Bill Weintraub

Bill Weintraub



Since posting on April 20 about Patrick being ill *and* about the lack of donors;

there have been NO donations from new donors.

Two donations came in from regular donors, but that's not what I was and am talking about.

We need NEW donors.

People who've never donated before.

I repeat: We need NEW donors.

So that all the onus of supporting this work does not devolve upon a handful of people.

That's not fair, and it's not sustainable.

Until there are NEW donors, NOTHING is going up on the sites.

I have a huge volume of material on my hard drive that's of interest and indeed of importance to the people who use this site, but it will NOT go up until YOU donate.

I listed some of that material in the Patrick has been very ill post, and a lot more has come in since then.

It's remarkable how much there is.

It will not go up.

Until YOU donate.

I did post responses to three messages -- from Bill Schuler, Greg Milliken, and Michael Plante -- because they're all long-time and devoted supporters of the site and their messages deserve replies.

But NOTHING ELSE is going up until YOU DONATE.


Exactly ONE person bothered to write me about Patrick's being ill.

Thanks guys.

Guess what?

I come from a culture of please and thank you.

And I've made clear in my work that I think the social niceties matter.

I've written a lot about reciprocal altruism and Warrior altruism.

Without which human beings cannot survive.

I've also mentioned, more than once, being mentored by Holocaust survivors.

One of them taught me, as a very young man, to begin each and every conversation with these three simple words:

"How are you?"

Doing that, and making a habit of doing that, takes you outside of yourself and makes you concerned with the problems of others.

Yet there are guys from the sites who call me -- frequently -- who NEVER ask How are you.

They don't do it.

They instead launch immediately into a recitation of their personal griefs and private woes.

Again, that doesn't cut it with me.

Because there's supposed to be two people in the conversation.

Even in the age of the Blackberry.

So guys, you create your world, including the MSM world.

You need to show me that you care about someone besides YOUR self.

Because that's what this work is about.

Not getting you laid.

But changing the MSM world.

If you will pull together, you can make a difference, you can make a change.

If you do nothing, NOTHING will change.


You're too self-absorbed.

Until you realize that just as the sites have been here for you, so you have a responsibility to make sure that they're here for the NEXT GUY -- and that you have an obligation to REACH OUT to the next guy -- your life will have no meaning.

And this effort will fail.



I know what's in all those reports sitting on my hard drive.

You don't.

I have the ability to analyze those reports.

You don't.




Bill Weintraub

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