Matt and Judd

Part 3
Bears in the Woods


They lay locked together in two heaps of sweaty flesh, barely moving, breathing subsiding. When had all had calmed down, the four men sat up. "That was fucking fantastic!" said Hank. "We still have to pair off some more. I'd like to wrestle with Judd. Then Al and I really need to have some private sessions! You boys going to be around for a while longer?"

"'Fraid not", said Matt. "We've really got to hit the road. But, something tells me that you two are going to have some pretty hot, naked rasslin sessions of your own." Al and Hank looked at each other smiling broadly. "But," said Judd. "Give us a rest and maybe Matt and Al and you and I can match up for a rassle. That should finish off the night!

Matt said, "I wouldn't mind that! Get big Al down and cum all over him sounds good to me!" Al grinned, "Gotta rassle me for that Buddy!" Hank looked over at Judd and took in his big legs and broad feet. "Your calves are almost as big as mine! Want to get them together and see?" Judd grinned and said, "In about an hour you and I are going to get more than our calves together." They all lay back on the grass and relaxed.

"Let's get cleaned up and take a swim! I brought some soap so we could get the grass and dirt stains off " said Al "The creeks just over there and we'll feel up to a whole lot more after that." Everyone agreed. The earthy smells were at their peak. Their bodies thrashing around on the grass had torn it up a bit but nothing a day or two wouldn't repair.

They strolled down to the edge of the clearing, down a grassy slope that ran straight to the creek ending at the water's edge. As they stepped in the water felt almost cold against their super heated skins. They all enjoyed the feeling, it seemed top energize them. After soaping each other down and cleaning up they played in the water like kids. It was totally refreshing. Scampering about naked sure helped, too. They climbed back on the bank and stretched out for short rest, each reveling in their private thoughts, drifted off into a quiet nap. About an hour later, they began to stir. Sitting, shifting, coughing, they woke up. Each smiled at the other. "Man! That felt good!" Said Matt. They stretched their magnificent bodies, each watching the others body flex and move. Thoughts remembered about their adventure here and the sexuality completely unleashed without any regard for society rules. There was no guilt only pure feeling. They were simply men that felt like men together. What a power!

They, again, enjoyed the looks of each other. Hank, with his almost ape-like bearing, thick bodied with his enormous calves and big feet. Al's dark, hairy good looks, massive thighs and arms. Matt's golden brown skin glowed in it's youth which mixed so well with Judd's coppery, gleaming skin. Their supple muscles that moved easily under their skin. Big, round, muscular asses shifting around to expose that deep cleft between the cheeks. Al and Hank were both struck again by the boys looks and physical appearance. Both of them wanted more of this experience that was so new to them.

Hank looked at Judd, "You ready to rumble?" You're on!" replied the rejuvenated Judd. They all felt like they'd been reborn. Skin glowing from all the exercise and sexuality expended. Al and Matt said they were going to hang by the water for a little while longer. The two naked men jumped to their feet and headed back to the clearing. As they approached the clearing Judd said, "You got some pair of legs there. Let's see how they measure up against mine." They sat on the ground and Hank laid one leg over Judd's. Flexing and comparing they came to the conclusion that Hank's was indeed the biggest. The two naked men hooked their legs together and started to apply pressure. Both grinning, they flexed and grabbed with their muscular legs. A true leg wrestle, each trying to tip the other over. Cocks stirred from all this naked contact, muscles bulging. They both broke into a sweat and their cocks started getting bigger, breathing coming in ragged gasps. They watched each other straining.

Hank pulled his leg away and made a lunge for Judd and they rolled around on the grass. Hank got on top of Judd and applied a chokehold. Their cocks hard again and pressing into each other. Hank let up and they looked deep into each other's eyes. "So!" said Judd. "Got you turned on!" "Yeah!" Hank choked briefly. "Tell you what!" said Judd. "Let's lay here like this and we can try choke holds and body punching on each other. "You're on!" said Hank. The two naked men proceeded to fly into each other. They got their big meaty hands around each other's throats as their thick legs snaked around each other. Muscles became ridged.

Hank's big hairy body moved over Judd's smoother skin. Their bodies still rasslin, grappling and grinding, taking each other to the point of having little air. They both let up and grinned, cocks throbbing against each other. Hank grabbed a handful of hair as did Judd. Lying with their legs entwined and cocks rubbing against each other's broad bellies they pulled as hard as they could. Yanking, twisting, refusing to give in to the other. Teeth gritting, arm muscles swelling into hard lumps, bulging thighs locked together, bare legs twisting down to calf against calf, down to their bare feet, cocks growing harder as they punished each other. The fight was on, the ultimate struggle to best the other man. They rolled together and traded places in their fight to make the other give in. Two bare assed, wrestling men trying to best each other, beat each other into submission. They twisted and pulled each other's hair, free hands on throats, letting out animal sounds of lusts and grunts coming from deep down in their bellies, their naked bodies waging a war of muscle against the other.

Down by the creek, Al and Matt measured each other up. Matt said, "You're really hot, Al. I like that big, beefy, hairy body of yours." "Sounds good to me!" said Al. Both grinning they stood and moved in closer together. "You still mean that about getting on top of me and cuming all over me?" said Al. "As long as I can still rassle you for it!" replied Matt.

"Is there any other way!" flatly stated Al. They two inched closer together. Their cocks started to come to life again. They stood toe-to-toe but not touching. Their presence in such close proximity was getting each one heated and hard again. They stood facing each other. Cocks now hard were the only thing lightly brushing up against the other.

Each time their cocks touched they drew in a breath. Al said, "That's a great uncut cock! Slip your foreskin over the head of mine, but no other touching, yet" Matt pulled the foreskin of his cock forward. The two naked men leaned toward each other with the tips of their cocks touching. Precum was oozing from both. Matt slipped his foreskin over the head of Al's huge cock. They both drew in a quick breath as the precum lubed them both up. Standing, face-to-face touching only with their cocks sent them both into spasms. Their cocks pushed into each other, each of them shivering in his growing lust for the other.

"Wanna cock rassle?" rasped Matt. "You bet!' choked Al. Both were ready! "Wanna go back up to the clearing?" Matt said, "No! Take you on here, the walk sounds too far!" said Al. Grabbing each other at the same time they started to swing each other around. Hard muscled bodies pitted against each other. Al's big hairy legs kept him up but at the same time he wanted them wrapped up with Matt's equally muscular younger legs and get cock-to-cock for a cock fight!

Getting each other in a bear hug, Matt put his leg behind Al's big hairy one. They stood facing each other, not wanting to let go, their hard cocks caught between their heaving bodies. Al forced his left arm up across Matt's neck and hooked it over the shoulder. "Eat my armpit!" he snarled. Matt's mouth opened on reflex and he could taste the clean sweat pouring off Al. It was a heady taste and inflamed his balls even more. To a casual observer, they would have seen two big naked men standing almost stock still, bodies glued together, leg over leg, ones face buried in the other. They stood with almost no movement except for their heavy breathing. But, cocks rubbed against each other, the friction building exponentially. Making each other weaken.

Al said through clenched teeth, "Still wanna get me down and cum all over me?" "More than ever!" said Matt. The two grappled briefly and then went down! Matt ended up on top with their big legs gripping each other mercilessly. Grinding and grappling, Al put his big hand under Matt's chin and pushed his head back forcing their bodies together tighter. Their cocks were hot and ready. Gritting his teeth, "Grinding cocks and big legs, what a combination" thought Matt.

Hank's cock was going crazy. He'd never felt anything this good before. Lying on top of a hot-bodied young muscle stud that couldn't get enough of his body! Pain had lost its sharp intensity; it was now wound with the pleasure. They were pounding each other and it just made them hotter! Judd kept his legs locked with Hank's and reached up to get a bigger handful of his hair, his other hand on his throat. "You like fightin!" rasped Judd. Pulling squeezing and leg rasslin. He was in heaven. Hank was pulling on Judd's hair and pounding his cock on top of him as hard as he could. Two mountains of flesh, one coppery in color the other darker, wound in a tight, erotic knot of frenzied flesh, unable to tell where one started and other finished. The sweat poured off their bodies, teeth gritting. Moaning deeply, lost in extreme pleasure, they fucked each other's bellies.

Their precum mixed with their sweat and their bodies slid together. They could see the muscles in each other's arms swelling with the efforts. Grimacing at each other, looking into each other's eyes the orgasm built to the point of eruption. Releasing their holds Hank shoved his arms around Judd and clasped him as tight as he could, Judd threw his arms around Hank and their bodies slammed into each other, flying off the ground as they belly fucked each other. Arching his back and straining with all his might, the cum shot from Hank's big balls coating their bellies. Legs locked and unlocked as they ground into the other, writhing, moaning. Hank spewed his huge load and weakened.

They rolled to the side and Judd was now on top. Hank untangled his immense legs from Judd's just long enough to plant his bare feet square on the grass. Shoving up with tremendous thighs, calves and ass muscles he arched his back. It was too much for Judd! Judd, shaking in his lust, rammed his legs back around Hank's and forced him down. His hot cock sliding all over Hank's hairy belly. His head snapped down and he grabbed Hank's mouth with his. They both opened their mouths as far as they could greedily tonguing each other, trying to swallow each other with their mouths. Judd exploded with a belly deep grunt that went into a deep soulful, groaning, moan. They writhed as one on the ground as Judd shot his load. Laying together their bodies convulsing with the force of their ejaculation, they laid locked naked together cuming in waves.

Al and Matt rolled over in the grass bodies pressed tightly each trying to gain advantage over the other. Matt's considerable legs trapping Al under him. Holding tight to each other and grinding slowly, Al rasped, "Like those big, hairy legs, huh? Want to feel more? You like all the hair!" Matt rasped back, "I've wanted to rassle you since the time I watched you walk away from me! Your pants couldn't hold your body in. Your ass crack was so deep your pants they got buried in them and turned me on! I wanted to see you rasslin naked and sweaty." "I wanted you, too!" gasped Al. "When I saw you on your knees in your shorts, your big thighs and balls showing in your shorts set me off! When I watched you rassle Judd I shot my load!" Matt, grinding into the man under him even harder said, "I can't believe the feeling of that big dick of yours against my belly!"

Al suddenly shoved against the kid and pushed him away with what seemed like ease. As Matt rolled, Al twisted perpendicular to him and grabbed Matt's big hand and wrist. Swung his legs toward the kid and planted his large hairy, bare foot against the side of Matt's face. His other foot shoved under his armpit and held him there. "Now you take a good look at my hard cock! See how hard you make it!" Applying pressure he stretched Matt's arm. Matt twisted his head against Al's big bare foot, letting it rest against his forehead. He looked up between the man's big legs and gulped. His huge balls hung down between his legs almost covering his hairy ass. His cock was twitching with the pleasure. Matt struggled trying to get away. With their sweat, Al couldn't hang on much longer and his hands slipped against Matt's sweaty skin. Matt slipped down a little further and grabbed Al's hard cock and squeezed. Al convulsed at the hot touch and let go. The naked men lay there for a few seconds while Matt tortured Al by squeezing his swelled, hard cock. Matt released Al's cock and rolled back. He climbed back on top of Al's heaving, sweaty, hairy body.

The two men locked together, unable to stand the pressure building in their groins. Sweat pouring off their bodies, in their eyes, burning. Matt clasped his two big thighs around Al's huge hairy one locking his ankles over the top of Al's ankle and buried his face against his muscular chest. He could feel that hairy leg between his, their calves mashed together, his bare feet on top of Al's big foot. Al's muscular arms grabbed him around the neck and forced his face harder into his chest. He threw his left leg up over Matt's hip and brought it down on his ass. He kept pounding his big hairy leg up and down on his ass, sometimes the heel of foot against Matt's spectacular ass. Matt started grinding against Al's thigh as Al started grinding his cock up against Matt's belly. Al gasped out, "I love the feel of my leg against your ass! I can feel all the muscles working while you're humping me! My cock feels great up against you!" The two naked men writhed together on the ground. Matt thought, "You can only rub your cock against a muscular hairy thigh so long!"

As his huge legs gripped and squeezed Al's larger hairy leg he sent his muscular arms up Al's big chest and cupped his hands under Al's chin and shoved his head back stretching his massive body. The two men started rocking back forth, Matt powering in with strong thrusts from his muscular ass. Gripping Al's leg even tighter his felt his cum ready to shoot! "I told you I was going to cum all over you!" he screamed. Al couldn't take it anymore and shoved his cock harder against the younger man. The two writhed in unison. As Al arched his body up Matt shot his load all over Al's muscular hairy thigh. Matt screamed, "You Fucker!! I'm cuming all over your hairy leg!"

Al felt the load coming. He felt it when Matt's dick got harder and bigger, his thrusting faster and more heated. He shoved his thigh tighter against the humping, mindless male he was rasslin. As soon as he felt the hot cum on his leg he brought his other leg down off Matt's ass and planted his large bare foot on the grass and shoved Matt over. Matt, still clinging with all his might to Al's hard body and hairy leg, refused to let go. They rolled and Al was on top! He started humping mindlessly and started cuming when they were half way over. Locked together their bodies spasmed and clung together never wanting to separate. They rolled naked, struggling, fighting, rassling their cum out against the other man. Naked, bodies now weakened, still couldn't stop humping the other. Muscular legs completely inter twined, arms locked around each others chest and bellies, moving down so each could grab the others huge ass and shove his buddy harder against his own cock. They squirmed and moved until there was nothing left.

All sounds of the massive struggle and fight from the four men were suddenly silenced. They all rolled apart breathing heavily, heads pounding, bodies aching from the physical strain.

Judd and Hank, at last appeased, walked down to the creek's edge. The four men came together in a naked huddle, arms hugging each other. All exclaimed how this was the perfect night! Al and Hank wanted the guys to spend one more night but the boys told them they really had to hit the road. They cleaned up in the creek and headed back to the motel for a good night's, deep sleep.

In the morning they all said goodbye and hoped they would meet again. The boys promised to write to Al, since he had the motel and an address and they didn't have an address yet. That promise was kept. As the boys climbed in the van and took off down the road, Al and Hank looked at each other. Al said, "Now! It's time for you and me, buddy. We're going to head out to the rasslin circle again tonight and see how many times we can take each other down!" Hank replied, "I warn you, I like it rough after a while! Besides, you don't look so tough for an old man!" "Them's fightin' words!" stated Al. As they grinned at each other, crotches grew larger at this exchange. Al said, "Meet you at 8:00 o'clock tonight! Get your jock strap out and be ready to fight!"

In the van the tired boys smiled at each other. Matt said, "I had a really great time with them. I think they're going to enjoy some pretty hot matches. I'm sure glad it's just us again, though." Judd smiled, "Know what you mean. Let's take a day and put some miles on. See some things and act like tourists. We'll relax tonight and get some more rest. Then, tomorrow! We're going to tangle! Either in the van or we'll find a new place!" "Let's scout out a new place!" grinned Matt. "You and me, buddy! We're going to rassle each other all across the U.S.!"

(to be continued...)

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