looking for a frot bro in Halifax

I'm Max, living in Halifax, and I'm looking for a frot buddy around 30 years old.



Young guy looking for another guy under 30 in Halifax, interested in meeting someone serious for regular fun only. leave your e-mail or msn address and I'll get back to you.


New to this

I am new to this but everything about it turns me on. Young but willing to learn, slim but willing to build... for the right guy. Br/br 5'8", slimmish, 140lbs, 34c, 32w, 5.5"unc, hairy but thinking of shaving. As I'm new to this, I'd like to take it slow, preferably with one guy close to my age (though I've been surprised before how at times someone different in age from me feels akin). Looking for that one guy who is both brother and lover, workout partner as well a plus (as I need a reason to get back into training), preferably for ltr. Will chat with those who want to (keep it respectable), but want only one guy to get close with.


body sex

Gentlemen, I am looking for another male who enjoys developing a trusting and comforting relationship with another and is stimulated by cock to cock rubbing. Sensual, erotic and fun. i am 6'1", 210, 44c, 36w, 7"c, dkbl/gr, mod hairy, 45


Body Heat

It is so good to feel the body heat between two bodies when they are in connection to one another and the passion that goes along with that heat until you both reach the ultimate climax and then just to lie there together entwine to one another. What a feeling it brings to ones inner being.

When two bodies connect together and the friction begins to heat up it is like a fire that is at its fullist and there is nothing that can put it out only when the two reach the ultimate climax and then they lay in one anothers arms and melt into that ever listful solitude.

dale smith


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