Red Cross Accepts Blood Donations From Frot Men - Rejects Analists!



Red Cross Accepts Blood Donations From Frot Men - Rejects Analists!


It is a common misconception among our frot brothers that once they have been sexually active with another man they should no longer donate blood to the American Red Cross. The question that many remember clearly from their first experience donating blood is found on the questionnaire the Red Cross gives to each donor immediately prior to their donation:

"You should NOT give blood if you are a male who has had sexual contact, even once, with another male since 1977."

Now if you have engaged in anal sex - EVEN ONCE - since 1977, then the above question disqualifies you from giving your blood to the Red Cross, BUT it does not disqualify frot men who have never engaged in anal sex. Here's why. Sexual Contact is defined BY the Red Cross on the same questionnaire, and frot is not included in their definition. Please find below a verbatim copy of the Red Cross Questionnaire definition of sexual contact that you would be required to read if you donated blood TODAY anywhere in America...

'Definition of "sexual contact":

The words "sexual contact" and "have sex with" are used in some of the questions we will ask you, and apply to any one of the following activities, whether or not a condom or other protection was used:

vaginal sex (contact between penis and vagina)

oral sex (mouth or tongue on someone's vagina, penis, or anus) and

anal sex (contact between penis and anus)

PLEASE NOTE: The American Red Cross does not recognize frot sex as being a risk to the nations blood supply. The Red Cross DOES perceive gay anal sex as a serious threat to the nations blood supply, and will not accept blood donations from those who engage in such activity. The American Red Cross does not discriminate against "homosexuals" or "bisexuals" - they discriminate against unsafe sexual practices that jeopardize the nations blood supply.

*This has to make you wonder why some gay men would even DARE to continue to insist that anal sex is the only thing - let alone a desirable thing - doesn't it?! *

(A full copy of the Red Cross Questionnaire can be found at

or any number of other sites of your choosing)

P.S. Make a difference and help SAVE A LIFE! Donate your blood at your local American Red Cross TODAY!

Bill Weintraub

Re: Red Cross Accepts Blood Donations From Frot Men - Rejects Analists!


Thank you FrotMage.

Notice that the Red Cross says "whether or not a condom or other protection was used".

The Red Cross does NOT trust condoms to protect the blood supply.

So how you can trust condoms to protect your life?

What I've tried to get across on this board and what Dr. Green has tried to make clear in his work, is that the condom campaigners, whether they're the AIDS Service Organizations here in America or AIDS Inc working in Africa and Asia, know that condoms fail.

They will argue about how often they fail.

But there's no question that they do fail, and that inevitably therefore, some people who rely on condoms will get infected.

Even if those people are consistent in their use.

The Cochrane Library:

This review indicates that consistent use of condoms results in 80% reduction in HIV incidence. Consistent use is defined as using a condom for all acts of penetrative vaginal intercourse. Because the studies used in this review did not report on the "correctness" of use, namely whether condoms were used correctly and perfectly for each and every act of intercourse, effectiveness and not efficacy is estimated. Also, this estimate refers in general to the male condom and not specifically to the latex condom, since studies also tended not to specify the type of condom that was used. Thus, condom effectiveness is similar to, although lower than, that for contraception.

Citation: Weller S, Davis, K. Condom effectiveness in reducing heterosexual HIV transmission (Cochrane Review). In: The Cochrane Library, Issue 1 2003. Oxford: Update Software.

So even when used CONSISTENTLY by people doing VAGINAL, condoms fail at a rate of 20% over a year's time.

Failure being defined as HIV infection.

Anal is far rougher on the condom than vaginal.


Because the anus is not self-lubricating and is far less elastic than the vagina.

So there's a lot more friction and stress.

The Red Cross, which is charged with overseeing the safety of the nation's blood supply, knows that.

And doesn't trust condoms.

The AIDS Service Organizations know it too.

They know that even with consistent use, a certain percentage of men doing anal will get infected.

But they continue to push condoms, rather than telling the truth:

that you can't win against anal.

Thank you again FrotMage.

Bill Weintraub

© All material Copyright 2006 by Bill Weintraub. All rights reserved.


Re: Red Cross Accepts Blood Donations From Frot Men - Rejects Analists!

Thanks for this post!!! It rocks!!!

I remember donating blood for the American Red Cross and coming to this question on the form. I was wondering if I was lying when I answered that I did not participate in this form of sex because the question is misleading. The phrase "Are you a male and..?" Well duh, I am a male, and yes, I had been involved in sexual activities with a guy before.

When I read the question over for the third time and mouthed the words to myself I realized that even though I am gay (I like guys), I can still donate blood, in other words, my blood isn't tainted. Score one for the J-Man, LOL! I believe in doing right in this world like being honest on questionaires and saving lives through blood donation, and with my life-choices of being a Homosexual FrotBrother, I can stand proud and do just that! And that, my friends, is a great feeling.


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