Cockrub Warrior Gerard

I was finally in college: on my own at last. Oh, I loved home life, but it was great to have a place of my own, even if it was one small room in a dorm. And, that very first week, I tried out for the wrestling team, made it, and then waited for the first practice with great nervousness.

You see, ever since I was thirteen, I had known I was attracted to men.

Coming from a very small town, even at eighteen I had never had any sexual experience, but I knew that a man's body turned me on. So you can imagine how nervous yet excited I was at the thought of being surrounded by hard-muscled men on the wrestling team. The image of some unknown jock's sweaty body in one of those tight singlets kept me awake long into the night.

Finally, the big day arrived. I got changed in the locker room and adjusted my cock in my jock, so it couldn't play me any bad tricks during a bout, like leaking pre-cum all over the front of my red wrestling suit. You see, whenever I got excited, my cock would just start oozing pre-cum like mad. I thought I'd manage to hide this by putting my dickhead in between my legs.

Before going in the gym, I stopped to have a look at myself in the mirror. I was pleased by what I saw. I'm six feet and weigh 170 pounds. My hair is black, my eyes are dark blue, and I have a well-defined, muscular body, the result of regular training with weights since I was fifteen. I have well-rounded, muscular pecs and my nipples are dark brown, each about the size of a half dollar. Right then, being in the open, my nipples were standing out straight and I knew if I touched them I would get a hard-on automatically.

I don't have much hair on my chest but what I didn't have above was made up for below. A happy trail started at my navel and traveled south to a dense thick bush around my mast and low hanging balls, and then spread down my strong legs and around my tight ass. One of my friends said I looked like a centaur.

And then there was my cock. Even putting it between my legs, it still created a large mound at the front of my trunks. At full length, it stood out seven thick inches with a large firm cockhead. It looked like one of those large mushrooms. It never seemed to rest and sought the attention of my hand often. Even then, just looking in the mirror, I could feel it stirring, and I was sure the pouch of the jockstrap was already wet with pre-cum. I backed away from the mirror and headed for the gym.

We were thirty on the team, all sizes and shapes. I was at first a little disappointed, as there seemed to be no one I was attracted to. What had I been expecting? Some god to walk up to me and make love to me? Then all of a sudden HE walked in: Jim...I mean the coach! It was like looking at me but blond and older, as he was about thirty. But the rest was almost the same: six feet, dark-blue eyes, a strong, well-defined body, large dark nipples on well-rounded pecs (his nipples were also at attention from the cool air), and I could even tell he had hair in the same places as I do, although his was, of course, blond. I gulped when I noticed his crotch. It just seemed to rise out as one's eyes traveled down his torso. He wore a black wrestling suit which seemed a bit small for his frame, but the tightness outlined his beautiful muscles even more.

As we went through the moves and different holds, I couldn't help looking at him. I was paired off with a tall, slim guy who wasn't as strong as I was. The coach was paired with a big guy, and I was pleased to notice he wrestled the way I like - staying close to the other guy, molding himself to his opponent's body.

We all worked up quite a sweat, and when the two hours were up, I was ready to hit the showers and go home to bed, since it was already ten p.m. So I was really surprised when the coach came up to me and said he'd been watching me, that I had potential, and would I like to stay after classes to practice with him.

Would I like it? I almost got a hard-on at that moment and stammered that I would. He looked pleased and asked if I was ready to start tonight. No problem I said. He told me to wait, as he had to lock up after all the others had left. I couldn't believe it, me alone with this incredibly sexy man. I could already feel the pre-cum oozing out of my cockhead and coating the inside of my jockstrap.

I decided to do some weights while waiting. It took about three-quarters of an hour before he returned. He joined me at the weights and warmed up his muscles for about fifteen minutes. Then we headed for the mats. We grappled for awhile, going through the different holds. I couldn't help feeling excited, being so close to him, smelling his sweat, feeling his hands all over my body, especially on my crotch. I could feel my cock stirring, but so far the jockstrap prevented it from jumping up and embarrassing me in front of the coach. After all, I wasn't sure he was as interested in me as I was in him. Yet I couldn't help noticing that his basket seemed also to have grown, and every time I could, I reached for his crotch, feeling the warmth of his confined cock and balls.

We took a break for about five minutes. As we stood near each other catching our breath, I stared down at his crotch, which was now quite evidently enlarged. I wasn't sure if his shortness of breath wasn't just plain excitement, as was mine. Then I saw that he was staring openly down at my crotch - and that seemed to get him even more excited.

Our eyes locked and he smiled at what he saw. He then suggested a show of strength, to finish off the evening by giving each other a mutual bear hug till one of us broke off. As he asked, he just moved closer to me, sensing my answer would be affirmative. He stood in front of me and our crotches touched. I almost came at the sensation of our hot baskets gently touching.

He grabbed my waist and brought our bodies hard against each other. Our hips collided together as we strained all our muscles. I could feel my cock getting harder and pushing against its confinement.

Against my own basket was a hard lump, also rubbing itself firmly against me. The sensation was electric and our breath now came in gasps.

I could feel all the muscles in his body and even our nipples, hard like miniature cocks, rubbed against each other.

He then broke off the hold, saying he had to cool off a bit. What an understatement! But then he suggested we take off our suits and continue in just our jockstraps.

I just nodded, as I couldn't believe this was really happening to me. We took off our sweaty singlets and I admired his rockhard body glistening from all the sweat. I could see by his gaze that he was also sizing me up. Speaking of size, my jockstrap was extended as far as it could go and it was all wet with sweat and pre-cum. I was a bit embarrassed, but not for long, as I noticed he was in the same predicament.

He suggested we continue with the mutual bear hug and I couldn't agree more. We moved in again slowly, as if we wanted to savor each sensation for as long as we could. Naturally, our suits had covered some essential parts, but now with only white jockstraps on, we could feel each other even more. I moved closer to him and stood firmly in front of him, my legs planted in front of his. We then looked down at the same time to see that our crotches were only centimeters away from each other.

We held this pose for what seemed like an eternity, the electricity and heat from our bodies sending clear signals to each other.

As if pulled by a magnet, our crotches touched again. The feel of the jockstrap and the hardness underneath made my legs almost buckle from sheer pleasure.

Our cocks both throbbed at the same time, sending chills up and down our bodies. I put out my hands and gently touched his nipples, as he reached for mine. As if in too much pleasure we ground our hips together, our groins colliding. Then as we played with each other's nipples, he brought his face closer to mine. His lips gently brushed mine, and as if on cue, our tongues came out to meet in a warm, wet kiss.

Our tongues battled in our mouths, as our hands slid over our bodies and our crotches rubbed solidly.

I could have come like that, if he hadn't broken off the kiss and the rubbing. He looked into my eyes, our tongues met again for a brief moment and then -- ooooh yesssss -- his hands glided down to the straps of my jock, and I knew he was going to pull it off. I was going to feel another man's cock against my own for the first time. I did the same and we pulled the jocks slowly down.

To describe the next sensation is impossible, I can only tell you our cocks popped out and touched for the first time with nothing separating them. We both had about the same size cock, with large, mushroom heads that were now touching as if kissing. We finished pulling off the jockstraps and stood facing again, our cocks touching in warm embrace. His bush was as thick as mine and I longed to crush it against my own, but for then we were enjoying the sensation of our pulsing love membranes in their communion. We could feel the throb of each other's dick and the soft, velvety skin of our shafts. Our cock slits oozed with pre-cum making our members slick. Our balls hung low and I knew we would both shoot a healthy load when the time came.

Not being able to stand any more, I grabbed his waist again and brought our now fully naked bodies together. Our cocks just seemed to take a natural position one against another, cockhead against cockhead, shaft against shaft. The feel of his thick bush against mine was like the mingling of fur. We grabbed each other's asses to grind our crotches closer together and brought our tongues together in a passionate kiss as our bodies rocked in a sensuous rhythm. We were one body, one cock, one man.

The sweat and pre-cum helped our dicks slide against the other, and I could feel his cockhead brush against my own. Our breath came in slow gasps as we moaned together, bringing each other closer and closer to the brink.

Then suddenly we were on the floor and he was on top of me. Our legs entwined and I could even feel the hair of his legs brush against mine. Our balls were crushed together and with each movement, I could feel them roll against one another. Our cocks were now leaking pre-cum like mad, making our bodies even slicker and the rubbing made a slushing noise that was sensuous and exciting. Our moans were growing louder as our hands played with nips, shoulders, hair, ass, and back. We were moving in unison.

Then at exactly the same time, we were over the brink and both crying out as we crashed our crotches together and our cocks spewed spurt after spurt of hot, rich cream. I could feel his cock shooting the cum onto our bellies and knew my cum was mixing with his.

I was ecstatic. Since boyhood I'd known that this union of muscle, cock, and cum was how sex between men was meant to be, and the power of the validation I got from my handsome wrestling coach that night has stayed with me ever since.

And so we lay like that for a long while, kissing and caressing, until our cocks got hard again, and we humped and muscled and ground them and our brawny bodies together till we shot a second huge load of pure white wrestler jock jizz.

Then we headed for the showers. I knew I would love college!!!!


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