Current college student looking for someone who shares my desire for cock grinding and frottage. Hairy chest and bearded.

5'10" 180 lbs. 6 in cut.


Northwest Chicago Burbs. 62. Looking for a discreet, Frot buddy, 35 &. . .

I am a 62 gay-identified (closeted) white male professional in Arlington Heights looking for friendship, fun, in & out of bed.

Extremely discreet, & very sensual, passionate.

I think that frot/frottage with the right partner is extremely sensual; love body contact, massage, soapy showers, kissing, cock rubbing. . .

5'6, 235, 4c, big balls, gray hair, brown eyes, safe, clean, discreet.

Looking for a special friend.



Chicago and northwest suburbs -- Looking for a frot buddy or ltr

Looking for a frot buddy or ltr. Young clean cut professional. 25 yrs old. 140 lbs. Cut. Latino/white mix. I've always loved frotting and body contact and think cock on cock is true pure man sex. Looking for someone similar in their 20s - early 30s, fit and well rounded. Can exchange pictures.


Chicago looking for Masculine for an LTR

I am looking for a masculine, thin to muscular guy who enjoys frot as much as I do for a long term relationship. I am 36 5'9 latino with long hair (rocker style . . . hehe) if interested please email.


Chicago Frot bud

Am looking for a Frot bud in Chicago. I live in the Near North area. 50 years old , 5' 7", 157 lbs., still quite fit, ... a regular bud,... Pacific Islander . It would be great to meet a bud who is of the same outlook as I am be they of whatever race or age group. Contact me if interested through my e-mail. Thanks.


North Chicago frot friend

Looking for inshape, masc friend. BiBM, 6'1, 40, 200 athletic looking for frot friend to show me around the windy city. Hit me up.


Edgewater/Andersonville area of Chicago Looking for frot buddy with possible LTR

Hey, I'm looking for a frot buddy with a possible LTR. I'm 5'10 155lbs. Lean and toned. Could be down for wrestling. I live in Edgewater/Andersonville area of Chicago.


North Chicago frot bud/LTR

Looking for a frot bud for friendship, or LTR. I'm 35, 5'11, 175, br/br, 7" cut, and looking for another masculine guy in the north Chicago area, or general vicinity. Prefer guys around my age or older, looking for the same! Contact me directly at


CHICAGO and Suburbs Seek Older 50+ Guy for Frot

Hi. My name is David. I'm early 40s, 5' 6", 135lbs. and Latin. I'm looking for a mature guy, 50-70 years old, medium build, 5' 9" to 6' 2", for private frot fun in Chicago and suburbs extending about 35 miles. I'm discreet so closeted is OK but please no inexperienced. Love hairy chests, big thighs, uncut. Let's conspire, meet and hump until we gush with joy.




I'm a thin healthy naturist living on 40 acres in the woods in rural Kenosha WI.

Searching for a nudist ltr bud who enjoys a healthy life naked outside in the sun. Also skinny dipping in a little lake.

But I'm shy. Slim fit guys only--the woods are rough.

Tough Attitude counts not Age. Young ok I can teach you. Old ok teach me more.

NO hole sex drugs. Sorry no fat or fem--won't work for wrestling. I'm 130# haha.


Springfield long-term Frot bro

I am 19, looking for a guy closeby in Springfield IL area who enjoys frot and mutual masturbation. I am 5'11, 150 pounds, looking for a guy that is about my size, but a good heart and respect for others overcomes just about anything. I would like to stick with guys between 18-30, although the statement above applies here. I want this to be long-term and safe and to avoid "drama."

Would love to meet in person over coffee/food/etc.

I am not looking for "no-strings-attached," I am fine with a relationship if all works out. Most important thing though is respect and friendship.

Let me know if you are interested!


CHICAGO frot buddy

Hi, my name is Tyrone and I'm 21 years old African American from Chicago, IL. I'm looking for a frot buddy between the ages of 18-35. I love to frot, because I think it is very fun and satisfying.


CENTRAL Illinois Frot Buddy

Hi, I'm 27 years old, and love frot. I'm from the central Illinois area, and am looking for a frot buddy. I'm not looking for anyone over 35, so please respect that. I'm in very good shape, and can send pictures if you wish to exchange. I LOVE this site!!! Let me know if you're interested!


Being a cock rubbin man

Into c2c man action, underwear/jockstrap, massage for men only. I'm 6'2", hairy chest legs and ass. I workout/swim Late 40's. Very friendly w/sense of humor.


nude workout in chicago

looking for a nude workout partner, weightlifting, flexing, frot wrestling


CHICAGO Frot buddy

Hi, my name is Clint and I am from Chicago.

I am looking for a frot buddy. I am honest, dependable and try to lead a life of integrity. Looking for like-minded buddy for safe, frot intimacy.



Looking for a Frot buddy in or near Springfield, Illinois. I am 62, with hairy chest, legs and arms. Retired professional seek discrete guy.



Looking for a guy to share true, man to man intimacy. Are there really other guys around here with the same frot turn-ons as me? I'm talking about normal, masculine, fit guys that find this site incredibly hot. I'm tall, 36, salt and pepper hair, looking for another guy who wants the sexual and personal pleasure of man to man relationship. I am not into the gay scene at all and I am looking for a guy to show me the masculine world that I thought I could not have. I am not looking for a married/committed guy

late twenties-mid fourties preferred


Full Frontal Frottage

Looking for someone into full frontal frottage--humping and grinding and cumming all over my hairy belly or me over yours. Live in city. Work out 3 times a week, 58 yo, 200 lbs, 5'11". Let's have fun!


Frot and/or Wrestle

52 6' 195 WM in Lakeview/Boystown looking for a younger frot buddy (25-40). Love to wrestle also. Love long frot sessions with kissing and sweaty body contact.


Safe, simple M2M frot in the naperville/aurora area

Hey guys, I'd love to find someone that gets as turned on by this web site as I do. I love the pictures and stories and excellent frot activities; it describes perfectly how I feel.

I'm 5'8, 140lbs, 42y/o, normal, professional, easy-going, masculine, in great shape and into health and fitness (and frot). Would just like to find a similarly motivated guy that is anywhere from 20-42y/o, in good shape and easy-going. If we were about the same size, I'd love to do some oil wrestling, but that's not a big deal, any frot is great. I've also been trained by a licensed masseur, and give an excellent full body massage. So if any smooth, young stud simply wants a quality (and free) massage, let me know (or if someone wants to trade massages).

Send stats, location and a pic, and I'll send you mine . . . thanks



Hello My name is Ricardo and I am from the northwest side of Chicago..

I am looking for a buddy who would like Frot / M2M contact.

I am Hispanic with an olive complexion, brown eyes and hair. I stand 5'7". 167 lbs. with a slight muscular toned body.

I am in my mid 30s looking for someone between 21 thru 45.

If you are a decent clean and sane individual please feel free to contact me at


CHICAGO, N SIDE: Tall, GL Professional Fella for workout, frot bud, bonding

Chicago, N Side.

I'm a masculine, genunine, good looking fella 6'3 210 red-brn, white, cleancut, professional, creative, funny guy who is not perfect but is looking for a similar workout bud and frot partner ( race, not important, any race, any sexual orientation, etc.)

Looking to give and receive mutual body, heart, mind and spiritual support working out and m2m friendship. Among ideal activities would be for us to meet after work to work out or going running together, helping each other progress; take a shower and than come together m2m. Let's take care of our needs, M2M

Would love to hear from you...I know you are out there.


Heroic friend in far west burbs Naperville/Aurora

Are there really other guys around here with the same frot turn-ons as me? I'm talking about normal, masculine, fit guys that find this site incredibly hot. Bill has done an excellent job promoting morals, monogamy and friendship along with true sexual equality. It would be great to ultimately find a "Heroic Friend" who is compatible in morals, sense of humor, and bodies. I'm 5-8, 135# and a young looking 40 y/o...I'd love to hear from you if you are 20-40 years old and being in good shape is a high priority in your life.




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Promiscuity is physically dangerous and, for most people, pyschologically debilitating.

So go for quality, not quantity.

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