Cockrub Warrior Gerry

I'll always remember my first time and how special it was for me -- as I hope it is for every guy. I was eighteen that winter when, as we did every year, our family headed out from Montreal to my grandparents' farm for Christmas. Christmas there was always a special time, a time to see the whole family, a time for good fun, good food, and lots of laughter.

And this year I was especially anxious to see my cousin Joe again. Joe and I were the same age and got along great. We were more like brothers than cousins. His parents' farm was next to my grandparents' so we got to spend lots of time together working and playing.


We were pretty similar in build also. At eighteen we were both five foot ten with wide shoulders and muscled bodies: his from all the farmwork, me from lots of workin out. I thought he was really sexy and he really turned me on. I'd known I was interested in other guys since I was a kid, but so far my only outlet had been humpin the sheets. And although I had fantasized about Joe for years, the truth was I didn't know how Joe would react if I approached him, since like most boys he would sometimes talk about girls he was dating.

On my first day at the farm, I put on my snowshoes and went over to Joe's parents' farm. I got to the house and said hello to my aunt and uncle. They told me Joe was in the barn doing some chores. So I headed for the barn and found Joe, with a brand-new fuzzy goatee, shoveling out one of the stalls in the stable. When Joe saw me, he said hey cityboy, and ran over and caught me in a bearhug. My ribs were being crushed by this stud and I hugged back hard, growlin hey farm dude. I was as happy to see him as he was to see me. Soon I startin helpin him with the chores while we got caught up on the news.

cousin joe

In a short time we got really hot and sweaty - barns are warm even in the winter -- and eventually we went up to the hay loft to pitch some hay down to the horses below. By this time we'd let down the tops of our coveralls, and were both in our undershirts -- and soon we'd taken off our heavy winter boots too. After awhile we started playfully pushin and shovin the way boys do and before we knew it we were rollin round in the hay in a wrestlin match. This was our favorite sport and we got into it as often as we could. I guess like most young guys we loved to pit our strength against each other, but for me of course there was somethin more, cause I loved the feel of his body next to mine, his muscles straining against mine, all the while smellin his acrid adolescent sweat, the hay, even the stink of the horses.

We'd been goin at it for a while when Joe suggested we take off our tees and dungarees and wrestle in our longjohns. I didn't have to be asked twice. So before you knew it we had taken off our shirts and pants and stood before each other barechested and wearing only our long white underwear. Our chests were sweaty and our nipples were hard. We jumped each other immediately and rolled over and over in the hay, our big arms bulgin, our pecs scrapin hard, our legs wrapped round each other. After a few minutes of givin it all we had, we began to tire, and our movements became slower and we started keepin our holds on longer. At one point, Joe was lying on top of me holding my arms stretched out wide with his legs grapevined around mine, pinning me in the hay. We just stayed there for awhile, two horny young guys lying face to face, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. I sure didn't want to move -- I had dreamt about being in this position with Joe for a long time. Still, we were supposed to be wrestlin, so I started strugglin to break free - but with my arms pinned like that about all I could do was push my pelvis hard up against Joe's. And doing that I began to lose control. My teen dude cock, which was pinned directly under his, got hard, fast, and soon I was both excited and afraid that he would notice or stop. But still I couldn't break away and every time I moved it brought on a counter move from him -- so soon we were thrusting against each other.

And then I felt it. I felt his man meat grow to rigidity, his hard pole swelling on top of mine as we continued to grind against each other. By then I had lost any interest in wrestlin and all I wanted was to keep feelin my shaft slide against his through the cotton of our longjohns. I was pretty damn sure Joe was enjoying it too, since he was meeting every thrust of my cock with his own, pantin and breathin heavy too, just like me.

It didn't take long for our humpin to become faster and more intense and our breathin even heavier. We were both super excited and turned on, two young dudes at the height of our teen virility, and with just a few more lunges we both moaned and our cocks erupted, spewing rich hot creamy white jizz into our underwear. Even with the material between us, I could feel his cock throb each time the cum shot out of it. Our two rigid poles pulsed together for what seemed like forever, and then, as the ecstasy subsided, Joe fell on top of me and then quicky rolled over as we both, still breathless, stared up into the light filtering through the rafters of the old barn, which somehow seemed now to be far, far away.

I felt fully at peace, but Joe was dead silent.

And then suddenly, Joe got up, pulled on his clothes, and rushed out of the barn. I was surprised and a little hurt - and also a little scared about what he might say -- but there was nothin I could do bout that so I got dressed too and headed back to my grandfather's farm.

When I went to bed that night, all I could think about was Joe and me and even though I was still worried bout what Joe might be feelin or thinkin, I had to jerk off twice before I could fall asleep.

Early next morning the phone rang. It was Joe. He was his usual calm country boy self and spoke as if nothing sexual had happened. Or almost nothing. We sure had a good time yesterday city boy he said. Lotta fun huh? You interested in a rematch cuz?? I beat u pretty easy - thought you city dudes could put up more of a fight. So how bout it - wanna go for two outta three?

Did I?? My cock sprang to attention and I shot back, You're on bro. Joe said great man, c'mon over. Hey and dude, he added, why don't we both wear jocks this time? Be a lot better than those farmer johns we had on yesterday.

Although I didn't think it was possible, my cock got even harder. I guess I gasped just a little, then said, no prob cuz - see ya soon dude.

So I got changed - I had to force my teenboy boner into my jock - and then headed over and talked for a few secs with my aunt and uncle. They asked me if I minded helping Joe with the chores again - they were both gettin old fast, the way farm people do, so I said of course not, I was glad to help.

But the truth was nothin could have kept me from Joe's side that day.

As always on a farm, there was a lot to do. Joe and I started in the fields, fixin some fences that the cows had begun to knock down, then cut some wood for kindlin and headed back to the barn. I enjoyed the physical labor, workin my muscles, being outdoors under God's sky with my cousin who had given me so much pleasure the day before and who I thought, given the chance, I could love forever, and I know Joe enjoyed it too. Not that he ever said so - just remarked, with a smile, that there was never any shortage of fun things to do on the ranch.

So we got a fair amount done by lunchtime and then went back to the house where my aunt served up one of her hearty country soups and fresh-baked biscuits. We sat around " jawin ' " as Joe would say, for awhile with his folks, and then, claimin we had to get on with our chores, we wandered back to the barn.

Once inside that warm arena, with its heavy smells of hay, horses, and cattle, Joe slid the massive door shut and barred it, turned to me with a grin and said, boy, get ready for the beatin of ur life. Then, without another word, he pulled off his sweatshirt tee and jeans and stripped right down to his jockstrap. I kinda gasped inside when he did that, but I quickly did the same. We stood and stared at each other, me admiring Joe's beautiful smooth muscled bod and his soft fuzzy new grown 'tee. I was already hard - there was no way I could control myself - and I could see that Joe's pouch was bulgin too, and thought that could mean only one thing - that he was hot for me like I was for him.

We slowly circled each other, made a few feints, and then charged. He caught me in a bearhug and slammed his boned-up cock hard into mine. The feeling was intense, and we both grunted UH as his thick jock-enclosed meat rubbed up against mine, the jocks themselves adding to the powerful male on male sensation. We ground our hips for awhile, growling at each other, and then I tripped him and we landed in the hay. We started rollin around and, abandonin our cock wrestlin for a time, we tried different holds. While we were doin that though our cocks grew even harder and they stretched our jocks to the limit. We were sweating like pigs and this made it even harder to keep the holds since we would slip and slide away. Finally we both got each other's heads scissored between our legs. Looking at his hard smooth ass, I got an idea and smacked his butt with my hand. He yelped but didn't let go, in fact he slapped mine back. The slap startled me but it was also a great turn on. My cock jumped with passion and I could feel his below my chin as it throbbed also. We then slapped each other a few more times. I couldn't take much more, so not caring what he thought or would do, I rolled on top of him and letting go of his head brought my crotch to his face. Joe let go of me too and I put my own face in his pouch. The musky, rank smell of piss sweat and teendude prejizz made me crazy.

By now we'd stopped wrestlin and our hands were carressing each other's bodies. I yanked off Joe's jock and his dick sprang up and slapped his hard abs. We were evenly matched, both with 6 and half inch uncut cocks with lots of skin and large plum shaped heads, both leaking gobs of clear teen precum. Joe soon pulled off my jock too and as we rolled from side to side we started strokin each other's rods. His piss slit was only centimeters away from my mouth and when a large drop of precum appeared, my tongue snaked out and licked it. Joe moaned and I soon felt his tongue do the same to me. I then took his cockhead into my mouth and my tongue twirled and licked it as Joe squirmed, moaned and did the same. Pretty soon, we had our cocks down each other's throats and were sucking wildly, both of us thrusting our hips in rhythm. I felt his cock stiffen as did mine and not wanting to cum yet I let his dick pop out of my mouth and started lickin his big juicy balls while my hand massaged his shaft and my thumb rubbed his piss slit. Joe followed my every move, and both our bodies became electric with the erotic energy we were generating, great bolts of sex energy shootin out from our groins and into our chests and hearts.

When we had gotten our cocks and balls completely slicked up I changed positions, swinging my hard-muscled teen bod around so that we were now face to face and side by side. Our cocks crossed and stabbed each other's six-packs like swords. Man, the oral had been good but nothin could compare to the cockrubbin -- it was intense and awesome and totally male. Joe musta been feelin the same way cause suddenly he mashed his face into mine and kissed me deep. I was blown away, but I knew what to do - my arms went round his waist and I held him even tighter as our tongues wrestled in our mouths and our cocks glided together as if they had been meant for each other and wanted each other from the day we were born.

Now I rolled on top of him and we were two naked teen-men with tongues entwined, muscled chest to muscled chest, ragin hard cock to ragin hard cock, my heavy balls banging down on his and our legs spread wide. With our cocks jammed together we started muscle humpin, our bellies slick with sweat and precum. It felt so cool and so good, just totally awesome to have Joe's thick shaft glidin against mine, our glans rubbin together and our teendude mantools throbbin hard. We were moanin loud now, tongues still battling in our mouths, hands and arms all over each other. Then, with one hand Joe managed to reach back between our legs and cup both our ball sacs, rolling our jizz-filled nuts with his fingers. Neither of us had ever felt anything so intense and with loud cries we started cummin at the same time. Our rods grew rockhard and big spurts of creamy white city boi-farm dude jizz shot out of our piss-slits and onto our joined bellies, then another shot, and another and another and another and another till we were both spent.

This time we didn't let go and Joe didn't run away. Instead, with our lips locked and the spit flowin freely between us, we kept rubbin together, spreading the hot juices all over our bellies, kissin and caressin, waiting for our cocks to get hard again so that we could shoot another massive load, our mancum uniting us, bonding us, boy-cousins and men we realized joined forever.

Joe and I wrestled and rubbed cocks all thru Christmas and into New Year's too. Our feelings for each other grew more and more intense and it felt like we could never get enough of each other's hard-muscled boned-up flesh.

For the next two years we got together on every vacation and school holiday we could. After that I went away to college in the States and Joe served a hitch in the royal marines.

But we never lost touch.

Joe's married now with a fine son of his own, but once a year we get together, just him and me, cousins and best buds, for a trip to the mountains. When we reach our cabin we wrestle, fight, and rub cocks just as intensely as when we were teens. There's a bond between us, a knowledge of what 2 men can have, share, and hold, that started with our first time and will last forever.


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