To come together
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To come together man 2 man


Where to begin, I'm so overwhelmed with this first introduction to your site. It's like coming home, but to a home I've never been. To find a family I've never met. I cried upon reading several of the Personal Stories and was sexually aroused by some of the other sections.

I realized that these men were my brothers, and their history was mine as well. I want to embrace them all, to give them joy. Not to ask questions or talk, that is for later, but to let our bodies speak. To re-enact and be part of that cosmic creation that is even now going on about us. To come together, man 2 man, intergalactic clouds of energy colliding and bursting into flame, making a single wondrous star.

I would like to continue my personal odyssey at another time, as at the moment I am so full of the love expressed in this site that I am struck dumb.


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