wrestling and cock2cock



wrestling and cock2cock


I am 22 year old living in Hong Kong.

Just two weeks before, in my mind, I dun even identify those terms like heterosexual, gay, homosexual, etcetc. I just know, as everyone else around me, I like to meet girls and wanna be close to them.

Indeed, in Hong Kong, everyone surrounds me (including meself) cannot accept homosexual or anything like that, or even a bit too much sex involved.

When I was young, I completely have no idea about all that stuff. I am a kid that is under full parental guidance. I've never watcheded any sex movies, or even when there is a TV show that has some "sex" scene, my mum will switch it to another channel.

As I grew up, I've more privacy and I have my personal computer (though sometimes I need to lend them use). I can then have some more freedom, though I cannot let them know what I've read through since for something they surely won't allow me to do so -- download and watch wrestling videos (like the WWF ones). I can start feel like I am a real

Just have no idea, my e-mail box always receives some sex mails which I dun feel interested in since most of them are FEMALE sex pictures showing exotic sex like anal ones with male. I usually delete them straight the way without even trying to read.

However, one day, I receive another mail with the title "the cock". At first, I dunno what a cock is and just think that is a chicken (am I ignorant?) by an anonymous person. So....I open the mail and I suddenly feel horny about that and my "cock" erects. Oh no, it's another sex mail! And by that time I know what a cock really is....the cock in that mail is so hard rock and clean white that I wanna conquer it with mine.....that is the first time I've that concept about cock2cock starts there...(by the way, as I remember, when I was a young kid, I sometimes rub my "cock" with the long chair in my home since it's too itchy, but my mum scold

So after that day (two weeks ago), I try to search for some website with the keyword "cock" since I feel interested (for sure). However, most sites show only the man fucking man or man to woman or woman related sex stuff. I hate them (really hate and disgusting) about that since I am not a boy that plays girls. I am very serious about relation with girls. Though they're attractive, but I will never look at them naked. Since I will only wait till my real girlfriend and my future wife.

One time, I found a site about sexual contest. The webmaster describes many ways. Of course I read them all (but only for male to male). I feel so exciting about that and very eager to try one that with someone similar to me in body and cock! (by the way I am 6' tall and weight 155lbs) And I learn some new terms....after that I search again with those terms and when I search "cock to cock", I get this website!

Afterwards, i got into this website, once I saw the title, I totally feel I belong to here

Therefore, I've read through all articles and posts here (wish I dun miss any since this site has many cross links) and I feel so strong that I belong to this forever.

Now, I still feel very disgusting about those homo anal sex.

Just too bad, I can only watch but cannot participate in it since everyone surrounds me totally disagree about that....Indeed i also think rite now that it's strange for two man holding hands walking in the street. i think like that not because of others. But i dunno why I just like wrestling and cocktocock stuff.

Finally, wanna tell you that I write this e-mail secretly and no one in my home

I am now studying and wish (really wish) sooner or later can go to US to continue study and have my dreams come true (academic and sex) want my roomate matched and have same interest)....of course, everything need to be in private and cannot let others know or my parent will kill me and all my friends in HK will leave me...

One more thing too add.

I really think that those who meet not only because of cock to cock or wrestling or whatever, but can be forever friends, and share life experience and support each other. In fact, that should be the ultimate goal, cock contacts is a way to sublime and enhance that.


Bill Weintraub

Re: wrestling and cock2cock


Thank you Cho

So: Cho is a young guy who's straight-identified, who's attracted to women but who's practicing abstinence until marriage, who has no interest in anal or other aspects of contemporary "gay male" life, and who's just discovered his own natural and normal cock to cock desires.

There are millions of guys like Cho.

And although I understand why Cho wants to come to the US, it isn't necessary for him to travel thousands of miles to find another guy like himself.

Because those guys are all around him.

He can't see them and they can't see him.

But they're there.

I hope Cho's post helps him find a friend, and that he in turn helps others find this site and the truth.


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