Cockrub Warrior Gerry

Hi. My name's Gerry. I thought you might like to hear about the first time I had sex with another guy, when I was eighteen and on a HS wrestling road trip.


I had joined the wrestling team at school when I was sixteen. As much as I loved the sport, I also loved feeling other men's bodies as we struggled together. Even though I'd never had any sexual experiences, I was certain by then that I was gay.

Two years later, at eighteen, I looked pretty good. I stood six feet tall and weighed 175. I had a good strong body, the result of years of training. My wide brawny shoulders tapered down to a slim muscled waist. My hard sculpted pecs were impressive since, like most boys, I had worked hard on them, making them muscular as well as defined with two large, chocolate-colored nips that I loved to play with.

My abs were ripped, and I had a thick happy trail which began at my navel and led down to a great forest of hair at my crotch. I had always liked a lot of crotch hair on a man - it seemed natural and real, put there by God to enhance the erect cock.

For myself, I had a good-sized dick that stood between six and a half and seven inches tall with a thick shaft and large mushroom-head, which, when excited, lost no time in gushing loads of pre-cum. Under my cock hung two heavy orbs, also very hairy and holding the precious liquid that shot out in great quantities whenever I worked my man tool. I stood tall on long, strong, hairy legs that could easily hold almost any opponent.

On the team, we got to wear wrestling suits - red singlets - that showed off our baskets, even though we wore jockstraps. Some guys even packed their pouches with Kleenex to give the impression that there was a lot there. I never had to do this, but I had to watch myself, as the friction of body contact often made me get a little excited and leak pre-cum and there would be a wet patch at the front of my suit. The other guys would just laugh at me and call me "leaky."

And like I said, I really loved wrestling. Straining muscles pitched against each other, feeling another teen dude's soft basket as I tried to throw him, feeling a hand on my crotch, the feel of baskets rubbing together as we tried to get free - these were all exciting to me. Once in a while, I would feel another guy getting a hard-on. Naturally, my cock would react to this quickly, and we would both end up with enlarged pouches, but nothing ever came of this, as it was considered natural among wrestlers. Nobody ever guessed that for me, feeling a hard cock rubbed against mine would be more than just friction but would also awaken a desire to go further.

That week our team was going to another school in another town, for competitions.

We were to be paired off with the receiving team and stay in their homes, and I was to stay with a wrestler named John and his family. We were to stay a whole week until the competitions were over. I was looking forward to the trip.


The big day finally came, and our plane landed at the airport. Pretty soon, we had our baggage and were being introduced to the other team and the receiving families. I finally met John - what a hunk. Six feet, very muscular, and s-e-e-x-x-y-y. He had pitch-black hair and blue eyes, his skin was quite pale, and he had a full, sensuous mouth. He smiled and put out a hand, saying: "Hi, Gerry, I hope you enjoy your stay. I'd like you to meet my mom and dad." His handshake was firm and strong. His parents were nice folks, and I soon found out he was an only child.

I had trouble listening to him as I kept staring at his body. He was dressed in a very old pair of cutoffs which hugged his rugged frame. By the pouch up front, I could tell he packed a mean organ. His legs were covered with dark fur. He had on a white tee shirt which also hugged a very well-defined chest and abdomen. I could see his dark nipples through the material. I almost drooled at the thought of seeing him in a wrestling suit, or, even better, completely naked in the shower.

"I see you're the team captain. I guess they wanted to test our team's captains, so they put us together," John said, always smiling.

"No kidding, and do you know who I'm gonna wrestle?" I asked

"Most of the guys you see here and, of course, yours truly."

"I hope you don't mind losing," I said, giving him a friendly shove.

"We'll see about that," he laughed, pushing back.

His parents moved us toward the exit and the car. We headed out, and during the short drive John and I got to know each other and I could tell we would be good friends.

We arrived at a small cottage. I was shown around the small but comfortable home. John's room was upstairs. His mother hoped I did not mind sharing his double bed, as her nephew would be arriving during the week. Mind... I didn't mind... in fact, my imagination did somersaults as I felt a load of pre-cum leak out onto my white jockeys.

We had supper, and afterwards John showed me around. We went to see the school gym, and I was impressed to learn he had keys so we could visit the whole place.

"How would you like a little practice match right now?" he asked as we were looking at the gym.

"I didn't bring my suit with me," I replied.

"You don't need it - we'll wrestle in our briefs. I often practice with some of the guys, and we never bother with our singlets."

"Sure," I replied, excited at the idea.

We undressed and stood in our white briefs. I tried not to, but I kept looking him up and down. What a stud he was. We were actually very similar except for his skin being very pale. His nipples were a dark shade of pink, but as large and tempting as mine. Our nips were hard now as the cool air teased them.

"I see where you get your nickname," he laughed, pointing at a large wet spot at the front of my briefs.

"Who told you that?" I cried, blushing deeply.

"Don't worry," he said quickly, as if seeking forgiveness, "I'm the same ... look." And he showed me an equally large wet spot on his briefs.

I had to smile, as his was infectuous and I was really warming up to him.

"Let's go easy tonight and keep our strength for the matches," he said.

We got into position and went at each other. It was more horsing around than anything else, but quite rapidly we built up a sweat. He was very strong and quick, and I knew I would have to use my wits to beat him in a real match. I tried to throw him, and my hand grabbed for his leg, but instead got a handful of his crotch. It was warm, large, and wet. I quickly let go, but lost my balance and we fell to the mat. He was on top of me, and our sweaty chests came together. Our crotches were mashed together and I felt my cock respond a little, and, of course, load after load of pre-cum seeped out.

I managed to break free, and caught his upper body in a hold. Both of us were grunting and groaning as our muscles strained. His hand went to my crotch, and he pulled me, sending me onto my side. I knew he felt my partially erect dick, and I was a little embarrased. Soon, though, I caught him again and my hand felt his own crotch and his cock had reacted also. I wanted to keep my hand there, but removed it quickly, as I was still not quite sure of his reaction.

We struggled a little while longer, our skin shiny and wet with sweat, and then in one final push and shove, he was on top of me, locking his legs with mine and grinding his crotch into mine. I was pinned and exhausted. Both of our dicks were semi-hard and pushed together by the hold. I thought I would lose all control when John laughed and let go.

"And this was only practice ... wait till the real match!" He stood up and I got a good look at his pouch, which was wet and enlarged. He gave me a hand, and I stood in front of him. I saw his eyes flicker to my groin, and I wasn't sure, but I thought I caught a glimpse of desire. Then it was gone.

"How about resting in the whirlpool? I have the keys to start it."

"Right on"

We headed for the whirlpool. John turned on the water jets and put up the heat. He then turned to me and pulled off his briefs. He stood with his hands on his hips and said: "Come on, let's go."

I was still gazing down at his crotch. In this area, we could have been twins. His bush was as dense and thick as mine. His dick was partially erect, and as I pulled my own briefs off, I could feel that sensation between my legs, and I knew that in a few seconds my cock would throb and rise.

I quickly jumped into the whirlpool. The water was hot and soothing, and the jets kept the water churning so that our dicks were hidden from view.

We lay there for a while, talking about different things. My cock was still half hard, and it took all of my willpower to keep it from jumping up. I really liked John and would not do anything to break this new friendship.

"Well, it's too bad you guys came all this way only to lose," he said.

"Who says we're going to lose?"

"Come on, man, do you really think you have a chance after that little trial run?"

"I was just being polite, and I didn't want to unleash my full strength. That's my surprise for the matches"

"Yeah, sure. Listen, I'll give you more proof of my strength. Stand up."

I stood, wondering what he was up to. He stood also and came in front of me about a foot away. I was glad the water jets kept him from seeing my cock, which was a little bigger than before and dangerously close to throbbing its way to full hardness.

"Here's what we do... I'll count to three, and then we give each other a bearhug until one of us has to give up. Ready? One...two..."

My head was spinning. This stud was about to hold me - I was about to feel his cock agains mine. I knew I was going to react and was terrified.


At that, he grabbed me by the waist and pulled us together as his arms went around my back and started crushing me to him. I was trying to concentrate on strength, but all I could think of was that our crotches were joined. I felt his cock against mine, warm, semi-hard flesh against equally semi-hard flesh. I could feel our bushes brush together, and that's when my cock started to get harder. There was nothing I could do as it throbbed itself to full length.

We struggled together as we tested our strength, but I was quite embarrassed as my cock lengthened and rose between John's legs and came to rest at his crotch, stretching from his balls to the middle of his ass. And then that's when I felt something nudge my balls at first, then plant itself solidly betwen my own legs. It was his throbbing dick, also very erect. I almost came at that moment, except he gave a sharp tug and I lost my breath for a second and decided to give my all. So I squeezed harder, biceps, triceps bulging as I tried to force him to give up. Of course all this strenuous pulling made our bodies move, and our cocks would slowly glide between our legs, rubbing along the crevice.

Finally, as he exhaled, he whispered, "I give up," and we broke free. As we pulled apart, our cocks sprang upwards towards our bellies, and both heads came out of the water.

"I'm sorry about ... you know," I mumbled.

"Hey, don't worry," he replied. "It happens all the time with wrestlers. I guess we both need our girls around."

I didn't tell him that I had no girfriend and that I was lusting only for him.

"So, I guess you're not so sure of winning after all," I said.

"Come on, let's get out of here and head home, " was all he replied.

We dried off and got dressed. Our dicks had subsided, and I felt relieved that he didn't seem to suspect anything. Of course, I remembered we would be sharing a bunk, and I didn't think I would be sleeping much this week.

At home, we watched a movie, then headed for bed. As we undressed, I was surprised to see John take off his briefs and get into bed.

"I hope you don't mind, but it's too hot to wear anything and I'm used to sleeping in the raw."

"Naw, I don't mind," I said. "I never wear anything to bed myself," and I pulled off my briefs and got in at the other side.

John turned off the light and we were in the dark. There was full moon, and I could make out John next to me. We were lying on our backs. There wasn't a drop of air coming through the window, and we were soon sweating. I threw off the sheet, and so did he.

"You know, Gerry, I'm really glad you're spending the week here. I like you a lot and hope we can stay friends afterwards, even if you lose, that is.''

"Huh?" I shuddered, getting red. "The feeling is mutual, buddy. I hope you get to visit me."

"Listen, there is something I want to tell you since we're friends and all... I dont't like to lie, and I'm afraid I lied to you."

"What are you talking about?"

"I told you I had a girl and I was all hot because of her."

"Yeah, so...?" My heart had started to beat faster.

"Well, I don't have a girl, never had one."

"Oh, I see... Then why did you lie?"

"I didn't want you to find out something."

My cock had begun to rise by then, and in the night I could see that his was throbbing to attention also.

"What could I possibly find out that would be so bad?" I asked.

"Well... um... that I was turned on by you. The reason I'm telling you this is because I think you feel the same way."

I didn't reply, but my cock came to full attention and already a drop of precum oozed out and I could see a drop shining on his head. I let out a moan as his hand took hold of my dick and gently squeezed. I quickly reached over and his throbbing tool too was in my hand... it felt so hot, so hard, so alive. His thumb spread my pre-cum over the glands, and I did the same. I wanted to feel everything he was doing to me. I wanted him to know how good it felt.

I turned on my side, and he turned to face me. We bent and raised one leg, putting our feet down behind our extended legs. This permitted us to clearly see our cocks and balls.

We just stared at each other for a while, enjoying the sight of our bodies. Our hands were still on our cocks, slowly pumping them and squeezing more and more hot clear liquid onto the glans and shafts. We brought both heads together as if they were kissing, and the engorged tools throbbed in delight. I moved in a little closer, and he took our dicks in his hand, belly to belly, shaft to shaft, glans against glans, and he started to slowly pump them as they slid against each other easily with all the precum lubricating them.

My hand cupped his balls and then I managed to get his and my balls into my hand and played with them. Our breath was coming quickly now, as we were both super turned on. We would moan as we discovered each new sensation. Letting go of our balls, my hand went to his chest and pinched and tickled his nips, getting them even harder. He let go of our fucktools and did the same to mine.

"Oooaaah yeeaaahh" he moaned and hunched forward, rubbing his shaft against mine.

Our legs crossed and entangled themselves as our cocks lay entwined and we brought our bodies together. My arms went around him, and he pulled himself to me, and that's when we first kissed. It was slow and tender at first, just playing with lips, and then our tongues joined in and pretty soon were wrestling in our warm mouths.

Our hips had started to rock, and our cocks slowly slipped and slid against each other as we ground our crotches together. The feelings going through me were unbelievable. We couldn't get enough of each other as our hands were all over our backs and squeezed our butts, pulling us even harder together. Our crotch hair mingled and was now really wet, as our cocks drooled a continuous river of precum.

He then rolled on top of me as we continued to kiss, our tongues searching each corner of our mouths. We kissed our eyes, noses, necks and returned to our mouths. Our bodies moved as one, and each movement was a discovery of new ecstasy. I felt our cocks grow even harder as we approached climax. The spongy glans grew rockhard, and each thrust brought us closer to the ultimate moment. We were both thrusting rapidly now, our bodies slick with sweat and our bellies covered in precum. Our tongues darted to and fro inside our mouths. A few fuck-thrusts later, and with loud moans and groans, our cocks erupted simultaneously, sending loads of hot white lava all over our bellies.

Our orgasm seemed to last forever, and as we kept up our rubbing, the noise of flesh, cum and cocks was sensual. John then raised himself and, kissing his way down, licked all the cum he found on my belly and pubic hair. When he was through, I rolled him over and did the same to him.

We then returned to each other's arms and kissed again, this time our cum mixing with our saliva as we fed on each other's love juices.

I realized I'd found my first lover, someone I could both wrestle and cockrub with. As we slowly subsided into sleep, both our young dudes' hearts beat peacefully and as one.


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