Warrior Jon

Scene I:

The sun was high in the sky, the yellow hue of its powerful glow shining down on the planet below. This planet, although larger than Earth, was only half-habitable, being that the southern hemisphere was completely frozen over with ice and could not support any life at all. But, in the northern hemisphere thrived lush jungles of the most beautiful and dazzling array. From the ground jutted tall trees from the branches of which thick blue fungus grew rather than leaves. And, in these lush and wondrous jungles, lived the Cockrub Warriors. This was a race that had survived the impending doom of the "Rosebud Plague" that had swept the Earth in the western year of 2022, a race that had used intelligence and old, faithful ways to bond together in Masculine Love to build themselves a machine which could transport themselves through time and space. What had happened, they did not know, how the machine worked, they did not know, all that they did know is that through their numbers and wisdom they, somehow, managed to make it work, and all of the Cockrub Warriors escaped the planet only a year or so before all others had died.

The "Rosebud Plague".

That was the name of the plague spread by word of mouth and by common customs of all men at the time, whether they were men that loved men or men that loved women, or men that did both; all men but the Cockrub Warriors. This "Rosebud Plague" was nothing more than a dirty, filthy custom that told men: "If you do not have sex, you are not Masculine, if you do not fuck as many women as you can, you are not a man. You have to fuck a man like a woman and make him your "WomanMan Whore!" The "Rosebud Plague" spoke of how anal penetration was the only way for a man to love another man; and it was exacly this that the Cockrub warriors detested, and did not approve of. For, the Cockrub Warriors, following a tradition as old as Man itself, followed the sole rule that sex was a divine, and wonderful gift, and that it was to be respected. To be a Man, meant, to the Cockrub Warriors, Integrity, Virtue, Faithfullness, True Love with ONE other man instead of hundreds.

The powerful and Masculine men that made up the whole of the Cockrub Warriors practiced a wondrous and spiritual sexual relation with their one chosen male mate, the practice, the pleasure, of Frot. And it was exactly this that made them connect, that kept them free from the final end of the "Rosebud Plauge" which spread the dreaded AIDS to men and women and children alike through its wake, as the ideas that men were not men unless they kept scratches on their bedposts of how many men and women they had slept with. The "Rosebud Plague" had finally won its battle against those that rejected the Cockrub Warrior's way; just as the wise men knew that it would.

Scene II:

But that was years ago, and since then the Cockrub Warriors had learned to live on their new homeworld, and, still, they practiced their sacred battles and sacred sex, their sacred connection with their Masculine Selves and with the Divine power. But, for some reason, something made them all feel, somehow, as if everything were not lost, as if, somehow, they had done something that they could not explain. And, for over ten of the planet's years, they could not understand what it was. But then the answer came.

Scene III:

On one rather warm day the machine that the Cockrub Warriors had built suddenly began to hum and glow, and without warning, they were all enveloped in a field of white light. Then, upon opening their eyes, they saw that they were back on Earth! And, judging from the time period, early in the 21st century! This was the time when the "Rosebud Plague" was still young and had not corrupted all as it would in only years to come. Or years to pass. At first, the Cockrub Warriors were confused, as they seemed to have lost all of their aged years, and had returned to their prime youth, when they were all still young, but, then, they understood. Their machine, the machine they had toiled over through sweat and blood and cum had not only saved them, it had changed and altered all of time, sending them to a safe place while Earth rewound itself and gave them a chance to change things before it was too late! They had not only saved themselves, they had saved all of humankind...although for the latter it had been too late when they had done it.

"Not this time," said one Cockrub Warrior, stepping forward and raising his fist, "this time we will strive hard, and we will spread the message. This time, we will save all of Man, this time, we will be heard! We are Cockrub Warriors, and we are Men, we have the power to stop all of this heterosexualizing among the masses. We have the power to stop this plague before it consumes the world around us. Let us go forth, men, and let us start the battle. Are you with me!"

Are you?

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