Bareback too



Bareback too


Bareback too

An online buddy told me about this site,,,,,,, excellent !!! I read every word and looked at every picture. Amazing... just as you wrote....... I was pressured into anal and I believed it to be what I "had to do" ........ it wasn't so terrific.. and I preferred frottage instead......... but made to feel less a man for not wanting to fuck or be fucked. So finding this group is most excellent. To me, there is just nothing better than frottage... feeling a nice guy under me rubbing and hugging, kissing to climax and keep on going, etc.

What a joy to find this group. I feel like I have truly been freed from the butt fuckers of the world.......... and I was sadly succumbing to them (bareback too),,, I know I am a stupid asshole for doing that......... the pressure was overbearing and the loneliness among men had me so down after my true soulmate was job moved 1.5 years ago.

My self-esteem was as zero (since no one wanted me cause I wouldn't do anal) and the emptiness was so pervasive..... so I gave in to the online men.

Now I was told of this site and I feel liberated..... almost to tears... and this from a masculine guy too (but I have a heart and emotions)......

The guy I met online who told me about this site, enjoys frottage as much, also, and we are to meet tomorrow.......... it's very exciting!

Bill Weintraub

Re: Bareback too


i thank j m for this post

one of the things we've been telling the safer-sex boyz, who like their big brothers the buttfuck boyz don't want to listen to us, is that it's a common experience for men into frottage to be coerced and peer-pressured into having anal "sex," including bareback

and one of the points to legitimizing frot and debunking anal is to destroy the source of those pressures

so that guys understand that frot is hot and anal's not

and i always tell guys like j m not to be ashamed that he succumbed to peer pressure

human beings are supposed to be susceptible to peer pressure -- we're social animals, not lone wolves

that's why our fight to change the cultural messages about frot and anal is so important

because until those messages have been changed, men will continue to be pressured into having a form of sex that's dirty, dangerous, and demeaning

but not in here -- this club is a haven for men who are throwing off the anal tyranny, and beginning to question the promiscuity and effeminacy that goes with it


David McQuarrie

Re: Bareback too


Hey Jim thanks for sharing your experience!

It's true, peer pressure never stops until we stop it. I'm really glad you've done that bud.

"bareback" is without doubt the riskiest form of sex. It's pervasive and becoming more common place again. Damn, WTF do we have to skywrite it or what. ANAL SEX KILLS!

I understand that's not a "gay" politically correct "position", pardon the pun. But really guys is it worth a life? HELL NO!!

I'm glad you've found a home here Jim, and good luck with your frot buddy.

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