Whats up fella's?? This is the first time I've been on this site, but from the looks of it, it definately wont be the Last. I recently started school at CU Boulder (GO BUFFS!!!!) and am lovin it, although it seems extremely difficult to meet masculine, str8 acting gay guys. I am not femenine myself, and have found it almost impossible to meet others like me. I refuse to feminize myself in order to meet guys or label myself as "gay" simply because there's no need; thats not who I am. I'm extremely turned off my fem guys, and feel as though I might be lonely for the rest of my life. This site looks to be a change in this attitude, or so I hope. An alliance where masculine guys can have homoerotic relations, how come i didn't find this place earlier???If only i could find a guy to get butt naked and wrestle with, is that too much to ask for. Hit me up guys, I'm down to earth and always on the search for guys like me:Men who like Men.


who zfd

Re: College


i agree with you- im in college and i have the same problem


Re: College


Well, these posts do not surprise me one bit. This is what 35 years of gay liberation has given us: young men with same sex attractions who feel totally alienated and lonely because they don't have effeminate affectations, and they enjoy traditional masculine activities and don't have a desire to get fucked in the ass.

My experience with campus gay organizations has been unpleasant, so please stay away from them. They are usually filled with effeminate and promiscuous men and frightfully unattractive lesbians, and you will probably be treated to lectures on "queer theory" and invited out to the local drag show.

I live in the heart of San Francisco and can see first hand what the "gay community" has done to many guys. If they've survived AIDS, they are often lonely, unhappy people trying to ease their pain through casual sexual encounters. One of my friends, a well off professional who is approaching 60, told me a few days ago that he was looking forward to going to a sex club and "sucking cock." Can you imagine that? Can you imagine getting some sort of weird pleasure out of anonymous oral sex with a bunch of strange guys?

At any rate, it's important that young gay men have some sort of alternative so that 40 years from now, they will be healthy and in happy relationships, not running around depressed in sleazy sex clubs.


Bill Weintraub

Re: College


Thnx Mark.

However, Gay Liberation is not the problem.

I'm a Gay Liberationist.

This site would not exist without Gay Liberation.

Because this site is a direct application of the lessons I learned in Gay Lib when I came out thirty-three years ago.

The point of Gay Liberation was to free all people, no matter how they self-identified, to be their authentic sexual selves.

Unfortunately, Gay Liberation, like virtually all revolutionary movements, was very short-lived.

By 1975, the reaction was in full sway.

And that's what the cultural dominance of anal penetration is.

Profoundly reactionary.

Yes, there's a little overlay of "queer theory," which is risibly incoherent.

But basically gay male life consists of a profoundly reactionary and self-loathing sexual culture fueled by mass market capitalism.

And like I say, it's been that way since 75.

The bathhouses, which are the one institution most responsible for the advent of AIDS, were triumphs of entrepeneurial capitalism.

To this day, gay male life is largely consumerist and gay men think of themselves and each other as objects to be consumed.

And consumed they are.

Now, Mark says:

At any rate, it's important that young gay men have some sort of alternative so that 40 years from now, they will be healthy and in happy relationships, not running around depressed in sleazy sex clubs.

I agree.

But what are any of you doing to bring that about?


At the rate you're going, it could be 400 years and nothing will have changed.

You're good at whining and complaining.

But that's all.

We actually did things in Gay Lib.

As I explained in the post titled Can the M2M world be changed, we put together organizations on the ground which challenged the status quo.

That's what you need to do.

And that's why I've proposed Regional Chapters.

And your response has been -- NOTHING.

You won't participate in them.


Nothing will change -- at least not for the better.

Actually things will get worse.

And I've asked you to DONATE.

You won't do that either.

Every month it's a brutal struggle just to keep these sites on line.

And, without donations, it's impossible for us to reach out to all our brothers and begin to tap into the actual numbers of Frot men who are out there.

When you don't donate, you guarantee that this effort will fail.

If that's what you want, so be it.

If not, my advice to all of you is to stop complaining and start acting.

Otherwise, in what will seem like the twinkling of an eye you'll be old and gray and still dating guys who stick their fingers up your dessicated buttholes.

Wake up.

It's your life, and it's being stolen from you by a bunch of shit fairies.

Most of you, if your property were being stolen, either through violence or fraud, would holler long and loud.

Yet your manhood and with it your one precious life are being taken from you, and you're silent.

Get real.

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