Matt and Judd

Matt and Judd were rassling buddies. They met as kids in the countryside of southern Michigan and had explored this aspect of sexuality since they were 5 years old. Born in 1942 with only a few months difference there was a big similarity between them. Always tussling, always in a pile with one another. They had their first open wrestle-sex match at 12, both coming (cuming?) of age together. Neither of them could think of anything else; a perfect match. They were the best of buddies and did what came naturally to each.

They had always searched out different places to have their erotic combat. They had started at home in the back yard, going into the house, wrestling in the kitchen, bedrooms, on the beds, on the floors, in the hallways, in the bathroom. They had a secret place in the basement, rassling on cardboard, once a discarded mattress. Both basically outdoors guys they naturally gravitated to bike riding and hiking out to the numerous lakes to find isolated places to challenge each other; in the woods, on the shore of a quiet lake, in the middle of a field. Even though their interest was identical they were shy and it took time to finally openly, come out to the other. They both knew they enjoyed doing it but didn't understand the sexuality of their trysts until their hormones kicked in. However, the pattern had been set and it was a complete natural for both of them.

It's not that they did it continually because the business of growing up had taken their time and interest, each curious, quick minded, intelligent, eager to learn. But, it played a big part of their lives. Both searching out references to wrestling, since even the word turned them on. Looking for pictures to show the other, references in stories to go over. Showing his buddy these references while they sat there with hard cocks, leg over leg, gripping each other, leg rassling until they almost came in their pants. These always led to quick fights, sometimes standing just to get their bodies together and cumming. Sometimes they were so hot that they would grope each other and cum. Now at 18 they had graduated high school and were headed for college together.

Matt and Judd were like bookends. They had topped out at 5'10", 170#, athletic, muscular, supple builds. They had not achieved the thick set they were both to see later in life, however, they had the traces of it. Stocky builds, waist sizes of 32" (Matt maybe a 33"), wide set of shoulders, large pecs making their chests stand out, big, defined upper muscles on their arms that flexed with the slightest movement, leading to full forearms and large square hands with thick fingers. Their bodies taper down to their waists toward large, mouth watering bubble butts and cocks that were both about an average 6", uncircumcised (which they had found to be unusual among other boys, and also a deep turn-on), deep cleavage to their massive, smooth ass muscles which expanded to wide heavily muscled thighs. Thighs that were not only nicely rounded on the front but thickly muscled on the back, strong knees, leading to overly large, wide calves. They had a tendency to walk on their toes, which helped build those magnificently muscled calves. All those hikes and bike rides had paid off. The calves tapered to thinner ankles and settled on top of broad, thick, meaty feet to hold all of this together.

Both looked more than straight and the girls were after them continually. However, they reputation was that of studious, almost nerdy in their pursuit of knowledge so they were never perceived as "gay". They had both dated to keep their reputations clean. They didn't look alike but were both attractive and healthy. Matt had brown hair, but born a blond. Judd also brown haired, but born a redhead which gave him that darker, coppery color to his skin. In the sun you could still see the dark red running through his hair. Matt was always golden brown from the sun. They both shared another trait: neither had any body hair. They were both smooth and muscular, bodies to be envied. You could see every curve and muscle they had.

They had separated in high school for a while, both pursing other interests, but staying rassling buddies. They had wrestled with other friends and always brought the experiences back to the other. Running into one another, finding a quiet place and talking about the different matches they had, getting each other excited until they tried these new moves on the other. Always ending up out of control, naked and cuming together.

They had come back together in the last 6 months and made the decision to head to college together. Matt had a surprise in store for Judd, though. He had bought a van so they would have transportation, but also a place to wrestle since they didn't know what their circumstances would be. He had put a couple of oversized twin mattresses on the floor of the van, covering them with old sheets that could be changed out, lined the inner walls with any type of packing material he could find, and lined it with mattress ticking. The whole time he did this his cock was hard waiting for the opportunity to try it out. Dripping precum, imagining their bodies struggling all over the back of the van. Getting in back, ripping their clothes off and fighting each other to a mutual no-hands emission.

Matt had already told Judd that he had transportation and that they could drive out and take their time exploring the country, maybe leave 2 weeks early. Matt had planned this for a while. He was going to get Judd in the van, taunt him, tease him, getting him to the point of a wet cock, then rassle! The day they left for California was late in the summer, still uncomfortably hot and humid. Matt threw on a pair of shorts and T-shirt. Barefoot, he hopped in the van; he was so excited he couldn't get his cock to go down. Judd, dressed the same way, was bug eyed when he saw the van. Matt opened the back and stuffed Judd's luggage in with his and pushed them toward the back of the seats, smiling at Judd. Judd hopped in and stared at the back while Matt pulled out.

Judd said, "Man, when did you get this?"

"Picked it up as a surprise about two weeks ago. I thought if we couldn't find a place to stay, we could always sleep in it. And, if you get out of hand and start challenging me we can stop anywhere and I can take you down!" Judd stared at him, "You! Take me down! I'll get you on that mat, pound your pecs and ride your cock raw!" They both laughed and poked each other good-naturedly, each one looking at the others chests, legs, feet and crotches. They were hot for each other's bodies, they could never get enough, really got into the other physically. Just this slight mention of wrestling had given them hard, twitching cocks. Both realized the full impact of this van. The privacy, the kinkiness of being able to stop anywhere, anytime, get naked and play! Heading out on the highway, emotions high, energy raging, they drove on. Matt, always pushing Judd a little more. About an hour of driving had passed, the cities gone, a deserted two-lane highway and two horny, hot guys, challenging each other.

Judd said, "Did you remember to put any supplies in back, like some oil?"

"Oh, yeah!" replied Matt. "And a sheet of plastic to put over the mattress! I figure it's about time that we broke some new territory. I'm really hot and I need to work your dick!!"

"You'll have to rassle me for that!" grinned Judd. "You'll have to work real hard at that one and I don't think you're tough enough. I'll nail you before you get me!"

They sat there squirming on their sweaty asses, pushing their feet against the floorboards. Judd pushed with his toes, pushing back against the seat making his feet arch, his calves and thighs knotted into pure, hard muscle! Leg muscles showing on each, each getting more anxious, sweat making their chests shine, muscles bunching. Watching each other. Both more than ready to go.

Judd said, "I challenge you to get in the back for a no holds barred, naked, cockwrestle and I'll win!"

Matt replied, "You're on! We'll use lots of oil, especially on our cocks. But, this is a full fight! No giving in or giving up until one of us makes the other cum. I'm going to nail you man!"

Judd glared back, "I"LL take you, buddy! We'll see how tough you are!"

Their matches had already increased to every erotic turn on they could think of to do to the other. Hair pulling was high on their list. They would both pop their hot nuts when they got their horny, sweaty bodies knotted together and yanked on each other's hair.

Judd said, "There's a side road! Let's pull in off the highway, park it and get in back!"

They had both been sneaking looks at the back, more than ready to try it. They were both so hot, they should have stopped 50 minutes ago! Matt pulled in the dirt road, luckily enough the road took a bend in about 60 feet in, which placed the van behind some trees so it couldn't be seen from the highway. They climbed over the back of the seats and luggage. Both so hot they threw themselves at each other. Their hot cocks flopping out of their shorts eager to rassle the other. Arms grabbing each other's legs seeking each other out and wrapping tight, humping each other hotly, grinding, groaning, sucking in air, gasping, fighting out of control. A minute of this and they were both ready to cum. Matt said through clenched teeth, "Remember the challenge?"

Judd loosened his grip. They lay there, rubbing their bodies together slowly but both unwilling to let the other one go. They finally, grudgingly, let their holds lessen and both gulped in the air.

Matt said, "Lets give us all the room we can make." Judd agreed. They moved as much luggage as they could onto the seats effectively barricading themselves in back. Matt had already darkened the back windows to make it very difficult for anyone to look in. Matt hauled out the plastic cover for the mattresses. The mattresses had fit quiet well, with the padding on the walls, it was snug and safe. They sat back on their knees, facing each other.

Judd's body was sweating, glowing copper, stomach moving in and out with the exertion and the promise of more. Matt facing him brown body heaving just as hard. Off came the T-shirts, shorts next, already barefoot they were stone naked. Glaring at the other, Matt pulled out the oil. Their beautiful bodies were aching to touch and rub against the other. They could never get enough of the other one! Each thought the other had the best body. They loved getting tied up together, legs locked, feeling each other's muscles. Meaty asses and legs, huge arms to grapple with. They needed it!

Matt poured oil his hand and over his aching cock, skinning it back, mixing it with the precum that was dripping off it. Judd held out his hand and took the oil rubbing his aching cock and balls, skinning his uncut cock. Staring at the others uncut cock, wanting to get them together. teasing each other. They both had sparse hair on their crotches, hardly noticeable, both looking shaved, cocks looking even bigger not buried in hair. Both raising up and down on their knees, bunching and showing off their leg muscles for the others pleasure. Jacking easily, rubbing the oil up their stomachs to mix with the sweat, they didn't have to use much oil, just a little.

Matt leaned toward Judd, putting a hand on his waist and running his hand over his hip, pulling Judd toward his body, slipped his hand around and felt Judd's huge, muscular ass. Judd leaned into Matt and reciprocated. Both rubbing the other one's ass, feeling down lower over the pronounced thigh muscles, over the calves and bare feet, back up to the ass to get a better grip! Each one of them leaning against the other's broad side, rubbing the oil in, feeling, grasping. Sitting up a little to lean on the others well muscled shoulders, sweaty chests almost touching, inching toward the other, thighs interspersed to get their cocks to touch, to hump against the others cock, chests now rubbing, sliding, cocks rubbing, holding each other tighter. Almost cuming again!

Judd pushed Matt away roughly. "You wanna rassle or not??!"

Lunging at each other, cocks swinging, they locked in the middle of the van in a struggle to take the other one down. Struggling against each other the two young titans were almost at a stalemate. They split apart, Judd threw himself at Matt, shoulder first, slamming him into the padded wall of the van. Jarred from the slam, Matt threw himself at Judd, slamming him on the other side. Glaring at each other, they locked up in the middle of the mat, muscled arms grabbing wildly for each others, necks, heads, chest. Matt took his fist and landed a sharp blow against Judd's muscular side, making him flinch, jabbed him again. Judd returned the blow to Matt and they both let out a gasp for air. Parted and slammed into each other again. Judd grunted, "FUCKER!" Matt said, "Cock sucker!" The naked, horny men fought each other for the best hold. The fight waged as each tried to take the other down, gasping for air, growls coming from their throats as they tried desperately to get on top of the other one. The growls turned them on even more and they realized they could make as much noise as they wanted. They started shouting at the other "Mother-fucker!" "Eat my dick!" "Suck my cock!" "Lick my feet!"

Raging out of control, like animals tearing at each, they fell to the mat. Muscular legs locked around muscular legs, tensing, applying pressure beyond belief. Cocks smashed into each other's bellies, bare groins slapping together, huge, naked, muscular asses driving their cocks even harder. Judd was on top, Matt arched his body standing on his toes, Judd seeing the muscles in Matt's legs stand out grew even more enflamed and wrapped his heavily muscled thighs around his to hook his toes under Matt's bulging calves and humped his cock mercilessly.

Matt thrust and slid to the side throwing Judd off, and got his big leg over Judd's. Clinging with his leg, pushed against Judd's shoulder to force his upper body away, sliding him over on his face. With a monumental effort he shoved harder, mounting Judd's back, his hot cock buried into that massive hairless, ass crack! He put his big square hands on Judd's shoulders forcing him down into the mat his bare feet right against the bottom of Judd's massive calves and slid his toes against Judd's ankles. He started forcing Judd's face harder into the mat, sliding his cock against that hot ass crack, rubbing back and forth on his bud's slick smooth flesh.

Judd, feeling Matt's cock, struggled harder, couldn't get his shoulders off the mat so he pushed with his toes and knees forcing his ass higher into the air. They struggled together in a driven hot sweaty combat for supremacy, each lost in own sexual frenzy. Matt completely consumed with maintaining his top man position. Judd on his face, ass in the air, legs spread, Matt's legs spread, gripping Judd's thighs with his, feet hooked on Judd's muscular calves, feeling Matt's hot cock rubbing all over him.

Judd screamed, "You cock-sucking, mother-fucker!" Matt screamed back, "I'm going to fuck your rassling ass!" "NO WAY," Judd roared back, and pushed up hard. Matt slipped on Judd's sweaty shoulders, Judd pushed and they fell sideways in a sweaty tangle, Matt's cock buried in Judd's ass crack, his leg up over Judd's big thigh, his arm around Judd's waist and grabbing his cock. They both shuddered as Matt jacked Judd's cock! Judd could feel his buddy's rock hard cock against his ass, and he slammed his ass harder into Matt's groin. They bucked against each other's hot body, trying to make the other cum. Matt knews he was going to shoot a big, big load. He growled, "Buddy, I want this load on top of you! I want to feel your cock against mine and shoot this all over your naked, sweaty body!"

Judd pulled straight off, turned and crawled on top of Matt. They flew at each other, huge legs grapevined, hands grabbed for each other head and got a handful of hair. Pulling, twisting, legs wound tight, cock-to-cock, bare, hairless sweating bodies, pulled each others hair so hard that their heads snapped back, punishing each other, pulling harder, rassling their cocks until, grunting loudly at each other, voices rising to loud, rough, deep, growl-moan, the first shot of cum squirted between their sweating, rassling bodies, groaning, moaning, growling, grinding, the second load of cum shot as they ground their cocks harder. Locking their legs tighter, each squirming into the other, grinding, the cum shot again, each with an "Ooof!"

Sweat soaked, Matt pushed Judd over and off him and climbed on top, relocking his legs and arms as he squirmed around on top of Judd and shot another squirt of cum. Their bodies making the wet, slapping sounds of hot sweaty men rassling each other. They lay together with their huge legs locked right down to their bare feet, skin-to-skin, humping out the last drops of their cum! They lay, too weak to move, panting loudly. Finally, when all sanity had returned, they looked at each other.

Matt said, "Man, this is going to be some trip!" Judd said, "Anytime Buddy! Any time! I figure if we stop to wrestle every 3 hours, we can make California in about 3 weeks."

Matt said, "We can look for old barns, lakes, rivers, streams, mountains, deserts, fields, old deserted houses, anyplace to take each other on."

Judd replied, "Yeah! And, next time your cock is mine!"

"Anytime you feel you want to rassle me for it, speak up Buddy, I'll take your big bod on!"

To be continued...

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