Matt and Judd


Matt and Judd  woke from their nap and decided it was best to drive a little further and find a motel to get cleaned up in and clean out the back of the van. Besides, they had almost made the Indiana border. This was gong to be a long trip. They couldn't help but stop frequently. So much to see since neither of them had really been away from home before. Now on their own and a loose time table they could pretty much do whatever they wanted. Two weeks to make a three-day trip and just one gone already!

About 20 miles up the road Matt spotted a small motel. All on ground floor (good to wrestle in, can't irritate the neighbors downstairs), a little on the seedy side (looks cheap!) but still on the clean side. Judd agreed and they pulled in get a room. Both boys got out the van and looked around, each one of them taking the measure of the place. Only one other car in the parking lot was parked near the office, definitely not crowded, it had that rent by the hour look. This place has seen a lot of action (a turnon in itself). The thought of all those naked bodies writhing around had its effect on both of these young studs. Cocks half aroused, Judd said, "I'll get us room at the far end!" and started for the office.

Judd walked into the office. It was small but clean. The man behind the counter smiled broadly. He was about 40 something, thickset build, very hairy. His dark complexion was enhanced by his black hair, he had a thinning, receding hairline, but a definite looker. Judd thought, "I wish I were that hairy!"

Judd smiled and said, "My buddy and I would like to take a room for the night, if you're not crowded maybe one at the end. We should be leaving pretty early in the morning and that way we won't disturb anyone."

The man's face relaxed and he replied, "No problem! Got just the one for you, plenty of privacy but a little small. The season's coming on so it will pick up later." As soon as Judd had asked about a room at the end, the man's senses came alive. He had visions of seeing this young God in action. Glancing out the window he saw Matt standing by the van and thought, "A guy?" I've never seen two guys do this before but they want a room at the end, must be so!" He remembered the last time he got together with a man, they had a little boyish tussle in the woods and ended up rasslin naked and cock sucked each other. That was a hot surprise and he'd wanted to do it again but the guy got back with his wife! But, by main profession, he was a major voyeur and had small holes drilled all over this motel. The action he had seen was worth everything to him. "This could be interesting!" he thought.

Handing Judd the keys, their hands brushing slightly, sent a thrill through the man. "Thank you!" Judd replied with a grin. Judd turned and walked out. The man watched, his senses completely alive, he watched Judd's broad back and shoulders, saw the easy way the muscles in his legs and ass moved as he walked. "Yes!" he thought. "This could very interesting!" Little did he know then.

Judd walked to van and told Matt that he got them a corner room, from the room number, the one on the left end. They hopped in the van and pulled it to the end, and getting out they opened the back to get their bags. Both stopped short, a little dizzy from the heady smell emanating from the back. Still had their sweat smell! Tinged with acrid sweat odor of their bodily secretions. Both boys looked at each other and smiled, both of their cocks coming back to life again. Both shaking their heads and thinking, "Animals!"

Grabbing their bags, they headed for the room. Stepping inside it appeared clean, coverings a little tattered and worn, but clean. It's all you could ask for. True, it was small. These two big boys, with bags, almost filled the room. The bed took the largest portion of it. King sized! Hot shit! Matt told Judd to get them settled in and he'd clean out the van. Matt grabbed one of the towels, soaked it down and headed for the van. He had some cleaners in the back he would use on the plastic surface to clean it up. Climbing in back and breathing in the musky odor, smiling, cock swelling, thinking about what a great idea this had been. Reliving what had a happened in here already. Thinking of Judd's great arms locked around his body, legs tangled, sweaty bodies struggling. Man! Get this cleaned up!

He didn't hear the man come up in back of the van. The man smiled looking at Matt's broad rear end and muscular legs spread, watching all the muscles move as he cleaned out the van. Matt had a strange feeling that he was being watched! He turned to see the man standing there, smiling, a bead of sweat forming at his hairline and lip. The man slowly drawled, "I saw you cleaning this out and thought I might give you hand or anything else you might need."

"Matt smiled and said, "No problem! Got it handled". He, too, liked the looks of the other man and had a quick fantasy flash of him joining Judd and himself in a hot, naked rassle!

"Say, that's quite a setup you have back there! Mattresses, plastic covering, walls covered, almost like an arena. What d’ya do back there, wrestle it out?" Matt, stunned that someone had come so close to their secret, blushed at the thought.

"No, the mattresses are for sleeping on and the plastic helps keep it clean when we don't use it. We're students and can't always afford to stop some time."

"Well, if you need anything, give me a yell!"

Turning and walking away it was Matt's turn to appraise the man. Thickly set, good legs, broad back. His pants could barely contain the muscles in his thighs and calves. His T-shirt stretched out over his broad shoulders and muscular arms. The man’s hair showed all over him, through the collar of his shirt, down his big arms to crawl all over the hands. His legs must be covered with it! Easy walk. Not bad! Another thought, "I could just see Judd rasslin that, maybe a three way tangle!"

The man thought, as he walked back to the office, "Wrestle? Who knows, both built like Greek Gods, I know muscle action can be exciting, think about it myself once or twice. It's almost dark. As soon as it's dark, I'll take myself a little look through their back wall."

Matt headed back to the room satisfied with the job he'd done on the van. Ready for the next match! It was beginning to get dark, that time of the year! It gets very dark, here in the country, away from all city lights. Made Matt a little tired. As he walked back in the room he heard the sound of the shower. Man, that sounded good! Hot shower, hit the sack. He walked into the bathroom "Steamed even in this heat, Judd must be having a hot one!", he thought.

"Don't use all the hot water", he yelled. "No prob!" responded Judd as he cut the water flow. He threw back the curtain, put one foot up on the side of the tub. It almost took Matt's breath away. Seeing him standing there, wet muscles aglow from their heated struggles. His balls hanging low in the heat. His thick cock dangling down pointing to his toes wrapped on the edge of the tub. Judd grabbed a towel and started to dry off, "Plenty left!" Matt quickly stripped off his clothes, giving them a quick sniff! Strong! He quickly stepped past Judd, their bodies lightly touching in the cramped quarters, to get into the shower. That little touch got them both thinking again. Matt wanted to wait until he had his shower, then… we'll see.

Matt scrubbed thoroughly and stepped out of the shower. The air felt cooler, but that was just because of the water. He knew it was still sultry. Stepping into the main room, Judd was sitting on the edge of the bed, naked. "What a sight", thought Matt. Judd's thoughts at that point were running wild. He'd been thinking about all the sex that had been consummated in this room, in this bed. He thought about Matt's massive legs wrapped around his body. Interlocked with his legs. He was lost in these thoughts when Matt startled him. He stood up, his cock half-hard. Matt looked at him, desire building rapidly.

In the back of the motel the man had quietly snuck around and positioned himself at the hole in the back wall. He watched with intense interest the scene unfolding in front of his eyes. The sexual tension was building. He could feel it! His cock was stretching the fabric of his shorts. He had always slipped into loose fitting shorts for his late night excursions, easier to get to his cock when he jacked off. He watched intently as the two boys approached each other, both naked and muscular bodies glistening in the yellow light of the motel room. He started to stroke his cock, easy, fingering it, making it wet. Man, look at he size of those two uncut cocks! Neither one had a lot of foreskin, the heads about half-mast. Man, look at that! "Precum already! I wish this hole was bigger so I could smell those big hot cocks!"

In the room, Matt moved closer to Judd and stood in front of him. Both boys had their huge legs spread to keep their balance. Neither said a word. Neither could talk. Shoulders muscles were bunched and ready. Arms spread a little each waiting for the other to make a move. Matt stared at Judd's heaving, hairless chest. His pecs were up. His big hands and arms ready to grab him and take him down. Their cocks had come straight out. Almost touching. Matt looked down Judd's chest, over his stomach to their huge legs spread for balance. Their cocks swaying in front of each other, their balls hanging low. He wanted to suck Judd's cock! He dropped slowly down on his knees. Spreading his thighs for balance. He looked down at Judd's big, thick, bare feet planted firmly on the floor. "One of these days I'm going to lick those feet!" he thought.

Still not physically touching he looked up Judd's massive body. Seeing the muscled definition of his torso, his thick forearms, Judd raised his arms a little so Matt could see the lower part of the upper arm. See the hair in his armpit and watch the sweat trickle down. Matt's gaze came down and fixed on Judd's cock, watching it jump a little; his mouth watered. He leaned forward and took this beautiful piece of uncut cock muscle into his mouth. Neither laid a hand on the other. Feeling the intensity of just the connection of the mouth and cock they both shivered. Matt gently held Judd's cock in his wet mouth. Judd groaned. The muscles in his legs and ass quivering while he tipped up on his toes making his calf muscles stand out. The man outside almost shot his load! Seeing these massive legs and ass quivering and knowing that beautiful cock had a hot mouth wrapped around it was almost too much for him.

Matt did not apply sucking pressure - he just held his buddy's cock in his mouth. He glanced up to see Judd's head thrown back. Still not adding pressure, he gently moved his mouth around the cock. His tongue playing lightly on the foreskin, the tip of his tongue forcing the skin back just a fraction. He knew the sensitivity of the movement would make Judd crazy. He then twisted his head slightly to the right shifting the cock with his tongue. They still were not touching any other parts of their bodies!

The man outside was freely jacking himself off completely lost in their fantasy. Matt then twisted his mouth to the left and moved the cock with his tongue again. Judd groaned and almost turned it into a low growl. Matt's cock was sticking straight up in the air, he stroked his own as he moved his mouth over his buddy's cock. He scooted his thighs forward straddling one of Judd's thick legs and brought his cock to rest along the ankle, straining up to rub his hot cock against Judd’s thick, bulging calf muscle. Judd leaned into it feeling the heat of Matt's cock. The man outside watched Matt move in and grab his buddy's leg between his own massive thighs. He thought, "Hump it! Look at the size of those legs! Man, this is too hot!"

Matt was pressing his leg up against Judd's calf, effectively jacking himself off by squeezing his legs together and rubbing his cock against his leg. Other than his mouth on Judd's cock and his own cock rubbing his leg, there was no other touching. The intensity was overwhelming for both boys. Matt slid his wet mouth off Judd's throbbing cock, leaned back and stood up in front of Judd. Voice husky, "You wanna rassle now!" Both put one leg each in back of them for balance and went for the standard hold, one hand in back of the neck and arm to arm. Their cocks were bouncing wildly around, ball sacks swinging in their standing struggle. They could hear the sound of their bare feet shifting around on the bare floor in their erotic dance.

Leaning into each other trying to take the other down, cocks ready to shoot their hot loads, precum flowing freely, the skin slipping away from the cock heads to fully expose their blood engorged cocks. Each boy wanted to get on top of the other. Wanting desperately to jam his cock into his buddy. But the evenly matched struggle continued. The man's attention outside flared! "What the Hell is going on?" he thought. Then, watching these two giant boys struggle against each other sent his cock into frenzy. Their bodies straining in the light, sweat forming on their skin, every muscle standing at attention. Their huge arms tangled trying to take the other down. His cock jumped! "Wrestle him!", he whispered.

Judd faked Matt out. Their bare feet trying to keep their huge bodies balanced, moved and slid on the bare floor. Their grunts and breathing, heavier and louder. Judd started to swing Matt to the right, then faked him when Matt shifted balance, swung him hard left and jammed his massive thigh around Matt's. They came to a crash on the bed, Matt on his side, Judd on Matt's side, jamming his massive thigh between Matt's, snaking his leg along his and twisting his foot up over his ankle securing his hold. Their bare feet coming together set each one off. Judd's full weight on Matt kept him pinned, he fought hard, he hooked Judd's leg with his own and jammed his cock up against Judd's muscle-tensed thigh. Judd shoot his arm under Matt's left arm and put his forearm across Matt's throat. The struggle was on to make Matt give, and leaning hard on Matt he rubbed his hot cock against Matt's side, thrilling at the feeling of their legs locked together. The man outside was going crazy at this massive fight scene! His substantial body was heaving up and down, pushing as if he were in the middle of this battle. When these two muscled boys hit the bed in a tangle of arms and legs he was pounding his cock harder than ever.

The boys locked in this familiar tangle on the bed were overheated. Their cocks were straining without much to push them over the edge now. Judd's full weight on top of Matt effectively held him. Judd knew he had him and writhed his body around on top of his struggling buddy with all his might. Grinding his cock in harder his ass flew up and down with the movement, muscles heaving, sweat flowing. Matt knew if he could make him cum he'd gain the upper hand. The bed bounced under their weight and struggles, growling at each other, sliding wet bodies slapping against each other. The man outside thought he was going to pop at any minute. The sounds of the sweaty bodies slapping together were almost too much for him. Sweat pouring down his hairy chest made him scratch. Watching these two slam against each other, he knew their legs must be to the breaking point.

Inside, the fight continued, Judd leaned harder on Matt and gasped out, "Like those big legs, huh? Wanna get them tangled harder? Rub your hot cock on my big thigh!" This pushed Matt to the edge. Grabbing Judd's leg between his even harder, feeling their legs together, he rammed his arm hard against the side of Judd's head. Judd didn't loose a stroke. He started grinding harder and faster, Matt grabbed his leg harder and they both flew into the frenzy that they knew would make them both cum. Neither tried to dislodge the other, now. It was time to cum. Their cocks were rock hard and were painful with the pressure. Matt yelled, "You fucking cock sucker! Take this hot load!" and shot so hard his cum covered Judd's thigh and inched up toward his belly, while Judd feeling the heat and intensity couldn't hold it anymore and shot all over Matt's side and back, some shooting over the side of the bed! They kept grinding into each other working out his intense load. The man outside couldn't believe his eyes watching this mass of sweaty muscle crawl all over each other. His eyes wide with amazement he shot his load so hard it flew clean over his head!

The boys were both still burning with desire. This has just whetted their appetites. When Judd came on top of Matt he loosened his hold, Matt brought his elbow up and crashed it into the side of Judd's head. This one loosened his powerful leg hold on Matt, Matt shoved with all his might and pushed Judd to the end of the big bed. He tumbled over the side. A little dazed, and his cock still dripping, their bodies still soaked with each other's cum, he lunged up but Matt was ready for him. When Judd started to jump he didn't have quite the strength and landed short, between Matt's huge thighs. Matt threw his muscled thigh up along Judd's right side and across his back, scooted down into Judd's body and threw his other leg over Judd's left shoulder behind his neck and hooking his foot in the back of he knee. He had him secured.

"I'm going to teach you to cum all over me!" he gasped out. Judd struggled trying to get his bare feet under him, spreading his legs, shoving his big, round, well-muscled ass high into the air and pulling back but Matt's legs were just too strong. He had him gripped tight. He grabbed Judd's head whipping it back and forth across his own belly, and rubbed his face in Judd's own cum! "Eat it! Lick it all up!" Judd's mouth was open in great heaving gasps for air and his tongue found his own cum. He liked it! He struggled to get away but Matt locked his legs in tighter. "Like getting these big thighs around your hot body. You like these big legs? You like feeling my biceps around your head when we cock rassle, don't you?

The man outside heard their continued struggles and heard what they said, he breathed, "I don't fucking believe these studs!" He plastered his eye against the hole. The only thing he could see were those huge thighs wrapped around the other boy. He knew his cock must have buried tight against the other boys belly and his cock twitched again. He watched them struggle on the bed and listened intently for any word uttered.

As Matt twisted Judd's head against his belly he forced his ass up and ground his still hard cock into Judd. Judd tried hard, but not too hard, he was enjoying this new game too much. But, after a few minutes, he tired of it. He had his hands on Matt's massive ass feeling every movement of the muscles. His own cock was still rock hard and was amazed at the thought. "I've got to get back on top and cum all over him again!" He reached up with his fists and started pounding into Matt's side. Matt leaned forward and tensed his body to ward off these blows. He wrapped his arms tight around Judd's head and slid his leg lock a little further down Judd's straining body, doubling his body forward. The two rassled this way, Judd hitting Matt, Matt got tired and kept one massive arm around Judd's head, took his other fist and repaid Judd. He started punching him around the shoulder, down the side.

The two boys remained locked together in this hot cockfight on the bed, their cocks still raging and dripping and eager to feel the other. Judd pushed Matt further back on the bed to work his knees up on the side of the bed. His ass sticking straight up, he could feel Matt's cock against his chest. He wanted to get his cock in contact with Matt's body and cum on him again! Matt couldn't believe that they'd just shot a massive cum load all over each other and were still going at it and he wanted to cum again! The man outside was breathing heavy again. His eye all but shoved through the hole, stroking his cum dripping cock and not wanting to stop. He saw Judd's ass high in the air balanced on those big muscled thighs. He wanted to run in and ram his cock all the way up his ass and fuck him until he couldn't walk! He wanted to see Matt's straining thigh muscles up close, run his hands over them while he fucked Judd! He wanted to feel the three of them rassle in a arms and legs tangle coming to a mind shattering, naked, struggling, fighting, cum blast!

Matt and Judd tore at each other, oblivious to anything other than their own breathing and grunting sounds. They stopped hitting each other for minute, Judd pushed harder and finally worked his cock against Matt's ass. He almost shot. He could feel Matt's hold loosening and feel his cock slide against the crack of Matt's ass. The two of them were tiring. Judd spread his massive thighs to get against Matt's huge ass. He wrenched himself out of Matt's strong arms and leaned back on the bed. Matt kept his legs locked around him, his feet locked together under Judd, Judd worked his big legs alongside Matt's heaving body and brought his legs up locking his feet together in front of Matt's face. Both boys were tired. They stopped struggling for a minute. Their tired bodies heaving in great gasps striving for air. The bed thoroughly soaked through with their sweat. Judd could feel his cock against Matt's lower back pointing toward his magnificent ass. He looked down his body at Matt's cock and grabbed it. He ground his cock into Matt and jacked his buddy! Matt couldn't believe he was this close to Judd's feet. It was almost too much. Those big beautiful feet right in front of his face!

The man outside couldn't contain himself any more! The sight of these muscle-boys getting off on each other's feet in faces, legs locked around legs, cocks to cocks, bodies tight together, cumming all over each other blew his mind and he blew his load! Groaning he shot another huge load. Matt thought he heard something and glanced at the wall. He saw a slight change in light against the wall and instantly knew they had been watched! He looked at Judd's feet again and stuck his tongue out to rub against the sole of Judd's foot. Judd groaned and jacked Matt harder, grinding his cock against him harder.

Matt said, "Get on top of me! Now!" They scrabbled apart and Judd threw himself on top of Matt, cocks rock hard, legs locked, arms locked around each other. Grinding their bodies together. Legs tangled and untangled all for a better hold. Bodies heaved. Arms clenched and they shot their second load! Writhing all over each other's naked bodies they worked their loads. Wave after wave of pleasure shot from each other. The man put his eye back against the hole in time to see this magnificent cum shot and wanted to feel that cum all over him. He watched their bodies strain and buck against each other. Saw their arms and legs tighten and collapsed in the grass.

Matt, still holding Judd tight whispered in his ear. "He's been watching us!" Judd looked up, "Where?" "I saw a hole in the back wall. Let's go get him!" The boys threw towels around themselves, moved silently out the front door and quietly snuck around the back of the motel. Then they saw him. Laying in the grass, stark naked, big hairy legs, huge cock still in his hand, cum splattered all over his chest.

Judd said, "What do ya think?" Matt replied, "I think he's pretty much used up, but maybe he could join us for a match-up later!" They moved closer to him, the man opened his eyes and saw the boys standing over him. He didn't see anything threatening in their stance. He looked up, smiled and said, "Wow! Can I join you guys sometime?"

"Our thoughts exactly", said Judd reaching down to grab a handful of the man's cock. "How about tomorrow? Naked rasslin, no holds barred, anything goes? Man on man. One at a time or three at a time?"

"You're on!" replied the man. "My name's Al, by the way!"

(To be continued . . .)

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