Jim and Joe were cleaning the pool and the access area real early before daybreak on Saturday morning. They had put up a sign no one allowed in the area in case anyone was awake at that time of morning. But it was about 4 am so they figured there shouldn't be any problems.

Even that early it was brutally hot and humid and the two studs decided to strip down to their jocks to clean the pool.

As they were strippin Jim watched Joe and was amazed at how toned he had become, his chest and abs were all well defined, his pecs were hard and big, his nips stuck out and he was a hot sight to see Jim thought.

Joe was also sizing up Jim, he wanted to see if the bulge in his crotch was real or stuffed, since Jim always sported a nice big bulge between his legs.

At 24, Jim was two yrs older than Joe. Jim was 6 ft 215 solid pounds of muscle, black hair and blue eyes, a hairy chest, and hard pecs and nips that stuck out like Joe's. Joe, 22, was 6 ft 220 pounds and hairy chest, blonde hair and blue eyes -- both hot men.

Jim got in the pool first and he could see Joe watching and so he wanted to give the hot kid a good show, he rubbed his jock slowly and then his chest, pulled on his nips he was getting hard and the bulge was growing real fast, Jim was getting excited at the thought of being watched and Joe returned the favor from the edge of the pool, damn Jim thought what a big hot bulge in his jock. Joe was teasing himself and was hard in a sec his cock was bursting to be released, Joe got in the pool closer to Jim. Soon their jocks were too small to confine their massive rods.

They were almost chest to chest when the gate was flung open.

Steve, Joe's old roommate, and his buddy Jeff entered the pool area. Steve was about 6 ft 195 hard solid body green eyes and was hung like a horse 22 yrs old and cocky as hell. Jeff his friend was almost the same size but blonde hair and he was hung as well.

They were wearing only jocks and had towels over their shoulders. The sound of the gate startled Jim -- he looked around to see who had entered and saw it was Steve, Joe's old roommate.

Steve and Jeff put their towels down on the chairs not noticing Joe or Jim right away, they were teasing each other jock to jock when Joe said Jim go get some chemicals out of the shed near the office, I'll take care of this myself.

Jim looked confused but did as he was told - he pulled on his shorts and was leaving but not before throwing the two intruders a hard look. Steve told Jeff to go and follow Jim to see what he was up to, and not to come back until Jim did. Jeff and Jim both left each eyeing the other, wanting to beat the shit out of each other for interrupting the action.

After they had left Joe turned so Steve could get a real good view of his hot hard body and the big bulge in his jock. Steve looked at him from head to toe and all in between, his cock was stirring at the sight, he pulled on it to adjust it but that just got his cock harder.

Slowly the two studs walked toward each other their cocks hard and their eyes full of hurt and anger, but also excitement. They came chest to chest, face to face, nose to nose. They had fire in there eyes and all they could think of was each other -- if anyone had come up they wouldn't have noticed.

They were intent on the battle they both feared but knew would have to happen. They had vowed if they ever met again no matter where or when and the opportunity was there one of them was going to get a cock whipping like never before. Steve adjusted his jock so it touched Jim's, his eyes never breaking the stare with Joe's. Still eye to eye Joe returned the favor by adjusting his jock but slower and more intense.

The hard-muscled big dicked studs were still chest to chest, their nips touching and the feelings of heat sex and anger were extreme to say the least. Joe was the first to speak -- Why did you come here motherfucker -- you could have met me before now -- why here and why now?

Listen you prick, Steve said, I didn't know you would be here this early. But that's not the issue, Steve said, You know I wanted you from the day I came in and you were cockfucking Jeff in our house and bed you bastard. Now man its fuckin payback time.

Steve dug his chest deeper into Joe's, their jocks were expanding from the growing meat inside and soon both heads poked out and began grinding back and forth till precum started to ooze out of each other's head. You could feel the heat, the fire, and the passion between the two. I am going to beat your ass and then I might just cockfuck your new friend, Steve said.

With that statement Joe punched Steve hard and the fight was on. They both fell into the water both fighting hard throwing hooks pulling hair grabbing balls gut punching cock yanking. Joe straddled Steve locking his legs around him and trying to drown him and Steve did the same.

Finally they broke and came up for air, Steve on one end of the pool and Joe on the other. They rested eyeing each other mouthing off - pussy wimp bitch cunt - till they slowly met in the center of the pool about to cum to blows again when the alarm went off.

Joe knew he would have to get it, it was his job. He pulled Steve real close to him and told him to meet him that night at the end of the beach where no one goes -- oiled up with only a jock and don't bring anyone with him. They were both grinding and hard, the thought of what was to happen was way too hot, but the alarm sounded again and Joe knew he had to get it.

Be there you fucker! Steve said. No problem, you cocksucker, Joe replied. We gotta settle this once and for all, Steve said. Joe agreed. He pulled on his shorts and tank and was about to leave when Jim and Jeff entered the area again.

What the fuck is going on Joe? Jim asked. Not now, I gotta go get the alarm, Joe replied. No you don't -- I got it, Jim shot back. He pushed Joe into the wall and was on him, I said what the hell is going on Joe?? Ask later Joe replied, we got to get this done -- it's getting late -- guests will be up soon, Joe said.

Jim let him go, stripped to his jock, and then ripped his shirt off he was so mad. Joe stripped too. They got in the water. Jim blocked him from passing, Joe pushed back and they began to fight cock to cock holding each other in headlocks the water was ripping fierce. Joe yanked off Jim's jock Jim did the same their hard cocks were massive. Jim yelled You want to see my fuckin hard cock Joe?? Well man look! and he pulled Joe's face into his crotch. Joe pushed up and their massive rock hard cocks were swinging back and forth they were hard like steel Jim was mad as hell, but after a few minutes Joe said, Stop, not here -- it's not the place or time.

So they separated, finished up the job, got out and put on their clothes and were back at the office when Jim said Joe, what the hell is going on here? Not now -- after tonight I'll tell you all of it Joe replied. I won't be available till morning Joe added. I have some unfinished business tonight -- tomorrow we'll talk I promise. After the day was over - so they agreed to meet in the am.

Jim didn't like it but hell what was he to do? Joe went home, had a few beers and showered, put on a jock and was about to go out the door when the phone rang, it was Steve. Hey man, we can't fight on the beach it's crawling with cops, Steve said. There was a pause. Then Joe said, hey, I got a place here, come on over, I'll set up a fight room. I got beer - just come on in don't knock Joe added. I wasn't gonna, Steve said. He hung up, drove over, and opened the door and the sight he saw was almost too much -- Joe was sitting in his jock and socks with a big basket. Steve came in and stripped. Joe looked as he stripped man what a hunk of real man he thought. Steve got a beer and sat down and after they'd each had one Joe got up and went to the room he'd set aside and Steve followed.

They stared face to face, two men who respected each other until the trouble between them happened. Joe teased and rubbed, Steve did the same they were both hard as hell now cockheads out. They went chest to chest cock to cock. This time no one will interrupt us they both said at the same time. They slowly grinded till Steve slapped Joe hard across the face and the fight was on -- grabbing cocks, pulling hair and balls, punching hard till they both were exhausted. Joe straddled Steve, his long thick cock inches from Steve's lips, he put it in and face-fucked him hard Steve rolled over did the same to Joe till they were close to cumming -- so they got cock to cock and ground and pounded their big raw tools and finally they both cum gallons and intense too. Then they pulled each other close and fell asleep in each other's arms cock to cock.

The next morning the phone rang. It was Jim asking what's up? Joe said, later, he had company coming over in a couple of hours. Jim hung up, pissed as he was going jogging. On his run he was deep in the woods when he stumbled on Jeff. He stopped. Where the fuck's Joe? Jeff asked. None of your fuckin business, Jim replied. They came face to face sweat pouring off there bodies wet you could feel the heat between them they were so close, they knew something had to happen so they went deeper in the woods. Jim stripped off all his clothes and Jeff did the same. Jeff was hung like a horse eleven inches and thick Jim had nine real thick and both had grapefruits for balls. They came cock to cock. You want a cock battle? Jim replied, Lets do it! First one to come sucks the other. They agreed and the war was on hard and it was wild, cocks poundin and precum flowin everywhere and the two big-dicked muscle studs grinding their thick man meat harder and harder till they both shot at the same time - huge loads of raw hot white muscle dude cum.

After they finished they rubbed together cum to cum. Then they swam cleaned up and headed to Joe's place. When they arrived they found Joe and Steve together on the couch. Jim got mad -- what the fuck? he asked. Joe said Look man me and Steve fought but we still care for each other. Jim looked at Steve like your cock is mine. Steve knew the look all too well. He knew him and Jeff would meet soon to settle this.



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