the best feeling in the world



the best feeling in the world


i so love this website,,the pictures make me very hard ...

the story of you and Brett was so fantastic,,the feeling of cock on cock sex is the best feeling in the world. I grew up next to a guy named Gary,,he was 2 years older than me,,we started touching each other early in puberty and so loved touching each others cocks

but the time that really stands out for me happened when i was about 16,,i was home alone and Gary came over to my place,,we were messing about in the lounge room,,just wrestling about on the floor,,he was on top of me and i could feel his cock was hard as he pushed against me,,mine was hard as well,,we didnt say anything,,we just kept on pushing together,,it felt good,,we started cuddeling close,,Gary got off me and went over to the couch,,he took his Tshirt off and layed on the couch,,i went over to him and took my Tshirt off and layed with him,,we felt our skin together and cuddled,,my 16 year old cock was so hard,,it wasnt long till we took our pants off and touched ! our hard cocks,,Gary's cock was bigger than mine,,it felt so nice in my hands,,then Gary just layed back on the couch and told me to get on top of him,,his cock felt so warm as it touched mine,,i could feel every bit of his cock as it was pushed right into mine,,we moved together and rubbed those cocks so much,,i was so horny it wasnt long till i spurted my cum on him,,then we both pulled Gary's cock till he cum ... We were hooked on cock on cock sex after that,,we would rub them together every chance we had ...

Gary is long gone now,,we live far apart,,but i have been with 2 other guys since Gary,,and cock on cock sex is all i want to do,,the feelings are intense ... You know what i really love about cock on cock,,its knowing that your lover is having the same feelings that you are,,and when you are pushing those cock heads into each other,,you know that ur lover is feeling the same horny feelings that you are,,and when you slip in cum between your cocks,,thats the best feeling in the world!

I hope other guys enjoy my story as i enjoy reading the stories of other guys. Its always great to read the stories about how guys found the best sex in the world, cock to cock, theres nothing like it,,my cock gets so hard when its being caressed by another hard cock, i think its a visual thing as well,watching them together as they make love is such a turn on.

Keep up the good work Bill, you have by far the best site on the net, im quite hooked on it and i cant wait to show my friend when he comes over,,lots of love from Trevor in Australia



Re: the best feeling in the world

3-27-2004 2:18pm

Hi Bill, thanks for posting my story on your site, ive had the chance to check out a few of the stories tonight, theres some really great stories on there, im coming to the belief that there's a hell of a lot of guys out there who love cocks, but i think that most are ashamed to admit it. The way that the "gay scene" has developed must turn a lot of guys off,,the "are you a top or a bottom" question is just so wrong, i get asked that question when i go into the gay chat rooms, most guys in the rooms think that i have leprosy or something when i say that i love cock on cock sex.

we have a saying here in australia, its "pushing shit up hill", thats how so called strait people refer to gay sex, and thats exactly what it is, pushing shit up hill, yuck, thats not for me, and since i found your great site, i see that its not for a lot of guys, about time, ABOUT TIME we got off the ass sex thing and got! into the real man love of, cock on cock love.

I think i told you that my friend and i got together at an early age, we played with each others cocks, and really enjoyed it, but our natural progression was to get into cock on cock sex, it was just so natural, we never thought of anal sex, it never entered our minds, with lots of practice we got better and better at it, and man, did we enjoy the practice, the best times was when we would cum together, the feeling of 2 cocks throbbing together is by far the best feeling in the world, if there's a heaven on earth, thats it!

So, no pushing shit up hill for this guy, give me cock everytime. Hope you dont mind me emailing you with my observations on sex, but i know that you know where im coming from, its so good to find someone like you Bill, you are one in a million, keep up the fantastic work on your site Bill,,see you mate, Trevor


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