Matt and Judd
Part II


Matt and Judd smiled at each other.

Hank said, "That's the hottest thing I've ever seen! I wanted to suck Al's cock when I saw him but he didn't seem to be real interested. Now I know why!" Al said, "How did you find us? You couldn't hear us out here!" Hank smiled, "I saw you guys leave the motel and decided to follow you. I thought there was something up but I wasn't sure. "We didn't hear you following us," said Matt. "How could you? You guys made enough noise to wake the dead and talking about rasslin each other and tromping through trees! You weren't paying much attention. When you got here I started watching you guys and I almost went crazy! I wanted to get in on it and jump the three of you!"

"Well, looks like you're built for it!" stated Judd. It was true. Hank was a stocky, construction-worker type, about 45 years old. Broad shoulders, thick arms, defined muscles showing in his forearms and upper arms, heavy chest with pecs that stood up sliding down to about a 34-36" waist, a light smattering of hair across his chest and on his legs. Not a bad size cock for a little fellow. He stood about 5'8", a little shorter than the rest. His compact build betrayed his weight, he actually came in at about 190 lbs. Big thighs, broad, muscular calves, great shaped, high arched feet. He knelt down at their feet showing off his spread, fleshy, thick thighs and broad calves. His broad features added to his masculine appearance. He had a thick coarse head of hair, heavier brow line, dark shining, piercing eyes shown out. Broad nose set into a broad, strong boned face, a wide, generous mouth framed with thick, finely shaped lips, down to a broad, strong, stubborn chin. To look at him quickly, he could be described as not very good-looking. But, look a little longer and the overall appearance gave him a man's look that was hot and pure sex! The four guys stared at each other. "Fine with me," said Judd. The others agreed.

Standing, the four naked men faced each other. "Looks like we've all had a good cum!" said Al. "That took the edge off. But, not for long, I think. Why don't we pair off and have a go at it after a short rest?" They all agreed. Hank told them that he had always liked men giving him blowjobs and reciprocated occasionally. He had particularly liked it when he could get a man between his legs and get a little rough with him. Forcing his head down on his cock, wrapping his legs around their neck and watching them struggle and choke when he drove it in. "It was the feeling of domination that I felt when I did it," he admitted. When I saw you guys rassle naked I knew that's what I'd been missing and fantasizing about! I wanted them to fight me and take me in the same way!"

As they laid there talking easily with their cum drying on their bodies, absently stroking their own glowing bodies, they watched each other, estimating and fantasizing. Visions of naked male flesh in a hot cum battle moved quickly through their imaginations. As their cocks came slowly back to life a little each of them could feel that familiar itch in the head of the cock. Hank said, "Wanna rassle?" These four hot bodied and blooded men stood, lasciviously looking at each other. Those words alone set their bodies on fire, the sight of each other naked and the smell of their lust radiating from their cocks and bodies set the tone.

Matt squared off with Hank and Judd and Al stepped a few feet away to get at each other. Matt wanted to see what Hank had and Judd and Al still had to settle a little more. The four men stood in the grassy circle watching each other. Despite the heavy cum scene they had charged each other up with their talk and stroking and watching. They were ready to go again. Hank's cock started to grow a little bigger as did Matt's. Sizing each other up Hank stared at Matt's hot body, checked out his big thighs and calves and wanted to feel that body. Hank wanted to see Matt crushed against him as he had watched him earlier. This was one hot man-kid and he wanted a piece of him. His skin glowing with that deep golden tan set Hank off. All four men crouched and started circling. That primitive feeling in all four naked bodies alive and well!

Matt looked at Hank's legs, big, thick suckers. Hank had the biggest calves of all four of them, which was no small feat. They were large, muscular, flaring, and hairy. His skin color glowed with health, the kind that had a perpetual tan even if he wasn't in the sun. Matt thought, "Our bodies are going to look great together!" The two bounced around on the balls of their bare feet, faking moves, dodging. Then grabbed for a hold. Their bodies were sweaty from the humidity and their increased activity. Anticipating the wrestling, sweating and slipping against each other’s naked bodies, their cocks came to full life again. The fight was on. Struggling to take each down, each one wanting to get on the ground made the fall come fairly quick. Tumbling and rolling around on top of each other each scrambling like schoolboys to get a get a hold, nerves on fire, bodies quivering from their desire. They were like a couple of kids having a ball. Their cocks and balls got their first good rub in. Both were groaning from the pleasure.

Matt could feel Hank's huge calves locked around his, their cocks humping each other. Matt regained enough composure to put his big hands on Hank's shoulders and shove upward and down He could feel his cock slide along Hank's hairy belly. The sweat and precum was working to his advantage. He pushed Hank off him and away. As Hank rolled Matt lunged toward the man's head and wrapped his muscular thighs around Hank's big shoulders and then his thick neck. Got him in a head scissors! Matt rolled on his back and pulled Hank's face down into his groin. Hank's face was buried between those big thighs, his mouth against Matt's big balls. Matt clamped his thighs tighter hooking his big bare feet on top of Hank's broad back and squeezed. Grabbing Hank buy the back of head and getting a handful of hair. He moved Hank's head around his groin and got off on the sensation. Matt growled, "This what you were after cocksucker? How's it feel? Like the taste of my nuts?" Looking over Hank's back and big ass sticking up in the air he watched Judd and Al wrestle.

Locked in a bear hug the two naked men were shaking each other. Doing the most erotic dance he had ever seen. These two muscular giants were pressed together in a heated struggle to get each other on the ground. Moving around on their big bare feet trying to secure a stronger hold. Grabbing onto each other squeezing each other for all they were worth. Without thinking, Matt was grinding his cock and balls harder into Hank's face, he was fascinated watching these two struggle and then fall down on the ground.

Judd faked out Al and sat backward taking Al forward on top of him. He locked his big legs around Al's thick waist. Al was on his knees between Judd's legs, Judd grabbed a handful of Al's hair, locked his arm around Al's head held him tight to his chest. Judd looked up and looked into Matt's eyes. They were transfixed watching each other. Al caught between Judd's legs and Matt rubbing his balls and cock into Hank's face. Judd looked at Hank's big ass in the air, legs spread, ass hole exposed, cock and balls swinging and knew Matt had a good one. Almost wished he was there, he would have sucked on Matt's dick!

Hank really liked being between those smooth, muscular thighs, but enough was enough. When Matt released his hold just a little Hank pulled back and powered out. They faced each other only for a moment and Hank lunged for him. Matt tried to escape but wasn't fast enough. He made the mistake of turning on his side to get away. Hank was quick and landed on top of Matt's side, slid over his side to get to his back, ran his hands up between his arms and secured him in a full nelson.

"Gotcha! Ya Fucker!" hissed Hank. No matter how hard Matt struggled he couldn't get free. Raising up on his feet and toes into a bridge he tried to break the hold. Hank whipped his right hairy leg over Matt's bulging thigh and hooked him, then turned Matt slightly in the other direction and hooked his other leg over Matt. He locked his bare feet right in Matt's crotch against his cock and balls. The two men lay there struggling against each other. Hank on the bottom, cock against the small of the Matt's back, Every time Matt struggled he forced Hank's cock harder against him. The rubbing and pushing was making it impossible to think past their lust for each other's bodies. They struggled against each for several minutes. Matt pounded his ass up and down against Hank's cock and balls trying in vain to make the man release him. It made Hank want to cum all over him.

As they struggled, Al broke the hold that Judd had on him. They both leaned back breathing hard. Judd scrambled to his knees as was Al, glaring at each other, their cocks hard as ever pointing at the object of lust. They continued to glare at each other hotly, they both knew this was a cum fight and cock battle. They wanted their naked bodies locked together so they could release the pressure building in their massive balls. Their heavy chests were heaving trying to catch their breath. Al looked at this young stud and said, "I'm going to get you for cuming all over my back! I'm going to get you on the ground and we're going cock-to-cock until I cum all over you!"

Judd said, "That was hot shot! You've got a really big round ass with a deep crack in it and it turned me on. I wanted to fuck you!" "We'll see who fucks who!" sneered Al. Judd turned his head to watch his buddy wrestling with Hank. "Man! Have you ever seen so much naked muscle wrapped up so tight! If you weren't here I'd jack off! "No you don't!" said Al. "You and I are going to cum on top of each other. My balls are aching again."

Judd reached out and slapped Al on the side of his head, "Come and get it cock sucker!" Al dove at him with all his strength, the slap still stinging on the side of his head. Their bodies clashed together in a furious sweaty heap, cocks rock hard for each other. They rolled around on the ground trying to get on top of the other. The two naked men were hotly wrestling in an uncontrolled lust for each other. Their big sweaty bodies were wildly grinding and humping all over each other. Al powered over Judd and rolled him on his back and using his powerful hairy legs got him into a grapevine. Judd, lying on his back kept shoving his cock against Al. They glared at each other. Al put all of his weight on Judd to keep him pinned and went chest-to-chest.

He grabbed a handful of Judd's hair and said, "Payback's a Bitch!" He took his big fist and pounded it into Judd's side. Judd "Ooofed" and glared back, "Here's some more for ya, Buddy!" The two men so challenged began to attack each other with renewed vigor. Cocks throbbing rubbed against the other. Legs locked tight. They started slugging each other. The fight intensified, neither giving in. They rolled and Judd was on top of Al, they rolled again and Al was back on top. The sweat poured and matted all the hair on Al's body. They squirmed hotly together on the grass. Al stopped slugging and looked down at the kid and said, "You okay?" "You bet!" said Judd breathlessly. They both got a handful of each other's hair and started body slamming each other. Their muscular legs continued in a hot wrestling contest, cocks wrestling on their own.

Matt and Hank rocked back and forth, Matt trying desperately to get out from under Hank. He wanted on top! Both tiring, their pace slowed but Hank did not relinquish his hold. It felt too good. Through their own sweaty haze they saw Al on top of Judd and the two of them belting away at each other. Matt grinned, "That's going to be one hell-of-a cum shot!" Hank, watching the two naked men writhing on the ground in a heated passion, forgot what he was doing. His cock was throbbing against Matt's back. He loosened his leg hold and Matt slipped away.

Matt turned abruptly and jumped on top of Hank. Their hot bodies mashed together. Surprised at the turn, Hank wrapped his legs around Matt's waist and held him there. They were both on fire now. Neither could talk because they couldn't get their breath. They lay locked together staring at each other. He dropped his legs and said he needed to take a breather. Matt positioned himself on top, their big legs inter-spaced. Hank hooked one his big calves over Matt's. They lay with each other, still gasping for air. Their cocks still had a mind of their own and throbbed against the other. Each rubbing against the other's belly as their big, muscular asses moved around.

Hank whispered in Matt's ear between gasps for air, "You've got the greatest fucking legs and I'm going to cum up against them!" Matt whispered back, "Your calves are the biggest I've ever seen. I'm gettin off on your legs, too, Buddy!" They wrapped their legs even tighter together, fueling each other. Writhing even harder together, bodies probing, pulses pounding, the put their big hands on each others asses and grabbing handfuls of massive slabs of muscle, pressing each ones body even harder into the other. Hank groaned, sweat dripping, "Then we rassle until we cum!" "You got it!" moaned Matt.

Each released their death grip on the others ass and grabbed for the other's hands as the struggle renewed. Trying to get a hold on the other they rocked back and forth. Their bare feet slipping in the grass, Hank trying to bridge up with Matt grinding into his hard belly. They rocked powerfully against each other and began inching around. Neither wanting to give up the physical feelings they were experiencing. They struggled back and forth for what seemed hours, in reality only a few minutes, but their lust for each other was out of control. Both lost in the overpowering feelings of a naked, struggling, sexfighting, dominating, cum battle. In this heated struggle they rolled closer to Al and Judd who were still slugging and pulling each other’s hair.

They were almost next to them. The four naked men wrestling in the clearing were all on the verge of shooting huge loads of cum. All you could hear was their stentorian breathing, their absolute growls of lust and passion. These were men being men and growling at each other. Naked bodies grinding into each other! The sounds of wet flesh slapping against wet flesh, hot breath blowing out of their lungs. The ripe, sweet smell of men sweating all over each other, the musky odor of cocks ready to shoot. Judd and Matt looked at each. "Are you close to cuming, Buddy?" thought Matt - Judd smiled and nodded.

Matt rolled Hank and got of top him, their naked bodies right up against Judd and Al. They stopped their hitting and looked at each other smiling. They could feel Matt and Hank wrestling up against them, hairy legs against hairy legs, body heat radiating. Al's cock was soon going to shoot. He laid back full on Judd and the two of them started writhing around on top of each other. Legs tied together, cocks rubbing. Matt and Hank were flailing away at each other, legs in a hopeless tangle. If anyone had see this they wouldn't have know how many men were in this naked struggle their bodies were so intertwined in a mass of naked skin.

Hank wrapped his massive thighs around Matt's and the two men started to hump in earnest. Al moved his sweat soaked body in unison with Judd. The four of them built to the point of no return. Al and Judd entwined one leg each with Matt and Hank's legs. Matt and Hank, twisting to the side, threw one arm each over the other two wrestling men. The four naked men squirmed against each other in a hot, slamming cum battle. Loud cries of "Christ, I'm cuming!" and "Oh! Fuck! I'm shooting all over your hairy leg!" and "Cum all over my hot cock!" were almost deafening. The four naked men slammed their sweat soaked bodies together, writhing and twisting, pulling each other, grabbing asses, legs grabbing legs. The huge pile of sweaty, wrestling muscle shuddered with an incredible violence as their bodies tightened into a still, sweaty knot.

The sounds of sweat soaked bodies slapping came to an abrupt halt as they shot their hot loads all over each other. Untangling their bodies they slid around on top of each other. Al and Hank locked up and started humping each other's naked body. Their touch together was an electric shock! Hank spat out, "I love that fucking, hairy, naked body of yours!" They rolled and swore and grabbed each other's big ass. Bodies shaking with this new passion, mouths found mouths and tongues rassled each other as their bodies clashed. Rolling into a hot knot, feeling like they couldn't get their bodies close enough, arms wrapped tightly around the other, legs locking and unlocking, groaning and moaning they shot their second load between their hairy bellies

Matt and Judd found each other at the same time and rolled off in the other direction. Locked together with a renewed struggle set them off. They strained against each other and both watched Al and Hank tie each other up in impossible positions. Their own feeling together better than it had ever been. Matt moaned, "Fuck! I'm going to cum all over you! Bodies alive, muscles straining, legs grappling, sweat soaked they twisted and humped. Matt laid his big chest up against Judd's. Put his mouth against Judd's and the two started talking at the same time, mouthing each other. "Cock rassle me!" - "Shoot your cum all over my belly!" - "Rassle me until you shoot!" - "Wrap those big legs tighter!" - "I can feel your bare feet!" Matt leaned into Judd with all his strength their bodies slamming together in a tattoo of pounding, sweaty, wet slaps. Both boys started groaning loudly into each other's mouths, moaning, shooting their hot loads between their smooth bellies.


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