Part I


Matt and Judd

Part I


Matt and Judd smiled at each other. Al looked up at these half naked young men, saw their huge legs and chests and thought, "What a Helluva pair! What have I gotten myself into?" Matt looked at Al and reconsidered his earlier evaluation of Al now that he saw him naked and sprawled on the ground totally spent. "Good looking man and totally opposite of us. Older, must be about 45, olive skin, black hair, hair on his body looks soft for some reason. I like that lantern jaw, blue black beard, always looks like he needs a shave." thought Matt. "Great legs, a must in my book, looks like a bubble butt, too. Thick calves, huge thighs, can do a lot of damage with those. Wonder how his stamina is?"

Judd was evaluating in the same manner. "Thick chest, his pecs sure do stand out and a lot of hair on his chest and stomach. Great shoulders. Look at the muscles in those arms! Bear hugs with him have got to be a torture. A little soft in the stomach but look at the size of that cock! It's got to be a foot long! Uncut, not like us, but you can't have everything!" Al, in truth, is a very masculine looking man, chiseled features, and hard good looks. Rugged, massive build, hot blooded. He topped in at between 5'10" - 11", 180 lbs. He had never really gotten off on straight sex, preferring to watch it, not realizing that he was drawn to "rough sex". But tonight had fixed that. He now knew, deep inside, he wanted that conflict, the struggle, the fight, the domination of another man.

Judd reached down and gave Al a helping hand up. Once up, they both estimated that Al was about the same height and weight, maybe a little heavier! No real disadvantage there. "Man! You guys were powerful! I've never seen anything like that! You have already guessed that I love to watch. I've spent most of my time at this "hobby" of mine. Straight sex has been okay, but never really excited me. Watching it has been something else. Maybe I was really watching the men more, now that I think about it. I have always been super excited when I could get a look at what was happening. When I saw you two it really peaked my interest. I've watched a few men have sex before and really gotten off on it."

"I had no idea what was going to happen between you two. It was pretty powerful stuff! When you started muscling each other around my cock got instantly hard! Watching you two locking up, muscling each other around, climbing all over each other, getting off on each other others bodies was the hottest thing I've ever seen! I could feel the struggle, and the heat, and the passion! It was real for me. And, I've never seen guys with uncut cocks before! The way they slid in and out of their foreskins when you guys were rasslin! Well, I shouldn't say "never", I've seen them on straight men and the women didn't seem too excited about it. Then they just shoved them in and I didn't see them again until they were soft! And, I've only had one other lite session of wrestling with another guy here. It was exciting. But, it was designed as a way for us to suck each other off, as an excuse. I wanted to do it again but the chance never came up. Not too much happening in this area."

Matt said, "Never know! Now that you're aware, maybe some opportunities will come your way!" Almost as a pre arranged signal, the boys dropped their towels and three of them stood naked in a ragged circle. They all reached and grabbed each other in unison, laughing. Spent cocks stirred at the physical contact. Matt couldn't resist hooking his meaty calf behind Al's, just for a feel! The three of bouncing around laughing like kids. Al pulled away and said, "I really meant that! About being included next time; I'm getting a hardon just thinking about it! I've got a pretty busy day here today. But, if you two could see your way to staying over one night more there's a circle out here in the woods that we could get together in tonight and wrestle as long as we want. I've got some torches that we could put up and then we could make all the noise we want and no one would hear us. What do you say?" Matt and Judd looked at each other, smiled and nodded yes!

Reluctantly, they separated to go back to their rooms. Al picked up his shorts and shirt and walked off as the boys watched him. His large hairy ass doing a tight, rubbery bounce as he walked was seductive to both of them. Thighs and calf muscles bunching up with a promising look. Matt looked at Judd and smiled, "This could be pretty cool! We can take him." Judd nodded, "Hot body for an older guy. Did you see the size of that cock? Wonder what it will feel like when we rassle with him?" "We'll find out tonight," replied Matt. "Let's get some sleep, you wore me out and tomorrow night's going to get pretty busy, I think!"

After a hot sweaty night of good rasslin, they hit the bed and fell into a deep sleep. Each with their own thoughts on what they did to each other, what they could do to each other and both anticipating the next night. Touching each other throughout the night, bodies rubbing lightly, legs intertwining occasionally, giving each other erotic dreams of rasslin naked. They woke only once during the night trying to get on top of each other! Huge legs locked, arms wrapped around each other, cocks rock hard from their dream, bodies straining against each other. Still half asleep and almost unaware, their bodies writhing together, they came again. Separating, they fell back into a deep sleep.

The boys slept in until almost noontime. Lazily, they got out of bed, took showers and headed out to see the sights. They stopped by the office to check in with Al. He told them there wasn't much to see in this area except the County Fair was starting tomorrow. He suggested they take a hike and check things out. Maybe when they got back they could grab a bite together. The boys had stopped and picked up some burgers for all of them not wanting Al to go to any trouble and got back to motel around 6:00 p.m. The lot was almost full! He said that he'd had a pretty busy day, the County Fair was giving him some business and he had rented almost all of the rooms. Only had one more to go. Grabbing at his crotch, he said, "I've thought about this all day and I've a hard time keeping my cock under control!" "And a considerable one at that," replied Matt. All three were wearing shorts and the sight of all that muscular male flesh was almost overwhelming!

They went into his back room and set the table up for dinner. The three of them laughed and joked and traded stories while they ate. Their legs and were continually meeting under the table, rubbing, sliding against each other teasingly. Each one of them was anticipating the time to get at the other. Al told them about all the people that had checked in and what he thought they would do, from his vast experience at watching. One in particular had peaked his interest. He had spotted a single man passing through that he had thought about cultivating a conversation with. Good build and had a hungry look in his eye, maybe even a horny one. The man seemed to respond to him and to be interested. But, thinking about the boys, he didn't pursue it. After dinner they heard someone come in the front. Al excused himself to take care of it. About ten minutes later he came back in smiling. "All taken care of! Wanna rassle?"

Al picked up four torches that he had in the corner and instructed the boys to grab some towels, a bar of soap, and a can of fuel to add to the torches in case they ran out. In the front office Al flipped on the "No Vacancy" sign and led them out back and into the woods. It was twilight, a beautiful evening. Soft breezes cutting the heat of the day, perfection! "We can make it to this spot in about a 15 minute hike walking at a fair clip," said Al. "Not a bad hike, pretty easy. There's even a small stream there so we can cool down when needed." The boys couldn't believe their good luck!

After about the prescribed 15 minutes they began to hear water running. "We're almost there," stated Al as the trail they were following ended in a clearing open to the night sky. "We almost won't need the torches. Look at that moon, almost full," said Judd. "We'll set them up for later in case the clouds cover the moon," said Al. They put the torches in the ground and lit them bathing the area in a weak yellow light since the moonlight was so strong. But, Al was right, there were clouds and they did cover the moon sometimes.

All three were quivering with anticipation. They had watched each other walk through the woods, checking out each other's bodies and how they walked. Al, for an older guy, had a sensuous, masculine movement to his hips. He also had a tendency to walk on his toes accentuating his muscular calves. It took super human strength not to start something up along the way, considering the challenges that were thrown out. Al had told them he might be older but that he sure could take care of "you two pups" anytime! Judd told him he'd wrap his big legs around Al around and get him in a scissors he wouldn't get out of. Matt chimed in that his strong thighs getting Al in a head scissors would take the wind out of his sails. They had tromped along in their shorts and T-shirts checking out each other’s muscular chests, arms and legs, cocks half hard, swinging back and forth loosely in their walking shorts. Even though the evening was mild and the humidity a little milder the hike had covered them all in a fine sweat. Their bodies were gleaming and shaking from the exertion of not jumping each other.

They now stood in the grassy circle facing each other. The odor of the green grass, moist earth and water from the creek assailed their nostrils. Overpowering! The natural odors of the outdoors were reaching down deep in their primal areas to commune with their basic natures and urges. Primitive lusts and demands came to the surface taking them over completely. Kicking off their shoes and standing on their big bare feet, "Time to put up or shut up!" sneered Matt. They pulled their T-shirts over their chests and heads. Standing in front of each other, easing their bodies closer, legs spread, shorts tenting out in anticipation. They all reached down and slipped their shorts over their half-hard cocks and bulging thighs and let them slip to their ankles. Their cocks were all aching from the anticipation! Stepping out of them, they kicked them to the far side of the circle. Matt said, "Judd, you take him on first!" and backed away. He thought, "I think there's something about this watching business cuz I'm really turned on thinking about seeing them wrestle!"

Judd and Al stared at each other. Slight smiles touched both of their lips. Al thought, "This is incredible! I'm so fucking horny I could shoot my load all over him right now! I can't believe I'm doing this. I've never been this excited, I'm so hard my cock hurts!" The huge hairy man and the big muscled smooth kid crouched down. Their cocks were beginning to leak precum. Balancing on their big bare feet they circled looking for a way to take the other man down. Complete concentration centered on the other, lust in their eyes. Matt, standing off to the side, grabbed his cock without thinking and stroked it easily and lightly, his legs spread leaning back slightly. A dreamy smile spreading across his face as he watched these two naked giants circle, he swore he could feel their body heat.

Back and forth faking at each other until they lunged forward and locked up, arms on necks and elbow to elbow. Each braced back on a muscular leg straining against the other. Their cocks doing a hot, bouncing dance. The struggle raged, each trying to take the other down, they swung each other from side to side trying to get a better grip. Al slipped into Judd's side and threw his arm around his head in a side headlock, his sweaty body slapping loudly against Judd's sweaty skin. His big, hairy leg locking behind Judd's huge, smooth thigh. His cock aching for the touch of Judd's magnificently muscled body. They stood there for a minute struggling against each other in a erotic tableau. Al's huge cock pressed tight against Judd. Judd went weak for a minute when he felt Al's huge cock against him. He couldn't believe it was going to feel that good. He looked down at their sweaty bodies joined together and his cock jumped again.

Losing their balance they slipped and fell to the ground. "Ummmphh!" gasped Al as Judd landed on top of him knocking out his air. Judd, grasping the advantage, slid sideways off Al and pulled him into him getting his left thigh under Al and swinging his other leg over Al's stomach. Seeing Al's huge cock and wanting to feel it some more, he slid his big thigh down just a little to cover the head that was resting against Al's hairy belly. Locking his ankles he tightened his scissors hold on Al's heaving body. He leaned back to add more pressure with his immense legs.

Al groaned. Judd leaned back toward Al and slid his huge muscled arm under Al's right armpit and put his forearm against Al's neck pressing forward securing a hold. Leaning into him, tightening his leg hold around Al, he growled, "So, you like to cock rassle! I can feel my cock against your side!" Applying pressure with his legs and arms he drove his cock harder against Al's muscular side. Doing this at least three more times Al could barely breathe. Sweating profusely, Judd relaxed his hold a little. Matt, still off to the side, watched breathlessly this heap of hairy and smooth muscle in a tangle on the grass; his cock raging rock hard, barely controlling himself from jumping on top of these two.

Both men struggled weakly against each other both enjoying the sensations to their cocks and in their bodies. Al's sweaty body helped him slide away from Judd in their struggle. Powering up he broke Judd's hold on him. Turning sideways in a tremendous effort he rolled over on top of Judd. "Yeah! I love cock wrestling, so far!" He turned Judd sideways on clambered over on top of Judd's side. Putting his huge meaty hands on the side of Judd's face he pushed his head further into the ground. "Like this?" He could feel Judd's huge ass against his hairy thigh and ran his other leg down between Judd's big thighs. Judd couldn't believe that he could feel the hair on the other man. It was soft but coarse at the same time. Even sweaty he could feel it against his legs and body. Locking in and pushing down he forced his cock harder against Judd's side. "Like it? Cock rasslin! Good for the man on top, how's it feel, Judd?" "Just fine!" growled Judd.

Matt, watching, couldn't believe his eyes. He was overwhelmed with a flood of new sensations at actually watching two naked men. It proved to be different from seeing a still picture, the reality of it was blowing his mind and giving him an incredible hardon. The sight of those massive, naked, meaty legs interlocked almost made him shoot without touching himself. The two naked men were completely pressed together. He could see their legs straining hard and almost hearing their skin sliding against each other’s naked body, their bodies gleaming in the combined torch and moonlight.

From his position he could see the soles of their big bare feet and could look up toward their big asses. Their legs separated enough so that he could see Al's big balls pressed against Judd's naked hip. He could barely control himself. He watched them struggle against each other for a long while. They grunted and challenged. Gasped for air, grunted with the exertion. The sounds they made seemed to fill his head. He could smell their sweat and watch every muscle in their bodies work. He watched Al's hairy ass move up and down and knew he was forcing his cock harder and harder against Judd's ample body and remembered how it felt. It kept him on the edge. Walking in a little closer he stood over the struggling naked men. "Get him, Judd!" You can do it. You've gotten out of this a hundred times!"

Judd pushed up with his meaty hip giving Al an overdose of pleasure and weakened Al's hold on him. Al rolled sideways and lost his hold on Judd, his cock jerking involuntarily. It caught him off guard but really didn't hurt at all, just applied incredible pressure to his cock and made the pulse pound in his head. "Man! What a rush! The feeling of our legs locked and my cock against you almost made me cum!" he yelled. Judd said, "That the was easiest release I ever made!" "Anything goes", laughed Matt.

Al glared at Matt. Lunging forward, Al tackled Matt and brought him down. It was Judd's turn to watch. He watched these two titans grapple on the ground. Al scrambled on top of Matt and grapevined his muscular legs. Matt now knew what Judd had felt! He could feel the other mans hairy body. His chest and leg hair felt good against his body! The feeling of all that meat on top of each other was insanely good, big chests crushed together nipples-to-nipples, belly-to-belly, thick arms wrapped around each other was almost a sensory overload. Fighting against each other their cocks throbbing, sliding out to their sides so Judd could see them.

Watching these two buck and hump against each other sent Judd to the edge. Matt's uncut cock sliding in out of the sheath, Judd knew he was feeling hot! The two men struggled on, twisting sideways Matt attempted to raise his leg, he wanted on top of Al! It gave Judd the perfect view of their huge legs locked down to their bare feet, he saw their balls mashed together, watched their ass muscles clench on their muscular bubble butts while they slammed into each other bringing each other closer to a hot shot in this heated battle. Straining, sweating they ground against each other. The older man pitted against the kid. The struggle went on for top for the next three minutes, four, five.

Breathing like bulls they snorted and growled at each other. Bodies grinding, neither wanted to give an inch. The sweat poured and the fight raged. Glued together in their sweat, bodies straining, Matt, got a leg free and powered Al over on his back. Jumping on top the only thing he could do was scissor one of Al's hairy legs between his muscular thighs. He could feel Al's massive cock against his belly, his own cock buried against the top of Al's thigh. The two men were growling at each other in their lust and struggle. Arms locked around massive bodies, Matt rammed his cock against Al's hairy leg for all he was worth, Al returned the favor forcing his cock into Matt's belly raising his free leg up and over Matt's huge, heaving ass.

Judd, watching the struggle almost shot his load. They twisted and rolled, bodies still locked and battling. Al ended up on top, his huge ass heaving up and down, all of the muscles in his hairy legs straining. Matt's huge legs still scissored Al's, his straining calves locked over Al's muscular calf. Judd, watching this could barely breathe, he was so centered on the scene that it was like watching it under a microscope. All he could see from his position laying on the grass was up between their legs. He watched their legs tighten and retry for a better, harder hold. The two naked men struggled and swore at each other. The naked fight heating up. Judd knew they were going to cum if they kept this up!

Judd couldn't take it anymore. He was inflamed by the look of Al's hairy ass heaving up and down and wanted to fuck him. He knew he was too hot to take it that far but he wanted to feel that heaving muscular back and ass under him. He stood up and watched the two men writhe together. He could tell by the way their bodies slammed together that their cuming was inevitable and he wanted to join in! He stood and shakily made his way closer to them to straddle their sweat soaked struggling bodies. Spreading his huge thighs he lowered his thick body down. Matt could see him coming down and a hot desire rose in him. Al could feel Judd on his back and ass and started moving even faster.

The three of them broke into a sweaty, humping rassle. Judd laid flat on top of Al, his legs down around his side. He could feel Matt there, too. The three of them couldn't take it any more. Their hot, sweaty naked bodies rubbing together had had enough. Groaning and writhing Matt could feel Al's cock get harder and bigger and it pushed him over the edge. Gripping Al's hairy, muscular leg between his even harder he shot his load all over Al's thigh. Al feeling the hot wetness spreading over his leg urged him on and he ground his cock into Matt, straining as hard as he could dumping the biggest load of cum he ever had between their sweaty bellies. Judd, feeling the excitement in the naked bodies under him and hearing their groaning couldn't hold off. He could feel his cock rubbing against Al's hairy ass and feel his legs against theirs. He shot his hot load all over Al's back and ass. The three of them relaxed and laid in a pile of sweaty flesh, still humping slightly to work out the last drops of pleasure.

Sliding off each other they sprawled on the grass. Arms and legs spread toward the night sky. Cocks relaxed, breathing returning to normal. "I want more!" stated Al flatly. "And more you'll get!" said Matt! "I almost wish there was one more so we could have a party," said Judd. Just at that minute, a man stumbled out from behind a tree. Naked, cum splattered all over his chest and legs, cock dripping with the last of his cum. He stood there staring at them, chest heaving up and down, "Goddamn! That was the hottest thing I ever saw!" he shouted. "My name's Hank and I saw everything!" Judd said, "Who the Hell are you?" Al, looking up, said, "That's the guy that checked in by himself."


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