Wrestling in the Dark



Wrestling in the Dark


(A true story)

I was sixteen, confused and deeply troubled by my sexuality and still hoping that I would somehow "change". It was early summer and my cousin, Ben, arrived at our house with his parents for a one week stay. He bunked with me, in my room up in the attic, in a twin bed just four feet away from my own.

We talked about a lot of things on that first night, in the dark, two boys of the same age and so much alike. It was exciting. More exciting was a story he told about a sports camp where he and other boys romped together after "lights out", wrestling in the dark. I didn't sleep much that night. I thought about Ben.

When Ben retired early on the second evening I began to fantasize about the two of us grappling in the dark. I told the folks that I was tired, too. I opened the door at the foot of the stairs but when I hit the switch no light came on in the attic. It was going to happen. Ben was waiting for me, up there in the dark.

I had been aroused the night before when Ben went to bed wearing boxer shorts, so I stripped to my briefs as I silently climbed the stairs. The bedroom door was open. It was a black night and I couldn't see a thing. I stepped into the room.

When Ben's arms wrapped around me I felt the power of sex for the first time, the hardness of his body against mine. I broke his hold and we tangled again, chest to chest. Then we took the fight to one of the beds and rolled together in the dark.

Ben was athletic, strong and full of himself, and at first he was dominating. But though I was overwhelmed by the first touch of a man, I knew I could not lose. When he caught me in a grapevine, I was on my back. My erection grew, throbbing and pounding against his. His legs tightened. I couldn't break away. I felt it coming.

Somehow I managed to gain enough power to thrust my hard cock into his. He moaned and I did it again.

I felt his legs loosen and his arms reach around me in a fierce bearhug.

I hugged back ferociously and we started rolling back and forth on the bed, moaning and humping, slamming our hard cocks into each other, rubbing and grinding, sweating and feeling the hardness of our pecs and arms.

Suddenly he pushed his lips against mine and his tongue into my mouth.

Our climax came like the bursting of a dam and I knew we would never be the same.

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