The jungle was hot and humid today. It seemed to have an edge on it, a tension that he hadn't felt before. His senses were always keen to circumstances; they needed to be for self-preservation. If you weren't aware of even the slightest disturbance it could mean serious trouble. A hungry animal on the prowl, a snake hanging from a tree or in a bush, anything could mean danger.

Today was different though, the tension had a different quality to it and was increasing; he was uneasy even though everything was as it should be. He patrolled his territory as usual making sure everything was in its place. Looking for something to eat; fruit in particular sounded very good to him this morning. Striding through the jungle easily he watched carefully for signs of anything out of place and keeping an eye to the trees for an appetizing color that might indicate food.

He was a magnificent specimen of manhood; he had been raised in the jungle naturally and consequently was half predator. He was a very Nordic-looking blonde man, standing at 6' of thickly muscled predator, cat-like in his movements. He had straight blond hair that hung shoulder length, coarse hair that was unruly and framed an exceptionally handsome face. His face was broad, muscular in its appearance, large steel gray eyes, capable of unwavering, direct contact. His nose was strong and perhaps a little too large for his face but was offset by the wide generous mouth with finely shaped thicker lips. His mouth was large and capable of swallowing large quantities of food and water. Calm in demeanor his face was always composed. It rarely showed signs of any stress that he may have felt. That was a sign of weakness to him and a waste of time. Posturing was different to him; that would show your opponent or even an animal opponent that you were a force of which to be very wary.

His neck was broad and thick with muscle setting squarely on top of very broad muscular shoulders. The muscles in his chest were full, rounded and firm, as were the muscles in his back. His chest was covered in a coarse chest hair that almost disappeared and then reappeared on his belly to run down to his crotch. He weighed in at 240 pounds with only necessary fat on him to soften the edges. His broad chest tapered down to a 34" waist. Compared with his massive shoulders his waist appeared smaller than it actually was. His broad frame stood firmly atop of the most magnificent round muscular ass. His ass always heaved when he walked. It bounced and rolled, every muscle working, the ass cheeks heavy and accented with a deep cleft so that each side seemed to work independently.

His muscular thighs flared away from his ass, the definition of ass to thigh was startling in its starkly defined muscular line. He would have given a saint a hard-on in that view alone. His large rounded muscular thighs flared out, the muscle running and tapering smoothly to his broad kneecaps then flared out to form perfectly shaped calves. His calf muscles balled with muscular power and stood out with every step he took. His ankles were thick and sturdy standing on top of very broad, thick feet. His feet were high arched and in perfect shape from never wearing shoes. His legs were covered with the same dense coarse blond hair. Even though his hair was coarse it had a softness to it that pleased him when he stroked his own body: this seemed to be a daily occurrence lately.

The jungle was hot and steamy today. His mild exertions through the heavy growth had caused the sweat to run down over his muscular body making every crevice in it wet. He reached down and wiped the sweat from his balls and between his massive thighs. This caused his cock to tingle and jerk from his touch. He was almost tempted to stop and ease his tension but decided to push further on; he could smell water in the distance, fresh water.

His adventures with his cock were more then daily, sometimes 3 or 4 times daily. He enjoyed that pleasure pole of his immensely. Stroking it, feeling the hard muscle pulse in his big hand, watching his own muscular body writhe and jerk spasmodically under his touch was thrilling to him. He ached, at times, to rub himself against something. His dreams were always dark, full of sensations and most of the time, wet. He was 22, strong, virile and constantly on edge. His cock went with his other proportions. Long, strongly veined, thick and uncut, it hung almost halfway down his massive thigh. He had a full 10" randy cock that he enjoyed running his hand over and making spurt in large amounts of cum.

He had had rudimentary education so had basic ideas of things as well as the capability of speech, which he rarely used. He had wandered away from the settlement as a young boy and felt no need to return, no idea of where he originated and didn't seem to care much to find out. He was resourceful and independent and enjoyed his time alone. He was perfectly suited to his environment. He had no use for other humans and spent most of his time hunting and wandering solitary. He was more concerned with his perceived territory than with social graces or oral dialogue. He used speech only when it was necessary.

His cock was his sole source of absolute pleasure. He liked the way it swayed and thudded against his hard muscled thigh. Sometimes it would become erect when he walked aroused by his touching and rubbing, and he would have to stop and unload it. His massive pole stood out on top of large, well-shaped, low hanging balls. Oddly, with all the hair on his legs he had no hair on either his balls or asshole. That also pleased him. He would have shaved it off if it were there. He shaved using sharp flint instruments and kept himself neater in appearance that way. He did, after all, have an eye for his own reflection. He was basically a simple man and had no great wants or desires. Slipping further into the jungle he had reached the perimeter of his "territory" but decided to go further and claim even more today.

A few minutes more and he caught movement up ahead of him through the trees and undergrowth. There was a clearing ahead and someone was there! Moving stealthily through the undergrowth he suddenly stopped. There was another man! And, in his territory! He was standing in a very small clearing looking up at the trees. The clearing was semi-circular in shape about 20 feet wide spanning a small pool of water. The sun shone down brightly on the man.

He stood as least as tall as Ben. They were of about the same height, build and body style. Except this man was darker. His skin burned dark from the sun and very hairy. His jaw line was almost black from only a half days growth of beard. His chest thickly covered with black hair that was matted to his body with his sweat and continuing down over his hard stomach muscles. Ben couldn't see any further down because of the dense foliage he was peering through. Though the man had the same natural build that Ben had. He had very broad muscular shoulders that set off his huge chest, displaying shoulder muscles that supported that kind of muscular thickness.

He was looking upward and shading his eyes with a large thick hairy hand making his biceps stand out hard displaying a large well-rounded muscle. Reaching up further he ran his hands through his rich, thick black hair that was tied back into a short tail. Suddenly, as if sensing another presence he dropped his large hand and started looking sharply around him. He caught just a glimpse of something through the forest. The two huge men froze. Ben reacted first and stepped to the edge of the clearing.

Now able to see each other closer they glared at the other. The interloper stared at the mountain of flesh standing in his clearing. His eyes swiftly took in the other man's measure. Glancing over the stranger's hairy body, over the broad hairy chest, down to stop briefly on the huge cock swinging freely between the huge hairy thighs and traveling further down over massive calf muscles to large broad bare feet.

Ben could now survey the man completely. He was also standing naked, thick well-muscled hairy thighs and calves swelled with his tension. The man's cock was an equal to his in its massive thickness and length. Huge balls hung down framing his massive uncut cock surrounded in a very hairy cushion of dark, coarse hair. The man exuded a maleness that excited Ben on a primal level and made his cock tingle. Both men froze, feeling something stir within them that were remarkably alike. Their basic natures were stirring, excited at the contact, anxious, sure, aggressive, something that made them both sexually aggressive and stirred both of their cocks.

The man pointed to his massive, densely hairy chest and said, "Alec! My territory!"

Ben, startled by his statement, stood his ground and returned the gesture. "Ben! My territory!

The dispute had been established and outlined for both of them. Glaring at each other in undisguised heat, frustrated that the other should claim something that was rightfully his. Ben stamped his large bare foot and growled in his best deep, throaty voice, "Mine!" The gesture made his huge cock and balls jump. Alec, not be outdone, returned the savage growl with his own, making his voice yet deeper and more threatening, "Mine!" They both wanted this new piece of territory for themselves, a perfect moss-covered area with a small pool and river that meandered through the jungle. Fresh water and a food source were always desired and would make a great home base.

Not far off another man stumbled through the undergrowth. He had been following the river looking for signs of any settlement. He was an anthropologist following leads on tales of strange people who had lived along the banks of the river. He wanted to make the discovery and bring himself to the notice of his peers. He had trudged for days along the riverbank not once seeing any signs of habitation or even far reaching signs. Not even enough to make him begin to dig and scratch in his efforts. Frustrated, hot, sweaty and ready to return to find new leads he suddenly heard what sounded like human voices.

They sounded demanding and hearing the words "mine" definitely put it into the category of a dispute. Making his way swiftly and quietly up the bank he angled through the jungle in the direction of the heated voices. Stopping abruptly he saw the clearing quite clearly though the jungle. Transfixed he stopped stock-still to watch the two sweaty, naked giants facing each other. He was impressed with the size of their huge cocks dangling and swinging with the movements of their bodies. It stirred something inside of him and he knew he must remain still and absolutely quiet as the men threatened each other with their body stances and movements.

Aware of where this was going, his own primitive nature rose to the surface, his pulse pounding in his ears. Even before they closed together, he found himself urging the naked men mentally to continue, as he witnessed the handsome faces, heavily muscled shoulders and chests, huge asses and bulging thighs and calves, as well as the enormous cocks and heavy balls. He found himself saying quietly to himself "Come on, fight, fight! Fight it out!" even as he watched them close, circle and growl and snarl at each other, with their huge sexual equipment swaying heavily from side to side and slapping sexily against their thighs.

Neither of the men was aware of any other movement in the surrounding jungle. They were so intent on the object of their contempt that nothing else existed. Ben began to pace back and forth as did Alec. Each one was reflecting the other in his movements, to frustrate and hopefully drive him away. That did not work. The only thing left to do was fight.

They began to circle each other, their heavily muscled shoulders and chests, large, round muscular asses with deep clefts in them, huge bulging thighs and calves ready to meet in naked combat. As they glared at each other they puffed out their chests and hardened their muscles in a show of pure physical strength. With their show of strength and feeling of conflict over territory their cocks began to grow larger. Their massive boners and huge low hanging balls swayed with the force of their hand gestures and body postures. They taunted each other by grabbing their huge cocks and balls, shaking them at the other to demonstrate which one was the more threatening, who could intimidate the other more thoroughly!

Watching each other intently, their cocks grew larger, the excitement of facing another man in naked combat causing the precum to drip off the ends of their cocks, their foreskins sliding back to expose the large swelled heads of their hot dicks. The sheer weight of their thickly veined cocks too heavy to make them stand straight up, they hung down slapping against their sweaty legs. Neither had any doubt about the size of the other man.

Grunting and growling at each other, challenging, blood pounding in their ears, every muscle and fiber in their lusting bodies ready for the first contact. Their bodies crouched, huge hairy muscular legs spread, cocks swaying as they rushed each other hotly intent on using every part of their huge bodies to conquer the other.

Their hot bodies slammed together wetly as they locked together in a bearhug, testing each other's strength. Huge muscled arms locked each around the other man as they crashed together. Their long hanging uncut cocks trapped together hard surrounded by and further entrapped between their hairy muscular thighs. Feeling the other's large hot cock made them squeeze even tighter together. The struggle continued as their hard cocks pulsed and ground into the others leg. Each of them wanted the other to feel his huge cock violating his naked body, all to humiliate and establish dominance. All in an effort to intimidate the other with the feel of his full powerful manhood slammed and held fast against his naked opponent.

As these two naked uninhibited stallions slammed together in a hot sweaty double bearhug, grinding their cocks and balls together in a tremendous display of male power, sweat pouring from their bodies and quivering with the excitement and the lust of the sexual challenge, the watcher groaned. It was the most exciting thing that he'd ever seen in his life.

The watcher was stunned at the sight of the naked struggle. His own cock grew bone hard and threatened to tear though his shorts. These two muscular naked stallions were fighting over a small piece of land. Now, only a very small part of his rational mind was aware and contributing, but that would soon fade. He had never seen cocks that large in his life and that aspect alone had caused his own cock to stiffen uncontrollably. On top of that he had never witnessed two such well-built muscular naked bodies in a wrestling conflict. They were built like gods. They were both strong, masculine handsome men with powerful bodies whose sole burning desire was to dominate and overcome an opposing force.

It was a primitive struggle being fought in a mindless conflict for domination and it had aroused him completely. His hand grabbed his cock in an involuntary reaction. Seeing all of the sweaty, naked flesh in front of him his desire to become just as naked was only natural. Stripping his shoes, socks, shorts and shirt he was now just as naked as the wrestling men and felt as though he were a part of the titanic struggle he so intently watched. Running his hands down over his hairy chest and stomach, feeling his full balls and hard 8" cut pole, which had seemed large to him before witnessing this battle. He knew he would have to stop touching himself or he would shoot a load and that might conceivably diminish the pleasure of watching this contest.

Unable to best the other heated male, so evenly matched in strength, they separated their sweaty bodies, backing away from each other, their now fully engorged cocks jerked spasmodically, long strings of precum clinging wetly against their hairy thighs. Rubbing against the others nakedness and the heat of the contest had them both aroused more than they had even been before and had them even more focused on conquering the other. Something deep and hidden in each of them wanted this to continue, the feeling of physical contact was incredibly satisfying. They knew this was just beginning.

Crouching and circling, feinting toward the other, looking for an opportunity to lock up again as they paced the center of their private wrestling arena. Never taking their eyes from the other, predatory in their relentless stalking, cocks swayed heavily and hot. Alec rushed at Ben and again grabbed him roughly in a naked bearhug, and their cocks were again trapped between their muscle-swelled thighs. Struggling, Ben locked his thick leg around Alex's muscular straining hairy thigh and they crashed to the floor of the jungle, light and shadow playing across their sweaty wrestling bodies as they rolled naked locked in a passionate struggle.

The battle waged hotly as both men were lost in the feelings coming to life in their groins. They liked this contest! Every muscle in their powerful bodies was bulging from the effort. Their bodies glistening with each other's sweat felt totally alive. Cocks refused to go limp and grew even more urgent as they tried to dominate the other. The holds they took were harder and the humping of their asses more pronounced as their over-heated cocks and balls ached for more. Growling at each other, grunting with the effort, they realized that shooting their cocks' hot juice would only weaken them, but if one could make the other loose his strength the winner would be determined!

As they crashed to the floor, rolling over and over, body-to-body, cock-to-cock and balls-to-balls, the watcher was absolutely beside himself! If only a video camera could have recorded this scene! However, inside he knew he would never forget what he was witnessing.

This contest of naked sweaty muscle completely and irrevocably enraptured the man watching. Seeing the two naked hairy giants roll together on the moss covered ground, huge legs interlocked and heavily muscled asses pounding against the other was too much to bear. He could not believe that two such incredibly built naked men like this could be in the same place at the same time, and as a study of primitive animal sexual behavior, it was completely in a class of its own!

Watching their incredible naked bodies locked tight in their lustful struggle he realized that this had become a sexfight of gigantic proportions between two men! His senses overloaded he became acutely aware of the determining factors in play. His own muscular body reacted as his back arched and he shot his load high into the air without even touching his throbbing, hot cock! His mind tumbling with the scenes of the naked combat and the shock of his bodily reaction, his legs were unable to support him any more as he fell to the ground to lay on his dripping cock, rubbing it against the earth.

Alec and Ben were so focused in their heated struggle that they saw nothing else, heard nothing else, the physical experience being the whole. The all-out sexfight continued as they grappled together. Big hands on each other's faces, slipping in their sweat, each rubbed and roughly grabbed the other. Their massive chests and nipples separated as they strained, locking their huge muscular legs, cocks never far apart, pushing each other apart but keeping them locked in hot combat from the waist down. They could feel the effect of this move and threw themselves into the fight in an effort to make the other one cum.

Both men were heated and neither had released his juice that day. They were both on the verge. To counteract this they separated as they rolled, untangling their legs and getting to their knees, each seeing the other's hot cock drooling wildly and jumping hard. They faced each other, glowering hard, breath coming in huge gasps as they attempted to fill their huge lungs in the humid air. Intended or not, this gave each a rest and a chance to ease his throbbing cock.

Their bodies ached for release but not before the other one had done so. Then he would climb on top of his vanquished naked foe and declare his dominance. He'd straddle him with his big muscular legs, his ass on the other man's chest and drop his big balls on his open mouth, his hard hot cock sticking up the air in its proud supremacy as he shot his well deserved load all over his face. Their naked hairy bodies heaved and trembled from their passionate wrestling and the images of conquering the other man for the prize. Alec lunged at Ben deftly turning his body slightly to go under Ben's muscular hairy arms and slammed into his side. Ben startled at this movement recovered quickly and threw his massive body over Alec's shoulder, reaching down with his strong arms and his thick hands grabbed Alec's huge round muscular ass. Clinging tightly they strained their hairy muscular bodies together.

Alec shoved up with all of his considerable strength and pushed Ben upward and backward as his own body twisted down toward Ben's hip. His body slid effortlessly against Ben's sweaty skin. Swinging one of his massive hairy legs up he got it in front of Ben's startled face and wrapped it hard around his neck. The back of his knee pressed into the back of Ben's neck. Another shove and he forced Ben toward the ground; he was on top and locked his hairy legs around Ben's head securing him in a front scissors. It took so much strength that he wasn't fast enough to dodge Ben's massive legs as they spread, lifted and locked around his own head. The two men were close to exhaustion as they gripped each other tightly. Bodies locked tight, heads caught between hairy thighs, huge cocks buried between hard deep pecs, they fought only for air, open gasping mouths against each other's hairy ass, holding tight their heaving bodies fighting only for air.

The watcher recovered as he heard sounds of their continued struggle. Raising up on his knees his muscular hairy thighs spread out under him. His bare beet balanced on his toes he froze at the scene in front of him. Outside of their heavy breathing their bodies twitched and moved slowly. He groaned again, his cock was still rock hard and covered in his own cum. Grasping it he began to stroke it as he watched the naked men clasp each other in slight fucking motions, their massive cocks tight between their bodies.

Ben and Alec were still locked together, their cocks rubbing in pools of sweat and body oil causing them to slip in and out of their foreskins, tantalizingly, lusting in this excruciatingly pleasurable hold. Alec's cock rubbed and slid with each gasping breath from Ben right between his massive hairy pecs. Ben's cock throbbed as it felt the full weight of Alec's muscular body on top of him as it gasped out for air. They lay tight for a minute. Alec thought that if the chest muscles under him continued to heave and move he would ejaculate his juice hard and hot. Reluctantly, he released his hold and rolled away. Both men lay panting and drenched in sweat.

Rising weakly to their knees, leaning heavily with their broad hairy hands on their massive thighs they glared at each other. This was not going to be easy. Their bodies were so strained and hot that you could see the steam rise off of them. Neither wanted to give up. Standing shakily they faced each other stubbornly. Now both weaker they reached toward the other and locked their massive hands together. Leaning into the other each put his large muscular shoulder into the chest of the other. One bare foot of each man brought forward to be placed near the foot of his opponent. Calf muscles strained and stood out tautly. Each put the other leg in back of them and pressed into the ground with their large toes.

Their strength waning they pushed and shoved. Their sweaty bodies swayed with the effort, huge cocks harder than before as their low hanging balls swung under their weight. Their cocks were swinging wildly with their wrestling. Jostling around on their big bare feet and inching his sweaty body closer to Alec's muscular frame their cocks struck at each other like wildly swinging baseball bats. Hands slipped out of each other's grasp as they grabbed for the other's thick neck. Wet bodies slapped loudly resoundingly and echoing through the thick air of the jungle. In a side headlock their big legs attempted to wrestle with the other's leg and trip him, their body sweat and oil so slick that they slid and stumbled wildly.

Finally Ben's leg caught Alec's leg and brought them crashing to the ground. Rolling they locked their massive hairy arms around the other, chest-to-chest, cock-to-cock and began to hump wildly, totally out of control. Ben, now on the bottom, reached up and grabbed a handful of Alec's thick mane. Pulling it hard he jerked Alec's large head backward. It forced his cock harder against Ben's tensed, muscular body. Freeing one of his huge hairy paws Alec grabbed a handful of Ben's hair and pulled hard pressing his head further into the ground. The two overheated men pulled and fought each other savagely.

The watcher was frantic with anticipation. He knew the end was near and couldn't believe that these men had fought naked for so long and not relieved themselves of their hot loads. If he had wrestled with either of them he was sure he would have cum at least four times each! Jacking his big cock harder he watched entranced as the battle waged hotly, his own hot load near the surface and ready to cum again.

Ben and Alec pulled harder, their bodies now glued together in their battle, muscular legs interlocked tighter, hips and huge asses slamming and grinding their hot cocks against the other naked man. Ben pulled Alec's hair and twisted him to the side. Legs locked, each with a heavy hairy arm around the other, hands clinging to the other's muscular back they held each other tightly in a passionate grip as Alec's heavy body slid to the side. Lying on their sides, bodies pressed tight, legs locked hard, now pulling their hair hard and grinding their huge cocks constantly, their grunts and screams of frustration turned into lustful moans as their naked hairy bodies writhed and ground into the other. Pulling and yanking their hair, straining their muscular bodies, cock rassling, the sexfight in its fullest form as their big hairy asses rammed their cocks into each other with frantic, writhing, fucking motions.

As these new tensions built they hotly rammed together hard in one last final effort. Every muscle in their magnificent bodies froze as their first load of hot cum started to shoot up from their huge hot balls. Clinging tightly their cum shot hard against each other. Groaning they rolled naked together, lost in incredible feelings of passion and lust, each getting on top of the other to press his cock harder and force out even more cum.

Ben now on top of Alec pulled hard with his muscular leg locked under Alec's massive leg. This feeling of muscle-to-muscle action was just as exciting as before. He pulled Alec's big leg a little higher into the thick air, allowing him to wrap his huge thighs tighter around Alec's leg, and pressing his cock harder against this more than worthy wrestling opponent he began to grind again. Looking into each other's fevered eyes, they both begin to feel another load build. This had never happened to either of them before. Staring hard into the other's eyes they thrust hard against the other's heaving body and spewed a second load just as hard as the first. Groaning, they rassled it harder and longer, forcing the other to take as much as he can. Their massive loads smeared and dripping between their sweaty bodies as their hairy bellies and chests rubbed together, then dripping down their sides and onto the ground.

The watcher, drenched in sweat and as naked as the naked combatants, pumped his hand over his heated cock so fast it wasn't much more than a blur as he strained and groaned exploding his second load just as high and hot as the first.

They continued to roll and grind until every last bit of abject pleasure had been worked out. Alec now on top of Ben they collapsed in a pile of relaxed flesh each with a new respect for the other. Their battle had ended in a draw and neither of them could go on at this point. Neither of them was disappointed or ashamed at its outcome. They had met, fought naked and hard and come to a draw. Their sexual domination of the other was still to be determined. Neither of them had ever experienced anything remotely like this and knew there would be more, knew that the next time they met the battle would continue.

Ben looked at Alec "We share and fight some more?"

"We share and fight some more!" acknowledged Alec.

The End

Phew!!! I don't know about you dude, but this is one of the HOTTEST fight fantasies i've ever read. If you have some thoughts you want to communicate to the authors, their names are Cumbatl and RomanHero.


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