Q. Are Frot Men gay?

A. Some Frot Guys identify as gay, some as bi, and some are straight-identified.

But most Frot Men understand that those gay-bi-straight labels are meaningless.

Fact is, it's normal and natural for men to have same-sex needs and desires.

Throughout history and in all cultures, men have had sex with men.

And Frot itself is a masculine, natural, very low-risk and very hot way for a guy to connect sexually with another guy.

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Q. I love sex with women and I've always considered myself straight. Yet I have fantasies about going cock2cock with some other dude. Does that mean I'm gay?

A. No.

Like we said in the first question, it's normal and natural for men to have same-sex needs and desires.

In fact, Frot Dude, men have had sex with men since the beginning of time.

Throughout history and in all cultures, men have had sex with men.

And it's particularly common for guys to have Frot fantasies because they discover as kids that it feels good to rub their dicks against the sheets or a pillow, and then as teens they often have experiences of getting hard when wrestling or rough-housing or otherwise having body contact with a buddy.

So if you're into women and you also think about goin dick2dick with a guy -- you're just a normal, average guy.

Society may not tell you so -- but it's true.

Most guys are into girls and into other guys too.

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Q. If a guy does anal and frot, can he be a Frot Man?

A. No.

There are some men who are into anal who also like to rub dicks, but what defines a Frot Man is that Frot is his primary m2m practice and he doesn't do anal.

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Q. How come you guys are opposed to anal?

A. Because anal penetration is dirty, dangerous, and degrading.

Dirty, because fecal material is always present in the anus and rectum;

Dangerous, because anal is the primary vector for most sexually transmitted infections, some of which, like HIV, are universally fatal, and others, like hepatitis and syphilis, are potentially fatal; and,

Degrading, because anal turns a man into a pseudo-woman.

Besides which, anal penetration isn't sex.

An anus isn't a vagina, there's no genital tissue in the anus or rectum.

So the "pleasure" in being penetrated is "psychological" -- which is a polite term for imaginary.

And because the anus isn't a vagina, and wasn't designed to be penetrated, it's easily damaged during penetration, leading not just to sexually transmitted diseases, but mechanical problems such as anal fissures -- which are very painful and difficult to repair -- and what gay men quaintly refer to as "leakage."

Frot is by far the better way to go.

No smell, no pain, no shit on the sheets.

Just super hot, healthy, masculine sex which feels great for both guys simultaneously.

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Q. Can I get a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from Frot?

A. Because it's non-penetrative, Frot is a very, very low risk activity.

There's never been a documented case of HIV transmission through Frot, and the risk for diseases like syphilis and herpes is extremely low.

Which is why public health officials like Dr. Jeffrey Klausner of San Francisco describe Frot as safer sex.

Although most Frot Men have never had an STD, in theory, you might be able to get genital warts -- HPV -- through frot.

Your best protection against STDs is to to know your partner, and not be promiscuous.

For that reason, and others, Frot Men, The Man2Man Alliance, and Heroic Homosex all support Fidelity.

Still, you should be clear: if you know your partner, and are not promiscuous, you run less risk of contracting a contagious disease from Frot than you do from working in an office.

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Q. What about oral?

A. FrotMen and The Man2Man Alliance are neutral on the question of oral sex.

Some Frot Guys do it, some don't.

What we encourage guys to do is make realistic assessments of sexual pleasure and risk.

Because realistically -- that is, based on the facts rather than what's fashionable or politically correct -- Frot is most pleasurable and least risky;

while anal is least pleasurable, and most risky.

Oral falls in between.

In 69, although the genitals aren't directly touching, there is mutual genital pleasure.

On the other hand, oral puts you at risk for a lot of STDs -- whether you "suck cum" -- let a guy ejaculate in your mouth -- or not.

So while it's up to you, it's clear that Frot is a lot safer, and that oral is something you should do only with a partner you know well and trust.

If you're concerned about health -- as you should be -- and you want maximum masculine pleasure -- the solution is simple:

Q. Are there other reasons to be faithful besides disease?

A. Yes.

Sexual infidelity opens the door to emotional infidelity.

And it's emotional infidelity which destroys relationships.

Secondly, promiscuity dilutes the power of sex, and weakens the bond between men.

Historically, the warrior has been faithful to the one man he loves, and warrior Fidelity has been celebrated in both history and myth -- literally in poetry and song.

Because two warriors who share an exclusive emotional, spiritual, and sexual bond cannot be defeated nor their love destroyed.

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Q. Is the Man2Man Alliance affiliated with any other organizations or sites on the web or off?

A. No.

Other than HeroicHomosex.org and FrotMen.org, which are subsidiaries of the Man2Man Alliance --

the Man2Man Alliance is NOT AFFILIATED with any other group on or off the web.

If someone or some site says that he's affiliated with the Alliance, or that his work is endorsed by Bill Weintraub or the Man2Man Alliance -- he's lying.

Plain and simple.

If you have a question about affiliations or endorsements, please write to Bill:


Q. What's the difference between a Cockrub Warrior and a Frot Man?

A. None.

Frot Men and Cockrub Warriors are both into bone-on-bone sex.

Some Cockrub Warriors and some Frot Men are also into the aggressive form of bone-on-bone we call cock combat: cockfights and dickfites.

But the word "warrior" in Cockrub Warriors does not refer to guys into cock combat only; rather, it's there to honor all m2m men who've stayed true to their dick2dick dream.

If those men are gay-identified, we honor them for their resistance to the constant pressure and coercion to do anal.

If those men are straight-identified, we honor them for their resistance to the lie that real men don't have sex with other men.

So whether you call yourself a Cockrub Warrior or a Frot Guy, you can be proud of your courage and decency.

And glad that you're into the hottest m2m sex on the planet.


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