Barebackin buttboy bottoms out behind bars

Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub

Barebackin buttboy bottoms out behind bars


Man pleads guilty in HIV sex case


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Published on: 11/07/05

A former Emory University medical student who engaged in unprotected sex but failed to tell his partner he was HIV positive pleaded guilty Monday to reckless conduct.

Garry Wayne Carriker was sentenced in Fayette County Superior Court to two years in prison and eight years probation. He was given credit for about five months served.

Carriker, who was the Fayette County High School salutatorian eight years ago, still faces two reckless conduct charges in Fulton County.

The Fayetteville man was charged under a seldom used 1988 state law that makes it a felony for people who know they have HIV to engage in unprotected sex without disclosing their status.

"He knew he was guilty," Fayette Assistant District Attorney Al Dixon said, explaining why Carriker made the plea. "If it had gone to trial he would've been found guilty."

Carriker didn't make a statement at the brief hearing and was quickly ushered out of the courtroom.

Carriker learned he had HIV in June 2003. In December of that year he met John Withrow of Peachtree City in an Internet chat room. They had a relationship that lasted about four months, at the end of which Carriker told Withrow he was HIV positive.

Carriker was arrested last year after Withrow went to the police. He was arrested two more times this year after similar charges were made in Fulton.

After graduating from high school with a 4.0 average, Carriker attended the Air Force Academy in Colorado on an all expenses-paid appointment. He enrolled at Emory's school of medicine in 2001.

Garry Wayne Carriker, our poz barebacker, had a 4.0 GPA in high school, went to the Air Force Academy with all expenses paid, and got into med school at Emory.

So: he was smart, well-educated, and deemed by his high school, the Air Force, and Emory Medical School to be of good character.

Yet he'd also acquired HIV, and went around merrily and secretly spreading it to at least three people, whom he'd met on the net.

Finally, one of his victims complained to the authorities, and Carriker was put in jail.

If he hadn't been jailed, he'd still be spreading the virus.

He'll no doubt try to spread it in jail too.

The safer-sex establishment's solution to guys like Garry Wayne is more "education," more condoms and more lube.

Indeed, in California, directors of prisons have been ordered to provide condoms for their inmates.

Why would that work?

Why would any condom campaign, anywhere, work?

This guy knew about condoms and lube.

He was salutatorian, went to the Air Force Academy, and went to medical school.

He was neither stupid nor uneducated.

He knew how HIV is transmitted.

And the men he slept with knew about condoms and lube too.

How would spending more money to tell them about condoms and lube -- make a difference?

After all, it's not complicated.

In theory.

In their theory, you tell guys that HIV is transmitted through anal "sex," give them condoms and lube, and tell them to use them.

And they do.

In real life, you tell guys that HIV is transmitted through anal "sex," give them condoms and lube, and --

they don't use them.


Guess something's wrong with their theory.

I have a different theory.

My theory is that guys do anal because they've been told over and over and over and over again that sex isn't real unless it's anal.

And they bareback because

1. barebacking feels better; and,

2. it's believed to be more "intimate" and "authentic."

That's not surprising.

As I've said, if anal is the ultimate gay sex, then clearly condomless anal is the truest and highest expression of that sex.

Who, after all, wants a layer of latex between himself and the object of his ultimate gay desire?


So you have to change the very first message: sex isn't real unless it's anal.

You need to change that to: anal isn't sex.

If you change the message -- and if you repeat it often enough -- guys will stop doing anal.

Particularly if you offer them something which is super hot and super male in its place.

Course, no one, other than us, is particularly interested in changing the message.

As I said in my Circuit Parties and HIV post, there's an irony here:

The Safer Sex Establishment, which is so forcefully if not ably represented by "scientists" like Dr. Tom Coates, has the means to change the message, but no desire to do so -- since changing the message would disrupt the safer-sex gravy train and eventually put it out of business.

Whereas we have the will to change the message, but not the means.

We don't have a penny to reach the guys we need to reach.

What's the result?

Here are three emails, from three different guys, which our peripatetic Frot advocate Luke received in his visits to some of the big gay "dating" sites on the net this week:


hey guy, I just read up a little on "Frot" and didn't realize that there was actually an organization of it. I've noticed in past sexual encounters that I've had that I would orgasm almost instantly when just rubbing my body against another guy's body (chest to chest)....I just passed it off as me just suffering from premature ejaculation. Am I wrong to think that?


I am so into frot...cause it is a lot more powerful than a quick fuck or suck..

I did check out the Man2Man is a great site..and now I feel better about my sexuality..and the guilt about not wanting to bottom or top

sex in a vagina feels better than in an anus....but sex is hottest with Frot....

man to man..cock to cock...that is so cool..

So the first guy, whose profile says that he's "versatile" and practices safer sex "most of the time," thinks he's suffering from premature ejaculation because Frot is such a turn on for him that he cums quickly.

Luke had to explain to him that Frot is a natural way for men to have sex and that it's normal for him to feel really hot when face to face and cock to cock with another guy.

The second guy has been feeling "guilt about not wanting to bottom or top."

Luke of course told him not to feel guilty about avoiding anal, and encouraged him to stay true to what he wants sexually.

What's striking with both these men is how analist culture has led them to view themselves as somehow *deficient* because they enjoy face-to-face, dick-to-dick sex with another guy.

Guys, that's a huge problem, and one that shits like Coates refuse to address.

It's truly disgusting.

Men whose natural, instinctive, and normal expression of their sexuality puts them at NO risk for HIV and other anally-transmitted pathogens, and which enhances their masculinity, are being PUT DOWN and made to suffer SELF-DOUBT, while literally millions of dollars are spent to "teach" buttfairy barebackers to use condoms.

When are you going to get angry about that?

This is not an abstraction.

It impacts your life each and every day.


In ways that are harmful to you and everyone else in your life.

Here's a third email:


All my life THAT'S WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS DONE AND HAVE ALWAYS LOVED!!!!! I had no idea there was a word to describe it and all this time I thought I was some kind of alien lone species!!! When all these guys wanted me to (DO THEM) from behind, all I wanted was to grab them face to face and play that way... I wanted to have us as equals... I thought something must be wrong with me... Your web link hath set my soul I can revell in others like me that hopefully thru the website I will find them!!! I am sooooooooooo extremely glad and greatful to see your profile and your post!!!!! You have done a GREAT SERVICE for me and now I too, shall spread the word!!!! Thank You... TJ


THANK YOU for writing back, YOU AND I, understand the awesome feeling of that special closeness of another man, and that JOY and incredible feeling when you are within a hair's breath of someone... that dick to dick rubbing and manly muscular body contact is unreal... I always thought i was the weird one because guys would get with me and I'd always show that to them and try to get them to do more contact... I never wanted to screw a guy...not my thing at all... now I feel so VINDICATED to know I am not weird at all, I was ALWAYS on the right track!!!!!

This man thought he was "weird," "some kind of alien lone species," because he "wanted to have sex as equals" and because he cherished "that dick to dick rubbing and manly muscular body contact."


Dick to Dick Rubbing

Manly Muscular Body Contact

Analism has defined all three as "weird."

Are they?

Are you?

Think about it.

It's November, and as typically happens in November and December, donations are virtually non-existent.

You need to think.

Think about what the buttboys are doing to you.


Donate or die.

I'm not kidding.

The more time you spend under analism, the more likely it becomes that you'll be pressured or coerced into doing anal, and that you'll acquire one of the many deadly diseases circulating among the buttboyz aka shitfairies.


If they're gonna call anal "sex," then they should call it the sort of sex it is:

shit sex

pain sex

disease and death sex

The analists, buttboys, buttfairies, and shit sex brigade are lying to you, lying about you, and attempting to take from you your one sweet life.

Don't let them do it.

Fight back.

Save your life.

Bill Weintraub

Re: Barebackin buttboy bottoms out behind bars



I said:

The more time you spend under analism, the more likely it becomes that you'll be pressured or coerced into doing anal, and that you'll acquire one of the many deadly diseases circulating among the buttboyz aka shitfairies.

Sounds harsh, doesn't it?

But it's the truth.

We all know about the pressure and coercion, and you certainly complain about it.

What people tend to be in denial about is the disease.

But the disease -- and the danger -- are real.

Ck this out:

Gay Sex Called Key to Rise in Syphilis

November 9, 2005 LA Times

By Thomas H. Maugh II, Times Staff Writer

Men engaged in risky homosexual activity are fueling a sharp increase in the incidence of syphilis and a smaller but worrisome rise in gonorrhea resistant to common antibiotics, federal researchers said Tuesday.

The increases are seen at a time when sexually transmitted disease rates among historically important risk groups, especially women and minorities, have been declining, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The diseases "are a significant and ongoing threat to millions of Americans," said Dr. Ronald O. Valdiserri, acting director of CDC's National Center for HIV, STD and TB Prevention. They cost the healthcare system $13 billion per year, he said.


[The article goes on to note that]

Men engaging in homosexual activities accounted for 64% of syphilis infections in 2004, compared with about 5% in 1999, said Dr. John M. Douglas Jr., director of the CDC's division of sexually transmitted disease prevention.

Risky behavior has increased because of growing crystal methamphetamine use, he said -- first on the West Coast and now on the East.

"That's exacerbating the transmission of syphilis," he said.

As in previous years, San Francisco had the highest incidence of syphilis, with a rate of 45.9 cases per 100,000 people. Atlanta was second with 34.6 cases, and Baltimore third with 33.2. Los Angeles ranked 24th, with five cases per 100,000.

Gonorrhea rates, in contrast, have fallen to 113.5 cases per 100,000 people in 2004 -- about 330,000 cases -- the lowest rate since 1941. Nonetheless, surveillance by the CDC in selected cities has shown that resistance to fluoroquinolone antibiotics -- the common first-line treatment for gonorrhea -- increased from 4.1% in 2003 to 6.8% in 2004.

Also, the rate of antibiotic resistance among men engaging in homosexual activity was 23.8% -- eight times the rate in heterosexuals.

Last year, the CDC recommended that fluoroquinolones no longer be used to treat the disease in men having sex with men because of the rise in resistance.


[emphases mine]

[You can read the rest of the article here].

So: gay men constitute 64% of syphilis cases, and are eight times (8x!) more resistant to the antibiotic commonly used to treat gonorrhea than are heterosexuals.

What that tells you is that gay men, through anal and promiscuity, are incubating resistant strains of gonorrhea, and of course of HIV -- probably of every anally-transmitted pathogen.

Do you think a guy like Garry Wayne Carriker, our poz barebacker and jail bird, cares?

Do you think he'll suddenly develop a social conscience and start using condoms?

I don't.

Do you think he'll stop doing anal?

Not under the present set-up.

In a separate article, I'm going to be addressing some new-age gay spirituality guy, who wrote in his blog that he supported Frot, but that anal has its place too, and that anal is not "inherently disease-spreading."

He's wrong on both counts.

Anal does not have a place in gay male life; and it most certainly is *inherently* disease-spreading.

That's why I wrote an anus is not a vagina:

To help guys understand how the anatomy and physiology of the anus conspire to make it uniquely and extraordinarily vulnerable when penetrated.

Fact is, prior to the 1970s, there was no difference between the health of gay men and straight men.

By 1980 -- that is to say, five years after the onset of what I've called "the great anal penetration frenzy" -- the gay male community had undergone successive epidemics of crabs, scabies, syphilis, gonorrhea, HPV, herpes, hepatitis, and HIV.

Plus all the oral-anally-vectored diseases such as amoebiasis and giardiasis.

And where are we today?

HIV prevalence among American gay men is 25% -- that's higher than in most sub-Saharan African countries.

Sixty-seven percent (67%!) of gay men are infected with anal HPV -- which causes anal cancer.

That includes a whopping 95% of all HIV+ gay guys and 57% of all HIV negative men.

The risk factor for the negative guys is engaging in receptive anal penetration.

Now we're told that "the rate of antibiotic resistance among men engaging in homosexual activity was 23.8% -- eight times the rate in heterosexuals."

23.8% -- that's an amazing figure.

30 years ago, if you got gonorrhea, it could be easily treated.

Now, chances are one in four that if you get gonorrhea from a gay man, it will be an antibiotic resistant strain.

And this is not a new story.

Almost four years ago -- in February of 2002 -- I wrote about a gay man who'd picked up a very dangerous strain of gonorrhea and had to treated in hospital:

In a recent 365Gay column, safer sex educator James Murray related the frightening story of a man who had contracted gonorrhea anally. The gonorrhea got into his bloodstream and he required intravenous treatments in a hospital.

"a man who had contracted gonorrhea anally"

No surprise there.

Anal penetration is dangerous.

It will always be dangerous, because the anatomy and physiology of the anus and rectum make it so.

You can think you won't get HIV or hepatitis or HPV or gonorrhea.

But the odds are way way way against you.



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