Warrior Bruno

Posted 8/1/01


This is a great site and VERY empowering. I have known since I was quite young that I was attracted to other males, but society lacking in role models for same sex relationships I was never able to put a name on it, nor even comprehend that this was an option. I always had problems with the day to day men I came into contact with also. There was a weakness about their masculinity that I could never put my finger on, until I began to read more books and study world and social history.

When I grew older and came across "gay" men I knew for sure that I was not "gay" because I had no desire to be female in any way, to call one an other "Mary" or "girlfriend" was pretty pathetic, disgusting even. I had no interest in the role models that were placed before me. One day I came across a group of MEN that were masculine in behavior, their love of being male showed through, it was one of the most naturally beautiful sights I had ever come across.

This was an epiphany for me. There are men, who are men and love being men, and love being around other men!! This was great. I was finally free to BE ME. There was the example living in our times, and not just in some history book.

I hope the message gets out that there is a "tribe" of brothers, who live in the traditions of those who came before us, who are living and keeping the "male" energy alive in the world. Many religious traditions of the East that put the importance of male energy in the world, have been silenced by religious zealots of the West, and its emphasis on the feminization of the world. In the teachings of the Hindi and Taoist traditions (and others) the penis is external, our male energy should also be external. We should be proud and strong in life, yet be flexible and soft when needed, we should have no secrets, our vulnerability should be visible, but able to be pulled into protection when needed.

Thanks again



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