great insight to Cock Warrior and the greek history. Just listening to your words makes me hard and strong inside and out.

Just an update. I spent time with my fuck buddy warrior this past week. We definitely had missed each other and the warmth of our bodies together, cock to cock, nipple to nipple was extraordinary wonderful. I can't begin to tell you how much i enjoy the warmth of another man's body on mine and visa versa. I can't begin to tell you how much joy it gives this warrior when i can share my all with another man.

My buddy lives a distance from me and the future may not be in the cards for us, but i think the heart of a good warrior will march on. Knowing the integrity of a good man will find the heart of another as well as his body. (smile) won't be long.

You are a good warrior and it's a joy to find this place where you have good friends and fellow comrades such as yourself...thanks for the words

reply from bill

Just listening to your words makes me hard and strong inside and out

Right Warrior Samuel - the feeling is completely mutual

Your words have a poetry and natural beauty that I treasure

The heart of a good warrior will march on


posted 8/11/01


Hi warriors, I checked out the pics that Bill posted under the above title. Hot !

I love hot frottage and dickfight to cum. With other real masculine guys it often ends up in a stand up, bear hug, cocktocock draw ! Both cumming at the same time, humping and fucking our cocks together. I have to say it's my favourite way to cum. End the erotic, gorgeous duel with a mutual soaking of the othes dick in our mixed cum.

I get so turned on thinking in those last moments just before orgasm our cocks change from fighting cocks to mating cocks.

Any other cock rub warriors like the same ?

I only ever met a couple of guys into 'naming' our pleasure in that way. We had long sessions. Also taking it in turns to mount the other's cock. Two male cocks mating ... fucking cocktocock to cum.

I'd like to know


reply from bill

wow cockster

that's it exactly - that's been my fantasy and ideal since boyhood

from fighting cocks to mating cocks just before orgasm

it's been in everything I've written from Hyacinthine Love on cause it's so powerful for me

and it's always been my vision of homosex - the physical collision of two equally noble beings who find resolution in cock combat

so you really captured it - from cock combat to phallic mating - that's it, that's the progression

that's why seeing snakes mate is so powerful for me - I'll talk about that more, with more pics, in Phallic Masculine Heroic -- the mating of serpents looks like the fighting of cocks - it's incredible - a vision of pure, unadulterated cock energy in the natural world

Phallic Mating is literally cosmic and awesome - and it's the future


Spartan Herald's Staff
4 th century BCE

The beards on the snakes indicate
that both are male

An artifact of warrior culture

reply from Warrior Don F

Right on. MATING is an expression with a profound psychological meaning for me as well --- during the intercourse of cock against cock when you can feel the sensation building up in each other and, just before orgasm, you both KNOW that it's gonna result in a shared male union. Certainly during those critical moments there's no better word to describe it. When you are both ready to cum, the feeling of being joined through your cocks becomes increasingly strong as you approach orgasm.

There were many times with my college buddy when, as we hit our climax, it almost seemed like it was through ONE cock instead of two when we started ejaculating, and after the first gush I honestly couldn't tell anymore if it was cumming from him or me, and at that point it didn't matter.'cause we were MATED.

Geez, it's great to hear from somebody else who thinks like me.

posted 8/19/01


Dickroot Gspot rubbin' and bumpin'

I'm really getting into sharing of the joys of male-male physical and emotional intimacy through this site. The fact that myself and other warriors are tellin' about our cocktocock and dickfight pleasures ... from real time actions. Makes my cock rock hard and my mind and imagination want to read ... and write ... more. It's a hot topic !

I have a pleasure which I am curently enjoying with my cocktocock lover ... and some of the guys I meet. Warriors will know that sensual pressure point ... Gspot ... erogenous zone ... just below the ball sack ... on the dickroot ridge ... (nothin' to do with the ass hole).

I get off so much ... kneeling above my cockrub mate. One leg in between his ... so as he pushes up with his pelvis our dickroot gspots clash and rub ... me grinding down ... him humpin' up his hard dickroot ridge .... pushing that gspot at mine.

Same time ... we can be jackin' our dicks .... balls bouncing on each others. Or jackin both our stud cocks in one hand. Our balls hot together ... bouncing together. Makes us both feel that out dicks are joined from root to head. It's so fuckin' horny ... makes me cum real quick.

In the last months I met a few guys who had never experienced dick2dick/frot like this. They knew about that sexy spot ... but had only ever had other guys ... pushing and fingering there with various degrees of pleasure.

When I show them it's OK to be close ... intimate in that way .... like we rub our cock heads .... we can grind our dickroots just the same . I have seen guys blown away with the sensation of having male/male, cocktocock, intimate contact in that way. Makes my dick rock hard !!!

Even though 2 cockrub warriors can start off in a stand up, bear hug, bull dickfight. Dicks fighting for cock dominance ... bodies straining to show the greater strength. As their man2man erotic struggle continues ... bodies and cocks can meld ... the two become an arena of male intimate sharing and pleasure. The contest transforms into a mutual permisson to show 'intense pleasure', give and receive intimate male sexual stimulation. Share their deepest desires.

I know many guys are into rubbin balls ... me too ... I wanted to say a big 'Hey' to any other cockrub warriors who are into the dickroot ridge, gspot2gspot rub !!

Later warriors


reply from bill

Beautiful post, warrior cockster dude

I've always loved the perineum -- it's one of the great male places of power

In his last post the Cockster talked about the transformation from fighting cocks to mating cocks -- that's the Magic of Phallic Mating. Now that beautiful cockster dude has named for us the power of Dickroot Ridge.

It's an ancient power, yet it's one we have to rediscover on our own.

Readers who ck out Warrior NYbox43's post Boyhood Brawling can read his description of how "it felt manly from my dick to my ass" to straddle an opponent.

It's supposed to feel that way -- but in anal-oriented gay male culture, Dickroot Ridge is yet another source of intense m2m pleasure that's ignored or denigrated. That's not surprising, since anal culture, the product of a perverse puritanism, suffers from a form of sensory deprivation that limits sex to penetration with minimal body contact.

But other, older, wiser cultures understood the power of Dickroot Ridge -- I posted about that once before, and I've pasted in the post here -- it's called Phallic Magic.

Warriors like cockster are helping us rediscover the suppressed possibilities of m2m.

And I'm going to continue to talk about the myths and rituals of the great warrior m2m cultures.

And together, in this club, we'll invent a new world of cock combat, cockrub, dick2dick rituals, rites of pure masculine pleasure, celebrations of our natural male sex aggression and warrior bonds, an m2m universe where


man-headed phallos-snake
pre-Roman Britain

Warrior nybox43 says "it felt real good and manly from my dick to my ass" to straddle an opponent, and he asks, "anyone have similar experiences?"

In point of fact, Warrior nybox43's sense of his perineum as a place of power is shared not just by individuals, but by entire cultures, separated from him by thousands of miles and tens of thousands of years.

Geza Roheim, the pioneering anthropologist and psychoanalyst who lived among Australian aborigines in the early years of the last century, described a type of phallic magic among them known as the "pointing bone":

"Hostile magic is predominantly phallic in Australia," he wrote. "If a man has been 'boned,' his dream will show it. First he sees an opening in the ground, and then two men walking toward him within the opening. When they are near they draw a bone out of their own body. It comes from the flesh between the scrotum and the rectum. The sorcerer, before he actually 'bones' his victim, makes him fall asleep by strewing some semen in the air. The man who uses the bone holds it under his penis, as if a second penis were protruding from him. The victim is asleep, and the bone goes straight into his scrotum."

Phallic magic of this sort, and the myths that accompany it, was and is common in shamanic cultures worldwide - those cultures, that is to say, of the great hunt, the hunt which dominated the life of man for his first five or six hundred thousand years.

Most Americans think that myth and ritual have no relevance for their lives. That's because there are no myths in America except the Jesus myth, which isn't supposed to be a myth at all, but rather an historical event in which you must believe totally or be damned.

But - there are myths and rituals that are more than relevant to the lives of guys into frot or, like Warrior nybox43, into fightin and frot, and you can read more about them in Heroic Homosex.

Those myths can be found in ancient Greece, Polynesia, Australia, Melanesia, Sumeria, the Eddas - almost everywhere.

And the more you learn about them, the more you understand just how natural and right your dick2dick feelings are.


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