Analism dogs sires and bitches



Analism dogs sires and bitches


I am going to make some very strong statements here, so be prepared. We are all aware that anal sex is filthy, disgusting and degrading. I would like to add a new expression. Anal sex is dog sex, yes I mean dog sex. If you have seen dogs mating you know what I mean. The sire mounts the bitch and mating proceeds. But at least it is genital sex even if only done by dogs. Anal barebacking is like dog sex except it is done by tops and bottoms. The top is the sire and the bottom is the bitch. But sex between dogs is genital sex. Analism is not genital sex so dogs have it up on the analists! I wonder how much STD dogs have and compare it with the STD of the analists. When dogs have sex they do not see their faces and when analists have "sex" they do not see their faces either. At least dogs procreate analists do not. A dog can be your unconditional friend and your protector just like a brother. Analists can do neither!

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